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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Three days later, Chu YunShu arrived as promised.

The young man in front of him wore a clean, pure white robe, like polished, pristine jade. He smiled at Chu WuQing. “How is WuQing doing with calligraphy practice, hm?” A beast in human skin.

From when Chu YunShu came inside, the maids of the earldom all left with his dismissal. They were the only two left in the large study. Who did they think their master was!?

Chu WuQing didn’t even bother looking up, just focusing on writing his characters.

The summer gale rattled the windows, as lightning pierced the skies. However, he seemed completely unaffected, as if in deep meditation with his attention completely focused on his brush.

His cold, lofty aura seeped out from his very bones, like one not of the mortal world, untouchable.

It wasn’t until he finished a sheet of paper that Chu WuQing raised his head and mockingly asked, “What does Xiansheng think?” His cold gaze was chilling.

However, in Chu YunShu’s eyes, it was gentle as could be, like the spring breeze rustling the branches of the willow trees and tickling his heart. It made his throat itch, and his soul feel light.

“Ah!” Chu WuQing’s hand suddenly trembled, and his stroke went awry. “It seems like I still can’t do it.” He sighed. “Does Xiansheng want to teach me?” When he mentioned the word ‘xiansheng’, the wariness in his eyes softened, revealing a hint of admiration Chu YunShu had never seen before in him.

Even though he knew it was impossible for Chu WuQing to have such emotions for him, Chu YunShu still allowed himself to drown in this feeling, unwilling to pull himself out.

Chu YunShu smiled, gazing at Chu WuQing, his eyes gentle. Even though he knew there was a trick abound, he still walked up to Chu WuQing, and grabbed his hand.

The young man’s fingers were slender and fragile. It was summer, yet the other didn’t have a hint of sweat on his body, instead cool and smooth like chilled jade. It made people want to hold him in their hands, carefully…

“Xiansheng, do you want a taste?” Chu WuQing turned his head and reached out his hand, glancing at Chu YunShu. His eyes were bright and innocent like a child’s, but he could easily draw out the darkest, most sinful desires.

Chu YunShu was a little surprised. For the first time ever, his body moved without even thinking, kissing the young man’s fingertips.

The taste was even more amazing than he had imagined.

He kissed the other greedily, wanting to taste the skin under those layers of covers and see if it was as delicious as what wasn’t covered.

“My dear disciple, do you know what you’re doing?” Chu YunShu raised his head slightly, his pretty eyes gleaming with lust, “You can’t escape. It was you who invited your teacher, I to partake.”

Chu WuQing finally realised what he had unleashed. He regretted his actions, wanting to flee, but he couldn’t manage to do anything against the other man with his martial arts skills.

“Chu YunShu, you pervert! Aren’t you afraid of my father finding out?” Chu WuQing cursed.

“You mean your attendant?” Chu YunShu realised. “So that’s your plan? You want your father to personally witness you being forced by me? How unfortunate… that he’s probably already asleep by now. Your plans will all go to waste.”

Chu WuQing’s body landed in Chu YunShu’s embrace. The other man’s arms trapped him like an iron cage. His eyes were filled with unconcealed desire, looking at Chu WuQing like a starving wolf.

Chu WuQing wanted to speak, his eyes filled with ice. Yet he didn’t manage to get his curses out before Chu YunShu leaned down and kissed him.

The young man in his arms had his mouth agape, revealing his white teeth and red tongue. Chu YunShu held the other’s head, taking advantage of this to invade the other’s territory, plundering and pillaging.

As the foreign object entered, Chu WuQing’s nerves were drawn tight like a bowstring. Though he was embarrassed and enraged by this, his young body couldn’t resist such provocation. His tongue danced with Chu YunShu’s unwittingly, and he could hear the slick, wet sounds between them.

Soon, the young man’s pink lips became swollen and red from the other’s assault, the corners of his lips shining with spit. His cold, lofty expression had melted with the heat of his body, cheeks flushed red.

His gaze grew hazy, the chill in his eyes fading, replaced with glistening tears of desire. A tempting pink spread to the corners of his eyes and even his pale neck.

“Uh, no… don’t…” He struggled, crying out feebly.

