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Chapter 172: “Maybe it’s because something good is happening.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Dry mouth and cold sweat.

Those words were enough to describe Wen XingYao’s inner anxiety at that time.

His jumbled thoughts popped out one after another uncontrollably, they included, but weren’t limited to, “Why would Bai Li suddenly ask this?” “What kind of friendship could they still have?” “Could Bai Li already know he has a crush on him?” and “What kind of answer will Bai Li give him in the end?”

Based on the current situation and Bai Li’s reaction, Wen XingYao felt that things were not yet out of control, and that the decision had been thrown back to him by Bai Li.

If he chose to “pretend that nothing happened,” nothing would really happen. However, if he was brave enough to face his heart and reveal his true emotions in the current situation, there was a good chance that things would go the way he wanted them to go.

Wen XingYao swallowed hard. His throat seemed to be on fire, but his originally out of order heartbeat bizarrely returned to its initial calm. “Thump, a thump, a thump, a thump, a thump.” It was a powerful beat, as if to tell its master, “I’m fine. I can do it. Kiss. Be brave, and rush, ah!”

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, if he missed today, perhaps there wouldn’t be such a perfect confession atmosphere.

Wen XingYao made his decision in a few breaths. His dark golden eyes quite dominantly caught Bai Li’s somewhat wandering eyes. He didn’t know when, but one of his hands grabbed Bai Li’s, and clutched the slightly smaller hand with his palm.

“I…” He stammered slightly, his voice had a tremor that he didn’t even notice, then took a deep breath and said the words that he had drafted countless times all in one breath, “Bai Li, I like you, and I hope we can date for the purpose of marriage. Let’s be together, can we?”

After he heard what Wen XingYao said, the smile froze on Bai Li’s face, and his perfect expression looked like it had cracked. He had thought, according to Wen XingYao’s character, that it would be enough to say something like “I like you,” but now…”To date for the purpose of getting married,” how did that picture suddenly become mendacious? The pressure on him to answer this question had increased all of a sudden.

At first, Bai Li was complacent, and thought that he had taken enough initiative, but after Wen XingYao finished, he felt that he had lost. In terms of thinking about the future, how could he compare to Wen XingYao who was thinking about a future where they would get married even before they were together?

Such a formal occasion, it couldn’t be a bluff, right?

Indeed, it wasn’t Wen XingYao in high spirits, but a well thought out confession that he felt could best express his feelings. He had read in the history book of the Ancient Blue Star people that any relationship without the purpose of marriage was for a hooligan.

He had a real crush on Bai Li, and had imagined in his midnight dreams the scenes of their life together when the time came if they got together. He wanted to get together with a person the right way. He wanted to fall in love, of course, so he must come up with 100% sincerity, so that the other party could choose him without fear of his intentions.

In short, Wen XingYao had identified Bai Li.

“May I?” When Wen XingYao saw that Bai Li hadn’t said anything, the fine, light gold light in his eyes fluctuated a little, as he pursued the question.

With the pit that he dug, he had to hit it with a hard head.

Bai Li was a little regretful. Why at this time, wasn’t it good to deliberately start with “flirting” with each other according to the normal process?

“Eh.” Bai Li finally spoke up under Wen XingYao’s earnest gaze. “You said ‘for the purpose of marriage.’ This is too far away. Why don’t we first try to be together, and later things can be said later, okay?”

After he said that, Bai Li soon found that the content of the answer wasn’t quite right, and his  brain immediately sent up a silent “ah, ah, ah!” That was what kind of scum remark, ah? How could he give him a kind of pants with an unrecognizable sense of vest?

Fortunately, Wen XingYao didn’t mind. After he got the desired answer, his face immediately had a smile filled with satisfaction. It was a smile from the heart that let people ignore his ordinary game face. Bai Li thought dizzily, if at that moment Wen XingYao had used his own face, he would probably look dumbfounded.

“Do you think a confession in the game is not formal enough? I can say it to you again after we get offline.” Wen XingYao’s laughing voice rang in his ears. Bai Li looked at him suspiciously, then realized that he had actually said what was on his mind.

“Ah??” Bai Li drew his head back like a short-circuited antique electric fan and hurriedly said, “No, no.”

“Well, that’s fine. I’ll leave it after we go offline.” Wen XingYao stood a little closer to Bai Li. “You said, we’ll try it, so you mustn’t back out.”

Bai Li only felt that he was the scum of the earth, and Wen XingYao was a simple persona who had never been involved in the world. Someone who had fallen in love with him at the beginning of his life, so that from then on his heart fell on him, and occasionally he would have trouble getting a verbal promise from himself…

Bai Li, “…” I can’t think about it anymore. The more I think about it, the more I feel like I’m really scum, ah.

