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Chapter 173: White Fox Ornament

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“Tang Ying, why aren’t you moving your chopsticks?” After he spoke the news that sounded so explosive to Tang Ying, Wen XingYao enjoyed the breakfast in front of him as if nothing had happened.

After he took a few bites of the thick rice porridge, bit into half of the poached egg and dipped a dumpling into his own sauce, he noticed that Tang Ying, who had always been enthusiastic about breakfast activity, was still sitting dumbly in his seat, not moving at all.

So he asked that in an inquiring voice.

Tang Ying quickly came back to his senses. He sighed heavily and gave Bai Li a mournful glance, and muttered, “What am I going to eat? I’m almost full of dog food, right?”

Tsk, what a lot of beautiful cabbage. How could it be…How could it be…? What he said about dog food was justified.

First, Wen XingYao, early in the morning, went to the kitchen to work in order to prepare food for Bai Li after eating food rations, right? Second, when he wanted to eat a basket of small dumplings, it wasn’t allowed. Only after Bai Li agreed, had Wen XingYao reluctantly distributed another box. Third, Wen XingYao, in front of him, brought his own and Bai Li’s share of breakfast together, and left his share behind when there was obviously still room on that big tray! Finally, it was only now that Tang Ying belatedly realized that these two were indeed being more mushy than they had been before last night! If they looked at him, a single person, goose bumps would rise on his body.

Hm! He wouldn’t admit that he had a drop of envy in his heart.

“Oh, then you should stop eating.” Wen XingYao didn’t pay attention to Tang Ying’s strange emotions, and after he spoke, he grabbed another dumpling 1 and ate it.

“Seriously! Why are you so inhumane? It’s a big deal to have a partner! Let go of that dumpling! Let me have it!”

Tang Ying saw the truth. Who cares about the tangled emotions, ah! He hurriedly grabbed his chopsticks and scrambled over. Those dumplings were made on his broken bachelor’s heart, so how could he give them up so easily?

March 7, sunny.

Song Xinran got off the spaceship and stepped on the ground of the Sweet and Sour Pork Star again.

For the previous half month, he’d gone back home because of a family birthday, and then was forced to stay a few extra days by his parents who didn’t want to leave him, so it wasn’t until today that he came back from the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star.

When he thought about the gift he bought with the money he earned from his live broadcast and brought for Master Bai Li in his space button, Song Xinran felt like a bird with wings, flying freely under the clear blue sky.

After he got off the airship, Song Xinran didn’t go back to his home first, but went to the address Bai Li gave him. On the way there, he made a point of telling Bai Li that he had returned and was coming to visit him at his home.

Bai Li quickly replied to Song Xinran with an “OK” expression.

Song Xinran smiled with arched eyebrows, excited that he would soon see his master.

“Uh…Hello, is this Bai Li’s house?” Song Xinran asked dryly when he found out that the person who came to open the door was not his familiar master, but a strange man who looked quite mature and whom he could probably call “uncle.”

His small eyes also wanted to glance at the door number outside to see if he had found the wrong place.

“Aha, it’s Xiao Song. This is Bai Li’s house. Come in quickly. Hahaha!” Tang Ying’s tone was very warm. If he wasn’t afraid that he might frighten the other, he wanted to take Song Xinran in hand.

When he saw that Song Xinran was still a bit hesitant and wary, he remembered that he hadn’t introduced himself and hurriedly identified himself, “I’m Tang Ying. Easy Victory life in the game. You remember, don’t you?”

It was no wonder Tang Ying was so enthusiastic about Song Xinran. Anyone who received pots of dog food all day long in that home would gradually become “perverted” and could only hope that someone would come over to help him share the pressure.

In the past two days, the whole house smelled like love, but he was the only one who still had the fragrance of a single dog.

God knows how happy Tang Ying was when he heard from Bai Li that Song Xinran was coming over to his house. Now the two of them would not be targeting him for their love show, right?

What Tang Ying didn’t know was that Wen XingYao had asked Bai Li if he wanted to tell Song Xinran about their relationship, but Bai Li refused. The reason was that Song Xinran was still a child. In front of Song Xinran, they should show a little restraint, right?

Plus, Bai Li was even hesitating to tell Song Xinran about the real identities of Wen XingYao and Tang Ying. Would Xiao Song tell everyone about their whereabouts because of excitement and some kind of flaunting psychology?

He could only wait and see.

In other words, Tang Ying’s dream scenario wouldn’t happen at all.

