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Chapter 3: Love You to the End 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Under the hot sun, a car is driving at high speed on a deserted road. It is driving at a speed of nearly 100 miles towards the front. After passing by, it rolls up dust. Many zombies gathered on the road on hearing the sound, but by the time they got here, the car had already disappeared.

The man in the car with sunglasses and one hand on the steering wheel is Zhou Mo, who has left the base for the third day. The strong sunlight falls on the side of Zhou Mo’s face and arm through the blackout glass. The emotion in the eyes behind the sunglasses can’t be seen clearly, but the tight pale lips show that the man’s condition is not very good.

After being opened by Rong Yan, he was thoroughly worked for three days and nights. He had heard that an Omega’s heat usually lasts for three days, but he didn’t expect an Alpha to be affected by an Omega, and go into heat that would also last for three days. If not for Rong Yan’s mission, he thinks Rong Yan would have likely continued.

Thinking of this, Zhou Mo’s hand touches his belly. The strong abdomen, which used to be flat and with abdominal muscles, is now bulging with a very obvious arc, like he has eaten too much. The pain in the abdomen continues, but it’s much better than it was a few days ago.

On the first day of Rong Yan’s departure, Zhou Mo could hardly get out of bed. A C-grade Omega had been taking care of him. Zhou Mo was already familiar with this Omega, because usually when he was unable to get out of bed, this Omega would always take care of him. Zhou Mo doesn’t like to talk nor does he want to talk. This Omega is also very clever and never says any extra words. On the first day, when he didn’t have any consciousness and action power, he was scrubbed, watered and fed. When he had action power, the Omega would only deliver meals to him on time every day.

Every time Zhou Mo would be raped by Rong Yan, the first thing Zhou Mo would want to do when he recovered his consciousness was to run away, stay away from the base, stay away from Rong Yan. But when he thought of what Rong Yan would do to him whenever he was caught after running away, his body trembled all over.

After Zhou Mo was raped for the first time, he ran away. But before he could run far, Rong Yan caught him and raped him in front of the survivors of the whole base as a punishment for his escape. He even threatened that if he ran again, the people who had arrived at the base with him would be thrown out and fed to the Zombies. 

Because Zhou Mo’s character was rather cold, although he and the group of people killed zombies for nearly half a year before he came to the base, Zhou Mo had a very weak relationship with them. At most, they were just nodding acquaintances, and hardly ever communicated. Since the time he arrived at the base, he had almost no contact with the group of people, especially after living in layers according to the contribution value, let alone meeting Rong Yan much later.

Because the base is near a large city, there were many developed counties, towns and villages around it, which are very rich in materials. So of course, there are many zombies too.

In the first year when he arrived at Base No. 10, Zhou Mo, because of the lack of materials and the floor he lived in, went out to find materials and kill zombies with people on the same floor almost every day. There were many zombies, but there were also many living people. He had also saved many people and met many dangerous situations. Fortunately, he survived, and even changed from the first three layers to the 10th.

In his first year at the base, when Zhou Mo didn’t change to the 10th floor, Zhou Mo spent almost every day like this. When he changed to the 10th floor, he began to relax. Instead of killing zombies every day as before, he went three days a week and had a rest for the other four days.

After two years of cleaning and killing, there are fewer zombies around the base. Many people who are careful enough can go back and forth between the city and the base by themselves. Zhou Mo is one of them. Because he doesn’t like to get along with others, he started to find materials by himself.

Not long later, he met Rong Yan. The picture of his meeting with Rong Yan was very common, which didn’t make Zhou Mo think so much at that time.

At that time, Rong Yan, who was covered with blood, was besieged by the zombies. Then Zhou Mo saw this, so he went forward to help kill a group of the lost ones, and the two escaped.

This picture was very common. Zhou Mo had been doing it since the end of the world. He would always do his best to help anyone.

At that time, Rong Yan looked like a corpse that had been dead for a long time. His body was covered with black blood. His face and hair were stained with a lot of dust. Zhou Mo could not see the specific appearance clearly, but when he saw Rong Yan’s height and physique, he guessed that Rong Yan was probably an Alpha.

Zhou Mo did not talk with Rong Yan after he was sure that there was no wound on him. However, Rong Yan was very grateful and introduced himself to him. He said that he was an Alpha. He was separated from his teammates and encountered a large number of zombies when looking for materials. He thought that he would die. Unexpectedly, Zhou Mo had saved him.

Rong Yan’s voice was very low, very gentle, and very magnetic. Zhou Mo properly looked at Rong Yan when he heard Rong Yan’s introduction, but when he saw Rong Yan’s long, narrow, light brown eyes with a smile aimed at him, he quickly took back his gaze.

