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Chapter 128: The little matter fighting for favor

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The game continued to be a thriving scene.

When Song Xinran came to Bai Li’s house and curiously asked him why he had been offline for so long, Bai Li skipped over the accident and gently told him about the move. He informed Song Xinran of the address of his new home, then invited him to come and play some time later. However, Song Xinran didn’t say yes. Embarrassed, he told Bai Li he might have to wait ten days to a half month before he could come and play with him.

“I’m sorry, Master, my mother is having a birthday at the end of the month, and I’ve agreed with my family to go home for a while. I’ll visit you when I get back, and bring you special products from Buddha Jumps Over the Wall!

“That’s okay, a family birthday is important.” Bai Li didn’t mind, and started to think about what kind of gifts he should prepare for Song Xinran to bring over.

The last time Song Xinran’s parents and sisters came to his house, they brought a large bag of gifts. After they left, Bai Li counted the gifts and found that they were worth a lot of money. Added up they were the price of ten gaming pods. The only thing he paid for was inviting Song Xinran to his house for lunch or dinner from time to time.

Song Xinran didn’t know what his master had in mind, so after apologizing and chatting with Bai Li for a while, he retreated to prepare for that night’s broadcast.

As he looked at Song Xinran’s back, Bai Li suddenly remembered what he had accidentally overlooked before. At this time, it wasn’t Supreme, the little kitten, in his house. Instead it was a huge lion, with the identity of an Imperial Admiral.

Song Xinran grew up on the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star, and his family seemed to be a well-off one, it might be that he could guess who the lion really was by virtue of Wen XingYao’s beast type, so there would need to be an explanation. Fortunately, he wouldn’t be coming over for a while because of that event, which conveniently gave him time to come up with a reasonable explanation. Or maybe it didn’t even need to be explained, if Wen XingYao was picked up by Tang Ying before Song Xinran even returned.

Bai Li sighed quietly in relief at this thought, then shook his head and stopped thinking about what would happen later. He walked to a field of ripe watermelons, collected a round of watermelons in his backpack, and planted a batch of cantaloupes.

After a month of hard work, his character level had reached 19 and he could grow more kinds of crops, like the watermelons he just planted. Only level 19 and above could buy those seeds and plant them. Many players have not reached this level yet, so the grown watermelon was considered a very rare existence in the game.

Bai Li didn’t intend to sell the watermelons, in the surrounding yard, he always felt the lack of a water well. If there was a well right now, he could put the watermelon in the water for a little while, then later on he could have a cold watermelon to eat.

He wanted to use this inspiration, so he wrote it down in a small book, ready to add it into the next update. He would have to change the infrastructure to add some wells. Since he feared that the newly arrived fox cub would be scared if he woke up without seeing them, Bai Li didn’t stay in the game very long and went offline after doing his usual routine.

The fox cub really had woken up, so when Bai Li opened the door to his room from outside, he jumped into his arms at once, with a milky voice, full of dependence on Bai Li. The clinginess almost made Bai Li think that the fox cub also had the nature of treating the first person he saw as his mother.

However, he was a little different from Supreme the cat. It wasn’t exactly easy to describe, but Bai Li felt that the fox cub seemed to be less spiritual than Supreme, or perhaps he had fallen more deeply into the Genetic Collapse Disorder?

While Bai Li was distracted playing with the fox cub, he placed another order on Starnet to test the suspicion he had when he boarded the game.

Twenty minutes after Bai Li got offline Wen XingYao realized that the other had already left, and he actually felt a sense of disappointment. When he thought of the black fox cub who was eyeing Bai Li at home, he didn’t have the heart to continue fishing and came out of the gaming pod to follow the movements outside his door. He was just in time to see Bai Li, as he held the fox and sent off the workers who came to install a gaming pod. After the people left, he couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you buy another gaming pod?”

When Bai Li saw it was him, he didn’t hide anything and explained his thoughts, “If he can recover through this method like you, we have done another good thing.”

Wen XingYao liked the fact that Bai Li subconsciously thought of the two of them as one, but after carefully pondering his speculation, he slowly shook his head. “The Imperial Research Institute has made similar attempts before, putting Therians who had entered infancy into a gaming pod in an attempt to get their consciousness to connect to Starnet and communicate with people, but it wasn’t successful. All the subjects failed.”

“But didn’t you just get into the game without any problems?” Bai Li asked with a puzzled look at Wen XingYao.

At that time, the gaming pod didn’t make any reminders, as if Wen XingYao had entered the game in a sober state.

On this point, Wen XingYao wasn’t very clear. He also felt puzzled by it. At this point, the conversation seemed to have stalled, and neither of them had a better guess.

Finally, it was Bai Li who weighed the fox cub, who was a bit drowsy, in his arms and decided, “Whatever. The gaming pods have been bought anyway. We’ll know when we try them out.”

Since he saw him insist, Wen XingYao couldn’t say anything else. He still felt that this time the attempt would end in failure.

