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Chapter 127: Sins

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


In the spacious and bright bedroom room, a huge lion sprawled on the brand new king-size bed. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be sleeping. The flames on his body were collected as much as possible, even his wings were tightly fitted to his muscle-covered back. Only his tail, raised from time to time to wiggle a little bit, and the silver-white flames on the tip of the tail, indicated that the owner was not asleep, but was resting his eyes.

Wen XingYao recalled the experiences of the day. That morning, he was still in the game planting and harvesting vegetables, but at noon he had achieved his form with two consecutive jumps, not only completely out of infancy, but also from the adult lion-shaped change back to human form.

Although it didn’t take long to change back to human form, it was a good progress and he was satisfied. After that, he was fed a large mouthful of that strange energy from Bai Li. The cool, invisible Qi flowed slowly throughout his body, and soothed certain vaguely painful parts and his spirit even more.

When the last trace of energy was absorbed by his body, Wen XingYao slowly opened his eyes.

Not even close, Wen XingYao said to himself. He couldn’t maintain his human form, but Wen XingYao wasn’t anxious. He was confident that the day would come. Instead of hoping for that day to come sooner, he would rather cherish the time he could stay by Bai Li’s side.

When he thought of Bai Li, the tail behind him was in a good mood, and went around a few more times.

After he glanced at the dark blue gaming pod that sat in the room, Wen XingYao hesitated for a few seconds and decided he should go outside to see if Bai Li was elsewhere in the house before he went online to play the game.

With that in mind, he opened the door and went out.

Fortunately, just as he walked down the stairs, he saw Bai Li was sitting on the sofa in the living room, and his steps towards the other took on an unconscious eagerness. However, before he could get close to Bai Li, his keen nose picked up the scent of an “intruder.” Not only that, but there was a small “ow” sound coming from it, the creamy sound that only a cub would make.

At the thought that Bai Li might give special care to other cubs, the lion’s face suddenly became serious. If his face wasn’t covered in fur, he feared it would be as black as the bottom of the pot.

When he walked closer again, he saw the cub’s black fur. Its one remaining tail was curled up and hidden underneath, as it lay helplessly on Bai Li’s lap, and the “ow” sound turned into a “wooing” sound that became more and more weak.

“How did he get here?” Wen XingYao’s voice took on a tense tone, his face full of unwelcomeness and resistance.

Bai Li finally noticed Wen XingYao’s appearance, sighed in his heart that felines really didn’t make any noise when they walked, and told the story of how he found the ‘cub’ Zhu MoLing, “I found him in the corner of the courtyard. I don’t know when he ran over, but he was already in a coma when I found him. I thought he might be in the same situation as you, so I brought him in. I don’t know how, but he seems to be in a more delicate and clingy way than your infant form…”

He finished saying that, then lowered his head and stretched out his fingers to tease the little black fox in his arms a few times.

Wen XingYao, “…”

He had to take a deep breath to resist the urge to kick the black fox away. Also, he looked at Bai Li who was so excited, and had some rare doubts about the truth of his words. Bai Li really brought him back because the black fox looked weak? Or was it because this juvenile fox cub looked cute and made his heart flutter?

For a moment, Wen XingYao actually regretted that he had changed back to human form…

At this moment, the fox cub seemed to sense the danger, and despite the weakness of his body, moved towards Bai Li’s arms and burrowed in. He didn’t even dare to poke his head out. Not only did Bai Li not resist this sudden movement, he smiled and said to Wen XingYao, “Haha! Look. It’s really timid, clingy, and quite funny.”

“…” Wen XingYao fell completely silent. The air was quiet for a few seconds before Wen XingYao thought of the right words to speak, “Even if you think it’s funny, he’s essentially a Therian, and also the clan leader of the Heavenly Fox clan. I don’t know why his protectors didn’t show up, but I think they must be very anxious now. I have their contact information, so since he has woken up, we should contact them, and send him back.”

Bai Li thought that he was right. Although he was quite reluctant to let go of this milky black fox, it was Zha MoLing. He was a person and a Therian with status. How could he somehow stay with strangers he doesn’t know? The other party’s situation wasn’t the same as Wen XingYao’s.

He didn’t have much hesitation and agreed to Wen XingYao’s proposal.

Wen XingYao hid the secret joy in his heart, found the contact information of the relevant person in his address book and dialed it in front of Bai Li. His optical computer was implanted, and even though he was now a lion, he could still use it normally. However, the opposite side stayed busy until the wait time was too long and it automatically hung up. No one had answered.

Wen XingYao’s face was dark, and he called another person, but he still received no answer.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Li watched as Wen XingYao’s face grew darker and darker, and had a bad feeling.