After exchanging their names, in the sound of Rong Yan’s magnetism, the two returned to the base safely. Seeing that Rong Yan took the passage to the 20th floor, Zhou Mo just said goodbye to him lightly and went back to his residence.

But he didn’t expect that Rong Yan would come to him the next day.

To be honest, when Zhou Mo saw Rong Yan waiting for him in the hall on the 10th floor, Zhou Mo was stunned for a moment, because he didn’t recognize him as Rong Yan.

Standing there surrounded by many people, the Alpha had short brown hair, fair skin and delicate features. His smile had a touch of gentleness. At first sight, Zhou Mo knew that the Alpha had a good family and education before the end of the world.

He wore a black shirt on his upper body, the top two buttons on his chest were unfastened, showing a small black vest and exquisite collarbone, camouflage pants covered his lower body, and heavy Martin boots on his feet. He was very tall and strong. Although he was wearing the standard clothes of the end of the world, he stood there like a show model, a natural hanger.

Zhou Mo just looked away, ready to take the elevator out of the base.

But he didn’t expect that the handsome man in the crowd would come straight to him and call his name.

Although Zhou Mo has no expression, his heart was a [???.jpg].

Rong Yan looked at Zhou Mo who didn’t recognize him. His bright smile gradually dimmed. His expression looked a little aggrieved. He seemed to be very familiar with Zhou Mo. He leaned his chin on Zhou Mo’s shoulder intimately, and in his low and magnetic voice, spoke into Zhou Mo’s ear, “Mo, it’s me, Rong Yan. You saved me yesterday… “

Zhou Mo’s brain was blank for a moment when Rong Yan approached him. On the one hand, he really couldn’t relate the dirty person of yesterday and the bright person of today as the same one. On the other hand, Rong Yan was so close to him that he could see the long eyelashes on Rong Yan’s eyes and smell the powerful Alpha pheromone on Rong Yan.

The noisy hall on the 10th floor was suddenly silent. Everyone looked at the ambiguous posture of the two people in the hall until Zhou Mo pushed Rong Yan away and pressed for the elevator. Of course, Rong Yan followed Zhou Mo.

The floor number was low. You could go to the floor higher than it at will. No wonder Rong Yan could come to the 10th floor, Zhou Mo thought.

Soon, Zhou Mo didn’t have time to think about this. He was fully armed and went out of the base on alert. Rong Yan followed him the whole time. What did he say? He said Zhou Mo was so powerful that he wanted to follow Zhou Mo, while Zhou Mo didn’t think the Alpha on the 20th floor could be weak, he couldn’t just drive Rong Yan away…

In addition to being a little unaccustomed to Rong Yan’s presence at the beginning, Zhou Mo didn’t care. As long as he didn’t drag him back.

In this way, the two formed a team. Rong Yan came to Zhou Mo almost every day, regardless of the weather. Then Zhou Mo also found that Rong Yan was very powerful, or that Alphas were very powerful. He could kill a zombie with his bare hands and blow the brain of the zombie with one foot.

After nearly two months, Zhou Mo and Rong Yan gradually became familiar. He also knew that Rong Yan was an S-level Alpha. Although he thought it was inconceivable that he could be friends with S-level Alpha, Rong Yan did come to him every day, and he regarded him as a friend.

Until he was raped again and again by Rong Yan he couldn’t understand it, Rong Yan, the S-level Alpha, clearly liked by so many Omegas or Betas, why did he have to find him, why him of all people…

When did it start? In fact, Zhou Mo had felt something was wrong with Rong Yan a long time ago, but it was all because he was too slow, or believed him too much, and really regarded him as a friend that he didn’t realise it on time.

Rong Yan always loved to be close to him. From time to time, loved to hug him, hold him, and loved to stare at his face and talk to him. Zhou Mo only thought that Rong Yan was like this to everyone else. Later, Zhou Mo even got used to it. Rong Yan loved to hold his waist and pat his ass from time to time, but Zhou Mo didn’t care much.

Until after they got to know each other for more than two months, Rong Yan suddenly became anxious one day, and Zhou Mo asked him about it. Rong Yan told him that there was an S-level Omega on the 20th floor who was in heat.

At that time, Zhou Mo comforted Rong Yan. Even Rong Yan held him hard and dawdled on him. He endured. But now that he thought about it, it would be too dangerous for an S-class Omega to go into heat in a place with so many Alphas. They usually had inhibitors to prevent trouble because their pheromones would cause Alpha riots. So how was it possible then?

Maybe from that time on, Rong Yan couldn’t help it. Zhou Mo felt that Rong Yan might have wanted to gradually attack, approach and soften him, so that he could take the initiative to like him. But Rong Yan certainly didn’t expect that Zhou Mo would be so slow, or that he would not want to be with any Alphas or Omegas.

