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Chapter 184: The reality of a touch.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The game store carried Event Limited Time Packs, from which could be opened items that could be of great help to players in the game. The news spread like the wind through all the villages and the game forum. However, unlike the gamers who were using the items as weapons to earn points, fellow netizens in the forum preferred to watch the players use the items to screw over their opponents.

Commonly known as: watching the fun.

[Ah…ha…ha…This player has both hands poking into the dirt, with a face of doubt in life. I can laugh for a year! Other people’s hands are used to grab vegetables, his hands are used to test the wetness of the soil! Hahaha!]

[That invincible golden body is also very powerful, ah. Not only to protect the vegetables in the basket, but also to make the person who touches it directly be knocked out. This post all the way down, I’ve seen 108 different kinds of fall out of the posture! Laughing dead!]

[The design of the white and red potions is also great! They can be used in the most unexpected situations and can make a huge difference at critical times. I heard of a non-celebrity who only opened these two from the packs, but used them to make a flower, played his opponents around, and finally managed to get the most points in a game.]

[Like the cloak of invisibility, who does not love it! It’s just a pity that the time is too short, it expires after 30 seconds of use…]

[Oooooo, that Jumping Water is so cute! I don’t know if you guys noticed, but each plant grows out of the small legs, actually are different, wheat is the appearance of a broomstick ears, corn is with two corn kernels as feet, pumpkins grow under the chassis of the ‘wheels’, strawberries walk upside down…I can’t believe that LiLi is such a childish kid!]

The topic deviated from there as the bored fellow netizens started discussing the small details they found while they waited for even more hilarious scramble scenes to happen. All the game hosts started live streaming their performances at the event and made a fortune by attracting huge traffic with it.

When Bai Li came online again, he was faced with even more ambiguous looks from his fellow gamers who uttered the famous words that had been passed around the forum.

“LiLi, ah. How did you forget to tell us such an important thing as the activity items? Are you looking down on our wallets?”

Wen XingYao was also a face of forbearance, as he stood to the side and waited to see how Bai Li would reply to that group of players.

However, Bai Li, after he understood what happened, thought about it, then explained to the players, “Sorry. I was in such a hurry when I made the announcement that I accidentally forgot about the existence of those items, and I didn’t think about it when I participated in the event in the early morning. However, when you use up the free times, and have to start doing the tasks, someone would get those items from the NPCs, and after that, with everyone’s intelligence they will definitely find the game store. So even if I didn’t remember, it should be okay, right? We are actually still on the same starting line.”

The sincere attitude of apology left the players speechless. At the same time, it also occurred to them, as an afterthought, that although the person in front of them was the designer of the game and was from their village, his identity meant that he was responsible for all the players in all the villages as a whole. If, as they had previously assumed, Bai Li only alerted the players of their one village after the event began, it would undoubtedly be unfair to the players of the other villages. It would be best to say nothing at all, instead.

Interstellar Therians were affected by Genetic Collapse Disorder and sometimes lost their minds. However, when they maintained their normal state, they could still think calmly and not only consider their own interests, but also put themselves in the shoes of others.

So they quickly withdrew their sulky expressions and apologized seriously to Bai Li, “I’m sorry LiLi, we shouldn’t have pushed you. You did the right thing, we were thinking too maliciously.”

Bai Li, who really just accidentally forgot, and didn’t think too much when he opened his mouth, “?” No, when did you guys force me? How come I don’t know, and have I ever done anything special? Why would you guys think you’re shady?

He looked at the group of players who were far away with a confused expression, and foresaw a future where they would spread what they had said. He always felt as if these people were misunderstanding something and overcooking their brains.

“Let them go, it’s good for you that they will think that way.” Wen XingYao walked over and comforted Bai Li.

Bai Li thought for a moment. Also it was true, he should have explained everything, he just accidentally forgot. Except for making himself a little less money, there was also not much impact. Even if the players felt they lost the points they should have gained the first few times, he could also make changes to the points needed to redeem them when the subsequent item exchange list came out.

In any case, the players wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

So he put it aside and went out with Wen XingYao to do his missions.

