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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chu WuQing’s words were harsh, scolding, and his eyes were full of ice. He gazed at Gu Yu coldly, giving no room for argument.

He was so regal, so imposing. The Gu Yu of the past would’ve obediently bowed his head, taken the medicine and went to rest.

But this time… a flash of crimson appeared in his eyes. There was sweat on Master’s skin, and his breaths were faster than usual. With his trembling body, it was clear Chu WuQing was trying to hide something!

“Master,” Gu Yu said, worried, “My injuries aren’t important. Before I came here, I took an elixir left behind by the immortals that will help consolidate my spirit. But Master, you’ve been taken by that bastard for many days? Are you injured?”

“Shut your mouth.” Chu WuQing’s expression darkened, but the discomfort in his body was magnified by the way he was sitting. Gu Yu’s intense gaze fell on his body like embers, rousing an even more intense reaction from it. He snapped back even harsher, “Turn around. Keep asking and I’ll punish you!”

But he couldn’t control the tremor in his voice.

That tremor was like a soft feather brushing against his heart, creating an inexplicable palpitation that made his skin tingle.

Master was cold and lofty as ever, but Gu Yu noticed a strange sensuality and fragility to it.

“Master,” Gu Yu responded with a slight frown, “Gu Yu isn’t afraid of punishment, just that you might be injured.”

The young man’s burning gaze fell upon his waist, his face, his arms, like a blazing fire. Even though there was no disrespect in this gaze, to Chu WuQing, it was like sparks searing his skin. There was something aggressive there that shouldn’t be in the gaze of a servant.

Even though he was fully clothed, the other’s unblinking gaze made him feel exposed, like the other could see everything. He couldn’t help but clench his legs together, straightening his back.

Yet these small movements created an unbearable friction, drawing a soft cry from him. There was a terrible, horrible feeling of emptiness between his legs.

“Gu Yu,” Chu WuQing did his best to swallow the quiet moans, keeping his voice low and cold as scolded the other, “You dare disobey me?”

But the moment he began to speak, a flush appeared on his soft, pale cheeks, and his cold gaze glittered with unshed tears.

“Master,” Gu Yu grabbed Chu WuQing’s wrist, pulling him over forcibly. Spiritual energy trickled from his fingers, dipping into Chu WuQing’s meridians to check what was wrong.

No! He couldn’t!

If Gu Yu found out what had happened, if his most loyal subordinate who worshiped him found out that the master he admired and looked up to had that kind of disgusting substance inside his body, what face would he have left!?

What dignity would he have left?

Gu Yu had always viewed him as a godly figure. He would be sure to be disappointed if he found out his master had been toyed with and used like a whore.

“Scram!” Chu WuQing snapped, eyes red. There was hatred creeping into gaze, but Gu Yu, who had always blamed himself and knelt down to beg for forgiveness whenever Chu WuQing so much as frowned, yanked him into his embrace, aggressively invading his body with spiritual energy.

He held Chu WuQing like a baby, how humiliating.

Chu WuQing’s mind went blank, closing in on himself. His body struggled on instinct, but his cultivation wasn’t as high as Gu Yu’s. This subconscious resistance was like kitten scratches to Gu Yu, with an inherent allure to it.

Especially since his empty eyes no longer held any of their usual arrogance, instead bearing an inexplicable sense of sensuality. It was a beauty that struck the heart, needing no adornment.

“Master…” Gu Yu’s voice grew hoarse, something indescribable in his voice, like he was suppressing something… it was like the calm before a storm.

The other’s voice had Chu WuQing jolting back to reality.

Gu Yu knew… His lips curled into a mocking smile, “You don’t need to call me master anymore.” How could he, as he was now, be worthy of being Gu Yu’s master? “Hmph, scram.”

At least let him cling onto the remaining scraps of his dignity. He tried his best to suppress the urge to rub his legs together, but more and more mist gathered in his eyes, and he had to grit his teeth to stop the cries from escaping.

“Master, please allow Gu Yu to help you.” Gu Yu carefully pressed a kiss against Chu WuQing’s forehead. The young man’s kiss was passionate, full of unhidden emotion. Yet he set himself so low, his deep eyes imploring.

He was half knelt, ever so worshipful like an acolyte begging their god.

“No, you can’t…” Chu WuQing cried out as he struggled, his sentences were broken up by unbidden moans, “Go away, if you… dare do… what they did, then I won’t want to see you ever again!”

“They?” Gu Yu’s bright eyes darkened, “Who else, apart from Lin Yi?”

“Why can they do it… but not me!” Gu Yu’s eyes grew more and more stormy, pinning Chu WuQing against the ground, kissing the other from his forehead and going downwards and to the rest of his body, full of lust. “Master, please forgive Gu Yu.”


By the time Chu WuQing woke up, he was already in a clean, warm room with abundant ambient spiritual energy. He lay upon the bed, layers of gauze cascading down from above his head.

He still held the memories of before he had fainted. He had already recovered at that point, the drugs Lin Yi used having worn off, but Gu Yu kept going, again and again, as if he didn’t know… all the way until Chu WuQing lost consciousness.

Though this wasn’t harmful to him, – in fact, his spiritual energy had grown stronger due to the dual cultivation – this wasn’t something that should be considered from the angle of who was benefiting. No one could accept a man doing that to them over and over! Chu WuQing was enraged. Compared to Lin Yi who had never been kind to him nor he to Lin Yi, Gu Yu’s betrayal was far more painful.

