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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Without waiting for DanTai ZiYan to arrive, Chu WuQing had impatiently run to find her. In his memory, DanTai ZiYan was already a slender and elegant woman this time and was no longer the plump child from his childhood.

Perhaps it’s more appropriate to describe her as ‘indescribably beautiful and striking’, otherwise she would not attract Lin Yi’s eyes that had experienced countless beauties.

Taking a deep breath, Chu WuQing impatiently pushed open the door of the cave, “Yan’er, Iet’s…” let’s make up.

Before he could finish speaking, he was frozen on the spot!

What did he see? There was only a man standing in this huge cave, there was no sign of a woman at all.

The youngster’s bearing was as elegant and lofty as the bright moon, his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. It was as if he was shrouded in the clouds, his demeanor was so extraordinary that no one dared to look at him.

However, he looked exactly like the DanTai ZiYan from Chu WuQing’s memory.

At this place, at this time, the cave was closely guarded by the elite disciples from the ShangYuan Sect. How could there be anyone else besides DanTai ZiYan?

“You’re a man?” How was that possible?

Chu WuQing could not believe that the handsome jade-like man before him was DanTai ZiYan, but the facial features that were exactly the same as his memories told him that the man in front of him was his fiancée, DanTai ZiYan.

It was absurd yet this was the truth!

Now, he should be called his fiancé instead.

Chu WuQing’s hands trembled slightly. His rebirth not only caused chaos in male and female family bonds in the world, but also turned his fiancée into a genuine man.

At this moment, all his hopes were dashed, and Chu Wuqing’s expression suddenly became disheartened. But DanTai ZiYan’s originally slightly furrowed brows suddenly straightened out. He stared fixedly at Chu WuQing, and unconsciously, his cold lips formed into a smile.

In the pitch-black eyes, Chu WuQing’s figure was the only one with light.

It had been thirteen years of separation, since Chu WuQing had broken off the engagement at the Foundation Establishment congratulatory ceremony, till today’s meeting where Chu WuQing had taken the initiative to meet. He had so much to say, but his mind had already been filled with infinite love, and he could not think of a single word. He greedily looked at his grown-up lover, and finally said something sentimental, “A’Qing, I missed you so much.”

“How disgusting,” Chu WuQing sneered and ridiculed, “I’ve already broken off the engagement. What are you doing here? Do you think I’ll take back my decision?”

The unabashed disgust in his tone was like an avalanche hitting him in the face, and DanTai ZiYan’s fervent heart suddenly cooled.

He didn’t like him. From the beginning when he was beaming with joy till the end when he suddenly turned pale, the person he came to see was not him at all. DanTai ZiYan could no longer deceive himself.

He took a step forward to hold Chu WuQing’s wrist, but Chu WuQing stepped back in a flurry and shrunk away, “Except for the day of our bloody battle, I don’t want to see you again, so disgusting.”

“A’Qing,” DanTai ZiYan’s face turned pale, “Do you hate me so much? Or is it because of your self-appointed…” he squeezed out the word between his teeth, “fiancée?”

Su BeiCi?

Two months had passed while he was in the abode, but Chu WuQing felt as if a lifetime had passed. From his body to his heart, he was no longer the same person in the past. After thinking for a moment, he remembered who DanTai ZiYan was talking about…

A burst of joy suddenly rose in his heart. Yes, there was still a normal person in this absurd and weird world.

That was Lin Yi’s first love, Su BeiCi!

At this moment, Chu WuQing was exceptionally delighted with the decision he made at that time.

A trace of sweetness showed on Chu WuQing’s disgusted expression. He crowed in the face of DanTai ZiYan’s panic-stricken and wrathful expression, “Yes, I already have A’Ci.”

“QingQing,” DanTai ZiYan tried his best to calm himself, and suddenly laughed, “I’ll give you your last chance.”

“My last chance?” Chu WuQing sneered, “Who do you think you are? Don’t forget that the small realm is owned by my Chu Clan. Even if you are a successor disciple of the ShangYuan Sect, you’re just at Foundation Establishment. Do you think my father will not know if you dare to touch me here?”

“Or do you think you can really beat me?” Chu WuQing’s aura changed. He held the sword in his hand, pointed it straight at DanTai ZiYan’s throat and said contemptuously, “I’m not joking about the bloody battle that I agreed to at that time.” With his action, the pressure from a cultivator who was half a step into Golden Core wantonly burst out!

DanTai ZiYan suddenly disappeared when Chu WuQing’s words fell from his mouth, and the whole abode changed from a common stone room to an illusionary realm in the clouds.

The sound of water gurgling came from beneath his feet, and the moon was hanging high in the sky.

It was just that he could not even find DanTai ZiYan’s shadow!

DanTai ZiYan’s indistinct whisper came along with the endless sound of bamboo leaves rustling, “This secret realm is something I tried my best to make for you, A’Qing. Do you like it? There’s no one who can find this place… Including your father.”

A top-grade spatial magic artifact could block off all means of probing. No one could secretly activate it except the owner.

“It’s impossible,” Chu WuQing sneered. “You are indeed a genius at artificing, but your cultivation is only at the peak of Qi Condensation. You can’t even create a life-bound magic artifact. How can you make a spatial magic item comparable to an immortal treasure?”

“A’Qing,” DanTai ZiYan’s shadow flashed by and he sighed, “You really don’t understand me… But it doesn’t matter. It’s enough for me to understand you. We won’t be separated in the future. You will have a long time to understand me.”

“What bravado,” Chu WuQing’s long sword rose, leaking a murderous intent, “Then we’ll see if your spatial attainments are higher, or my sword-play is higher.”

