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Chapter 25: Qiao Xi’s Identity

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


9:00 a.m.

Qiao Xi rubbed his eyes and burst out from the blanket with his cockeyed hair. He looked back at the little shark sleeping on the side and patted it. This little shark, he carefully cleaned yesterday, and patiently dried it to make sure there was not a trace of odor left.

Then he hugged the little shark and rolled around in bed for half the night, unable to sleep at all.

He had never thought that he would lose sleep because of his “good grades”.

According to [Guidebook], Han Tian’s Capture Value has risen faster than expected, by a full 18 points, and now sat at 56.

Only 4 points short of “willing to give his soul”.

According to the previous situation, perhaps as long as Han Tian cooked another meal for him, he would be able to break through 60.

Then, what about after the breakthrough?

Qiao Xi thought for a long time, bit his lips, and wrote down this question in the [Guidebook].

[After the Capture Value is reached, can the subject be regarded as completed regardless of whether the prey actually sacrifices its soul?]

This was not a difficult question, just answer “yes” or “no”.

However, [Guidebook] did not answer.

Qiao Xi, who was at a loss for words, lay there with the shark in his arms for half the night, unable to come to a conclusion.

After squeezing the shark for a while, he fished out his phone from under his pillow, and sure enough, there was already a message waiting.

These days in the morning, around 7 o’clock, Han Tian would send a message to tell him that breakfast had been left at the door.

Qiao Xi had also tried to get up at 7:00 so that he could “bump into” Han Tian who came to deliver breakfast, but for some reason, he slept very deeply in the morning and could not wake up at all.

When he saw this message before, he would have a subtle feeling of pleasure, like eating a bite of soufflé. But today, he only felt a little blocked in his heart.

Qiao Xi sighed, put the shark on the pillow and walked downstairs.

To his surprise, this time, in addition to a delicate bento box, there was a fluffy uninvited guest waiting for him at the door—a small, black kitten.

When Qiao Xi pushed open the door, the little black cat was lying on the bento box, scratching the wooden lid with its little paws, seemingly interested in the contents.

Finding someone coming out, the little black cat continued scratching while tilting its head and giving a “meow” to Qiao Xi.

The sound was cute and soft, and it made Qiao Xi’s heart tremble.

He squatted down and extended his hand to the little black cat in a friendly way. “Hello, where are you from?”

The little black cat, of course, did not answer, but just cocked its head and stared at Qiao Xi, and then scratched the lunch box.

Could it be…? Did Han Tian send this too?

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on Qiao Xi’s face. He carefully picked up the bento box, together with the kitten on it, and turned around to go into the house.

Just as he entered the door, the kitten leapt forward and jumped straight into Qiao Xi’s arms.


Qiao Xi touched the warm little body and felt a warmth in his heart.

He held the little black cat and lifted it up to his eyes. “Where did you come from? Did Han Tian bring you here?”

The little black cat stared at Qiao Xi with a twinkle in its eye, and a very strange expression suddenly appeared on its originally innocent and lovely face.

Qiao Xi was stunned and just wanted to release his hand, but the little black cat scratched his face with a claw.


The smell of blood came out, along with a stinging pain.

Qiao Xi cried out and covered his face.

Instantly, the stinging pain transformed into severe pain.

Not only his face, but his entire head, torso, and limbs, all began to hurt severely—like something was trying to tear him apart alive.

So… So much pain…

Qiao Xi was in so much pain that he couldn’t even scream, and even breathing became a luxury.

In his blurred consciousness, there was only one thought left: Han Tian… I want to see… you…

At nine o’clock on Sunday morning, Dr. Han had already received four patients.

As a private clinic that usually charged a lot of money, this kind of “free consultation” was extremely rare, so many people started making appointments even a year ago.

In the past, Han Tian’s face never showed any extra expression, although he always did his job.

But today, a little smile would appear on his face from time to time, so that Xiao Ke, the assistant next to him, kept muttering in his heart: What’s wrong with Dr. Han? Is he in love? Is he in such a good mood?

Han Tian was indeed in a good mood.

He had thought about it for a long time last night and thought he had finally figured out the truth.

From all appearances, Qiao Xi should have been adopted by the demon family as a tool to spy on information and buy hearts.

It was estimated that these despicable demons also tricked Qiao Xi into signing a contract so that he could borrow the demon’s power.

Unfortunately, this child was pure in nature and could not really be tamed by demons.

Since this was the case, he went to ask for instructions from the seniors and formally informed the Demon World, asking them to sever the contract with Qiao Xi and return Qiao Xi to freedom.

After Qiao Xi was free, he would slowly reveal the truth to him, and then little by little, let this silly little guy fall completely…

The corners of Han Tian’s mouth involuntarily turned up when he thought of this.

At this moment, his cell phone vibrated.

In the past, Han Tian never left his cell phone by his hand when he was in the clinic, but left it in the office. But since he found out that the little guy would send messages to him from time to time, he has been carrying it with him at all times.

Han Tian flipped over his phone and looked at it—it wasn’t a message, but a phone call?

He twisted his eyebrows and picked up the call immediately.

There was no talking on the other side, only a muffled bang, like something fell on the ground.

Something was wrong!

Han Tian swiftly stood up, ripped off his white coat, and instructed assistant Xiao Ke, “I have an urgent matter, ask Dr. Zhang to replace me,” and immediately rushed out the door.

No, no, there must be something wrong.

He didn’t even bother to cover his tracks, he rushed straight to the hidden corner and disappeared in a flash.

Three seconds later, he landed in front of Qiao Xi’s villa.

The watch in his left hand was flashing red and beeping with unprecedented intensity.

This represented that within the villa, there was an extremely powerful demon force.

Could it be that the demon that adopted him has come to his door to make things difficult for him? Or, they found out that Qiao Xi and the angel had been very close and wanted to chastise him? In just a few seconds, a million thoughts and possibilities had already swept through Han Tian’s mind.

These shameless and audacious demons, I will make them pay for it!

Han Tian’s left hand slightly accumulated strength, and his right hand pushed violently—

The door opened.

The situation inside the door was the only possibility he hadn’t thought of, or didn’t want to think of.

Qiao Xi, wearing a small yellow duck pattern pajamas, fell at the entrance, two black wings, dangling listlessly on the sides of the body.

Han Tian took a step forward and the scene in front of him became clearer—

Horns, wings, tail.

Each of them was unmistakable.

Qiao Xi was not a human being at all, but an authentic demon.


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August 3, 2023 10:52 am

AAAHHH! What did the kitten do to Qiao Xi!? QAQ

August 4, 2023 12:52 pm

Oh no, what was that kitten?!
Perhaps his question to the guidebook lead to a punishment, because of the implications, and that was it.
What will HT do now?!
The wait for the next chapter is going to be painful!
Thanks for translating and editing.

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