Zhou Mo still remembers that day, the night when Rong Yan completely tore off his mask of hypocrisy, it was the first time that he was raped.

That night, Rong Yan was actually affected by an S-level Omega who had sent him to the door. His Alpha pheromone soared. He went to the 10th floor with red eyes, knocked on the door of Zhou Mo, and began to kiss and touch him.

Zhou Mo was stunned and tried to push away Rong Yan. But the Alpha in his temper was too strong. Zhou Mo was pressed against the wall by Rong Yan and kissed. Zhou Mo immediately pushed Rong Yan out with his big eyes.

Rong Yan was pushed out. After two breaths, he said how hot he was feeling and asked Zhou Mo to help him.

Zhou Mo’s patience lasted until he felt Rong Yan rubbing his ass with his thick sexual organ. Zhou Mo was angry at last. He told Rong Yan that he only regarded Rong Yan as a friend, but he wanted to fuck him?! Zhou Mo let Rong Yan out.

Rong Yan refused to go out, so the two had a dispute.

In the end, Rong Yan took the upper hand, grabbed Zhou Mo’s pants, and pushed him to the ground despite Zhou Mo’s resistance.

For the first time, without lubrication and caresses, Zhou Mo’s lower body was torn. There was a lot of blood. Rong Yan didn’t stop, and instead he became more and more excited and almost killed Zhou Mo. Of course, Zhou Mo didn’t open his inner Yin. It wasn’t Rong Yan who didn’t want to, but Zhou Mo’s body couldn’t relax, and the inner Yin entrance didn’t open.

Zhou Mo escaped after getting better, but he was still caught and raped for the second time in front of all the survivors. Although they were in the elevator going from the 0 – 20th floor at this time, the two went back and forth, and through the transparent glass of the elevator, all the people in the base could see this scene.

It was very painful and heartbreaking. Zhou Mo’s self-esteem and pride shattered this time. From then on, Zhou Mo began to be afraid of Rong Yan. He refused to communicate with Rong Yan. When he saw Rong Yan, he would start shaking all over. Rong Yan gradually lost patience and didn’t pretend to be a good man in front of him. No matter how he begged for mercy, he would go back to being afraid of him again and again.

As for that video, Rong Yan deliberately spread it in order to declare sovereignty and prevent Zhou Mo from contacting others. If he broke all of Zhou Mo’s self-esteem, Zhou Mo would completely belong to him.

And he knew Rong Yan for a whole year. In this year, except for the first two months, Rong Yan didn’t touch him. But at other times, Rong Yan would hug him and torture him in various ways and means. The edges and corners of Zhou Mo, and all the arrogance had been almost worn away in front of Rong Yan. In front of Rong Yan, he was like a mouse seeing a cat, shaking and begging for mercy.

Until later, Rong Yan was often sent out by the upper class of the base, Zhou Mo was relieved. Rong Yan’s eyes would watch him like a hawk  at the base, but Zhou Mo was free to go out to look for supplies. Although he dared not run, he had already prepared to leave the base carefully, and hide at the end of the city.

Because Rong Yan’s attitude towards him was very subtle, in addition to being strong and dominating in bed, he is usually very good to him. At the end of the world, a lot of rare things would be sent to him, and while he would be concerned over it, Rong Yan would not let Zhou Mo go. Zhou Mo asked Rong Yan why it was him. But Rong Yan just smiled and didn’t answer. Zhou Mo once begged for mercy, saying as long as he didn’t make love, he could do anything. But Rong Yan was very stubborn and domineering. Zhou Mo once doubted whether Rong Yan liked him. But it wasn’t until a few days ago, when Rong Yan first opened his reproductive cavity, that he finally knew why Rong Yan was doing this to him.

When Rong Yan said what he said, Zhou Mo understood. It turns out that he had been in Rong Yan’s plan since they met. It could be said that Rong Yan was retaliating against him, or punishing him, punishing his weak Beta self for speaking freely about the Alphas and Omegas standing at the top of the world… Because of what he had said.

He used to be a free flying bird in the sky, but Rong Yan had invisibly weaved a big net and kept him firmly.

Thinking of this, Zhou Mo’s hand on the steering wheel clenches instantly. Rong Yan asked him to wait for his words in the base before he left, his voice still echoing in his ear.

Zhou Mo’s body was stiff for a moment, but soon he forced himself to calm down. Relax. He’s almost two thousand kilometers away from base zero. He can escape.

When Zhou Mo fled for the first time, he instinctively wanted to escape to his home, but because he was not prepared enough, he was caught easily by Rong Yan. This time, Zhou Mo was not going to flee home or go to other bases. He wants to go all the way south. The cities in the south are dense, there are more zombies, and the danger is greater. But if he can escape from Rong Yan, he is not afraid.