Chu YunShu’s gaze was enraptured. His originally aggressive movements gained a hint of gentleness as he retreated and pressed a kiss to the corner of Chu WuQing’s lips. He wanted to lick away the wetness at the corner of Chu WuQing’s lips, ever so gentle, yet with an inexplicable sensuality.

Chu WuQing had never experienced something like this before, overwhelmed by the sensations. His gaze grew hazier and hazier, beginning to pant with desire against his own will.

Chu YunShu was delighted, releasing Chu WuQing and instead just holding the other’s waist down, trapping him against the desk. The brushes, ink and paper were scattered across the floor.

This position had him fully opened up to the other. Chu WuQing felt humiliated, but those lips that lit his body up in pleasure were already travelling down his chin, to his sensitive neck, and then further to the collar of his robes.

But his robes didn’t do anything to stop the intruder, only causing the other to grow more vicious.

Yet his body couldn’t help but become excited by the violation, unable to resist the urge to push himself into the other’s embrace, wanting to discard his morals and dignity and offer himself to his violator.

“QingQing?” Chu YunShu was shocked. He could clearly see every last detail in the young man’s response. Chu WuQing didn’t hate him, or at least Chu WuQing’s body didn’t. There was hope for a future for them together.

Joy overwhelmed him, making Chu YunShu release Chu WuQing from his restrictive embrace entirely, gently comforting the other, “Don’t be afraid, QingQing, I love you. We can live together, hiding away from the world in the future… I won’t bully you ever again, I’ll listen to whatever you–“ Yet he didn’t even get to finish his sentence when pain erupted from his chest, and the scent of blood seeped into the air.

He looked down. Chu WuQing looked back up at him, his expression cold as ever, and his gaze devoid of any emotion. It was as if all that barely contained emotion and lust was naught but a hallucination! Only the hidden blade in Chu WuQing’s hand was real.

“WuQing…” he gazed deeply at Chu WuQing with a hint of panic, seeming to want to say something, but in the end he could only let his eyes slip closed.

With Chu YunShu’s death, the entire illusional realm shattered.

At the same time, in the ninth heavens, Luo NingChuan could sense that Chu WuQing had broken through the illusion array.

The wine cup he had been holding ever so carefully fell from his hand, spilling the wine he had treasured and stored for ten thousand years.

“Impossible!” Luo NingChuan mumbled, incredulous. The illusion array he, a divine immortal of the ninth heaven, had set up as a trial had been dismantled in ten days by a Foundation Establishment little brat!

It was hard to believe someone with this level of talent existed.

The reason he wanted to take this disciple in, wasn’t because they were talented, as he had said, but because of a promise made to a friend! This was the only connection between him and his deceased friend.

One should know that when one reached their level, with practically infinite life, and their only ambition being to be the first to get to the level of Xianjun, they didn’t need to take in any disciples to inherit their legacy. It was nothing but giving themselves trouble.

If he really wanted a disciple, then never mind the true immortals who ascended from the lower realms, anyone from the seventh realm and below would come, even just for the chance at being a disciple in nothing but name.

As for mortals from the lower realms, even the most talented of them could only just reach ascension. Mortals like Chu WuQing were nothing compared to true immortals and the immortals of heaven.

In his estimations, no matter how talented Chu WuQing was, he’d still need at least five years to dismantle the illusion array, though five years in the array was equal to just one day outside.

But who could’ve thought that barely ten days after entering the array, Chu WuQing managed to shatter it completely!

“It seems it’s time for me to pay the lower realms a visit,” Luo NingChuan decided solemnly.

With the illusional realm’s collapse, his environment returned to that expanse of darkness, without the tiniest bit of spiritual energy to be found.

“What? No rewards…?” Chu WuQing was disappointed. After all, he had experienced the most terrifying things in that realm and yet there were no opportunities rewarded to him as he thought there would be.

Was this the fate of a side character?

“What kind of reward are you looking for, little one?” Suddenly, an amused voice appeared from the void of darkness around him.

Chu WuQing had never heard such an ethereal voice, like a mirage, like flowing clouds high in the sky. Proud and pure, awe-inspiring and terrifyingly powerful, yet so light as if it would disperse at the slightest gust of wind.