…How could Song Xinran have no impression of him? A few days ago, they were caught together by his Master, and screened all those piles of game anchor application forms.

However, why was this person in his Master’s home? When did they meet in reality, and when did they become so familiar?

“It’s Brother Easy Victory. Hello, I’m Song Xinran.” He politely exchanged names with Tang Ying, then Song Xinran followed Tang Ying into the room with a lot of question marks over his head. After that, he saw his Master walking down the stairs with a handsome looking man with long silver hair who carried an aura of awe. They were laughing and talking, and followed by a black fox cub.

The cub looked to be in a bad mood, and every now and then it tried to rush up and bite down on the feet of the man. But every time the man dodged it.

After a while, two other people came into the yard. One had a big face and eyes that were a little big, while the other had a pair of eye-catching ears that looked twice as big as normal.

“Mr. Bai, we have finished clearing all the weeds in the yard. After that do you just want us to help you to water those vegetable seedlings?” Fox Two opened his mouth and asked, not having noticed at first that there was an additional person he didn’t know in the living room.

Fox One, with a sharp eye, did see him, and at the same time thought that the child looked familiar.

“Please.” Bai Li nodded and said, “You guys can rest for a while. We’ll go watering together in a little bit.”

After that, he waved at Song Xinran, “Xiao Song, long time no see.”

Actually…Not much time had passed, but the changes in Bai Li’s house were obvious enough.

First, Bai Li had moved from the rental house to his current villa, and the vegetables that used to be kept in pots on the balcony now seem to be planted in the yard. After that it was the extra people in this house: Tang Ying, the handsome older brother whose name was still unknown, a black fox, no Supreme, a familiar face, and two helpers who seemed to have been hired by Bai Li, again without knowing their names.

“Master.” Song Xinran answered. He walked to Bai Li’s side with small steps, and rather hastily without making a sound.

Bai Li took the initiative to take Song Xinran’s hand, and led him over to the sofa. This time, Wen XingYao didn’t look at Song Xinran with the same hostile gaze as before, but followed Bai Li’s example and had a gentle gaze, as if he was looking at a junior in the family.

His status now wasn’t the same as before.

“These two you actually know. The one on my left is Demon Xing, and the one sitting over there is Easy Victory Life.” Bai Li introduced Song Xinran, and told him to call Wen XingYao, “brother.”

As for Wen XingYao’s full name, he seemed to have forgotten it and didn’t mention it.

The names of Tang Ying and Wen XingYao weren’t a big deal on their own, but if they were put together, it would be easy to form a bad association.

“Master, where is Supreme? How come I don’t see him?” After Song Xinran called Wen XingYao, Brother, he looked around and found that there was really no Supreme, and asked in confusion.

“Supreme has been picked up by his master.” Bai Li pulled out his long-prepared reason. “I thought Supreme was a stray cat when I picked him up, but I found out not long ago that he actually had an owner, so I asked his owner to take him back.”

This explanation was discussed between Bai Li and Wen XingYao from the beginning, and was only said with Wen XingYao’s consent.

Song Xinran said “Oh,” in a lost voice. In this house, he was only familiar with Bai Li and Supreme. Now there were many people in the house, and his only familiar kitty wasn’t there. It gave him the illusion of losing a friend.

Wen XingYao seemed puzzled. He looked at Bai Li’s gaze with a little amusement, and appeared a little forgiving. The previous discussion didn’t feel much, when he heard Bai Li say it now, why did his heart produce a little itch?

Tang Ying frantically stifled his laughter. A stray cat picked up by their owner? That “owner” was Bai Li himself, Hahaha!

The two said “Supreme” which should be the name given to Admiral Wen when Mr. Bai wasn’t aware. Now that he was hearing them explain it that way, they probably also didn’t want to tell the child too much.

The two of them were doing a good job of eating the crowd and not making any noise easily.

The only one who didn’t take Song Xinran’s appearance to heart was, unfortunately, Zhu MoLing, the fox cub. While several people were talking, he still conscientiously wanted to bite Wen XingYao’s calf.

As for the reason for the bite? He didn’t know. Anyway, after he listened to the conversation at the table yesterday morning, he had the urge to bite someone!

Fox One and Fox Two no longer had eyes to see their Patriarch’s strange behavior in his infant form, nor did they dare tell the Patriarch those things in the game. The content of what they told the Patriarch was discussed and refined.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the regular gift-giving session began.

