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Chapter 4: Getting Pregnant (Extra)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlation

Zhou Mo was a little nervous. He can’t help looking back and forth several times at the baby held by the couple.

The couple noticed Zhou Mo’s gaze and smile at him. The shorter man asks Zhou Mo if he wants to hold the baby, then smiles as he hands the baby over.

Zhou Mo is at a loss as he takes over the baby with a milky fragrance. The baby’s soft eyes are as bright as black grapes, her two little meaty fists are clasped in front of her chest. As if she likes Zhou Mo very much, the baby has a smile on her white face, and her two little fists begin waving and she cooed, as if excited.

“It seems that the baby likes Mr. Zhou very much.,” The couple also laughs. 

They were very polite and grateful to Zhou Mo, because Zhou Mo was the assistant of Professor Song who saved the human race. The surviving people all saw this Beta, Mr. Zhou going into a group of zombies alone to take a video, which proved that the zombies couldn’t detect Betas.

Looking at the soft little baby, the face of a man surfaces in Zhou Mo’s mind. The man had hugged him and said that he wanted a baby with someone like him, even if he was a Beta.

In Zhou Mo’s mind, a white, soft, chubby baby suddenly appeared. He shakes the baby’s little hands, and the baby stares at him with bright and pure eyes, and calls him daddy.

Now it’s the third year since the zombie virus vaccine was developed and widely put into use. Most of the survivors of the base had also took part in developing the place. Many had gradually moved from the underground bases to the safe zones above ground, and there were more and more newborns. After a chemical agent was developed to fight against the zombie virus, almost all the zombies around the living area were killed. Only some of the areas far away from human life still had some zombies left.

At sunset, the whole safe zone was shrouded in orange warm light. The rising smoke not far away makes the whole safe zone give off a peaceful appearance.

Zhou Mo walks out of the working area building, hesitates for a moment, and finally does not return to his dormitory. 

He goes instead to another residence. As soon as he enters the door, he smells the familiar scent of rice. A mature and magnetic male voice calls out to him from the kitchen.

“Mo, welcome home,” A tall and handsome man in an apron walks out of the kitchen and stretches out his arms, as if to give Zhou Mo a hug.

Zhou Mo frowns and says coldly, “Don’t come near me.”

The man stops, and still smiling, takes back his hands as if nothing had happened, “OK, my dear Mo, go wash your hands and prepare for dinner.”

Zhou Mo watches as the man re-enters the kitchen. He changes his shoes and enters the living room. He washes his hands and sits at the table.

They eat in silence. Zhou Mo has a bad appetite. He takes just two bites at random. The handsome man asks him questions from time to time. Zhou Mo remains indifferent to him, and only replies with a vague ‘Hmn’ once in a while.

“I thought you wouldn’t come today,” When they finished eating, Rong Yan picks up the dishes and chopsticks, he says this with a low voice, as one finger rubs the back of Zhou Mo’s hand intentionally or unintentionally.

Zhou Mo looks down at the back of his hand and whispers, “Isn’t this, exactly as you wished…” Then he goes upstairs to take a bath.

In the middle of the bath, the bathroom door is pushed open, and someone comes in. The man behind him holds him tenderly. Zhou Mo’s body, surrounded by the familiar scent, goes stiff for a moment, but soon relaxes.

“Mo?” The magnetic hoarse voice came from behind, and the hot air hits the man’s earlobe. “Let me help you expand, or you will bleed later.”

Zhou Mo says coldly, “Do what you want, and don’t talk nonsense.”

The man behind looks at Zhou Mo’s red earlobes and smiles softly. There was an unidentifiable light in his eyes.

In fact, Zhou Mo thought that he would never meet Rong Yan again. After all, Rong Yan did so many things that made him extremely miserable but what he didn’t expect was that… he couldn’t get hard after that.

Zhou Mo is a normal man, and he always thought that he was a top. In recent years, he had tried to find other partners. Maybe because he had a cold temper, a cold face and a dumb mouth, and won’t cajole people, most of his relationships ended in vain. All his partners broke up with him one by one.