At the moment when the long sword slashed down, it burst with spatial power that carried an aura of slaughter, and the void began to collapse. There were bursts of thunder in the air!

Even the expression of a high-level Nascent Soul cultivator would pale in the face of such a slash.

But DanTai ZiYan, whom the sword pointed at, disappeared again. The Sword Qi, which contained two peak Greater Paths, was just like a clay ox entering the sea. It was eaten away by the continuous clouds and fog, leaving not a single trace.

The fog became more and more turbulent, lotus flowers bubbled from beneath Chu WuQing’s feet, and countless branches and leaves twined around and bound him.

Every broad lotus leaf and every lotus petal touched his body.

The clear and indistinct moonlight was shining on him through the clouds, as if it was a hand and a tongue had lightly lapped at his skin.

There was no way to avoid or escape!

The nightmare that he had experienced twice came once again. But Chu WuQing’s body, which had been touched by Lin Yi, could not resist this kind of thing at all.

He was pressed down in the lake, the bamboo groves and clouds by DanTai ZiYan, rolling through every corner of the space.

This guy was even more abominable than the first two people!

Because they used to be master and servant, though they committed gross insubordination physically, their words contained their respect.

It was unlike DanTai ZiYan, who bound Chu WuQing’s hands and legs in the lotus leaves and covered his eyes with a layer of white cloth. He often bullied him till he couldn’t stand it and was about to cry, before coaxing him with force: “A’Qing, call me husband, and let you off today.”

Chu WuQing’s black pupils were full of tears, but he stubbornly refused to let them fall. He was biting his reddening lower lip in shame and refused to let out humiliating moans, but DanTai ZiYan heavily pressed down on him, greedily lapping the tears from his eyes and the body fluids that leaked from his red lips, “A’Qing, don’t force me.”

As DanTai ZiYan spoke, the whole space gradually became transparent. Chu WuQing saw the disciple of the ShangYuan Sect who came back to report close by, and even saw his trusted aides from the XianLing Sect!

A feeling of shame accompanied by a strange pleasure drowned Chu WuQing in an instant. It was clear that those people could not see them, but the sense of honor and arrogance that had been etched into his marrow caused Chu WuQing’s heart to suffer torment.

The tears in his eyes finally dripped down, and he cried and begged for mercy, “Hus-husband, please let me off.”

The voice was extremely sweet and charming, but it carried a trace of hatred.

“All right, baby.” DanTai ZiYan’s eyes were filled with infatuation that was so thick, it was impossible to be rid of. Even that cold hatred made him feel it was incomparably seductive. The beauty in his arms was lovely all-round. 


When Chu WuQing woke up, there was no longer any uncomfortable feeling on his body, except for the mottled traces that reminded him what had happened.

It seemed that DanTai ZiYan had been planning to imprison him for a long time. Even the dual cultivation methods had been prepared beforehand. With one side taking the initiative to guide, his progress went through the roof, and he had long formed his core.

He was less than twenty years old, but he was already a Golden Core powerhouse with a top-grade Greater Path. If this was in his previous life, Chu WuQing would be very proud and publicize this.

But now he just felt cold…

Seeing that he was awake, DanTai ZiYan sat down and clasped the new spiritual items he had just refined, showing everything to Chu WuQing.

“With these pair of Cloud-treading boots, A’Qing can fly at the speed of a Nascent Soul cultivator.”

“And this one, it can automatically play all kinds of dramas. Besides being used for entertainment when you are bored, it can also be used to deduce spells. Do you like it, A’Qing?”

“This pharos immortal brush can point out the dead things such as flowers, plants, spirit stones and other dead things. It can also serve as a servant. Although it’s cultivation cannot advance, it is more loyal than human beings.”

“If you don’t like it, there’s still this…”

It seemed that he was afraid that Chu WuQing would be depressed and bored in the illusionary realm. Every day, DanTai ZiYan would try his best to refine all kinds of magic artifacts for Chu WuQing, but the final result was:

——”Scram!” Chu WuQing did not even glance at these wonderful treasures that could cause a sensation in the outer realm, “I’d only like you to die.” With a wave of hand, all the magic artifacts were shattered by Sword Qi.

DanTai ZiYan extended his hand to stroke Chu WuQing’s cold cheek and said with a smile, “Since A’Qing likes their broken appearance, I’ll refine more. It’s the greatest fortune of their existence to get your love.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Chu WuQing couldn’t see what was happening in the abode where DanTai ZiYan was, but he could hear the report from the disciple of the ShangYuan Sect, “Shishuzu, the elder of the XianLing Sect, Su BeiCi has come to see you again. She also said that if she doesn’t see you this time, she will kill all the disciples of ShangYuan Sect. We’re unable to hold her back.”

Although the disciples of the ShangYuan Sec who accompanied DanTai ZiYan were the core disciples of the sect and were also carrying the life-saving items given by their powerful elders, their cultivation was only at Foundation Establishment. When Su BeiCi, a Golden Core cultivator who comprehended the Path of Carefreeness, came to break through with the intention of do-or-die, even if there were many men and they could form an array, there was no way to resist.

So much so that… Half of them already had their cultivation abolished.

This was just a warning. A cool breeze pierced into their Dantian, just like a woman’s pretty face, coldly and cruelly. She carelessly wiped the blood from the corners of her lips, “If you don’t scram, next will be all your heads.”

Otherwise, how would they dare to violate the orders of DanTai ZiYan!

“A’Ci,” There were finally some emotions in Chu WuQing’s dead eyes. He stood up, even if he could not see it, he impatiently walked toward the entrance of the abode.


Behind him, the smile on DanTai ZiYan’s face disappeared slowly.


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