Even if he hadn’t intended to give Wen XingYao a slag impression.

Hey, I should have known. Just nod your head and agree to it.

“Don’t worry, I don’t regret it.” Bai Li thought about it and put his hand back into Wen XingYao’s hand. “Let’s go, boyfriend. Let’s go see how the cubs are playing.”

In order to discuss that matter, the two of them had unknowingly walked to the left hand side of the house, while the four cubs, including the panda cub, were resting and playing under the vine frame on the right hand side of the house.

The four cubs were tired of playing and were dozing together when they arrived at the vine frame. The two furries, lion and panda cub, were sleeping head to head in the cat bowl brought out by Wen XingYao, with their limp bodies just filling the recesses of the bowl. The black, white and orange colors looked quite harmonious.

The golden koi spit out a huge bubble, and hid itself in the bubble that was floating in the air. It slowly swayed under the gentle breeze, as if it were sleeping in a cradle.

The macaw was hiding. If it weren’t for the fact that it had other colors besides green, the two wouldn’t have been able to spot it at a glance where it had hid in a corner of the shelf.

Although they were dozing, the four small cubs were still very alert. When they heard the sound of footsteps approaching, they quickly opened their eyes, dazedly blinked their sleepy eyes and then wobbled in the direction of the two to meet up.

The hands that were held together parted in a smooth manner, but without the abruptness and unnaturalness of earlier.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao both thought that after they were officially together, their life together would be very different from before, but after an afternoon and half an evening, there didn’t seem to be much difference. It was only a subtle moment of eye contact, or the occasional reaction when their bodies accidentally touched, that made them truly feel that their relationship had really become different.

“Should I tell Tang Ying about this?” Bai Li asked.

Tang Ying came all the way over to pick up Wen XingYao, and was now temporarily staying in Bai Li’s guest room. In his capacity as Wen XingYao’s adjutant, it felt somewhat necessary to tell him about their current relationship. Plus, if the two of them had a conversation before, Wen XingYao would not have realized so quickly that he had different feelings for Bai Li.

“Let’s find a chance to tell him tomorrow.” Wen XingYao said. At the same time, the tone of his voice implied smugness. Tang Ying was a year older than him, but he was the first to get a partner. It felt good.

“Well, okay. Let’s talk about it tomorrow then.” Bai Li nodded and agreed with Wen XingYao’s decision. “It’s getting late. Let’s go offline and rest. We’ll continue playing tomorrow.”

Bai Li’s biological clock had been well maintained. Even if he lay in the gaming pod to get rest, he still preferred to sleep in a bed, so that the brain could also get rest.

The two said goodbye to each other, each went offline to sleep and had a good night’s sleep, even with the light smiles at the corners of their mouths in their sleep.

When he woke up, Bai Li looked at the ceiling above his head and remembered that he was no longer alone. No, he wasn’t single anymore.

After he washed up and opened the door, Bai Li glanced towards the next room, but didn’t hear any movement from inside, but when he went downstairs he found someone was busy in the kitchen.

Tang Ying was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, while a “tsk tsk” sound was coming out of his mouth. When he saw Bai Li come down, he greeted him warmly, “Bai Li, you’re up. Look at Wen XingYao. I don’t know what kind of madness that kid has this early in the morning. He actually got up at four or five o’clock and came to the kitchen to work. You should be careful, maybe all the natural food in the kitchen has been all wasted by him.”

Wen XingYao’s retort came from the kitchen, “When have I ever wasted food? You were the one who ate more than anyone else at the dinner table, weren’t you? If you have the guts, don’t eat my cooking.”

Tang Ying shut up, whoever can cook was the boss, and face wasn’t worth mentioning in front of delicious food. If Wen XingYao didn’t mind, he was even willing to praise Wen XingYao’s cooking skills to the sky, without a word repeated.

Bai Li took a quick glance in the direction of the kitchen, more or less guessed the reason for Wen XingYao’s behavior, and said with a smile, “Maybe it’s because something good happened.”

“Hmm? What could be good?” Tang Ying’s attention was really diverted, and he speculated irresponsibly, “Could it be that his Genetic Collapse Disorder has completely recovered? Or is it that the industries under his name have earned him another wave of profits so he can continue to be a happy kryptonite? It can’t be that he’s in love with someone. Hahahahaha! That is absolutely impossible! I’m single so he has to be single too. We are the life of a million year old bachelor!”

