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Chapter 125: Black Fox

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The two stared at each other with wide eyes in that strange position.

As he looked at the youth who was pressing him down and holding him firmly in place, Bai Li’s mind went a little blank. The warm time spent with Supreme in the past seemed to slowly fade. A pair of dark golden eyes overwhelmed those memories in a strong way, together with a few strands of silver hair. This time, he took a comprehensive look at Wen XingYao’s appearance. Not in the virtual reality game with the illusionary flavor of the character image, but concretely. As a touch the ground, real person.

The second time he saw the real face of Wen XingYao, Bai Li had a new experience. It wasn’t in the game as a stranger, where he didn’t know his identity, and they weren’t interested in each other’s origins. Now, he knew Wen XingYao’s identity, how he appeared by his side, and also that he was making such actions to protect him. However, why was he looking at him like that, and why was his heartbeat speeding up? Maybe it was because he just avoided a big crisis without any danger?

Bai Li looked straight at Wen XingYao, hesitated for a few seconds and asked, “That…Can you get off of me first?”

When he heard Bai Li say these words, Wen XingYao was still in a wonderful state of rapid fusion of his human memories and juvenile memories. The dependence and fondness he had for Bai Li in his juvenile form, and the faint good feelings he had for Bai Li in the game, had risen at some point in the process and converged to form another, stronger emotion.

This also led to the fact that the eyes he looked at Bai Li with were burning and unaware.

Can you get off of me first?

Get off of me, get off?

Get off…

What a terrible line!

Bai Li’s words were like a cool breeze into his head that stabbed Wen XingYao with a jolt. He instantly came back to his senses, as he panicked and gathered himself. He waited until he was standing up straight, then reached out to pull Bai Li up from the ground as well.

“You, you’re okay, right?” Wen XingYao looked at Bai Li’s arm that was wrapped in a long sleeve, and had some suspicions that the skin on it would become bruised and purple from the previous fight. When he thought of that possibility, he couldn’t help but gnash his teeth. He secretly hated that he hadn’t gone and caught that smelly fox and taught it a good lesson, but at that moment, it was still Bai Li’s safety that was more important, so the rest didn’t matter.

“Thanks, it’s okay, I wasn’t hurt by him.” In order to reassure Wen XingYao, Bai Li even rolled up both sleeves, so that he could see clearly that there was actually no wound on him, not even a bruise.

The two thin arms with white skin were so blindingly white that Wen XingYao’s gaze didn’t dare to stay on them for too long. He hurriedly glanced at them before flicking his gaze elsewhere. Bai Li thought of something, came to Wen XingYao’s side and asked in a whisper, “You suddenly changed back to human form like this. Is there anything wrong?” 

A few days ago, Wen XingYao told him about Genetic Collapse Disorder, including for a Therian who had entered the late stage of the collapse disorder. That was how, after turning back into a juvenile, they could never return to their human form. However, Wen XingYao, in broad daylight, had made a secondary transformation. If people saw that, wouldn’t it become a shocking event throughout the Empire?

Wen XingYao also thought of the possible ramifications of the incident. He searched around, then temporarily reassured Bai Li, “We are in a place that is in a surveillance dead end, and during the event, no one else passed by. The robot patrol police have gone to chase the black fox, so it’s clear here for the time being. However, to be on the safe side, let’s go home first?”

The last word seemed to take countless turns in the youth’s mouth before he spoke then calmly exhaled.

Bai Li didn’t find Wen XingYao’s tone to be off, so he gave a very agreeable nod and led the way forward.

“I saw that our gaming pod was broken, and it looked like it couldn’t be repaired, so we’ll have to buy another one…No, two. Then there’s the virtual reality game builder, I don’t know if the chip inside was damaged. If the chip is broken, the game might also have problems, but I heard Xiong Pili say that the builder’s shell is made of the strongest material, and it shouldn’t be very easy to break. By the way, that black behemoth turned out to be a fox. It was too big for me to recognize at first and it actually had several tails. Should it also be a Therian?”

Wen XingYao quietly listened to Bai Li, and when he raised questions promptly answered, “Mn. He is a fox, called Zhu MoLing. I don’t know why he ran to this planet, or why he became the way he is now.” After he said that, he frowned and felt a sense of foreboding.

“Zhu MoLing? You know this person, right? Then it’s not good to let him go like this…” When he heard Wen XingYao’s words, Bai Li snapped his head up, his tone shocked, his eyes filled with incredulity. He quickly ran through the recent events in his mind. He and Wen XingYao both encountered the giant beast’s attack, and in the nick of time, Wen XingYao accidentally reverted to adult beast form and used his flames to drive the giant beast away. However now Wen XingYao told him that he knew who it was who turned into that beast. He seemed quite familiar with the occurrence, and that was obviously an acquaintance, but he still calmly let him leave, and did not give the other a few more glances.

He felt that this was not something that Wen XingYao would do. He reasonably suspected that the Therian called Zhu MoLing, might have a grudge against Wen XingYao, right?

