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Chapter 126: Where do you want to sleep?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li did not end up accepting the entire $50 million. After returning $20 million to Wen XingYao, he spent the remaining $30 million to buy a small villa in the neighborhood where Song Xinran currently lived.

He took Wen XingYao’s identity into consideration, and so Bai Li did not contact Song Xinran when he bought the house, just quickly completed the payment together with Wen XingYao and moved into the new home with few belongings. The new home was complete with appliances, several rooms on each of the three floors, and most importantly, it came with an oversized yard. Although the yard was empty of anything because it wasn’t customary to grow plants on a residence planet, Bai Li said it doesn’t matter. He could drum up his own, and turn the whole yard into a garden.

“I looked at the second and third floors. There are good rooms that can be used as bedrooms, so which floor do you want to live on? You choose first.” Bai Li quickly explored his new home then ran over to ask Wen XingYao what he thought.

When the two had decided on their respective rooms, he could reorder the gaming pod and have it sent over.

Wen XingYao asked in return, “Which room do you like?”

Bai Li didn’t think hard and quickly replied, “The one on the third floor near the corridor which has good light and a large floor-to-ceiling window.”

Wen XingYao thought about it, and that room was really good. If he remembered correctly, the room next door was also similar in size, and also a bedroom.

“Then I’ll stay in the room next to yours. Close by, easy to communicate if anything goes wrong.” Wen XingYao quickly made a decision.

Bai Li didn’t notice his heart, said he understood and went on the Starnet to order two gaming pods. He filled in the address and waited for the manufacturer to deliver them.

In the process of waiting, he and Wen XingYao walked around together, to bring in the household goods from their original residence to slowly unpack. Mostly, it was the pots they were growing their vegetables in. They were also considered to have a bad life, since when they were still seeds they had to be careful not to die from the Supreme’s tail tip flame, then when they grew up they also had to protect against the sudden intrusion of that giant beast…

Since the location of the crash in was just outside the balcony window, there were many vegetables that were trampled, and less than half were left intact. The two people who squatted in the courtyard were silent commiserators. They made an effort to save what they could, and whatever they couldn’t, they simply decided to eat.

Soon, the gaming pods were sent over. The staff members installed the gaming pods,  and Bai Li had the virtual reality game builder installed as well, just as that day’s events had barely drawn to a close.

After the two staff members were sent away, Bai Li was about to ask Wen XingYao what he was going to do next, when he saw his body suddenly shake, and then, with a flash of light, the original standing human was replaced by a huge lion.

The lion was different from ordinary lions. He was covered with silver-white fur, while on his back there were a pair of huge wings with golden fire. His tail wagged behind him subconsciously, and the tip of the tail had a familiar cluster of silver flames. The golden irises of his eyes looked over rather helplessly. They appeared very innocent, as if to say he didn’t know why he had suddenly transformed.

Bai Li, “…” Well, there was no need to ask now. Wen XingYao had changed from human to animal again. But for some reason, he had a feeling of relief.

Since Wen XingYao changed back to a human form from his juvenile form, that meant that he had the ability to move about freely ever since, so it was reasonable to say that he didn’t even need Tang Ying to come and pick him up, he could go back by himself. That should be a good thing, but Bai Li felt a faint sense of loss which he attributed to his reluctance to let go of the “kitty” he had kept for almost two months.

After all, they’d been together for so long, and there had been only each other in their lives. Once Wen XingYao left, Bai Li would be alone again. Eating alone, sleeping alone, laughing at something funny, and not being able to pet Supreme’s soft fur.

Although this loneliness didn’t last long, Bai Li still felt uncomfortable.

Now that Wen XingYao was back in animal form, he guessed…It would be a while longer before he left completely.

“Wen XingYao, do you feel uncomfortable now? Can you talk?” Bai Li looked at the big lion and asked tentatively.

As soon as he said that, Wen XingYao’s calm voice rang out in the living room, “I don’t have any special uncomfortable feeling now, but the power in my body seems to have disappeared significantly, and I’m a bit weak. I’m able to talk in this form, so it will be easier to communicate in the future. If I suddenly change back, it should be related to that power you gave me. The power accumulated to a certain point, then broke through that last layer of shackles to let me return to human form, but the state is unstable. Once the power has lessened, I will revert to my original form. However, I shouldn’t return to that juvenile state. The two sides of my memory have been completely fused now, so in the future, no matter how bad it is, I will just become as I am now.”

This was good news, and proved that Wen XingYao’s Genetic Collapse Disorder was slowly recovering. After that, Bai Li asked Wen XingYao in detail if he had any mental instability, if he was manic, destructive, or had the urge to hit others, and then confirmed the answer by the speechless look in his eyes, and fed some of the grass and wood clear spirit energy into Wen XingYao’s mouth.

Wen XingYao had gotten used to Bai Li’s occasional feedings and swallowed it with an open mouth. Unlike the usual warmth, this time the scene looked a little “bloody.” The huge lion opened his bloody mouth, and his sharp teeth almost touched the young man’s slender arms, so any person might be a little worried that the next second he will bite off the other hand…

However, for the two people present, neither noticed this.

After a late dinner, Wen XingYao spoke to Bai Li then went back to his room to absorb the energy. Bai Li was in no mood to play games, and lazily nestled on the huge couch in the living room, as he frantically ordered a large amount of soil, pots of various sizes, and other tools that would be used in the planting process from TaoTao.

When everything arrived, he took them all out to the yard. He was about to start setting up a small vegetable garden when his attention was drawn away by something in the corner of the yard.

“Huh…?” He walked over in confusion.


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