“Ahem!” Bai Li had been holding a glass of warm water and drinking it in small sips. When he heard Tang Ying’s wild laughter, he almost choked. After he barely regained his composure, he couldn’t help but look at Tang Ying with a sympathetic gaze.

When Tang Ying said that, he probably wouldn’t have believed that what he thought was most unlikely, was the truth. That Wen XingYao was indeed not single, and that the person he was not single with was standing right in front of him talking to him.

To tell him the truth now, will it not be too cruel?

Bai Li silently took another sip of water and thought it would be better to wait until Tang Ying had calmed down a bit and preferably forgotten what he had just said, before Wen XingYao told him.

The kitchen door wasn’t tightly closed, so Wen XingYao also heard what Tang Ying said. The wild laughter made the corners of his mouth twitch a few times, and his face instantly shifted to a sinister expression. He planned to tell Tang Ying that he and Bai Li were together during breakfast, so that he would realize the reality. He was the only single dog in the house now.

It didn’t take long for Wen XingYao to use up all the ingredients Bai Li had stored in the kitchen, and steaming hot dishes of food filled the countertop.

Wen XingYao called Bai Li and Tang Ying. They came in and started packing up the extra food, which Bai Li would then put into his dimensional space to eat later.

Tang Ying followed Bai Li’s lead. He saw some familiar dumplings that he had eaten in the game two days ago, so he raised his smile to ask Wen XingYao to keep the dumplings out for breakfast.

However, it was as if Wen XingYao had eyes in the back of his head. Before Tang Ying could say anything, his hand reached over the other dishes in front of him for the pile of dumplings. He held a box in one hand and picked them with the other. In the blink of an eye, all the dumplings were packed in several boxes and tightly covered.

Tang Ying, “???”

“These dumplings, don’t you want to eat them this morning?” Tang Ying couldn’t help but ask, even as he kept his eyes glued to the boxes.

He recognized the style of those boxes, which were new products on Taotao’s website. They had the functions of permanent constant temperature, freshness lock, food spoilage prevention and intelligent reminders. The packing boxes were functional, good quality, good looking, and even if they were disposable, the price wasn’t low.

However, because Interstellar people didn’t love or even only dislike the taste of real food, such packing boxes were chicken ribs in their eyes, and they simply wouldn’t buy them. They were likely to sell for double digits on Taotao, and there were actually dozens of them in Bai Li’s kitchen.

That double-digit number, it was not brushing up the front, right?

“Well, we aren’t eating them.” Wen XingYao seemed to not notice Tang Ying’s desire, as he very seriously explained, “Bai Li likes to eat these small dumplings. They are set aside for him. I prepared white porridge and a poached egg for you. Later you can eat it with soy sauce piece by piece.”

Although Bai Li’s congee and eggs taste very good, but…

As he watched Wen XingYao’s action of taking one of the boxes and putting it aside, then finding rice vinegar, spicy sauce and a small plate to carefully mix a bowl of dipping sauce, Tang Ying felt a little bad.

This difference in treatment was too obvious, right? He felt that he just couldn’t give up the struggle, so he painted his face with his trademark sweet smile and cheekily said,  “But you made such a lot of it, ah. Share a few with me. What does it matter? I also like to eat small dumplings, ah. Why do you only think Bai Li loves to eat them? Eat them, eat them while they’re hot. Share them with me. Bai Li, you don’t mind, right?”

Bai Li shook his head with a smile.

“Look, Bai Li doesn’t mind, so take one more box out. I’ll eat it together with the white porridge!” Tang Ying’s face broke into a smile. He felt that he had won the war.

Children were the ones who had to choose, but adults want them all!

This shy face made Wen XingYao look at him, then he gave him a not very happy “hmm,” and took out another box full of small dumplings.

Throughout Tang Ying’s negotiation with the two, Wen XingYao hadn’t stopped packing. When he reluctantly agreed to Tang Ying’s request, he finished packing the rest of the food he had made and wasn’t going to eat immediately. After he instructed Bai Li to put the boxes away, he took out a large tray. He served two bowls of congee, put the plate with the poached eggs on it, then took the two boxes with the small dumplings and a stack of dipping sauces with him, and lifted his feet in the direction of the dining room.

It was full of food, all they could to eat in the morning.

Tang Ying was looking at Wen XingYao’s back and was moved. When he saw Wen XingYao’s beaten footsteps he turned back to him and said, “You brought the tray, but you didn’t remember to make a bowl of congee for yourself. In addition, the dipping sauce seems to be a little short. You can mix a dish of your favorite later.”

“I forgot to heat up the black fox cub’s goat’s milk. Warm it up for me before you come out, and look at the time. He’s about to come down to look for Bai Li.”