The sun is about to set. The sign on the side of the road points to the distance of the next city. It’s 56km. Zhou Mo is driving away.

It is at night when the whole city is most dense with zombies. There are groups of zombies passing through the dilapidated streets, panting, voices hoarse and roaring. Zhou Mo hides in the high-rise of a shopping mall, looks at the dense zombies in the street downstairs through a glass window, and takes a breath.

The number of zombies in the evening is nearly twice as much as that in the daytime. Zhou Mo can’t guarantee that he can still leave successfully with so many zombies around. Quietly, Zhou Mo leaves the window, and goes to find a room for the night.

It seems that this building has been cleaned up. There are not many zombies, and Zhou Mo hardly attracted the attention of those zombies. He goes to the top most floor of the building and looks at the city. Tonight, he was going to stay here temporarily.

This is the president’s lounge. The layout inside is almost the same as it was a few years ago. He can even take a bath. There are even bottles of nutrients and rare red wine which were hidden in the refrigerator. Zhou Mo’s body is not completely recovered and he can’t eat hard substances, so the nutrients are the most suitable.

Zhou Mo bit into a nutrient packet and went into the bathroom to take a shower. The sound insulation and airtightness of this room are very good. It should have been an Alpha’s office before. Maybe all the rooms were equipped with these insulation walls, which made it very safe.

After taking a bath, he skillfully drugs himself and makes arrangements at the door. Zhou Mo sat on the bed with his sword in his arms and closed his eyes.

This night Zhou Mo slept very uncomfortably, or he had a very confusing dream, but because his sleep was very light, he immediately opens his eyes when he hears a sound.

Looking at the time, it was 5 a.m., and there was a rubbing sound at the door, like someone trying to open the door.

Zhou Mo stands up, draws out his sword slowly, and stares at the door with a calm demeanor.

When the door opened, Zhou Mo’s pupils contracted in a moment. The next second, he threw the sword out. With a “puff” sound, the sharp point of the sword pierces into the zombie’s brain. The zombie’s throat creaks before it falls to the ground!

“… I thought you wanted to kill me… ” Standing in the doorway, the man with blood all over his head crooks his neck and touches it casually with one hand. Zhou Mo’s sword has almost brushed his neck.

Zhou Mo’s body turns a little stiff. He pretends to not see the person standing at the door. He goes out and pulls the sword out of the zombie’s brain. He looks around and takes in a breath of cool air. The previously empty office is now almost full of corpses. And outside, it seems that there are still zombies coming.

Zhou Mo quickly returns to the room, packs his backpack and prepares to leave immediately.

A hot arm hugs him from behind. Zhou Mo suddenly becomes stiff, and his voice is hoarse and dry. “Rong Yan, are you crazy? Do you know how many zombies you attracted?”

Rong Yan’s dry lips plant a kiss on the back of Zhou Mo’s neck, as if it was nothing, his voice is faint, and Zhou Mo couldn’t hear his joy and anger. “But who let you run around, my Mo. No matter where you are, I can find you… “

Zhou Mo’s body is stiff. He forces himself to relax again. “Let’s leave without saying that first.”

After packing up the things, killing and leaving behind a blood path, Zhou Mo and Rong Yan arrive at the Tiantai.

The sky has turned white, and the sun is about to come out.

Listening to the roar of the zombies locked outside the door of the building, and looking at the countless crowd of zombies under the building, the two people gasp. Sitting  face-to-face against the wall, they remain silent.

Until Zhou Mo starts talking. “Rong Yan. If you are angry because of what I said before, and want to get revenge on me, then I apologize to you now. I didn’t know what I was saying… ” Zhou Mo pauses, almost choking, and in a low voice continues, “For the sake of me and you, can you let me go…”

There was a heavy silence between them. Zhou Mo thought Rong Yan would not answer.

“Who said I was getting revenge?” Rong Yan suddenly opens his mouth and saw Zhou Mo looking at him doubtfully. His handsome face gradually shows a penetrating smile, “I love you, my Mo. How can I let go of my love?”

Although Zhou Mo knew that the result would be Rong Yan’s disagreement, he didn’t expect that Rong Yan would answer like this. He grew cold all over with Rong Yan’s smile. When Rong Yan stood up and walked over slowly, wanting to hold him, Zhou Mo quickly dodged and retreated. He quickly turns over to the edge of the roof of the building, and sticks one leg out.

Zhou Mo’s eyes are red, and while he was always been afraid to look at Rong Yan, at this time, he looks at Rong Yan with a complex expression. Soon, Zhou Mo’s eyes turn cold and resolute.