Although they all said that he was a good man, they always said that they were not suitable together. But Zhou Mo understood that no one would spend their whole life with an impotent man. In the apocalyptic world, people were more open than normal. Especially now, they were in urgent need of newborns. All of his boyfriends reached the last step with him in just a few months, but no matter what they did, Zhou Mo couldn’t get hard. 

Zhou Mo was so guilty that he couldn’t give them what they wanted, or get what he always wanted children. Yes, he wanted to have a child of his own. He offered to break up from his last relationship and returned to being single again. The only good thing was that the people he met didn’t publicize that he couldn’t get hard.

Although he didn’t show it on the surface, and Zhou Mo still looks as he usually did, he knows that his body has a problem, one that was especially different from other normal men… He thought about when he was with the man before, although it was very painful, he got some sort of pleasure from it. He wondered if he could only get pleasure from being a bottom, but his pride did not allow him to find another man and lie under him.

This was the biggest variable in Rong Yan’s life.

Rong Yan kept his promise and never raped him again, instead he started to pursue him in a way that Zhou Mo didn’t hate. He could still see the usual possessiveness and eroticism in Rong Yan’s eyes, as well as some complex feelings that he didn’t want to understand.

In order to test whether his body is really impotent, plus being lonely, and the fact that he also really wants to have his own child, even if he has to give birth to the baby himself—

When Rong Yan looked at him from afar, Zhou Mo took the initiative to go to him.

“Do you want to have sex with me?” Zhou Mo looked at the green grass on the ground and said this without expression.

Rong Yan was stunned. His dark eyes were like a storm. He looked at Zhou Mo as if he would turn around and leave his world as soon as he said no.

“Yes,” said the soft and magnetic voice.

After testing, Zhou Mo found that he was normal, but only for Rong Yan.

“Mo, relax. Let my fingers in,” The clattering of the water is accompanied by shallow breathing and murmuring.

Rong Yan hugs the slim waist of Zhou Mo who is supporting himself on the wall. One of Zhou Mo’s hand is placed on Zhou Mo’s thigh, and his two long and clear boned fingers are gently pushed into the soft and hot corridor.

The slightly rough finger belly is constantly rubbing and caressing the secret entrance in the honey cave. The whole corridor is wet and hot, instinctively wrapping around the man’s fingers. When hearing the man’s relaxation, the secret little slit gushes out a warm current. The man’s fingers quickly and skillfully squeeze into the tiny slit.

“Um…” Zhou Mo’s eyes are slightly red as he gives an uncontrollable gasp. The front of his body becomes fully erect from being half hard, and a drop of transparent liquid flows from the red hole on his glans.

“Hard,” Holding Zhou Mo’s waist, the hand moves up from the root to the top. The fingers buried in his back acupoints are quick and constantly scratching the sensitive inner Yin entrance.

“No way. Take it out.” Zhou Mo’s whole body begins to twitch. Heto struggles to avoid Rong Yan’s touch. But Rong Yan, who was always obedient to Zhou Mo, is very tough at this time.

“No, you’ll like it, Mo.” The tall man then bows his head and kisses the gland on the back of Zhou Mo’s neck, then bites through, and injects Alpha pheromones, all while his hands continue to caress the Beta’s body.

“Mmn.” Zhou Mo raises his head and murmurs. The feeling like an electric shock surges all over his body, and he shivers. He likes it. The pleasure makes him afraid, but he can’t stop.

Rong Yan licks the blood stains of Zhou Mo’s glands, and his eyes flash with the necessary charming luster. He knows that Zhou Mo will like it. He also knows that Zhou Mo has completely fallen in love with the pleasure and his strength. Although Zhou Mo’s mouth is refusing, his honest body brings a lot of interest to their love.

The scalding liquid hits Rong Yan’s fingers, and the whole sensitive inner wall is constantly contracting. Rong Yan takes out the wet fingers that have been soaked by the erotic liquid, and quickly replaces it with his already hard and painful sexual instrument, putting it right at the entrance of the constantly contracting honey cave. At the next moment, a large stream of erotic liquid pours on his sexual instrument from that cave.

“Hey… ” Rong Yan takes a breath, his eyes hot. He puts his glans against the shrinking hole and rubs around it in circles. He rolls his sexual organ to spread the slippery liquid over the whole of his muscle column. He licks the man’s earlobe and whispers.

