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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chu YunZhi had a dream where he was watching on the sidelines. In his dream were his beloved father and a man who looked exactly like himself.

No, they were not exactly alike. Other than his facial features, the colour of the man’s hair was entirely different from his own.

The man repeatedly violated and forced Chu WuQing. He was angry at the beginning, but for some reason, there was a voice in his heart which made him stop. When he saw the look in the eyes of the man who looked exactly like him, he even had a strange sense of satisfaction.

He could not help peeping again and again.

Until… A sharp dagger pierced the chest of the person in his dream, and blood tore the whole world to shreds!

Chu YunZhi was startled from his dream. The restless flame in his chest was suddenly extinguished by stinging ice and snow. There was a prick of pain in his heart. He lowered his head and saw the soft place on his lower body was standing tall and proud.

How strange?

No one had ever taught him why his body had such a dreadful change when he was neither injured nor poisoned.

Chu Yunzhi’s cheek was dusted with a faint red shade, but his heart was filled with a peculiar sense of shame.

It was so uncomfortable, A’Zhi wanted Father’s hug.

Want to rub…

Chu WuQing’s figure just surfaced in his mind, and the thing on his lower body became bigger, turning his robe into a tent. How… How could he become so strange and so terrible?

Higher and higher waves of heat rose from his lower body, burning Chu YunZhi till he climbed towards Chu WuQing.

Chu WuQing was meditating in the lotus position. His eyes were tightly closed, and he was motionless. He was obviously still in an illusion, without any perception of the outside world.

“Daddy, A’Zhi is so uncomfortable…” Chu YunZhi’s face was burning red. He felt that his father’s snow white skin was unusually alluring and couldn’t help sticking out his tongue and licking it.

The youngster’s skin was smooth and tender, with an ethereal and cold fragrance. This cold fragrance could clear the mind, yet Chu YunZhi felt his whole body flaring up and the heat had even reached his soul.

His heart was itching incomparably, like drinking poison to quench his thirst, he could not help licking and licking… “Father, A’Zhi likes you so much.”

But these nibbling and licking kisses were not enough. For no reason at all, the scenes from Chu YunZhi’s dream were brought to his mind. His fingers stretched out downwards and slowly touched the belt tied tightly at his waist.

As long as the belt was pulled apart, Chu WuQing’s broad outer garment would part open, revealing the inner garments that had been rumpled and the skin that couldn’t be covered…

Father’s skin on his chest and waist must be as white and delicate as his face.

However, this was not the right thing to do. He remembered when the evil man who looked exactly like him did such a thing, his father had always been resisting. Even the corners of his eyes that were perpetually chilly had been stained with the red marks of grievance. Tears were constantly dripping from his eyes as he was humiliated and teased…

Before killing that man!

“Ah…” Why did he feel even more uncomfortable? Chu YunZhi helplessly stared at the disobedient thing on his lower body. When it was soft, it was clearly so small, why had it grown so big now… It was nothing much if it was big. It didn’t even listen to his orders and bumped onto father’s thigh again and again.

How hateful!

But his will was not strong enough to stop himself. Instead, he was seduced and enthralled, “Daddy… Daddy, A’Zhi likes you, A’Zhi feels uncomfortable… A’Zhi wants, wants Daddy.”

“A’Zhi, has become so strange. I want to be joined into one body with Father.” Chu YunZhi’s clear blue eyes were enveloped by traces of black mist, as he stared at his ignorant father, “Please forgive me for my offense.”

Chu WuQing’s belt was suddenly ripped apart, but this was far from enough. The snow-white and distinguished wide sleeved robe looked particularly irksome at this moment, and the black mist in Chu YunZhi’s pupil became thicker and thicker.

“It’s so loathsome. Then I should tear it all up!”

——Suddenly, Chu WuQing’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

His perfectly straight waist turned soft with the pull, and his body fell into Chu YunZhi’s arms with a distressed “en”.

Was he about to wake up?

The madness in Chu Yunzhi’s eyes suddenly paused, and the blood mist almost faded away, revealing his pure ice-blue eyes.

“Father?” Chu YunZhi affectionately wrapped his arms around Chu WuQing and hugged him more tightly, “Are you going to wake up?”

The body in his arms was so thin, but full of strength. When he touched it, he could feel the temperature of the skin under the thin undergarments and the delicate sensation that could not be blocked by the undergarments.

Chu YunZhi hesitantly buried his head and locked the youngster within both arms. The youngster’s silver hair draped down on both sides. His nose was full of the scent of his father… Even a strand of his hair had the power to bewitch people.

“Mn, just a little more, it’s the last time. Father will forgive me.” Chu YunZhi greedily licked the skin of the young man’s neck and the delicate Adam’s apple. He couldn’t help licking downwards as he begged, “A little more, just a little more, then I’ll be able to stop in a moment…”

“Unh…” Chu WuQing subconsciously pushed the youngster’s head away, and made a vague sound in his mouth, “Uncomfortable.” His slowly opening eyes were a little dazed, his consciousness had yet to return. 

