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Chapter 174: “Carefree Village”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Sheng ShiMing was a male Therian, his beast type was a rare sloth. Because he ate too much eucalyptus leaves as a child, he also grew up in a sleepy and lazy state all the time.

In February of that year, he learned about the game Carefree Farmstead at the urging of a friend and became very interested in it. However, as he had long despaired of his own hand speed, he didn’t feel he could snatch a precious game slot from other fellow netizen’s hands.

It so happened that in March, in addition to the usual direct grabbing on the official website, there was a lottery for the game on the game forum. With the thought of “the next lucky goose might be me,” Sheng ShiMing participated in both, and as luck would have it, he really won one.

So he bound his account and entered the game.

The life in the game was really as beautiful and leisurely as he thought. After doing the necessary tasks and learning the skills that should be learned. After planting the vacant land, with the in-game name “Small A” Sheng ShiMing started a nourishing life finding new places to sleep.

The willow tree by the river, the dark corner of the mine, under the huge canopy of the forest, and even a hollow tree trunk that he found by chance; all left traces of his sleep.

However, that was not the end of the story. Sheng ShiMing also surprised everyone by signing up for the game anchor selection, and finally actually succeeded in the selection. And the content of his live broadcast was sleeping.

Stand and sleep, sit and sleep, lie and sleep, hang and sleep…Various sleeping postures, as well as the inexplicable hypnotic atmosphere when he slept, it was simply gospel for serious insomnia patients, ah.

When, as a result of watching his live for a few days, a part of the insomnia patients’ sleep quality slowly became better, the “55th newbie village sleep broadcast roadies” name got out.

Nowadays, he was one of the new game anchors who was developing well.

On March 7, the young sloth, Small A, who loved to sleep and had a slight social phobia, welcomed a huge challenge in his anchoring career.

As more and more players rushed to the village entrance to gather, the uncle who had agreed with A that he would be in charge of hosting was pulled aside by people who knew him well and how he talked.

“You’re really good, old Flo. I didn’t expect this degree of contribution would first be achieved by you. How about it, tell us how you feel now?”

“Wow! Uncle Flo, you’re not bad! You’re really old and strong! So the right to take the name goes to you? Tell us, what name are you going to give to the village?”

“Haha! I already foresee that when the gift blind box is opened later, Uncle Flo will be able to open a good thing from it!”

“Oh, those others, how can they be so slow, ah? Those who aren’t yet online, you know to rush. I can’t wait to see the audience in the live room. Envy, envy…Small Brother A, later hold your live camera steady and remember to give my sister a close-up, yo!”

The uncle, named Floating World, happily thanked the acquaintance of their game friends and other villagers’ blessings, and only said that he was lucky to catch up with the other young people in the village. On the village’s name, he was solid as a shutter, and said to wait for the official start of the live broadcast for it to be announced.

Small A was about to be squeezed by a large circle of people around him, enough to make him cry. They were all coming over to ask him to give a close-up shot later, to make their posture of opening the blind box a little more bullish and shiny…maybe there was the birth of a European emperor in this.

“Uncle! Uncle Floating!” Small A ran over to pull on the arm of Floating World. “Didn’t we agree before? I just need to control the live camera. Hosting and what not is all up to you! You quickly control these people, or how will we start the live now?”

This live…he had a feeling that at the end of the day he must sleep a day and night to get over it.

Floating World had a stiff face. He realized that he would probably not be able to complete his previous promise. He patted the shoulder of Small A, and said in a serious tone, “Small A, ah. Young people should seize the opportunity to perform well. As for the host thing, you just cooperate with this uncle and come together. Today is our village’s big event. You must perform well, first for yourself, but also for our village to win glory!”

Small A wanted to cry despite Floating World’s persuasion, but finally agreed to do it. What else could he do? Uncle Floating usually took such good care of him, he couldn’t refuse in any way.

So the live broadcast started under such circumstances.

The first thing someone needed to do was to get a good idea of what they were getting into. “This is Uncle Floating World. He submitted the last of the mission materials to the village chief, but is also our village’s highest mission contribution highest player.”

“Next, we’ll have Uncle Floating World make a speech.”

A slow and low tone finished such a long paragraph, the Small A silently took a step back, and  left the C seat to Floating World.

Floating World laughed, “Haha!” He was much more talkative than Small A, and had soon brought the atmosphere to a higher level. In the course of his speech, he also announced the name he had chosen for the village.

“I plan to name our village ‘Carefree Village.’ Since the game is called Carefree Farmstead, this name sounds more appropriate. Carefree and leisurely so I also hope that the members of our village can live a leisurely, free life in the game.”

After he stated the intention behind his choice of name, Floating World deliberately looked at the pop-ups in the broadcast room. He expected to hear a series of cheers and praise, but found that the number of pop-ups were few and far between, and had a very cold look. Then he looked up at the number of viewers in the upper right corner. There was no problem, it was several million people, how come they speak so little…

Before he could think about it, he saw that the pop-ups began to grow explosively, as if everyone suddenly reacted, as if the network had been stuck for a few seconds, and it was only at this time that returned to normal.

However, after he looked at the specific content of those pop-ups, Floating World realized that things weren’t as simple as he thought.

[…What just happened? I suddenly felt a dizziness in my head, and I almost couldn’t hear what this uncle was saying. The village is going to be called ‘Carefree Village’? Hahaha! Good name, it sounds pretty good!]

