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Translated by J. of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shaped like a pearl, the youth’s earlobe was delicate and smooth. One could almost see the bashful veins underneath the thin layer of skin. In this moment, the snow-white lobe was rendered crimson by the man’s breath.

“You…” Chu WuQing bit out through clenched teeth, “How could you…? This is a classroom!”

“That’s right.” Chu YunShu reached out with his tongue and gently licked Chu WuQing’s earlobe.

It is just as delectable as the last time! He couldn’t help but savour the outline of Chu WuQing’s entire ear, “Are you afraid, my dear disciple?”

As the man’s devious voice sounded next to Chu WuQing’s ear, carrying an unconcealed mirth, Chu WuQing pressed his elbows against the man’s chest, wanting to push him back. But the man held onto him so tightly that not only did Chu WuQing fail to free himself, he managed to deliver his whole body into the man’s arms.

Rubbing and friction ensued.

“WuQing,” Chu YunShu suddenly intensified his tone. Pressing harder against the youth’s body, his hand traced down the youth’s arm, past his armpits, then stopped at the youth’s slender waist.

After all, the little lord had been spoilt and sheltered his entire life. One could feel how soft his body was even through the silk robes. Despite not having a single protruding muscle, his body felt firm and flexible, like a young willow tree in spring.

“No wonder in the classical texts, the kings of old all had a liking for slender waists.”

Knotting his brow, Chu YunShu commanded, “Don’t move. If you keep moving, I may not be able to stop myself… Be still, my dear disciple, unless you want the crown prince and the others to see us?”

“Have you no shame?!” Chu WuQing felt angry and humiliated to the extreme. His slightly reddened eyes appeared brighter than usual, revealing an indescribable appeal. Eyes that would make an observer want to see him under greater humiliation and becoming more rebellious, perhaps even some recalcitrant sniffling from forcefully holding back his tears.

The teardrops that were barely hanging on would fall down from his long lashes, then roll over his smooth, rounded cheeks. Due to the crimson lips that were slightly swollen from resisting too forcefully, some might even seep between his teeth and into his red… While some would roll past his perfectly arched chin and his delicate, slightly protruding Adam’s Apple.

If one suckled his tears at this point, then gently bit down, one might even elicit a low groan from him, leaving more tears to rush out of his eyes. Then those bright eyes would glare back, filled with hatred.

Next, curses mixed with cries would brush against the tip of one’s heart like a feather, caressing the most ticklish parts of the heart. The scene would’ve been so seductive that it would make one want to swallow him whole.

Little vixen. Chu YunShu cursed under his breath. “But my dear disciple, I can be even more shameless.”

Crimson coloured Chu WuQing’s cheeks as he heard those words. He could feel the arm that held his waist moving and those slender fingers reaching towards his belt.

Chu WuQing’s face turned ashen as he implored, “Cease what you’re doing immediately! Chu YunShu, go find a brothel if you have an itch that needs scratching. I’ll pick up the bill. Don’t use me as a woman!”

“Cousin?” The crown prince, who was focused on his calligraphy, turned his head at the noise, “Did you say something about a woman?”

In an instant, whether conspicuously or surreptitiously, everyone’s gaze immediately turned towards Chu WuQing.

Chu WuQing was fortunate that, as a refined scholar, Chu YunShu preferred loose robes with wide sleeves, and his long sleeves had hidden most of Chu WuQing’s body.

If his father had found out that he was being treated as a plaything… he would think that Chu WuQing had disregarded his station and was just trying to find new ways to be lazy. And if the news spread further and Chu YunShu’s reputation became tarnished, the worst that would happen to him was he would be removed from his post as the crown prince’s teacher… but as for Chu WuQing, he would become the butt of every joke in the capital.

If they learnt that the little earl of ChengEn was being molested like a woman, the crown prince and the other princes would definitely…

“No-nothing.” With a slightly husky voice carrying a hint of fright, Chu WuQing replied, “Your Highness is mistaken… Mmm, mistaken…”

As the end of the little earl’s sentence trembled with a sob, the crown prince could no longer sit still, “Cousin, are you ill? Call the imperial physician immediately.” While he spoke, the crown prince stood up and seemed to be heading their way.