The two weren’t too lucky that day. Not only did they not get the biggest egg reward during the game, they only got three special items, combined. This allowed the other players who were secretly paying attention to the two from nearby to feel a burst of happiness inside. It turned out that in front of the event, those big brother players weren’t very lucky as well. They could do the task to get the reward, but it was still not as much as they got. For others, at least one person could get three or four extra items, hehehe.

The corners of the players’ mouths rose wildly, and even the players who saw the first few games of the common team felt their eyebrows rise. Hey, hey. It was just a few stolen points, let’s forgive them generously!

With that decision just made, Bai Li and Wen XingYao walked past them quickly, and the conversation between the two drilled into their ears without in silence.

“Let’s find a quieter corner and get ready to buy the Event Limited Gift Pack. I just heard from the others that it takes about three or four gift packs to get up to one of everything. There are still seven games today, so let’s buy fifty gift packs first?”

“Is 50 enough? I don’t think we’re having much luck today. Why don’t we buy 100?”

The players who heard the tycoons speak, “…”

Damn it! We forgot that those two were huge star warriors! What’s wrong with bad luck, they have money! They can rely on kryptonite to save their non-competitive status!

The players only felt that their moods were really up and down, and now they had fallen down; immediately collapsed in a batch on their faces, while in their hearts a crazy split opened. These two big guys weren’t bad at counting. How in the end did they calculate the need to buy fifty or a hundred limited gift packs? Ah! Even if they were rich, they couldn’t be so reckless with it! QAQ!

It’s too wasteful. It’s too wasteful. They wanted to punish them on behalf of the righteous players, have them hand over the extra gift packs and give them to those pitiful poor people. The new hatreds and old hatreds were added together, and in a short while, several group fights broke out near the village chief’s house.

After the fights, the players felt relaxed. They hooked back up to continue to complete the game. No one could tell that just recently, because of a vegetable, a few onions started a quarrel.

They were not fighting because they hate the rich!

In an unobtrusive corner, Bai Li winked at Wen XingYao, who quickly realized that Bai Li had said that on purpose when he passed by that group of players earlier, and that he’d gone along with his words to say something even more exasperating.

Now as he saw Bai Li’s sly smiling eyes, Wen XingYao only felt a vague stirring inside himself. He wanted to do something, but was unable to make any move due to the circumstances at the moment.

In the end, it turned into a long sigh, “You…”

The first day of the “Vegetable Grab” event ended successfully with players working hard on their tasks, going crazy with kryptonite, and actively participating in the competition.

After 24:00, the current ranking of the village players’ total points appeared silently on the bulletin board. The top 50 players were successfully determined, and they received tickets to the “rematch” at 12:00 the next day.

As for the game for the rematch, it would be announced to the participants half an hour before the start of the tournament. During that time, players could continue to play. After all, after 0:00, the number of games available was refreshed.

The players who didn’t make it to the top 50 woke up like a dream, and went straight to their tasks for points, since they had nothing to do with the other competitions afterwards. If they had the chance, they would just go to the live streams of the anchors who made it.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao stuck with it, and were with the last few to become the candidates for the rematch. Although they were very Buddhist when they played, they were in the top three in almost every game because of their kryptonite skills, so their total points added up to over 2,700 in the end.

Heart’s Jade, Song’s Blunt Opinion, Shaded Nettle, What Are You Playing? and Give Me a Bowl of Rice were among the top 50 players, while Song Xinran, Tang Ying, Xiong Pili and the others got stuck outside the 50. There were still many capable people among the villagers of Mushroom Village, those star warriors.

The situation in other villages was similar, the players who made it to the top 50 were full of ambition, while those who didn’t were still full of motivation. Until the list of redeemable items came out, they could continue to work hard! Every drop of sweat they sweat now for points would be a great credit to their hearts in the future!

Zhu MoLing looked at his ranking in the 66th newbie village and smiled in determination. His luck was as good as ever. Not only was he rewarded with a special item every time he did a mission, but he also got an extra chance to play after one of the missions was completed. Luck plus strength, who else could be the first in his village?

Fox One and Fox Two were also in the 50th place, but what made them feel even better than their entry into the final round, was that they were finally able to use up some of the game money given to them by the Patriarch to purchase the Event Limited Gift Pack.