“Relax, you’ll like it, my Mo.” The tall man says softly, and the fierce tortoise head pushes into the back hole of Zhou Mo with a strong thrust, all the way to the inner Yin entrance which had been played soft by his fingers.

Zhou Mo’s whole body is soft. No matter how many times they do it, every time Rong Yan gets into his inner Yin, the tingling and refreshing sensation rolls up his whole body along the vertebra, and the feeling that his body is invaded spreads out in a cool wave.

However, no matter how many times the narrow inner Yin has been manipulated, each time it convulses as the hot thick and hard sexual instrument constantly pushes in back and forth. The thrill spreads all over his body, and straight to the brain, making his scalp go numb. The reproductive cavity instinctively sprays a stream of lewd liquid onto the ferocious glans. The lewd liquid makes the thick and strong flesh stem jump.

“Ah.” Zhou Mo tries to control his gasps. He fumbles for a grasp on Rong Yan’s fast and narrow waist with his backhand, as his buttocks unconsciously fit tightly when the man’s crotch bone comes over. He feels the thick hair and the huge egg slamming against the sensitive hole mouth, making loud slapping sounds of the body, and at the same time, he feels the sounds travelling up his body. The hard and hot glans reaches into his most vulnerable and sensitive place.

“Ah, no,” The soft and smooth ring from the top of the glans to the top of the genital tract makes Zhou Mo twitch as if he had been shocked. The thrill even makes him reach out uncontrollably, trying to push the man behind him away.

“What do you want, relax and let me in, OK Mo…” The man behind him kisses Zhou Mo’s earlobe and the side of his face gently, but his lower body still thrusts strongly enough to handle the smooth and attractive mouth of the palace, which sometimes sprayed the lewd liquid.

Zhou Mo’s gasps and groans are blurred and turns hoarse by the stimulation of his stomach. The cramped corridor is also trying to relax. He thinks about the feeling of being opened before when he hit by the hard glans against his sensitive mouth again. Under the strong stimulation, his body convulses. The mouth of the palace spews out a large stream of hot liquid like a breach of guard. Rong Yan who finds the right moment goes in!

Both of them simultaneously groan, and Zhou Mo, who had opened the palace, suddenly softens and falls slightly. He is picked up by the strong arm of the man behind him, and the huge tortoise head completely pushes into the narrow palace.

When the water in the shower head is turned off, the bathroom is full of hazy fog. Zhou Mo leans against the man behind him, panting powerlessly. His forehead is covered with fine drops of water and sweat. The feeling of the palace being penetrated is too exciting, and leaves him in a confused state. His body uncontrollably shakes the whole time, and the back acupoints contracting like tendons.

“It’s big, it’s numbing. It’s going to pierce me,” The helpless and hoarse voice was unconsciously whispers, and his eyes overflow with physiological tears, which slip down his cheek and falls on the man’s arm.

Rong Yan’s eyes see red, and he’s bruised by the tight back hole. He suppresses his impulse to fuck his predecessors, strokes the man’s weeping penis and kisses him on the neck.

“Honey, wife, relax, it won’t hurt,” Under the constant reassurance of the man, the tight back acupoint relaxes a little. Rong Yan gently twitches in the palace cavity, and the whole glans is firmly clamped by the palace mouth. Each twitch would drive the sensitive palace mouth and the hard glans to constantly rub against each other.

The feeling of being trapped brings an explosive level of dizziness and pleasure to Zhou Mo, whose scalp is numb. He can’t help making a trembling groan. Zhou Mo’s erection is also about to release, but before it can, the man behind him holds the tip of his penis, making Zhou Mo feel like he is about to explode.

“Mo, wait for me, shoot together with me. You’re more likely to get pregnant this way.”

Hearing the word pregnant, Zhou Mo suddenly wakes up for a moment. He turns his head, with tears in his eyes, and tries to speak out of his red lips.

“I hope this time, you can form a knot. If I still can’t get pregnant, there won’t be another time,” The husky voice is full of temptation for the man behind him, but before Zhou Mo finishes, he sees a light and gentle smile on Rong Yan’s handsome face, but it was very brief before it disappears.