“Rong Yan, don’t force me. If you force me again, I will jump from here.” Zhou Mo says this quickly and hurriedly. Then, he stares at the rising sun in the sky and smiles at Rong Yan. The smile is free and easy and wanton, a smile which Rong Yan has never seen on Zhou Mo’s face. “I’d rather jump down and feed the zombies, rather than live a life being raped by you.”

The hoarse and dry voice, not light but heavy, struck Rong Yan’s heart. Rong Yan saw hatred in Zhou Mo’s eyes, and many emotions he could not understand. But he still doesn’t have much expression on his own face. He stands calmly and looks at Zhou Mo at this time.

If it was not for Rong Yan’s Alpha pheromone that had been released to the top and exposed his emotions, it would have seemed that Rong Yan was really calm.

But Zhou Mo doesn’t try to sense it, and he doesn’t want to.

Zhou Mo quietly looks at the red sun rising in the sky. His mood gradually becomes calm from excitement.

Rong Yan finally spoke. “Mn, I promise you, come down first.”

Of course, Zhou Mo would not come down easily. Who knows if Rong Yan would be a tiger fighter, pressing him down for another punishment. But Rong Yan looks like he genuinely means it this time. He tells Zhou Mo that he would not do it. But he asks Zhou Mo to go back to the base with him. The South is too dangerous.

Zhou Mo suspected that he would not be going back to the base with Rong Yan though.

Rong Yan stayed silent for a while, before finally telling Zhou Mo about his task.

Rong Yan is supposed to go to pick up a famous professor from a scientific research institute three thousand kms west of the city. This professor is also a Beta. Rong Yan heard that the Beta professor has correctly extracted the virus from the zombie outbreak, and so it was now possible to develop an antidote. Rong Yan also told Zhou Mo that his previous mission was to receive a variety of experts and professors from another base. The top Chinese was gathering most of the surviving professors in order to develop a vaccine for the virus since they now have a clue.

He asked Zhou Mo to go back with him, which was self-evident, because if a vaccine for the virus is developed, the survivors of the base would be the first to be vaccinated.

Zhou Mo is a little hesitant. Looking at the zombies downstairs, he thinks about if this disaster would really end. He takes his leg back to show that he agreed. However, he is still wary of Rong Yan. But Rong Yan takes two steps back and keeps a distance from him.

Zhou Mo looks at Rong Yan, and making sure he would not move closer to him any more, sat down in the corner of the wall.

Rong Yan tells him that he had sent a message to his team, and soon the team that had been on a mission with him would find them.

Sure enough, at 10 a.m., there were sounds of explosions and gunshots coming from afar. Three anti-riot vehicles could be seen approaching. This kind of vehicle has never been seen in the surrounding desert. It’s just like a small tank, but it’s faster. There is an Alpha on the roof, holding a gun, or carrying a small missile, and shooting the zombies around.

But because of the great noise, there are also a lot of zombies pouring in here. Three cars are parked under the building. Rong Yan presses the receiver in his ear and tells Zhou Mo that they need to hang a rope from the top of the building and jump down together.

Until they reached the top of the car safely, Rong Yan looks at Zhou Mo’s red ears while holding him close, then releases Zhou Mo. Rong Yan greets the other Alphas who welcome him, and there are some who with big smiles address Zhou Mo as sister-in-law.

Rong Yan looks at Zhou Mo’s expression and slowly opens his mouth. “This is Zhou Mo, one of the survivors from our base.”

The surrounding Alpha look at each other, and watch Zhou Mo uncovering the top cover and jumping into the vehicle indifferently.

One of them asks Rong Yan how he hasn’t fixed his wife and is instead being pushed away farther and farther.

Rong Yan only gave the man a punch with a smile before following after Zhou Mo.

An Alpha on the roof kills the zombies, kicks the zombies who try to climb into the car, and makes a bloody path in the city, all the way as the car rushes out.

When Zhou Mo got into the car, he found out that Rong Yan hadn’t received the Beta Professor. He had come to know that Zhou Mo had run away and so he chose to get him first.

Rong Yan didn’t disturb Zhou Mo when he entered the car. Instead, he went over to explain to Alpha who was driving and started off to XX Research Institute in the West.

Along the way, because of the heavy body, the speed of the team was travelling in was not fast, driving at 60 miles in the direction of the Research Institute. Most of the cars were probably hot weapons, so they needed to go to the town to replenish, find fuel and food on the road from time to time.

And every time they went for supplies, there would always be a large zombie massacre scene left behind. Zhou Mo was not strong enough, so they let him stay in the car to prevent him from giving them unnecessary trouble.

But whenever Zhou Mo saw a dense number of zombies coming, and during an emergency, he would help kill a group of zombies. Fortunately, in the last three years, this group of Alphas  had always been fighting the zombies so there were almost no casualties. When leaving the place after getting the supplies, everyone would be relieved to see the dense number of zombies after the car getting further and further away.