“He’s awake?!” Chu YunZhi was shaking in fear as he raised his head, his guilty heart was beating rapidly in his chest, and the movements of his hand slowed.

“No matter!”” Madness burst out in the youngster’s limpid and clear eyes. The originally gentle actions became persistent and fierce, “Please look at me, look at your son, whether you accept it or not, I want to be with you!” His hands suddenly pushed open Chu WuQing’s tightly closed legs.

“Absolutely, absolutely no one can take you away.” A kiss that was so fierce that it was almost like a bite. Akin to a ravenous beast that was on the verge of starvation, it would not let a single bit of its prey go…

“My daddy.”


Chu WuQing’s cry of alarm suddenly rang out. He never thought that he would face this kind of abnormal thing when he just comprehended the law of time and space and woke up from the illusion.

If it wasn’t for the different hair and eye color of the youth and Chu YunShu, even if the person were doing this kind of thing was looking at him with utmost admiration, Chu WuQing almost thought that he was still in the illusion, being subjected to humiliation and torment by Chu YunShu.

“Chu YunZhi, what are you doing? Stop it!” He angrily rebuked.

Chu YunZhi?

Chu YunZhi’s movements suddenly paused, and he was completely stunned.

Since their reunion, this was the first time his father called his full name without any affectionate epithet.

The eyes glaring at him were extremely disgusted, and bone-chilling.

“Father?” What to do, he was still feeling very uncomfortable, and wanted to join bodies with his father. Only in this way could he completely possess his father. Shouldn’t their bodies be joined into one with this feeling of love that had melded into his bone marrow?

…But he didn’t want his father to be sad, nor did he want to be abandoned by his father, and never be able to see him again.

“A’Zhi,” Chu WuQing frowned slightly, and tried hard to endure the discomfort as he comforted Chu YunZhi, “Did A’Zhi get caught in an illusionary array and was seduced?” He carefully pulled Chu YunZhi’s hand away from his body.

Chu YunZhi’s expression suddenly turned lonely and he anxiously stared at Chu WuQing. Just like a little injured dog that was heartlessly abandoned by its master, the young man’s gaze was intense and fervent.

“I also don’t know what happened. It could be that I was really caught in an illusion array. I’m sorry, Father. I didn’t mean to do this,” Chu YunZhi twisted his body in pain, but he was also doing it cautiously, afraid of offending Chu WuQing, “After waking up, I don’t know why the object on my lower body hardened. Clearly in the past, it has been hanging limply on me and was not of any use. Have I been poisoned, father? It’s really hot and uncomfortable.”

Chu YunZhi was immensely handsome. His snow-white skin was flushed with a faint redness because of his emotions, making him appear even more gorgeous. Even though he was doing such a thing, his eyes were still pure and sincere, completely different from Chu YunShu’s ugly and obscene eyes in his dream.

They were two completely different people.

One was a fantasy and the other was reality!

Just like how it was absolutely impossible for Chu YunShu to do things from the illusion array in reality. For the Chu Clan, Chu YunShu only held hatred and disgust, so much so that he was itching to drink their blood and eat their meat.

He also held a condescending derision for them.

Chu WuQing’s thoughts gradually became clear, and he was no longer immersed in the impossible hallucination.

But how could he bear such humiliating and disgusting things alone? It was clear that the two of them had entered the illusion, but only his experiences were real. On what basis had his enemy, Chu YunShu, emerged safe and sound?

Chu WuQing couldn’t help sizing Chu YunZhi up. Since being scolded by him, the youngster was staring vacantly and helplessly all this time. Chu YunZhi really did not understand the affairs between men and women. Even when he was aroused by the illusion, he just instinctively wanted to rub against another person, and he couldn’t even solve it himself. Because he did not understand it, he didn’t know the difference between men and women, and didn’t even understand the significance of these things.

In the illusion, Chu YunShu humiliated him in that manner. Now, it was time to repay him.

When Chu YunShu woke up and discovered that his second personality was so ignorant that he had solved his first physiological need with the help of a man, what kind of painful and twisted expression would appear on Chu YunZhi’s arrogant face?

Would he be so disgusted that he wished to cut off the symbol of his manliness… Tch.

It was so amusing.


Chu WuQing’s frigid eyes gradually softened down and he sighed, “A’Zhi, if you don’t understand, Daddy will teach you.”


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*Dramatically covers mouth* I can’t wait for the next chapter- Honestly when Chu YunShu is back and takes over I bet he won’t feel disgusted in the slightest bit! Rather I think he’d feel I guess, happy?
Thanks for the chapter! ^^

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Like father like son huh

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