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Chapter Seven: Blood Ownership
Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Addis

After a moment, when the host began counting down again, the crowd finally recovered.

Immediately, the middle-aged cultivator’s roar of rage came out from the private box. “You second class citizen from the second-class seating, you dare cause trouble? What’s with that bid? If you don’t have any spirit stones, you think you can just go around bullshitting like that? You think any item could be raised to an absurd price with this bullshit? You worthless little rat, if you dare call out a bid like that then prove that you can have the spirit stones, otherwise as soon as you step foot out of the XianQi Pavilion, I’ll make sure you pay for your insolence!”

“Someone like you isn’t worthy of knowing who I am,” Chu WuQing sneered, words filled with disdain. His voice was very pleasing to the ear, like spring water, something untouchable and ethereal, luring people to take his arrogant and impolite words as fact. It was as if that Golden Core Zhenren, really wasn’t worthy of knowing who he was, sending the just recovered crowd into shock again. They were overwhelmed by his aura, and began to accept what he said as fact.

Chu WuQing couldn’t be bothered to argue with a small character like this Golden Core Zhenren. He merely waved his hand and a storage bag was sent towards the stage, landing steadily in the host’s hand.

“Here’s sixty high-grade spirit stones. I’m taking him.” He stood.

“You dare!” The middle-aged Golden Core cultivator was completely enraged. Fair enough if others in the private rooms competed with him for this; he couldn’t afford to truly offend any of them anyways, so he had to endure it. Every time he raised the price, his heart bled.

But this insignificant little cultivator dared to so arrogant go against him? He couldn’t stand it!

“Eighty high-grade spirit stones!” The middle-aged cultivator roared, focusing his Golden Core stage spiritual energy into his voice and creating an oppressive force.

Eighty high-grade spirit stones!

Everyone held their breathes upon hearing this unbelievable price. Even that Wenxia Xianzi, QingSong Shangren and Zhao Bo, they all fell into incredulous shock, thinking, this middle-aged man is crazy! However, after considering that it was the Chu Clan that was backing him, it didn’t seem all that unbelievable anymore.

After yelling out this price, the middle-aged man felt a sense of malicious satisfaction. If he couldn’t have it, then neither could that cultivator. So long as he raised the price enough, it would definitely scare off that brat.

Some lower class cultivator on the second floor, hiding their identity with a cloak, had to be some useless cultivator that got lucky but didn’t have any power to back him, so he had to wear a cloak, afraid to expose his identity.

But the middle-age cultivator wasn’t going to let things sit. He would humiliate that lower class cultivator, and make sure they knew the consequences of competing against a powerful cultivator like himself.

Of course, that middle-aged cultivator didn’t have eighty high-grade spirit stones on him. The whole point of calling out such a price was just to maliciously raise the price to make that other cultivator have to use everything he owned to back himself up and not lose face.

If this other cultivator didn’t continue, then it was fine. He could simply use his cultivation level and background to have the XianQi Pavilion put it on his credit and use the faction backing him as a guarantee. Even if the XianQi Pavilion wouldn’t allow it, he could stall for time to give what he had offered. As for this lower class cultivator, he definitely couldn’t let them go so easily. He could rob them of everything they owned, that would be enough money to compensate him for the stalling expenses.

For a moment, the middle-aged man basked in delight and self-admiration of coming up with such an ingenious plan.

Just as everyone thought Chu WuQing would back away in tears from this outrageous price, or fall for the middle-aged man’s scheme and continue to raise the price and dig himself into a hole…

Chu WuQing smiled coldly. “I have sixty high-grade spirit stones on me right now, but do you have eighty? Daoyou, can you handle the consequences of causing trouble and making false bids in the XianQi Pavilion?”

These words were scathing and arrogant, but each and every one of them struck the middle-aged man’s sore spot.

However… the watching crowd shook their heads. That was an unwise argument to make. The XianQi Pavilion wouldn’t help someone without any great power or fraction backing them to check the storage bag of a customer with power, both in cultivation and background, especially when they had the Chu Clan behind them.

Chu WuQing’s words were like a slap to the middle-aged man’s face.