Zhou Mo also breathed a sigh of relief. Now he knew why these Alphas lived on the best floors in the base. There was a reason. The number of zombies he killed in one day today was almost the number of zombies he usually killed in one month. His sword wielding arms felt a little numb

Looking at the breathless Alphas, Zhou Mo felt that these Alphas didn’t seem to be so annoying

Zhou Mo had never felt pity for Alphas from his heart, but that was until they received the Beta Professor.

The Beta professor’s name is Song Yan. Zhou Mo thought that all these professors were very old, but unexpectedly, the professor is very young, only 45 years old, unmarried, and pretty.

But the professor, being a professor, has a bad temper. He often swore that the Alphas in the team were stupid pigs, only brute force and no brains. Even though the group of Alphas’ faces would turn red, they would not dare to refute, because Professor Song is likely to be the salvation star of saving human beings in the future.

Every time Professor Song scolds an Alpha, Zhou Mo couldn’t help but look at Rong Yan. But Rong Yan would only smile, and give Zhou Mo a very gentle smile, making the Beta unable to continue to look at him.

Zhou Mo looks away quickly. Rong Yan has been staying away from him ever since he promised him that time. The Alpha likes to stare at him when he has nothing to do, and Zhou Mo feels that he cannot bear this kind of behavior.

This Beta professor is not only verbally dissatisfied with their group of Alphas, but also seems to be deliberately rectifying them. For example, they could have gone back to Base No. 10 in a week, but now they have travelled for nine days, and are still halfway to Base No. 10.

This was all because Professor Song would say, from time to time, that he needed to go to a nearby city to find medicine or equipment. And the consequence of going to the city to find something was that the group of Alphas would have to fight with various zombies.

The Alphas, who had to kill several waves of zombies every day, were suffering. Although they were Alphas, they were also human. They needed to rest. How could they fight so frequently every day? Even a large number of weapons were used up.

Some Alphas protested, but Professor Song said, “If I can’t make a vaccine without this medicine or equipment, are you going to be responsible?” The top of the base also asked for it, so they could only listen to Professor Song’s orders.

The group of Alphas are in a very low mood in front of Professor Song. If the Alphas were dissatisfied just because of the above things, then there was another thing that made several of the grumpy Alphas want to kill Professor Song.

Professor Song did not only want to find things, but he would also want to go by himself. If Professor Song stayed in the car all the time, they could guarantee the safety of the professor and kill the zombies more recklessly.

But because Professor Song would always follow them to find out. They did not just have to kill the zombies, but also needed to protect Professor Song all the time. However, since Professor Song hates them very much, he directly pointed to Zhou Mo and said, “Zhou Mo is also a Beta. Let him protect me.”

So Zhou Mo took over the responsibility of protecting Professor Song, while a group of Alphas formed a circle around to protect the two of them. Sometimes when there was a dangerous situation, Zhou Mo would also fight.

At this time, Professor Song would start saying, “S-level or A-level Alpha, I think even a Beta is good.” As a result, he also pulled a few hatred values from the Alphas toward Zhou Mo.

However, lately, Zhou Mo became aware of several particularly delicate situations, or these situations were a little bit unbelievable to him.

The first is that they seemed to be like a magnet. Wherever they went, a large number of zombies would pour out. Whether there were zombies around or not, they would still be careful, but no matter how quiet they kept, the zombies seemed to be like dogs with a keen sense of smell, and as if they can smell them, they would gather close.

Zhou Mo didn’t understand this. He used to go out looking for supplies before and he was usually very careful. He could almost avoid most of the zombies perfectly. But now, no matter how they hid, the zombies seemed to have grown a dog’s nose, and would rush over.

This is not the most incomprehensible thing for Zhou Mo, but there is another thing that Zhou Mo found inconceivable. And this he has observed several times but still can’t believe it.

There are nine people in the team led by Rong Yan, most of them are S-level Alphas from the base, and only two of them are A-level, but one of them is a weapon, and the other is in charge of communication and maintenance.

In general, only eight Alphas are sent out to search for supplies or drugs, leaving a communication Alpha to look after the vehicle.

So eight Alphas surround Zhou Mo and Professor Song every time to protect them, but when there are so many zombies, there will always be gaps. Just as each Alpha are fighting several zombies, Zhou Mo sees another group of zombies pouring in. He tenses his muscles and prepares to go out. But Professor Song suddenly pulls him back to a corner.

Zhou Mo thought it was because the professor was afraid, so while protecting Professor Song, he was ready to kill the approaching zombies. But what made Zhou Mo feel incredulous was that the zombies actually went around them, and towards the Alphas instead.

