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Chapter 185: “Demon Xin, draw your sword!”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

What was obviously a serious competition live broadcast was colored pink at the last moment. At that moment, all the viewers who saw the scene had the same expression, their mouths were opened wide as they let out a silent cry.

Many people at home appeared to be choking on water, coughing desperately, or something in their hands fell and hit the floor or their toes. What, what? This situation, ah? Why would the two big brothers be so intimate a hug, and then also go hand in hand in the direction of the exit, ah? Was this still the brotherhood they thought…? They didn’t think so. This was clearly a relationship!

Once someone thought that maybe that was the case, other possibilities no longer existed.

The forum was on fire and the main floor used a screenshot of the two holding hands in the live room. The title was: Li Bai and Big Brother Demon Xing together before all the details.

The owner was A Man of God, and who knew when he began to collect the various images of the two standing together. Among them were: Wen XingYao taking advantage of Bai Li’s inattention and using his own magical spring water to help water the vegetables in his field; the two sitting on the shore fishing together; talking to each other; participating in a live broadcast; when Wen XingYao’s eyes looked through a crowd to Bai Li; and the two sitting under the vine stand at Bai Li’s house as they petted their furry pets together.

Their eyes slowly fluctuated from the blandness of first acquaintance, and it took just two or three months for the blandness to turn into intensity.

The fellow netizens looked at those screenshots one by one, and the perception in their hearts became more and more profound. They were really dating, and it wasn’t that they were seeing things!

[Ahhhhhhh! I was so excited that I let out a scream. I have long felt that the atmosphere between these two big guys is strange, but you guys keep talking about brotherly love, and I am too embarrassed to say my guesses. I didn’t expect the two big guys to take the initiative to expose it, but I can finally say loudly: I saw the real thing!]

[The upstairs cannot have to be horseback, cannot be considered for us people, we are always naive to think that these two have a very good brotherly relationship…]

[Hey, if the two big guys are brothers or lovers actually does not matter much, right? Brother fan into CP fan, is also just a matter of minutes. I’m already high on it, what about you guys?]

[Who said there is no relationship?! Our LiLi is so good and so great. I was confessing my love to him in my dream yesterday, and today I found out that he has a husband. I don’t accept this result!]

[I don’t agree with this marriage!]

[Ahem, allow me to remind you, the two big brothers are still only in the first stage of being together, the future will be what is not yet said. There is an old saying in the ancient blue star, called ‘as long as the hoe is well wielded, no corner can not dig down,’ 1 I have got the real meaning of this saying!]

After that, there were a bunch of people who confessed their love to Bai Li on the spot, as if they would never have a chance if they missed that day. Bai Li and Wen XingYao, who once again made it into the top 50, knew that their sudden hug was getting the attention of fellow netizens throughout the live stream and quickly accepted the reality of their relationship exposure after the initial surprise.

Wen XingYao, also cloaked the vest of “Demon Xing,” went into the post, and was hateful enough to leave the words “thank you for your concern, we are fine.” The fellow netizens who were concerned about it had heart attacks and cried out to Bai Li, as they told him that Demon Xing wasn’t worth it.

Bai Li’s private messages were once again bursting with confessions, persuasions and blessings, which made him laugh and cry, as he pretended to blame Wen XingYao, “What are you doing to deliberately stimulate fellow netizens. You’re not afraid that they will scold you?”

“They coveted you, and advised you to break up with me.” In this regard, Wen XingYao was also very aggrieved. When he said the last two words, even the luster in his dark golden eyes had dimmed, and he looked very poor and helpless.

The other was probably faking it, but Bai Li just couldn’t say another word of “blame.” He rubbed Wen XingYao’s silver hair that was hanging on his shoulder, and kindly coaxed, “They are just talking. I won’t listen to them. We are together now right?”

Wen XingYao said he was comforted, grabbed Bai Li’s wandering hand and played with his fingers as they talked about the remaining day and a half of game activities.