The middle-aged man broke through the barrier of the private room, walking out of it in a rage and looking down at Chu WuQing from above. He even used the full extent of his Golden Core Stage aura to put pressure on the other. “If I say I have, then I do! It’s not something a brat like you are in a position to question! If you aren’t going to keep bidding, then give up; stop speaking bullshit!” After he finished speaking, he shot the XianQi Pavilion host a look.

The middle-aged man thought that the host and the XianQi Pavilion would definitely side with him. No matter how one looked at it, it would be more worth it for the XianQi Pavilion to pander to him, not to say he even had the Chu Clan behind him. Even if it were only a branch family member, their background and influence were something most people couldn’t even dream of.

However, the host was displeased. XianQi Pavilion had a very special position in the cultivation world, and had no need to pander to any big sect. It wasn’t a subjugating relationship between the great powers of the realm and them, it was a cooperative one.

In the entire AnYang Realm, the only ones they had any need to be cautious of were those few Void Comprehension Elders and the ZhenJun of the Murderous Sword, Chu HuanZhi, who could defeat Void Comprehension Stage cultivators despite only being at Soul Transformation Stage.

Before the auction had started, he had been notified that the cloaked young man in white was the only son of Chu HuanZhi, so he had to do everything in his power to make sure the other walked away satisfied. However, not only did this middle aged man dare break the rules of the XianQi Pavilion, he even tried to coerce the son of the head of the Chu Clan?

“Dear customer, no matter the circumstances, you may not break any of the rules of the XianQi Pavilion. Please provide eighty high-grade spirit stones or else we will immediately evict you from the premises,” the host ordered, solemn.

With those words, the runes etched into the private box behind him flashed. The array that could annihilate a Nascent Soul stage cultivator in one shot activated, imprisoning the middle-aged man securely. His limbs were kept immobile so that he could only move his head, allowing him to use spiritual sense to open the storage bag.

The tides turned too quickly, and the middle-aged cultivator wasn’t given any time to react. When he registered what had happened, he could sense the killing intent of the array.

The host really was going to make him hand over his storage bag to check for spirit stones! Impossible! How could this be? The middle-aged man couldn’t believe it, but it was happening right here right now. He had been chained to the array in the private box, humiliated, because of a single sentence from a second-floor cultivator.

He didn’t need to move his head; his spiritual sense could capture the unconcealed glee at his misfortune. Everyone was looking at him with a strange look, like he was some sort of rare, exotic creature. Even those sitting on the second floor were sending him mocking looks.

The middle-aged man was furious, wanting nothing more than to teach these lower-class cultivators a lesson, make them know how wrong they were. However, he couldn’t do anything in the XianQi Pavilion. He had no choice but to open his storage bag with his spiritual sense so he could regain his freedom.

The Golden Core cultivator was released, standing on the stage with the host to count his spirit stones.

In total, adding the discounted value of all his other possessions, there were only fifty-two high-grade spirit stones. It was far from reaching the eighty he had bid with!

“Fifty-two high-grade spirit stones,” the host’s voice returned to its amiable tone, his eyes locked on the Golden Core stage cultivator as he asked, “Dear customer, do you have any other storage bags?”

Seeing the previously confident middle-aged man red faced from the host’s questioning, ever so pitiful, many cultivators in the normal seating who had been doing their best to hide their laughter could no longer stifle themselves.

“No.” No matter how unwilling he was, the middle-aged man had to answer.

Barely a few minutes and he had fallen from being a cultivator with the prestige of having a private box to the joke of the entire auction, and this position was one he had been eagerly anticipating not moments before, but not for him. He had wanted to see that lower-class cultivator that dared to compete with him in such a position, but he never would’ve thought that the one to fall would be him.

He didn’t need to use his divine sense to heck to know that those cultivators who had previously competed with him in their private boxes were laughing.

Especially that Zhao Bo, his laughter was the wildest, like he’d like nothing more than for the entire world to know.

That cultivator who could only manage to get a second-floor seat couldn’t possibly have the power to make the XianQi Pavilion side with him; it was clear that Zhao Bo was the only one who had the ability to push XianQi Pavilion into acting.