Chu WuQing looked towards the source of the voice in surprise, only to see a spot of light slowly expanding to light up the entire cavern.

A white-robed man had appeared in front of him.

He couldn’t sense any spiritual energy from him, nor a hint of cultivation, just like a mortal who had never started cultivating.

But, standing there, it was as if the man had become one with the laws of the world. The heavens and earth were born because of him, and the natural laws erected by him, mysterious and imposing.

“You are?” The excitement Chu WuQing felt was uncontainable.

And then he saw this ethereal man gape at him, dumbstruck.

Luo NingChuan really was shocked. He would never have imagined that his little disciple would be so stunning.

From ancient times to now, all those eons he had witnessed, he had seen all kinds of beautiful people… but never was there one whose appearance could get to him, make him pause just to have another look.

But the moment he saw his little disciple, he was completely, utterly stunned by the other’s beauty.

It wasn’t just superficial skin-deep beauty, but an aura, something unique that was the perfect amalgamation of beauty and poise. Something made by the heavens themselves.

When faced with this kind of beauty, the kind that someone couldn’t even dream of, no one could resist it.

Especially when his little disciple looked up at him like that, with wet, glistening eyes and all. It felt like someone had yanked on his heartstrings…

It took a moment for Luo NingChuan to compose himself, solemnly asking, “I am the head of the Lihen Heaven, Luo NingChuan. Are you willing to be my disciple?”

Chu WuQing was delighted, immediately kneeling. “This disciple greets his master.”

As he knelt, Chu WuQing’s loose collar slipped down, revealing the hickeys on his neck!

How!? Luo NingChuan was shocked and confused. He didn’t sense anything strange on his little disciple’s body; could it be that his illusion array had gone awry? He had set it up to play on the weakness of his little disciple’s Spiritual Resolve, why would it result in anything relating to lust?

Luo NingChuan took a look at the recording of the illusory realm, his expression going dark.

If he had known, he wouldn’t have set up such a trial. Even though all this was naught but an illusion, he refused to let his little disciple be treated this way by even a mere mirage.

“WuQing,” Luo NingChuan sighed, helping Chu WuQing off the ground with his arms around him. His fingers brushed over the other, and Chu WuQing’s clothes became neat once more, the marks on his body disappearing.

Looking down at his stunning, beautiful disciple, worry surfaced in Luo NingChuan’s heart for the first time ever… His little disciple was so beautiful, there was sure to be many people after him. Yet according to the laws of heaven, he couldn’t go to the lower realms as he was a divine immortal, unless he destroyed his own cultivation and entered the cycle of reincarnation. The only other method was to send a Void Comprehension projection, but this kind of projection could only last twenty-four hours in the lower realms. It wasn’t enough to protect his disciple.

“I’ve cultivated my path for tens of thousands of years and have never taken in a disciple. You’re my first, and my only. Today I will use all that I have learned to bear a fruit of enlightenment for you to consume.” I just hope that you will be able to forge your own path and make sure no one dares attack you.

Luo NingChuan raised his right hand, tapping the air with a finger.

As he did, it suddenly felt like the heaven and earth were twisting and falling apart, the stars and moon free for the taking. The laws of the universe were pried from the world, travelling eons to gather at Luo NingChuan’s fingertip and refined into a fruit of enlightenment.

“Start meditating,” Luo NingChuan ordered.


Chu WuQing immediately crossed his legs and closed his eyes. He felt a sharp pain in his forehead and that fruit of enlightenment entered, giving him a rare and brilliant opportunity for advance.


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May 17, 2021 11:56 am

I never thought he would do so well in his seduction attempt, but of course, it’s like he was made for this, little deadly black widow

May 17, 2021 12:38 pm

Interesting chapter! He is very eager to his new master, how will others take it?

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

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And so the harem grows~! No one can resist.

I’m so relieved he managed to break out of that illusion array. I was so worried every time Chu YunShu got close to Chu WuQing.

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Thank you for the chapter. I wonder if CWQ will be kept as a “pure” concept. Like Queen Elizabeth, from Great Britain. Sure he gets some play, but no one gets to “sully” his body. Phfft…

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