“No one is answering.” Wen XingYao lowered his head and left a message for someone. He told them that their patriarch was with him, and asked them to hurry over to collect the person. Then he copied the content and sent it to another person. “Probably busy looking for someone. I left messages for them. They should reply to me as soon as they see it.”

“Oh. Oh.” Bai Li nodded his head, and said with a leap of faith, “So he can stay at our house until they come to collect him?”

Although he wanted to say “no,” but an almost certain outcome, Wen XingYao reluctantly nodded his head, and affirmed Bai Li’s statement.

“I’m going to warm up some goat milk for him!” Bai Li carefully placed the black fox on the soft sofa, and rushed off to the kitchen to get busy.

In Bai Li’s absence, Wen XingYao walked up, lifted his lion paw, and turned the unaware fox cub upside down before he said in a disgusted tone, “Hmph! You’re lucky!”

His heart was more upset. He wanted to spit on this juvenile form that was able to eat Bai Li’s goat milk.

“Oh?” Suddenly lifted belly to the sky, the fox cub barked a few times in confusion, and on his hands and knees, gathered his tail into his arms and bit the tip of his tail, free of care. This place felt so comfortable to him, he had to sleep well!

Wen XingYao couldn’t bear to see the fox cub’s childish appearance, and jumped to the farthest point away from him on the sofa to sit down haughtily. He thought it over, and sent another message to the two for whom he had contact information.

“Hurry up.”

However, what he didn’t know was that the two messages sent over, weren’t destined to get any reply.

In a certain villa in the same neighborhood, Fox One and Fox Two got together to discuss countermeasures.

“The one who sent us communications and messages is the Admiral himself, right?” Fox One was a middle-aged man with a serious face. His square face was dense with worry and disbelief. “Didn’t I hear that Admiral has been missing for quite some time? Is he actually living on the Sweet and Sour Ribs Star?”

He didn’t doubt the authenticity of that communication number, he just couldn’t figure out how their patriarch could be linked to Admiral. So when he saw that name, he didn’t even make up his mind to answer the call.

“It should be Admiral Wen XingYao!” Fox Two was a young man in his early twenties. His personality was more jumpy than Fox One. “What should we do, brother? Should we go and get the patriarch back? He has regressed to his infancy. I’m not comfortable with him being out there alone.”

The two of them had followed the patriarch, looked throughout the interstellar area for their young master’s figure, and just recently stopped on the Sweet and Sour Pork Star. A few days ago the patriarch happily told them that he seemed to have found a little trace of the young master, but today there was an accident and the patriarch’s own Genetic Collapse Disorder could no longer be controlled.

They already know about the destruction of a residential building by the patriarch in his form of a giant black fox, and Fox One had gone to deal with the compensation and reassurance of the victims afterwards, while Fox Two continued to track the patriarch’s figure.

The two brothers ran into each other outside Bai Li’s newly purchased villa and learned that the patriarch, who had turned into a juvenile, had run into the villa unconsciously. The owner of the villa was the “victim” that Fox One had been looking for.

Fox One, “…”

Fox Two, “…”

What kind of sinful fate was this?

When they saw the Patriarch’s juvenile form being carried inside by the youth who suddenly appeared in the courtyard, the two decided to stay put and bought the villa next door for covert protection.

“Pick up the Patriarch? And then send him to Hope Star according to the Empire’s custom?” Fox One’s face dimmed, and he said to Fox Two in a serious tone, “Don’t forget that our young master disappeared on Hope Star. We, the Heavenly Fox clan, can’t let the same accident happen twice.”

He knew that Fox One had already made a decision to leave the patriarch at the home of the young man named “Bai Li” for the time being. The two of them would be around to protect him from other accidents.

“What about the Admiral’s message?” Fox Two asked.

Fox One thought for a moment and said, “First pretend not to see it. If asked by Admiral later, just say that we didn’t receive the message. Hey, let’s take this one step at a time. We can delay for a day. I think that youth has a good character, and should take good care of our Patriarch.”

After they made that hasty decision, the two of them buried their heads, and discussed how to hand over nutrition fees to Bai Li for a legitimate reason without anyone noticing the end.

On the other side, Bai Li was still unaware that he had just been forced to become the fox cub’s caregiver for some time to come. He was feeding the black fox hot goat’s milk and putting the fox den and villa that he just had delivered into the empty room opposite the third floor bedrooms, to let him live in that room for the time being.

After watching the fox cub fall into a deep sleep, he carefully closed the door to the room. He and Wen XingYao looked at each other, then each went back to his room and boarded the game.

The moment he entered the game, an idea suddenly rose up in Bai Li’s mind. Since Wen XingYao could log into the game by connecting to the gaming pod, could the fox cub Zhu MoLing do the same?

Unfortunately, right now he had no extra gaming slots on hand, and would have to wait until next month to try it out, by next month, the other should probably already be picked up, right?


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