“Hmn, as you wish, my Mo.”

Finish saying that, Rong Yan is like a pile driver, pulling and ramming vigorously.

Before, Zhou Mo could not bear the gentle movement, let alone the power to make him faint every time now. Also, whenever Rong Yan pulls and inserts, the groove under the umbrella shaped glans drags outwards with rich nerves until the glans is completely pulled out, and immediately, the missed glans will be firmly clenched in.

Zhou Mo almost loses himself by this kind of wild power. He moans, struggles, cries, and is unable to control his tendons. But he still cannot escape the pleasure of Rong Yan’s thrusting.

He doesn’t know how long it has been, but Zhou Mo feels like he’s going to die, die from being fucked… what’s more terrifying is that Rong Yan is really knotting him! 

The originally huge penis in him suddenly surges in size, tearing his back acupoint.

Zhou Mo’s tears fall out of control.

“No, no, I don’t want to to be pierced and cracked. Ah ah ah ah! “

“It’s what you want, Mo. I’ve formed a knot in you. I’ll shoot into you right away. Soon, we’ll have a baby, one just like you baby,” The man’s hoarse and low voice speaks in Zhou Mo’s ear, and the parts below the knot continue to twitch and tease his reproductive tract which is full of obscene water. After nearly a hundred thrusts later, the man releases the hand holding the tip of Zhou Mo’s sexual organ, and quickly rubs on the hard purple sexual organ.

“My Mo, I love you. Say you love me too! Then I’ll shoot everything into you, OK?” Zhou Mo gasps as Rong Yan whispers and gnaws at the gland on Zhou Mo’s neck.

“I love you! Love you! Ah ah! It’s about to shoot, ah! “

With a hoarse cry, the two people release at the same time!

There is a white light in Zhou Mo’s mind, and he feels dizzy. But soon, the narrow reproductive cavity of the Beta is filled with a lot of hot semen, and Rong Yan’s sexual organ is still ejaculating, making Zhou Mo’s stomach bulge.

“Don’t shoot anymore. It’s too much. I don’t want it. I don’t want it!” Zhou Mo, whose mind is still reeling from the pleasure, cries and even tries to push away the Alpha behind him.

Rong Yan grabs Zhou Mo’s arm, presses him firmly on the wall, and nails Zhou Mo with his knot. He kisses the side of Zhou Mo’s face and the corners of his mouth.

“Baby, be good, bear it, and it will be over soon “

After nearly half an hour, there is another clattering in the bathroom. Soon, the tall Alpha comes out with the Beta whose body is fully flushed, and they got on the bed. Before long, the clatters and groans sound again.

After the man knots and ejaculates into him for the third time, Zhou Mo thinks fuzzily.

This time, I really will get pregnant…

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March 26, 2021 5:45 am

Hope there can be a oneshot about the continuation of zhou mo pregnancy and their marriage

May 24, 2021 7:06 pm

Pray for the pregnancy and happily ever after! 🙏
Thanks for the translation

June 27, 2021 10:04 pm

Thanks a bunch for all your hard work translators!! I truly enjoyed this read and will probably come back to it later on and re-read it since it was a crazy, super detailed, interesting read! For 4 chapters it felt like a long wild ride and I enjoyed the unique story.

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Hehe sınav senemdeyim ve novel okumaya yeni başladım ancak şimdiye kadar okuduğum onlarca novelde hiç gerçek bir +18 göremedim. Bu çok sinirimi bozuyordu yani bu kısa 4 bölümlük novel için teşekkür ederim. Emeği geçen herkese çok teşekkürler!! Umarım Zhou sonunda hamile kalmayı başarır ve alfa ile arası daha iyi bir hale gelir!! ❤

October 17, 2021 8:04 am

It took ZM willing to commit suicide before RY treated him even remotely like someone loved. RY was a disgusting character. I understood the first rape; out of control & acting on impulse. Not after. Publicly humiliating and physically hurting ZM? That wasn’t love. ZM was changed by RY & had RY taken his latter approach, but explaining marking was to protect him & for their future, would have made me feel differently
I dislike RY still & feel for ZM…

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