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Chapter 123: Promotion Ambassador Wen XingYao

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


In the office, everyone except Jiang Yu felt like the pause button had been pressed and they were frozen in various strange positions.

It was only after half a minute that someone whimpered and said with a sobbing voice, “I was so happy about Carefree Farmstead that I didn’t think about this at all. The interest in the game is already terrible. There are at least 10 million people waiting to grab a spot in the game. When the Imperial Research Institute’s inspection report comes out, there will be even more people who are excited, and then it will be even harder to grab a spot…”

When he found out that he had dampened everyone’s enthusiasm with just one sentence, Jiang Yu felt bad and thought about comforting them, “You don’t have to be too pessimistic. It will take at least ten days to half a month for the Imperial Research Institute to finish testing all the games. Have you forgotten when this month’s game quotas were issued? At the beginning of the month, the first day of the month is when they were issued. According to this rule, the next quota is also very likely to be issued on the first. As long as you guys grab it on that day, you don’t have to worry about this matter.”

However the question was, was it really a sure thing to grab if they wanted to? The answer could only be that it would only be slightly easier than the next time, and the next time. Although the subordinates were still a little depressed, they also had to accept such a future, and cheered each other on as they went back to practicing their hand speed.

When they returned home after that day’s work, as they lay in bed and calmly recalled what Jiang Yu had said during the day, they were shocked to realize that they had actually been comforted by someone who already had a place in the game! Damn it, the boss had successfully entered the game! Of course, there was no need for him to be pessimistic, but they were not the same! They still had to compete with many people for a place!


In the game, Wen XingYao brought Tang Ying and had a formal meeting with Bai Li.

“This is Tang Ying. His identity is my adjutant. While I can’t do anything, he is helping me to handle some of the affairs of the military department,” Wen XingYao said to Bai Li.

Tang Ying also had a good eye to take over, “Bai Li, hello. You, like the Admiral, can directly call me by my name, or call me by my game name. I’m troubling you to take care of the Admiral. Fortunately his juvenile form was adopted by you. If he had ended up in the hands of other people, he might have been miserable.”

His attitude towards Bai Li was truly full of gratitude, mixed with a vague respect. If his memory was correct, Wen XingYao as a juvenile wasn’t really a well-behaved and cute cub, but rather a chaotic demon-like being. Now he’d gone back and asked around their neighborhood and the two Therians of the same age, and how many of them were beaten by Wen XingYao when they were young? Really, to go back to infancy, lose the memories of being human, and yet get along well with Bai Li, was something Tang Ying hadn’t expected.

Tang Ying did not believe that this was the way Wen XingYao had been in his infancy, so he gave Bai Li all the credit. He firmly believed that Bai Li’s unique personality must have conquered Wen XingYao’s juvenile form, and made him so obedient and understanding. It was also fortunate that he didn’t verbalize his guess, otherwise he might have been called out by Wen XingYao to give him a good cleaning.

“No trouble. As for, Sup- Demon Xing, he is still very well taken care of.” Bai Li almost called out the name he gave Wen XingYao in front of Tang Ying, and barely retracted the word. After finishing, he darted a glance at Wen XingYao and gave him a reassuring look.

However, Tang Ying still couldn’t hold back his “pfft.” He had been Wen XingYao’s adjutant for many years and naturally knew how meticulous and hairy that person was in his daily life. The uniform had to be ironed flat, the cufflinks had to be matched according to the mood of the day, the three meals a day had to be eaten on time, and early or late, he had to be prepared to be cold-faced by him all day.

After so many years, Tang Ying had long gotten used to it, and from the psychology of an older brother taking care of his younger brother, he had always followed the other’s preferences. After all, as long as he followed his hairy touch, he wouldn’t have the accident of being tickled by a claw. However, today, he heard from someone else that Wen XingYao was “very good,” and he laughed out loud on the spot. He even wanted to interview Wen XingYao after having heard this description of his behavior.

With that in mind, he looked over in Wen XingYao’s direction, but then he saw that the other party was looking at Bai Li with a calm expression, like “you have a point.”

Tang Ying, “????” Why are you showing this expression? Shouldn’t you be standing up at this time and shouting back? Tang Ying was in a trance for a moment. He felt that since Wen XingYao disappeared and reappeared, he had become something different.

Bai Li looked strangely at Tang Ying who first burst out laughing, then suddenly got stuck. He didn’t know what was going on and was somewhat baffled.

Wen XingYao unobtrusively stepped on Tang Ying’s foot under the table, to signal him to hurry back to his senses.

After getting acquainted, the conversation inevitably turned to “when Tang Ying plans to come and pick up Wen XingYao.”

“I don’t mind Demon Xing staying at my house for a longer period of time, after all, he has not returned to his human form, but his identity is too special. It has been almost two months since he appeared in public, and that should be a bit unusual, right?” Bai Li voiced his worries.

“This is actually not too worrisome. The military side has been controlling public opinion on the Starnet and won’t let things develop in an irreversible direction.” As Tang Ying pondered for a moment, his face took on a serious expression and he said with some difficulty, “In fact, I came here today to tell you something. In the next half month, the military department will be busy. I won’t have the opportunity to leave the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star so I need to wait until the end of this period before I can come to bring the Admiral back.”

So far, at Wen XingYao’s request, the news that he had regained consciousness and was safe and sound wasn’t known to a third person in the military department. Or rather, only to the three of them present, while everyone else was kept in the dark about the matter. On one hand, it was for his own safety, and on the other, he didn’t want to aggravate the worries of others. If he never regained his human form, it would be a good ending to let him slowly disappear from the public eye. However, if he was lucky enough to recover and appear in front of the public in his heyday, wouldn’t that be a shot in the arm for everyone?

“Busy? What is there to be busy with in the military department these days?” Wen XingYao raised an eyebrow at his words, puzzled.

Since the end of the war with the Zerg, the Empire had entered a state of rest and recuperation, so apart from daily training and quarterly large-scale drills, there was really nothing major happening in the military department. Yet today, Tang Ying told them that he was about to be too busy to get out of work to even go pick up someone.

“Hey! It’s all because of those old men from the Imperial Research Institute!” Tang Ying sighed heavily, and spilled his guts in front of the two of them. “Bai Li, you don’t know it but the first batch of game slots you released were picked up by three hundred players from our military department. The first time Admiral contacted me on Starnet after he disappeared, he asked me to find someone to enter this game. With a skeptical attitude, I followed him in, and now I’m really glad that I made that decision at the time. Well…That is a different topic. In any case, that first batch of soldiers at the end of last month’s physical examination all came back with good feedback, which attracted the attention of the other soldiers in the military department. So the second batch of game places were grabbed very aggressively as well. Admiral, as you know, we have been cooperating with the Imperial Research Institute, and not long ago, the soldiers’ abnormalities were discovered by them. So half of the Institute came out to study what they had gone through to get to where they are now. All of them had to undergo a complete body check. I was forced to make all the arrangements. It wasn’t easy for me!”

As he said that, Tang Ying’s face took on a sad look, as he tried to get the two of them to say something to comfort him.

As a result…

Bai Li slowly blinked his eyes twice and looked dumbfounded. “I really didn’t know about this…”

It turned out that the Carefree Farmstead was full overnight thanks to Demon Xing’s promotion!

Wen XingYao shot a quick glance at Tang Ying, as if complaining that he was the only one who could remember such a small thing.

See what you could do!

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