Song Xinran smiled and showed Bai Li the space button in his hand. “Master, I bought this with the money I earned from doing live streaming. I only found out recently that my mom and dad, brothers and sisters, are actually the top one to six in my live streaming room. I used to think their names were strange, but I didn’t expect the clown to be myself. My reaction was too slow so I just discovered it now. Only to find out…Later my parents also admitted it. I returned all the gifts they threw to my live room and this space button was bought with the remaining money. If it wasn’t for my Master, I wouldn’t have earned so much money. Thank you! Those vegetables I grew with my own hands, while they only have a little bit of flavor, are better than the ones sent from the agricultural planet. My parents praised me after eating them.”

As Song Xinran said that, he took out a basket of Napa cabbage from the space button. Because of their size, the box contained only a few, but Bai Li recalled the number Song Xinran planted on the balcony of his house, and it was still two-thirds of the total.

The cabbage was slightly smaller than in the game, but the watery, tender, white and green color was extremely beautiful. Tang Ying’s eyes were focused straight on them, but what he cared more was the meaning of Song Xinran’s words.

Tang Ying heard all that and he wanted to say, “Hm? The cabbage grown by Xiao Song also has flavor?” Tang Ying didn’t understand. “Strange. It’s reasonable that the vegetables grown and taken care of by the planting robots in the vegetable bases on agricultural planets, regardless of whether it’s watering or fertilizing, are all done according to the most scientific and reasonable model, but why do the vegetables grown by them have no flavor? Then how come when Bai Li and Xiao Song planted them, they could bring out the most natural flavor of vegetables? It couldn’t be because we live on a planet that is more suitable for cultivation than an agricultural planet, right?”

After he heard Tang Ying’s words, Song Xinran scratched the back of his head in confusion, then revealed a silly smile. “I don’t know. I did everything according to what my Master taught me. Maybe I used my farming experience from the game?”

In regards to the last sentence, he, himself, wasn’t very sure, since it felt like a habit from the game.

Tang Ying fell silent. He wondered if he might be overthinking it, how was this possible? The agricultural planets that were suitable for planting were all officially tested before they were listed for sale. In the end, he still couldn’t come up with a reason, and he shook his head. This matter must be a chance situation, so he shouldn’t think too much.

What he didn’t notice was that after he listened to the conversation between him and Song Xinran, Bai Li’s expression flashed with a few thoughts.

However, Song Xinran’s gift wasn’t yet finished. After Bai Li had smilingly accepted the cabbage he had grown with his own hands, he took out a small, delicate fox ornament made of white ceramic.

Fox One and Fox Two almost jumped up and down. This? This? This? This was the white fox “remembrance” that they made in the image of their own young master! After they were made, the family and affiliated families sent some of them over. According to the Patriarch’s words, one was to commemorate his brother’s lively and lovely image as a child, and the other was to remind himself, and everyone in the family, that as long as his brother wasn’t found, they couldn’t give up the search.

Now Song Xinran took out the same small ornament. He and the Heavenly Fox clan must have some kind of connection.

Fox One carefully searched through his brain and finally remembered where he had met Song Xinran. It was a few years ago at a family gathering. There was a small child who followed his parents, brothers and sisters. He cautiously peeked out from behind to look at their Patriarch, and then quickly and shyly hid. He was a very fearful child.

I think this is the right kid.

When he thought of Song Xinran’s identity, Fox One’s originally tense emotions quietly relaxed a bit.

Song Xinran introduced it, “Master, this fox is made in the image of my brother who ran away from home. Although I have not seen my brother, he should be countless times more lovely than this little fox! Now I’m giving it to you, because you and that brother have the same powerful existence!”

Fox One and Fox Two, Away? Away from home??

Bai Li took the fox ornament after Song Xinran’s words. The white porcelain was smooth to the touch, and the surface seemed to be covered with a layer of luminescent material that emitted a dazzling circle of light.

The eyes of the fox on the pendant weren’t as narrow and charming as the foxes in reality, but were round and slippery, dark and deep but with the ignorance of innocence. It looked very cute.

Just having seen the white fox ornament, Bai Li felt very fond of it. He had the impulse to pick it up in his hands and play with it. When he really picked it up, he loved it even more.

However, when he looked at the big fluffy tail behind the white fox, his first thought wasn’t, This tail looks so soft, but How come there is only one? obviously more than a few to be more lovely, ah.

Someone didn’t wait for Bai Li to think about why he had had such a strange thought. His arm was pulled by something and sank down. When he looked down, he found that the fox cub had run over at some point, and his fox eyes were looking straight at the ornament in his hand with a longing look.