Gu Yu noticed the moment Chu WuQing awoke. He knelt in front of the bed, kowtowing. “Please punish me, master.”

Punish? Chu WuQing stood, kicking Gu Yu. “You dare still appear in front of me?” he said coldly. Gu Yu wasn’t Lin Yi who had a protagonist halo that would let him escape from even Soul Transformation cultivators. Once they were out of the immortal’s abode, he could take his life whenever.

“Master,” Gu Yu told the other to do whatever, but it didn’t affect the way he kowtowed, calmly speaking, “It’s all Gu Yu’s fault. Even if it’s being carved up, I deserve it, but no matter what, I won’t leave you.”

He even stopped the circulation of spiritual energy in his body, allowing Chu WuQing’s measly Foundation Establishment strength to leave injuries on his body. Gu Yu wiped away the blood on his lips, taking out a dagger and stabbing it into his own heart. “Gu Yu can do anything if it makes Master feel better.”

Then, when the effects of the drug acted up again, he mercilessly pinned Chu WuQing down again.

Until half a month later, they were thrown out of the immortal’s abode by Lin Yi inheriting the legacy of the abode, like what had happened in his previous life.

Seeing the outside world, a scene he hadn’t seen in three years, Chu WuQing felt like he had missed an age. Finally, he was free.

“Master, do you not want me anymore?” Gu Yu knelt on the ground, asking. His dark eyes were like a bottomless abyss. It had practically taken all his strength to say that one sentence. He knew that because of what he had done this half a month, Chu WuQing would only ever hate him from now on. He would never be able to stand near Chu WuQing and gaze at him anymore. Anything they had ended here.

But he had no regrets.

Chu WuQing didn’t even turn his head to look at him. “Gu Yu, if you want to keep your life, you had better leave and never come back.”

Gu Yu placed a talisman on the ground, quietly saying, “Gu Yu is leaving, but Master will forever be my master. When you need me, just activate this talisman and I’ll come, no matter what it’s for. I’ll do whatever you want, even if it costs me my very soul, because you’re my master.”

After kowtowing thrice, Gu Yu disappeared.

Chu WuQing gazed at the talisman on the ground, growing suspicious of this world. This entire place was weird. Why had it come to this, had everyone here gone mad? First Chu YunShu, then Lin Yi, and even Gu Yu had confessed to him… No matter how dumb he was, he would’ve realised something was up by now. Never mind how he had always been quite smart. He had merely denied it because of his pride and the two-hundred years’ experience in his past life.

Could it be that his rebirth had caused this novel to collapse, making all these men gay?

He hadn’t noticed before, but now that he thought back, those gazes he had received weren’t of jealousy or envy, but of desire.

Naked desire, like a man towards a woman.

But why? He should get back to his father’s side, as soon as possible.

Chu WuQing took a moment to rest before he used a teleportation talisman to transport him back to the XianLing Sect, only to find that the people outside his immortal’s abode were all ShangYuan Sect members.

Chu WuQing suddenly remembered that in his previous life, his fiancé DanTai ZiYan had come to the lower realm for him, and that was how she had met Lin Yi and fallen for him.

Then, his cultivation had been destroyed, his arms cut off, no longer the prideful, elegant person he once was. His hair was a mess, desperate and ruined.

Yet, Lin Yi had been on a sword, appearing from the immortal’s abode with an aura and bearing that was enough to beat down any prodigy. He had looked down on Chu WuQing like he was an ant and said, “Chu WuQing, it’s hard to believe that a respectable woman would like someone useless like you, who only knows to oppress others with your clan.”

Then, Lin Yi had looked towards DanTai ZiYan, his gaze filled with a gentleness that only educated scholars had. According to how the author described it, when Lin Yi looked at someone with such a gaze, the receiver would feel like they were being kissed by a thousand blossoms, sinking into an irresistible embrace.


Before, Chu WuQing only held a deep hatred for DanTai ZiYan. He hated her for betraying their promises, the emotions they had for each other for over ten years, for bringing him humiliation for three-hundred years, for making him fall from grace.

But now, Chu WuQing wanted nothing more than to see DanTai ZiYan, see the woman who still loved him, and not a man.

“Yan’er.” He murmured softly, smiling as his spirits soared.

The moment Chu WuQing left the immortal’s abode, DanTai ZiYan felt it.

He had originally wanted to enter the immortal’s abode to look for Chu WuQing, but the day he planned to head in, something had happened to the immortal’s abode and all the entrances were locked. He could only wait at the XianLing Sect.

QingQing was willing to come and see him voluntarily?

At this point, DanTai ZiYan instead began to worry. For the first time, he, who had never cared about external things, began to feel nervous. They hadn’t seen each other in nearly ten years.


Would QingQing still like him? Would he think he was ugly?


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June 9, 2021 3:40 pm

I’ve been sighing this whole chapter man- Chu WuQing will probably be crushed when he sees that DanTai ZiYan is a man. But maybe not who knows?

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

June 9, 2021 5:03 pm

Gu Yu!!!!!!!! WTHHH

March 25, 2022 9:47 pm

i am so sad gu yu left aaaaaaa but question, is there uncensored version of this or the author really chose to not write the S scenes explicitly?

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