Woo hoo, it wasn’t easy!

The price of a gift pack was set too cheap. Even if they bought 100 of them, in fact, it would only cost 3,000 star coins…sigh.

Si Yue and Ke Ke thought they were also considered the rise of the grassroots. They bought and used ten Event Limited Gift Packs and won over a bunch of tycoons who killed a bloody road.

The two sisters got together and laughed. They said that when the event was over, they might be able to go to the game forum and open a special post to give other players an analysis of how the girls actually managed to get the most points with the least amount of resources.

Lin Wenhuan, Qi Jia’an and other five little sisters of the “Everyone Plants” small group chat at this time were also very lively. The girls were scattered in different newbie villages, and the only one to make it to the top 50 was only Lin Wenhuan, but this didn’t depress the other girls or their lively discussion, as they congratulated Lin Wenhuan on her good competition, and gave her a lot of encouragement.

Lin Wenhuan clenched her fist and said that she would work hard. Her ultimate goal was the game quota.

Under the expectant eyes of all the players, the time reached 11:30 on March 16. The players who made it to the rematch received the rules of the game sent to them by the system. The game hosts who had entered the rematch then published the rules in their live rooms. The rematch took the form of “100 big mazes,” in which the total of 10,000 players were randomly assigned to 100 mazes with only one exit, but too many complex lines to count.

Before they entered the maze, players could randomly select 10 crops to carry. Each crop was worth 50 points, and each had different functions. Wheat could speed up a player three times in one minute, potatoes could let a player pass through a wall, green vegetables could display the entire map of the maze for three seconds…And these crops could be grabbed between players.

The competition time was 60 minutes. If they got out of the maze within 60 minutes, they would be rewarded with extra points. After that, the total number of crops owned by the players would be added in as points for a comprehensive ranking. The top 50 in points from among 10,000 people would enter the final round. At the end of the competition rules, the system also immediately announced the location of the final. It was the mysterious “Ancient City” that no player had managed to enter since that month’s big upgrade.

When that news came out, the whole network was shocked. Fellow netizens, players and even the flies rubbed hands in anticipation. Right now their time was still in the second day of the competition, but their hearts had already flown to the third day.

All of them were extremely interested in the Ancient City, and those who had eyes to live also ate up the opinions of the expert professors who specialized in the history of the Ancient Blue Star on the starblog, as they asked them to come and watch the live broadcast to see if the Ancient City in the game was the same as the ones they were studying.

This move received a lot of responses.

After they understood the specific rules of the competition and selected the ten crops they needed, the players were teleported into a special labyrinth map at 12:00 on the dot.

During that hour, all the other players concurrently stopped what they were doing, and joined their fellow netizens to flock to the live broadcast feeds of the lucky hosts who made it to the rematch and watched with great interest.

Bai Li and these anchors agreed to cooperate. After they entered a maze map, the anchors would temporarily lose control of their camera and couldn’t view the live feed themselves. Instead, the camera would hover over the maze, and viewers would be able to see all the scenes that appeared in the maze from a top-down perspective.

The famous scenes keep coming.

A male player was surrounded by five female players, who shouted “Don’t come over here!” Then, he suddenly used the wheat which accelerated him,  and he rushed away from the group of women. Only a long and spectacular dust trail was left behind, indicating that he had been there.

The audience, [Hahahahaha! Brother you can’t…You are likely to miss a racy encounter. Maybe the girls just want to make friends with you.]

Another player, after seeing a wall in front of him 10 times in a row, finally broke down and took out a green vegetable to view the entire map of the maze. However, because the pattern was only displayed for three seconds, he took several deep breaths before he was ready and chose to use it. As a result, it took about 3 seconds to go from ecstasy to a blank expression, and when the picture disappeared, he fell into deeper confusion.

What was that that just appeared? Oh, it was the winding road of his life!

The audience, [Pfft! I thought this item would be a good thing, but it turned out to be a complete chicken feed in front of the average person! It seems like quite a few players have chosen the green vegetable item. Hopefully they won’t bother with them or they’re just wasting 50 points for nothing.]