Zhou Mo stares in shock for a few seconds, and watches as the other zombies also rush towards the Alphas one by one. He finds it unbelievable, and for a second his mind turns blank. But soon, Professor Song jabs him and asks him to continue killing the zombies. Zhou Mo does not understand what’s happening, but also listens to Professor Song. He moves towards the circle of Alphas again and kills the zombie that rushed over suddenly.

When they got the equipment and got back to the car smoothly, Zhou Mo was still a little confused, but Professor Song didn’t explain anything to him, and only laughed at the tired and gasping Alphas, calling them pigs.

After that, whenever they took materials and killed zombies, Professor Song and Zhou Mo experimented to test this strange phenomenon several times. And everytime they were far away from the Alpha circle, the results were always the same. The zombies didn’t seem to see them and would rush to the Alphas not far away.

On the tenth day after receiving Professor Song, after finding a large number of potions in the X City hospital that had the largest number of zombies, Professor Song finally said that all the materials needed were complete. Everyone is relieved on hearing this, and they go to find enough food and water for the journey back to the base. Finally, all three cars are on the road.

These past ten days were the hardest ten days for the Alphas. Fortunately, no one had an accident. Otherwise, they would’ve wanted to kill Professor Song directly.

Professor Song, Zhou Mo, Rong Yan, and an Alpha are the drivers. In the middle of the journey, they switch positions, and Rong Yan and the Alpha are sitting in front, while Zhou Mo and Professor Song in the back.

There are partitions at the front and back, and its sound insulation is very good. So though there is a transparent glass window partition on both sides, one’s voice can hardly be heard without opening the window.

The back half of the car is occupied by a small amount of ammunition and a large amount of materials.

Zhou Mo’s eyes are staring at the materials.

Suddenly someone kicks his shoes. Zhou Mo turns around to face Professor Song.

Professor Song looks at Zhou Mo and begins to talk. “You have nothing to ask me?” This question seems to have been brewing in his mind for several days, but he couldn’t wait anymore for Zhou Mo to ask it, so he finally said it.

Zhou Mo shakes his head.

Professor Song takes a long breath. He rolls his eyes, leans forward in his seat and asks Zhou Mo again, “Really? Is there really nothing to ask?”

Zhou Mo nods hesitantly.

Professor Song is finally satisfied. He clears his voice and speaks eloquently to Zhou Mo about his guesses and affirmation.

Probably, after studying the virus, Professor Song thought it was a means to clean-up of the world, and the main subjects to be done away with were Alphas and Omegas.

Fortunately, Zhou Mo is a silent person. Instead of asking why, he continues to listen to Professor Song. Professor Song pauses and finding that Zhou Mo doesn’t have any questions, he hums and begins to talk again.

Professor Song said that he guessed the virus was a product of a Beta’s study, because the Beta could not stand the oppression of his gender by Alphas and Omegas. The Beta could not accept the gradual disappearance of Betas in the long river of history, so he developed a virus to exterminate Alphas and Omegas. Unfortunately, the Beta didn’t study the virus thoroughly enough, so when released it, he also ended up dying in the morgue.

Listening to Professor Song’s tone, it seems the professor knew about the Beta who created the zombie virus.

Professor Song went on, saying that the man was very talented in medicine. But the Beta had probably not expected the virus to only evolve and mature three years later to attack just Alphas and Omegas. If he hadn’t died, and maybe saw so many Beta compatriots die in the mouth of the immature virus, and turn infected, he could have developed the antidote vaccine long ago. It was a pity that the Beta himself became a zombie at the very beginning.

Looking at Zhou Mo’s frown, Professor Song told Zhou Mo again.

Before the virus matured, it entered the human body and turned them into zombies. These zombies bit people, and no matter their gender, as long as they were bitten, they would be infected one by one. Because there was no warning and it happened too suddenly, almost all of the world had become zombies, including Betas.

But now there was a turning point. Under Professor Song’s discovery and test, he found that the virus had matured and become what it had originally been meant for, to clean up Alphas and Omegas. Now the zombies only bite Alphas or Omegas, and the Betas are safe.

And the virus made the zombies distinguish the various genders through the pheromones emitted. The pheromones of Alphas and Omegas are extremely attractive in their eyes. They think it is the best to eat. When the zombies were not mature, they were just hungry, and ate whatever they could eat. But now that they are mature, they only eat what is best for them, namely Alphas and Omegas.

Since the zombies only ate people, and not animals and plants, so in the world, humans were the only ones infected by the zombie virus. As a result, the animals and plants still grow perfectly. In the eyes of mature zombies, only Alphas and Omegas, who have strong pheromones, can drive them crazy and hungry, and the taste of Betas, with very light pheromones, is listed along with the animals and plants they never eat.