The two protagonists withdrew from the chat, but the heat of the post didn’t decrease because of their non-participation. More and more fellow netizens learned of the fact that the two were together and shared the news with everyone they knew.

It was just that at the close, Bai Li’s romance was going to hang on the tail end of the StarBiz hot search. Fortunately, Bai Li wasn’t famous, so Bai Li was greatly relieved. He didn’t want to be famous because of this incident…

The best thing about the incident was that Tang Ying felt that his dark life had finally come to light. He was no longer alone in being shown love by these two dreadful guys, but that their love had been shown to the whole Starnet!

Hahahahaha! With so many people watching their romance, they won’t just go after him as a single dog, right? Tang Ying was in such a good mood that he took off to play, and even when his ripe vegetables were snatched during the competition, he was able to smile at his opponent, as he watched his actions with a kind face, just like saying “you pick more.”

Player, “?” Was this old man stupid?

Since he thought that, he sped up the movement of the hands. Who cared if they were stupid, he only had eyes for the event points!

The opposite of Tang Ying’s good mood was Song Xinran’s disbelief. The fifteen-year-old teenager wasn’t quite able to understand the beauty of love, and only knew that his master was snatched away by someone. The person who stole him was living in his master’s house, eating his master’s food, using his master’s money, and even brought another friend (Tang Ying) to eat and drink with him!

This made Song Xinran wonder if his Master had been coaxed into making the decision to stay together. However, when he recalled the cordial atmosphere when the two were together, Song Xinran shook his head again. He knew that his guess was wrong and that his Master was serious about dating the other man.

So…He had another “master” now?

Still so angry! Oh, let him shut himself up for a while!

The discussion about Li Bai and Demon Xing’s love affair continued until that night, when the players and their fellow netizens, who had calmed down a little, finally remembered the results of the competition that they had ignored for most of the day.

In the competition tally, the people they had discussed all afternoon were listed, and the rest had many familiar game IDs. Even of the 1,000 game anchors, as many as seven had been promoted. As the first place of last month’s activity points, Jiang Huaibi was actually in this time as well.

There were just 50 spots in total, yet there were 200 villages in the entire game. Some villages had several players advancing at the same time, and some villages had not a single player. Players who lost the chance to fight for their village ran to the forum list and cried.

[This is the second sad thing today. I thought our village would be able to advance to the next level, but the result is that there is no one. This event is destined to be a runner.]

[I have calculated, even without the extra points awarded for the semi-final and the final, the reasonable use of those event items, and all three days to choose the hell mode map, a player can also get more than 6000 points. If you are good, and in every competition you are ranked in the top three, to get 7,000 to 8,000 points is also possible.]

[Hahaha! My son advanced! He said he was going for the championship throne, and if he could be rewarded with a spot in the game, he would give it to me, so that I could also go play this farming game that has exploded all over Starnet. How can I say this? It’s weirdly exciting.]

[Wow! I envy you for having such a great game upstairs, but you can’t just say you want to be the champion, you still have to work hard!]

[Speaking of which, I remembered LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing. I was so busy discussing their romance this afternoon that I forgot they also advanced to the finals. I heard they are very good, will they also win the final championship…? Although this competition is really based on strength, if LiLi, as a game developer, won the championship, it would feel strange…]

[I think so as well…But I’m sure LiLi will conduct the game with the fairest attitude. You guys didn’t notice, but LiLi stuck those tournament rules to death. As long as the modules can be randomized, he lets the system do it all for him. None of the 100 big mazes today are the same, players are also randomly assigned in, only except for him and Big Brother Demon Xing were assigned together, this luck is no ones, ha.]

[Hahaha! I would like LiLi to win the championship, the best championship reward or game place, so that he cannot use it, then maybe again, put it up on Starnet or the forum for the lottery. This should be considered good news for us cloud players who can’t get into the game so far, right?]

This kind of reverse thinking was new. The fellow netizens seemed stunned. They thought carefully. Was it really possible to have this? So, they secretly looked forward to it, and no longer mentioned Bai Li as the game developer to avoid suspicion about that topic. The end of one topic signaled the beginning of another.