The Golden Core stage cultivator’s anger ate at his rationality, but he had to suppress it.

He couldn’t do anything to Zhao Bo, and even less to WenXia XianZi. No matter what, that cloaked lower-class cultivator seemed to be the easiest to bully. No, this lower-class cultivator was clearly the source of this humiliation!

The middle-aged man sneered and then attacked Chu WuQing, who seemed much weaker than him, with the full force of his Golden Core stage spiritual presence.

If it were a normal cultivator, they would probably be completely crippled by the middle-aged man’s spiritual presence, but Chu WuQing was no ordinary cultivator.

The Golden Core stage cultivator’s actions had the host paling with fright. “Evict him.”

The order came and immediately, several Golden Core stage cultivators in black appeared, heading straight for the middle-aged man and motioning for him to leave.

He was escorted out like a dangerous prisoner.

No matter how arrogant the middle-aged man was, he didn’t dare to face several Golden Core stage cultivators alone, never mind the array etched into the private box. He could only stifle his rage once more and leave the XianQi Pavilion with his tail between his legs, even having to pay an immense fine, getting completely banned from ever purchasing a private box again. It was a costly punishment. In his frustration and anger, he directly contacted his faction, preparing to ambush and kill that lower-class cultivator and steal what he wanted.

Meanwhile, in a private room inside the XianQi Pavilion, the corpse in that ice casket slowly regained consciousness. This royal otherworld demon had not, in fact, died as the host had said, but had cultivated a rare, secret technique.

If one wanted great results from this technique, they had to seal away their own consciousness and spirit, allowing themselves to descend into the eternal silence of darkness before slowly struggling out of it, transcending it. This meant that his body would appear to others as a soulless corpse beyond recovery.

Now, he had finally recovered some of his awareness, but the seal inside his body kept his soul in a hibernating state. He couldn’t move his body at all, and his cultivation base, comparable to that of a Soul Transformation stage cultivator, was also tightly locked away.

As a royal, he couldn’t believe that he had fallen into such a state while sealed. He was taken away by humans then presented on the auction stage. This was the worst kind of humiliation!

Who was it that dared buy him?

“Lowly human, no matter who thou may be, once I recover, I shall send thy soul into the depths of hell as repayment for this humiliation.”

Like looking through fog, he felt someone approach.

He couldn’t use his divine sense, and his physical senses were all sealed, so he naturally didn’t know what the approaching person looked like, but what he knew was that this cultivator was here to complete the XianQi Pavilion’s Slave Contract.

The XianQi Pavilion’s Slave Contracts were rather brilliant, they could force a higher level cultivator to obey a lower level cultivator, but on him, it didn’t have any true effect. Once he completed his secret cultivation technique and his cultivation level recovered, the contract runes would naturally be dissolved.

Yet, soon enough, this royal demon knew something was wrong. The cultivator had directly made a cut on his chest with a high-level artifact.

What was this human trying to do? Was he trying to test if his body could truly take a Golden Core stage cultivator’s attack with just its flesh?

How dare this lowly human!

Soon enough, the human stopped. Just as the royal demon thought the human had finished and was going to form the Slave Contract that these humans thought themselves ever so smart for creating…

Something went wrong!

A foreign drop of blood tinted with spiritual energy and a power that he had never experienced before wormed its way through the cut on his chest straight into his heart!

In that moment, that drop of blood formed a Slave Contract with his unresisting body.

That’s right, it wasn’t a contract through the use of runes, but Blood Ownership like between a cultivator and their pet! How dare he! The humiliation!

“A royal of the Otherworld Demons, born with a powerful bloodline that has the power to devour runes. Yet, humans, cultivating the spiritual energy of the world, are naturally loved by the Heavens, able to claim Blood Ownership over beings with spirit, artifacts, demon beasts… I hadn’t thought this little experiment would work, but it seems it’s even possible with Otherworld Demons.”

Chu WuQing’s voice was nonchalant, like he really was trying something insignificant, and success wasn’t anything to be happy about. After all, to ignorant humans, Blood Ownership and Slave Contract Runes were merely different means to the same end.

The same end my ass!!


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