“But in this way, it seems that even Betas have been abandoned by zombies, pooh, ha ha ha…” Saying this, Professor Song suddenly starts laughing.

Zhou Mo finally understood why he and Professor Song had been ignored by the zombies the other day, and Zhou Mo seems to be relieved. He slowly leans back in his chair. He’s a little happy and excited. He’s excited that Betas don’t have to live in Tibet at last. But there is still a bit of uneasiness and inexplicable emotion in his heart. He thought that wouldn’t this mean Alphas and Omegas would become a funeral feast? He was not so comfortable, and has an indescribable feeling.

Professor Song could clearly read what Zhou Mo was thinking of, and so he pats him on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I’m not the Beta who made the zombie virus. Now there are too few people on the earth, especially the Betas with no ability. For the Betas, I will work hard to develop an antidote vaccine to restore the earth to its original state, and let it be available in many countries too. As for the antidote vaccine, Betas are the key, and it should also be extracted from a Beta. Because of this, the survivors of all countries will pay attention to Betas again. Although Betas are rare now, they will not be extinct at least, and the world will be better again.”

Looking at Zhou Mo, who was staring at the partition, Professor Song suddenly comes close to Zhou Mo’s ear. They looked quite ambiguous.

“That Alpha leader, does he have something with you?” Professor Song asks Zhou Mo this time. Seeing Zhou Mo shaking his head, he pretends to know Zhou Mo very well and pats him.

“I think he likes you very much. He looks at you all day long. Look, even now he is still staring at you through the mirror, and looking at me like he wants to eat me, ha ha. And I think he also found out that the zombies don’t bite Betas. The whole team is more stupid than him. Other Alphas are stupid pigs.”

Professor Song swears as he lays down on his seat. Zhou Mo raises his eyes and looks at Rong Yan from the mirror through the partition. Those long and narrow brown eyes meet his and are immediately full of laughter, like stars.

Zhou Mo looks into Rong Yan’s eyes. For the first time since the end of the world, his mood is so calm.

With the hope that human beings can live, the world will be better, right?

Back at the base, Professor Song told Zhou Mo that he would be his bodyguard and personal assistant. He would have to follow him to the research building, the 26th floor underground. Zhou Mo readily agrees. He wants to contribute to mankind as much as he can.

And Rong Yan also agreed, he has no reason to disagree anyway.

Rong Yan had talked with Professor Song before returning to the base, and he probably knew everything.

When Zhou Mo goes to the 26th floor underground, since only the people at the lower levels can go to the higher levels at will because of restrictions, if Zhou Mo doesn’t take the initiative, Rong Yan who stays on the 20th floor will probably never see Zhou Mo.

When Rong Yang comes over to say farewell, he gently hugs the stiff Zhou Mo. He knows that Zhou Mo will never see him again, but now at least he didn’t escape.

Rong Yan carefully presses a soft kiss on Zhou Mo’s forehead, and finally slowly kisses Zhou Mo’s lips, saying softly and piously. “Mo, I’m sorry. I’ll wait for you… “

When the elevator door closes, Zhou Mo looks as the handsome man disappears from his sight, looks at Rong Yan’s lips and says three words. Zhou Mo feels his eyes become red and covers his fast beating chest.

No matter how difficult it is, the world will always recover, and everything will gradually become better, right?

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December 21, 2019 9:34 pm

Is this uploaded on the wrong novel?

December 21, 2019 11:49 pm

the translation satisfied me,, i want more…I’m waiting for the next chap … I like it when the MC is forced by ML, it’s fun to read, yeee

December 24, 2019 8:26 am

Pitiful. MC succumb to scum ML in the end. Stockholm Syndrome at its finest.

May 23, 2020 11:06 pm

I am torn with this. I’ve read the warnings. But, the ML side from doing such thing is still… Need more explaining.

I am gonna give him some kudos for keeping his word of staying away and the MC not relenting yet though I can definitely how this will go by reading too many stuff with almost the same deal.

Anyway, thank you for translating this dark stuff .

December 27, 2020 9:02 pm

I wish there were more chapters, the ending could be interesting.

March 16, 2021 9:41 pm

Intense! I wouldn’t have imagined that that was the reason for the zombies! Crazy!!

June 27, 2021 7:56 pm

Im amazed by this short stories plot, chapter one reveals the problems betas face and it not only shows the problem but also a solution to it. Betas being related to the cure was a surprising/great development. And how the problem isn’t solved perfectly makes it that much better, its a realistic solution that doesnt fix everything but paves the way

June 27, 2021 7:59 pm

I’m just amazed by the detail of this story and the societal issues at play that can be perfectly portrayed through a few characters and presented in 3 short chapter. This type of build up and portrayal is amazing for a short story.

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