[That said…Wasn’t last month’s list of redeemable items released in the early hours of the third day of the event? Now it’s already the evening of the second day, is it possible that in a few hours we will know which item can be redeemed in this event?]

[Right, oh! You reminded me. I was almost going to go to bed to prepare for tomorrow’s event. Fortunately, fortunately, I’ll see what goodies I can redeem first, and then work hard tomorrow to try to get all the things I want to take home!]

[Want a game slot. I’m tired of saying these six words! Now add one more sentence. High price for game quotas. As long as you have them in hand, the price is yours!]

[Speaking of game quotas, if my calculations are correct, LiLi should still have nearly 1,000 on hand? Half of the month has already passed, so if he doesn’t take them out, he won’t have a chance, right? So I boldly predict that this time in the list of redeemable items, there must still be the existence of game quotas, and we could still use points for direct redemption!]

[Hiss – if that’s true, how many points must be used to redeem one, ah? It can’t be that if you exchange for a game slot, you can’t exchange other goodies, right?]

No amount of discussion now would actually help. After all, the exchange list hadn’t been announced, and no one knew what the final result would be. They either rushed to the bulletin board outside Village Chief’s house or waited for the system’s message, as they hoped and hoped that they would finally get their much-anticipated redemption list.

The bottom picture was an antique style pattern, and the top read, “The list of redeemable items for March’s exclusive event, The Great Vegetable Grab points,” and the redeemable items that appeared in the first row were the most precious game spots.

6,666 points each, the total amount of redemption was 900.

And only after that were other items.

[Treehouse X2,000, 5,000 points each, a player is allowed to redeem one.]

[Pet eggs X5,000, 4,000 points/each, one player is allowed to redeem one.]

[Bicycle X10,000, 2,000 points/each, one player is allowed to redeem one.]

These three were considered old faces, and the players were not surprised by their appearance. After skipping these three, they looked for new faces they hadn’t seen before.

[Mount Egg X5,000, 4,000 points/each, a player is only allowed to redeem a maximum of one.]

[Pet/Mount Evolution Liquid X5,000, 4,000 points/each, one player is allowed to redeem only one at most.]

[Immortal Flower Seedling X20,000, 1,000 points/each, one player is allowed to redeem only one at most.]

[Tasty Foods New Nutritional Liquid X25,000 (5,000 sets of each flavor: cucumber, milk tea, corn, tomato and watermelon), 200 points/set, one player can redeem up to five sets.]


The players couldn’t stop looking and nodding their heads. Hmmmmmmmm. Mounts they also needed, evolutionary fluid (although they don’t know what it is) but it takes so many points to redeem, it must be very precious too. The Immortal Flower seedlings with the word “Immortal”, but also only 1,000 points. If the conditions allow, they were also very interested in exchanging one. But what was that last one? The nutritional liquid of Tasty Foods? How could an advertisement even hit the game?

In the past, with the taste of the Food Basket, nutritional liquid was barely acceptable, but after eating so many delicious food products from the Food Basket for so many days, their taste buds had already become picky, so how could they still accept those unpalatable tastes? Nutritional liquid?

Players inevitably wanted more and were outraged.

Oooh, their LiLi had become so poor that he had to include ads? So miserable! Later, when they go to the game store, they need to use a wave of krypton! Their treasured game designer must be fed by them! Lei Bao, the president of Tasty Food, that evil capitalist, actually oppressed LiLi in front of them! Maybe in a corner they couldn’t see, LiLi had suffered how much coercion and enticement? Really it was too much!

Even if they died of hunger, exhaustion from farming, robbing other people’s vegetables or being killed, they would never, never exchange for that nutrient solution! No way!

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Translator Notes:

  1. When the person you want to pursue is already in a relationship, you can continue to pursue that person, find ways to break up their relationship, and break up with them, thus achieving your own purpose of being in a relationship with that person. This is called “corner digging”/”foot digging”. This sentence means that as long as you keep working hard, you can definitely achieve the purpose of “digging corners”.


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