Tang Ying’s heart choked, only to feel that in the touching scene just now he’d been fed dog food. On that big tray, except for the poached eggs and a few small dumplings, it had nothing to do with him. He couldn’t even dip the sauce. QAQ!

Maybe his position in this family wasn’t even as good as Zhu MoLing’s infant form. The other party had ready-made hot goat milk to drink, but he was the one who had to give him hot goat milk, Tang Ying thought sourly in his heart.

However, as he said before, face wasn’t worth mentioning in front of delicious food, so in order to have a delicious dumpling, just make your own dip. Woo, woo, woo!

By the time Tang Ying came out of the kitchen with a smaller tray, the table had already been set. The fox cub who had just come downstairs swirled around Bai Li’s feet, jumped onto Bai Li’s lap of his own accord, then sat down at the other end of the long table with Bai Li’s help as he waited for his own breakfast.

Wen XingYao sat opposite Bai Li and faced the kitchen door. When he saw Tang Ying come out, he gave Tang Ying a special look, as if he was condemning him. “Why are you so slow and clumsy?”

Tang Ying felt that he was only a small dumpling away from being angry, and began to wonder if he had gotten up the wrong way, or else why, just now, did Wen XingYao look at him with a nose that was not a nose and eyes that were not eyes. What was wrong?

Bai Li settled the fox cub, then ran over to help Tang Ying take the tray to the table and then put it away. Tang Ying instantly returned to his senses, and dodged with the tray before Bai Li got it as he said, “No, no. It’s just a few steps away. I’ll carry it myself. Bai Li, you go back and sit down. As far as my relationship with XingYao is concerned, you shouldn’t treat me as a guest.”

He didn’t know where his words hit Wen XingYao’s point, but the way he looked at Tang Ying softened a bit in satisfaction. He hadn’t expected Adjutant Tang to be an eloquent person who could talk right.

“Okay then, I won’t help you carry it. You quickly put these things on the table and let’s get ready for breakfast,” Bai Li answered and walked back to his seat.

When he smelled the faint aroma of rice, vinegar and hot sauce mixed together, Tang Ying felt his mouth start to flood with saliva and put a little eagerness into his movements. Within a minute, he had placed the items he had brought out in the right place.

In front of each of them was a bowl of congee and a poached egg. In front of the fox cub was a big bowl of hot goat’s milk. Plus, there were two boxes of 20 small dumplings, while between Wen XingYao and Bai Li was the dipping sauce that Wen XingYao had made and in front of Tang Ying was his own.

After he stared at the two bowls of dipping sauce, Tang Ying felt that the one he made wasn’t as good as the one Wen XingYao made, and the color wasn’t as bright as that one. Inwardly, he was tempted to share the latter’s portion with the three of them.

However, before he made that request, which sounded a bit arbitrary, it was necessary to say something polite to pad the bottom. So, Tang Ying thought about it and smilingly asked, “XingYao, why is today’s good day? You were busy in the kitchen early this morning. I can hardly equate the current you with the original you.”

Yes, that’s it, first say something nice to soften Wen XingYao’s attitude, and praise him by the way like a sugar-coated cannonball, coaxing people to find their way, so that it was convenient for someone to make a little request and get the other party’s permission.

Tang Ying shrewdly played his little game. He thought that he could be really resourceful. In front of Bai Li and Zhu MoLing, Wen XingYao still had a good chance of falling into his trap, and soon he would be able to get another dumpling dipping sauce.

What Tang Ying didn’t notice was that as he was saying that, Bai Li and Wen XingYao didn’t pick up the chopsticks in front of them like he had, but instead looked at him seriously. When he finished, Bai Li looked at Wen XingYao again with urging in his eyes, while Wen XingYao nodded gently and returned Bai Li’s look with one of peace.

Tang Ying finally sensed the strange atmosphere at the table, and was about to say something when he heard Wen XingYao speak.

“You’re right. We do have some good news to tell you. Just last night, Bai Li and I got together. This morning, I did a lot of stuff for that reason.” Wen XingYao finished his announcement, and went on to add, “Tang Ying, you are kind of a witness to the two of us. Let’s celebrate together later.”

What else Wen XingYao said after that, was actually inaudible to Tang Ying. At that moment, Wen XingYao’s voice was echoing in his head, while the words “together” were flying across the screen. It was like a faucet that had lost control, and had frantically washed away his mind. He only felt his head buzzing, and heard the sound of something breaking. These two? Actually together? Right under his nose, when he was completely unaware of it? Together?

Tang Ying felt that despite the meal in front of him, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to eat it.

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