[Huh? I thought it was my illusion. I obviously just got up from a nap, but I felt a heavy drowsiness while the first little brother was talking. Luckily that little brother didn’t talk for too long, otherwise I’m afraid I’d have to go back to sleep again.]

[Hahaha! There it is, Small A’s voice hypnotism! I told you that when Small A speaks it is more hypnotic than when he sleeps! You still did not believe it, but now you should believe it, right?]

[Hey, believe it, believe it. This really can not be disbelieved, ah. Here I have to help Small A to advertise. Live brothers and sisters, if you have sleep problems, it is recommended to listen to Small A, ah. If you cannot sleep, come to this live room to ensure that you fall asleep in minutes. A sleep to the dawn of the kind!]

Floating World, “…”

Floating World, “?”

The enthusiastic smile froze on his face, and there was a vague tendency to crack. Floating World didn’t expect that the “sleeping broadcast” of Small A was like this. The actual fact was that he didn’t do anything, but actually everything he did, talking, sleeping, maybe even his slow movements, could bring a hypnotic effect to the audience.

Careless, careless, ah! With such a trait, how can he appear on an occasion that should be hot and lively? The picture seriously didn’t match, ah!

But…It was his initiative to invite people to help carry out the hosting. Small A, after his repeated requests, also agreed. If at this time he told Small A that he wasn’t suitable for today’s hosting, it would break the child’s heart, right?

When Floating World looked over, Small A also noticed the beam of gaze and met his gaze with a soft, lazy smile.

“…” Forget it. The child was gradually getting serious. He shouldn’t go splashing people with cold water.

Just leave the rest to him.

So, the next picture in the live room was –

The new residence of the village chief rose up in the location chosen by the players.

Small A, “Look, this is the village’s choice of countryside hut. Now emerging from the soil are small bamboo shoots. They will soon grow into tall straight bamboo. The hut will be built in front of them, so the green lush bamboo leaves will bring shade to the house. It should be great for sleeping in the afternoons.”

Floating World, “Hahahahaha! Suitable for sleeping and also suitable for a group of friends to sit under the eaves for a tea chat. It is a pity that this is the village chief’s home. Players who want to have such a house can only rely on their own efforts! So now there is also a house appearance upgrade in the game, we will try more, and may also be able to upgrade to such a courtyard too.”

The village chief and the village chief’s wife gave the gifts they had prepared to the players who had contributed to the mission.

Small A, “This is the village chief and village chief’s wife who have prepared gifts for everyone, wrapped in red silk cloth, light in the hand with little weight. If you are interested, don’t leave the live room too early. After this we will hold an event like Mushroom Village did to open the blind box, and Uncle Floating World, the villager with the biggest contribution, will make a grand finale appearance.”

Floating World, “Hahahahaha! Don’t think I’m cheeky, everyone. Today is likely to be my only highlight in the game, so I’ll have to be careful. However, in case the item I unpacked doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t be too obvious about it, or I’ll be sad.”

In Carefree Village all the players were in the process of unpacking their blind boxes.

Small A, “Player number one got flower seeds. Player number two got ten fish feeds. Player number three got five bottles of magical spring water. Player number four…ah, flower seeds again.”

Floating World, “Haha! Haha! I see that someone unwrapped an ornament of a panda eating bamboo, which should have a bonus in some way when placed at home? Someone else got a recipe for ‘pancakes and fruit.’ That’s good stuff. Let’s see what I can come up with…Ah, it’s actually a horse, too. This time it’s black, only four hooves are white. Viewers, help me see, is this the famous horse ‘Wu Zhui’ in the history of the Ancient Blue Star 1?”

“Hey, hey, well, well, today’s blind box draw has now come to a successful end here. Thank you for watching and in the future, if you enter the game, welcome to our 55th newbie village…Oh no, now it’s to visit Carefree Village, ah!” Uncle Floating World waved goodbye enthusiastically at the camera. When Small A shut down the live stream completely, Floating World exhaled a fierce breath, as he wiped his arm across his forehead, and really wiped a sleeve of sweat.

Floating World was so tired! Had he known that the live broadcast with Small A would turn out like that, he wouldn’t have invited Small A so enthusiastically. He’d rather be busy on his own and not like this. Tired. He was really tired. The live effect also felt strange.

The person concerned thought, regret, very much regret.

The audience in Small A’s live room, in fact, were also feeling a little strange.

This feeling could be described as if they had all sat on the same very long roller coaster. The process wasn’t thrilling. That was, first the spirit of the people rose high up, and then quickly fell to the bottom, and then it cycled, until Floating World announced the end of the event and the journey was completely over.

To be more specific, every time they were about to fall asleep, they would be awakened by the exaggerated “Hahahahaha!” laughter of Uncle Floating World, several times in a row, and they were close to a nervous breakdown. However they didn’t know what kind of magic the live broadcast had in the end, because they actually watched it all from beginning to end.

Players specifically opened up about which impression was very deep, Small A and Uncle Floating World one before and one after, the speech atmosphere let them remember very deeply.

Their nightmares tonight, their dreams shouldn’t also be full of “Hahahaha” laughter, right?

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Translator Notes:

  1. A mythical Chinese horse ridden by Conqueror Xiang. It’s full name is Black Piebald Who Trod On Snow.


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