As Bai Li’s expression changed in just a few breaths, so Wen XingYao couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He had to explain, “He is the patriarch of the Heavenly Fox clan. There will be special people around to protect him, and just now he regained consciousness. He’ll calm down sooner or later. You don’t have to worry too much.”

Both of them lived on the main star of the Empire, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, and they’d met a few times when they were young, so they nominally knew each other. However, Wen XingYao didn’t know much about Zhu MoLing. The only thing that impressed him was his brother. Unfortunately his brother had entered the late stage of Genetic Collapse Disorder earlier than he did, and was sent to Hope Star. After which, he actually disappeared. Following that, Zhu MoLing’s personality grew paranoid, and he spent most of the year searching for his brother’s figure.

The other members of the Heavenly Fox clan not only didn’t blame the clan chief for not caring about the clan’s affairs, but instead followed along after him and were all very worried about the young master who was nowhere to be found. 

So it was the clan leader… Bai Li was relieved, and no longer bothered about the issue of “not saving” that person. With a large group of bodyguards to protect the patriarch, the two of them shouldn’t need to go and help out.

Back at home, the interior was really badly damaged, and the gaming pod looked even worse. Thankfully, the virtual reality game builder was still intact, so the players in the game hadn’t been suddenly kicked out of the system. At this discovery Bai Li gave a sigh of relief. The game was his source of income. Whether he could buy an agricultural planet in the future depended on it! 

He rubbed his forehead, found the contact information of the rental company in his address book, and discussed repair and compensation with them.

Wen XingYao stood next to Bai Li. His straight military uniform made him look tall and long-legged, but also made him aware that the room that used to look quite large was actually very small, and with two big men standing there it had a sense of being cramped. He frowned and suddenly felt that he and Bai Li shouldn’t continue to live there.

Besides, there was no guarantee of safety. Today, they were lucky that he regained consciousness and changed back to his human form in an emergency and was able to force the black fox back, but if they had been unlucky, Bai Li alone might have been injured.

After he thought about it, Wen XingYao said to Bai Li, “Bai Li, let’s change the place we live?”

Bai Li’s mind was still filled with a long list of bills from the rental company, felt dizzy, and was a bit slow. He blinked in confusion and subconsciously replied, “Yes, we should change. They promised me a new room. They will arrange for someone to come and move us later.”

“No, I’m not talking about that kind of change,” Wen XingYao patiently explained. “I mean, we can buy a house and move there instead of continuing to rent in this old neighborhood.”

This time, Bai Li understood. However, although he was impressed, he still shook his head slowly, “No. Although I also want to buy a house, that will have to wait until next month, I don’t have enough money right now.”

It wasn’t actually that he didn’t have enough money since he had more than a million, but when Bai Li occasionally glanced at the game back office earnings, he wanted to buy a larger house and was ready to push it forward into next month to go and look at a house. Who would have thought that at the end of the month such a thing would happen.

“It’s okay. I can go buy it, and then we can live together.” I’m used to spending money anyway, Wen XingYao calmly thought.

However, Bai Li refused, “That won’t work. You’re going back after this, aren’t you? How can you spend money to buy a house? I can buy it, but I need to wait a few more days. You’ll have to wait with me and continue to live in a rental room.”

In fact, there was a hotel outside, and actually, two people could also live in a hotel. However, for some reason, this option was ignored by both of them.

Bai Li’s answer was more or less heartbreaking. Wen XingYao was silent for a few seconds, then made another proposal, “Why don’t I lend you the money, and you can pay me back next month?”

“The money to buy a house is not a small amount. Aren’t you afraid that I won’t be able to pay it back, or simply don’t pay you back?” Bai Li asked curiously. He quietly looked at Wen XingYao as if he was looking at the landlord’s silly son.

“You won’t,” Wen XingYao said firmly. “I still believe that I can understand people’s nature. What is your terminal number? I’ll add you.”

Bai Li didn’t say anything, just looked at Wen XingYao a few times. He saw him being very insistent, thought about how they needed to buy a house urgently, so he agreed and they were added as terminal friends.

Wen XingYao transferred the money without waiting for him to say that he wanted to sign an electronic agreement first. The number “5” was followed by a large series of zeros. Bai Li became dizzy and almost blacked out.

“Fifty million? Why do you give so much?” Bai Li really didn’t understand the world of the rich.

“Fifty million is a lot?” Wen XingYao was also a bit puzzled, had just arranged it in his typical way, “Since we want to buy a house, let’s buy a good one, a big one, one that has more space for us to plant things.”

Bai Li, “…”

Buying a house just for farming? That’s a big picture.

But it’s really exciting.


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It really makes me wonder how rich Wen Xingyao is.. 😭

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Thank you:) WXY is so cute

August 4, 2023 12:53 am

The two will continue living together, that’s great! WXY must be beautiful, with General’s style and his silver hair! I love these two! Thanks for the chapter!

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Thanks for the chapter! The first RL meeting in human form is a lot of fun!
I hope nothing happened to the plants they have at home.

xiao ying
xiao ying
August 7, 2023 4:08 am

did they didn’t realise that they were discussing ‘we’ and not ‘me’ or ‘your’ home?
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