At that, Chu YunShu’s hand chose to boldly reach down from his disciple’s waist.

“Whore, no… ma-master, please…” Chu WuQing pleaded with his eyes for his last shred of dignity to be spared.

At that, Chu YunShu held Chu WuQing’s hand once more to write calligraphy. The movement of the teacher’s large sleeves could just about block out the curious gaze from Chu WuQing’s classmates.

Holding Chu WuQing’s plump earlobe between his teeth, Chu YunShu whispered, “Say, dear husband, I beg you.”

Chu WuQing glowered at the man before him with hatred in his eyes, but since he had no other option, he could only grumble through gritted teeth, “Dear husband, I beg you.”

Chu YunShu arched his lips into a knowing smile, “How could I refuse my dear wife?” At that, he lifted his sleeve and put down the calligraphy brush, his other hand releasing Chu WuQing’s waist.

The teacher announced with a serious expression, “Looks like WuQing did not sleep well last night. You are always seeking amusement and distractions, and that is why your studies have not improved. I will visit the Earl’s residence in three days’ time to school you in person.”

His words had left a mark in Chu WuQing’s heart like a bolt of thunder.

His classmates had immediately praised Master Chu for being so nurturing and attentive to his disciple, that some of the sons of princes even became envious…

Only Chu WuQing had understood that this was just another ruse for that whore to pressure him into submission.

There were too many people in the imperial study, which remained an inconvenience for the pervert. How could it compare to the freedom of his home, where even his father did not believe him, but trusted this charlatan instead?

Fuming inside, Chu WuQing rushed outside the palace gates as though he was running for his life. He jumped onto the Earl’s carriage and urged the driver to leave immediately, as if a giant beast was chasing after him.

It wasn’t until the palace had completely vanished out of sight did his pounding heart finally calm.

“Everything that’s happening now should be an illusion. They’re all just a part of the Trial of Will Power.” Chu WuQing ruminated.

“After my reincarnation, there are no cracks to exploit in my resolve. I can even break through what normal cultivators would see as death-traps. The only thing that had distracted my spiritual resolve was that particular illusion array. Not only was my heart and soul injured that time, I had only escaped with the help of my father’s phantom. The Gate of Will Power must have read my memory and copied everything from that illusion array as a test for my resolve.”

“A trial like this did not appear in my past life. It must contain a major Opportunity!” As a gleam flickered in Chu WuQing’s eyes, his frightened heart had completely changed, becoming almost eager.

“The illusions created by this trial are far more realistic than last time and I have been trapped even deeper inside.”

Chu WuQing calmy reasoned, “I would lose my composure whenever I come in contact with Chu YunShu. So if I want to overcome this trial, I must wake up from my role as the little earl in Chu YunShu’s presence.”

That didn’t sound right either. Even if he was awake, Chu YunShu could still treat him however he pleased, and once again drag him into fresh humiliation that he could not struggle free from.

Everything in this illusion array originated with Chu YunShu… “I’ve got it! Chu YunShu is the key to this array and killing him will let me pass this trial!”

Unlike the delicate and spoilt little earl, the Chu YunShu from the illusions was a well-bred gentleman. He excelled at the six gentlemanly arts, which included swordplay. 1 With his cultivation sealed away, Chu WuQing was no match for Chu YunShu.

“Come to think of it, being molested will only make me disgusted and angry. But as a man, I really have nothing to lose. If it means killing him, I can just suppress my disgust and seduce him.”

Chu WuQing’s slender brows shot up, his lips revealing a confident sneer, “Moreover, the one I intend to seduce isn’t even a man, he’s merely an illusion created by the array.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. The Six Confucian Arts don’t actually include swordplay, but they do include archery and chariotry.
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Chu WuQing you will reap what you sow. I pray for you. On the other hand though looking forward to how he’ll “seduce” Chu YunShu. XD
Thanks for the chapter! ^^

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Chu wuqing, you’re digging your own grave 🤣
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Thanks for the update!

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Such an ominous feeling…

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