Sure enough, things developed as he thought. Bai Li held the fox cub while lying in the gaming pod and there was no abnormal reaction. The fox cub in the gaming pod slept soundly, even after the gaming pod closed, it didn’t wake him up.

Bai Li had to give up, and told Wen XingYao he was going to wait until next month to upgrade the virtual reality game builder to have a new game slot then he would try again.

His reason was very good. “Didn’t you say, when you first regained consciousness, it was in the game’s login screen? Maybe that’s why you were able to regain consciousness!”

On this point, Wen XingYao really had nothing to say. He could only add in his heart, that even if it was the reason, it was one of them. He always felt that the greater influence was that Bai Li had fed him that special energy.

Nevertheless, he now looked unhappily at that black fox cub. There was no special reason Bai Li couldn’t counter right now. The matter would have to wait until later when he was in a good mood.

The fox cub thus stayed at Bai Li’s house. When he was awake, he followed almost everywhere Bai Li went, and it was not easy to wait for him to fall asleep so that Bai Li had time to play the game.

When the fox cub woke up, the first thing he wanted to find was Bai Li, and when he couldn’t find Bai Li, he cowered in the corner of the room, clutched his big tail and let out a “wooing” cry.

Maybe it was some kind of special fate, but Bai Li had a great tolerance for fox cubs. In less than two days, despite Wen XingYao’s silent protest, he had to take him lying into the gaming pod.

Just as he did when he was taking care of Supreme.

Wen XingYao looked at the scene before his eyes, and hated it in his heart, but reason told him that he wasn’t in a position to stop Bai Li from doing it. Who let his juvenile form lie by Bai Li’s side for almost two months as well?

Meanwhile, Bai Li also found that ever since he bought the small villa, his luck seemed to have become good. Either when he went to pay the property fee, he accidentally drew the gift of three years’ full exemption, or he was told that he got a chance to win a lottery by shopping a full XXX star coins on the Starnet within two months, an automatic drawing that resulted in getting a whole year’s worth of fresh fruits and vegetables and premium beef from the agricultural planet.

The quality of fruits and vegetables and beef was far less than that stocked in his space, but despite being born in the immortal world and never knowing he would become the Interstellar’s Agricultural Deity, as an adult, he still shed tears of emotion. That was the future world of the Empire welfare, but it was also too good, bah!

It just so happened that at that moment the fox cub jumped into his arms, and Bai Li thought about how these good things happened only after the fox cub arrived at his home, and his brain suddenly became hot. He held him close and rubbed his furry cheeks.

Wen XingYao, who was lying next to the floor-to-ceiling window sunbathing and absorbing energy, heard the strange sound, turned his head to look over, and his eyes darkened. A hot current gushed out from his body, and he suddenly changed back from his beast form to his human form, which startled both Bai Li and the fox cub.

“Why suddenly change back again? Do you have enough energy?” Bai Li hurriedly asked, the fox cub wasn’t petted now, and his voice was filled with concern.

Wen XingYao felt that this time the change didn’t come as smoothly as the first time. The most intuitive manifestation was that he felt a pang of pain in his head, accompanied by dizziness and a feeling of general weakness. He tried to walk in the direction of Bai Li, but almost stumbled and fell to the ground.

He didn’t even need him to respond, Bai Li knew that his state was certainly not too good. He immediately put down the fox cub, and went towards him quickly.

“You, you, you stay where you are. I’ll come and help you!” Bai Li helped Wen XingYao to sit on the nearest sofa, and didn’t hesitate to transfer a part of the grass and wood clear spirit energy to Wen XingYao. He watched his face get a little better, and only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

What he didn’t notice was that the fox cub that had been put down followed him, and even got closer when he sent the grass and wood clear spirit energy to Wen XingYao. He stood on tiptoe and sniffed carefully, absorbed the little bit that leaked out, and had an intoxicated expression on his face.

Wen XingYao’s condition soon stabilized, but when he opened his eyes, he saw that dreadful black fox cub, and without a thought, he used his foot to kick him a little further away when Bai Li wasn’t looking, before he thanked Bai Li, “Thank you, I’m much better. If it wasn’t for you, I really don’t know what would have happened to me just now.”

He carefully described his feelings to Bai Li and guessed, “I think my Genetic Collapse Disorder hasn’t healed completely. The collapse of genes didn’t stop completely in its process, so when I tried to break through a certain limit, the collapse speed that was quite minimal suddenly accelerated, which made me become like that just now.”

In fact, even without Wen XingYao’s words, Bai Li also made a related guess. This Genetic Collapse Disorder was really big trouble, but he was also glad that he had the grass and wood clear spirit energy that could help his friends.

Wen XingYao was about to say something else when he felt a certain change in his body, and said with a bitter smile, “It seems that my body is still a long way from being completely stable. It’s too difficult to maintain my human form.”

With that, he changed back to his lion form under the watchful eyes of one man and one fox. The fox cub saw someone change into a living lion on the spot, and slightly widened his fox eyes.


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