Together with his rich body movements, he made the sound of “let me see.”

The white fox, Song Xinran’s runaway brother…The black fox with two tails… Zhu MoLing, who was looking for his brother everywhere…

Bai Li’s eyes suddenly rounded. He subconsciously looked at Fox One and Fox Two, and saw them nodding silently. It seems that he guessed right.

He put the fox ornament on the cushion of the sofa, and smoothly held the fox cub up, so that he could properly touch and observe his brother’s ornament, looked up at Song Xinran, who knew nothing about it, and then looked at Fox One and Fox Two. He wasn’t sure how to handle this matter.

Fox One and Fox Two looked at each other, and then Fox One took the initiative to step forward and said, “I’ll talk to him about this.”

They identified themselves and the Patriarch to Song Xinran, and told him that he was temporarily living in Bai Li’s house. As for the reason for the temporary stay, it wasn’t detailed.

Even if someone could cure Genetic Collapse Disorder, not many people would believe it.

For the next half an hour, Song Xinran felt that his three senses were somewhat shattered. He looked incredulously at the fox cub who was rubbing his cheek against the ceramic fox ornament, and couldn’t believe that this was the family patriarch he had seen a few years ago.

He worshiped that brother’s own brother. How could this be? QAQ!

However, no matter what, Fox One still talked through Song Xinran’s inner tangles, and also slightly considered recognizing him as a relative.

Song Xinran, head dizzy, couldn’t figure out why, after not seeing him for only a short period of time, his master’s side was surrounded by such powerful characters.

Having barely calmed down, he seriously assured Fox One and Fox Two, “Brother Fox One, Brother Fox Two, do not worry. I will never speak of this matter outside. Outside of this door, I will forget all about the Patriarch’s situation!”

He thought that the Patriarch wouldn’t want his current appearance to be known by too many people.

Fox One and Fox Two probably misunderstood Song Xinran’s meaning, but when they heard him take the initiative to promise, they had very affectionate smiles on their faces.

“Okay, okay. Then, thank you, Little Brother Song.”

The noon meal was made by Song Xinran alone, at his strong request. None of the cabbage brought over was wasted. Two were fried into vinegared cabbage, one was cooked in cabbage pork rib soup 2, and the last one was wrapped with minced meat and made into braised cabbage rolls 3.

After that, he cooked rice and made white steamed buns, which created a decent table with enough food for six people and one fox.

As Song Xinran said, the Napa cabbage he grew was not as rich in flavor as the Napa cabbage ready-made at Bai Li’s house, but it was fresh and natural compared to the Napa cabbage from an agricultural planet. All in all, everyone was very satisfied with the taste of the meal.

After they ate, the group ran to the yard to help water the vegetables. Once the meeting and dinner was over, they said goodbye to each other and went back to their respective homes and games.

In the game world of Carefree Farmstead, several villages were bustling with activity, as if they were celebrating the New Year.

“Quickly, quickly, Small A. You were chosen as a game anchor! This is our village’s great joy. You quickly turn on your live machine, and let our fellow netizens and ourselves witness the birth of the village chief’s family house. Like it was in Mushroom Village, the event will also be arranged later.” A middle-aged man pulled on a sleepy-looking youth, his mouth like a machine gun. Bla, bla, bla, as he talked the big talk.

The young man seemed to have just woken up from sleep, as he muttered discontentedly, “Uncle, I am giving people live sleep! Now you let me live this. It is too difficult for me, the live results won’t be good!”

“Oh, it’s just that I couldn’t find anyone else. I don’t know what they went to do in the afternoon,and they don’t know that the task is completed and that they can come and collect the reward. I only know you that just woke up, and looked free.” The middle-aged man waved his hand indifferently. “It’s okay, it’s okay. When you turn on the live camera, I’ll host it, right? Hi, ah. Who would have thought it, we’re in the game for only seven days, and we have completed the Village Chief’s Residence task. Although the choice was also the easiest one, for our village, this also has a very great significance! Little A, ah, Uncle will look after you. When the time comes, just steady the camera a little!” After he said that, he also heavily emphasized. “Rich! Live rich!”

The youth was really encouraged, and barely gathered his fighting spirit, “Then okay, I’m here to open the live. Uncle you say where to set up the lens so it is more appropriate…?”

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  1. specifically xiao long bao There are lots of different types both savory and sweet.


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