At a certain three-way intersection, a heroic-looking female player faced with three choices frowned. She looked around carefully, and then took out a “beanstalk” from her backpack. As soon as the long green plant was put down, it seemed to be alive, as it hung suspended in the air. First it wriggled a few times like a worm, and then the whole thing tensed up and pointed in the direction of the right-hand side of the road.

After the result came out, it only stayed for a few seconds and then completely disappeared. The audience then realized that the role of this crop was to point the direction for the players. Sure enough, with the help of the beanstalk, the female player went in the right direction, and when she encountered another fork in the road, she took out a brand new beanstalk from her backpack.

Players, [666. This item is simply cheating. Fortunately, the maze is large enough, so players who want to get out have to go through and choose dozens of intersections. The less of an item, the fewer points can be obtained in the end, otherwise this sister could get out of the maze just using those beans!]


As the game time advanced, the players in the non-stop trial and error slowly approached the direction of the exit. And the closer to the exit, the more frequent the scrambles between players erupted. Some people came to a dead end and tried to retreat to their original location, only to find that three strangers had silently followed behind them, cornered them and robbed them severely before they left.

There were also people who were in sight of victory, but didn’t notice the smooth pavement underfoot, which was covered with oil from “sesame seeds” and slipped so hard that their tailbones issued a sharp pain, and from the shadows came the ambush of another person, “shi, shi” forward, and while they were paralyzed, their remaining items were harvested by the other, under the eyes of resentment.

Others cooperated all the way, were about to reach the exit and started looking ahead to a better life after the final, when they were attacked from behind by a sneak attack from their companions and only fought back after a few seconds of stiffness and faced a frantic fight.

“Damn! What do you mean! Didn’t we agree to cooperate? We’re almost to the exit, you dare to sneak attack, Laozi! I’ll fight with you!”

“Hey, the competition comes first, friendship second, not to mention that we are a temporary partnership. Are you a brother here? So, I also sneak attack. If I win, it means I have the strength, if I lose, I am not as good as others. I also admit it. Come on brother, let’s grab something good…”

“Heh, you’re just relying on the fact that we aren’t from the same village! If you weren’t from the same village you wouldn’t dare to do so. Hurry up, report your specific address! Don’t use force in the game Lai Lai. Here we have the ability to touch, but we can also touch in reality! In a word, you dare not!”

“There is nothing to be afraid of. Listen carefully. I live on the Tiger Skin Pepper Star, XX city XX district XX road XX! I’m not afraid of you!”

“#¥%… &*()”


The audience looked at the black lines, and thought that for this session the player really wasn’t able to play, ah. How could someone look so childish? The game was already fighting, but in reality it was another situation. One dared to ask, one dared to respond, but to really have them…

In this regard, a faction of the belligerent audience said, [Two brothers, we can support someone from the sidelines. We can be at hand to give you shouting cheer yo…]

Suddenly, someone found the game developer, Bai Li’s, figure in the dense 100 screen live room, and they immediately summoned the crowd to watch. Then they soon found out that the big man and his buddy, Demon Xing, were in the same maze. What a fate!

Some viewers soon trumpeted the two’s beautiful bromance, which drew a lot of approval.

One viewer suggested in the pop-up, [Let’s make a bet on whether Li Bai and Demon Xing can meet before they leave the maze, and whether they will fight after they meet because of competition.]

[I’ll go first! I think they will meet and fight! Woo hoo! Are we about to witness a historic moment of two big brothers ‘turning against each other’ today?]

[But the maze is so big. Big Brother Demon Xing will be able to walk to the exit after two more intersections while LiLi, although only one wall away from Demon Xing, still has to go through at least four intersections. The time alone spent on the road will be quite a lot, right? They should not be able to meet.]

[Hey, they can be assigned to the same maze, so this fate can’t be discounted, right? I bet they not only meet, but also hand in hand, go together out of the maze…]

The above three views were supported by many people. While the audience in the pop-up screen put out a crazy output of their own views, they saw that Bai Li seemed to sense something. He raised his voice and shouted, “Demon Xing, isn’t you?” After he confirmed the identity, the corners of his mouth hooked up slightly, and then he pulled an object out of his backpack.

A round, gray potato, whose function was to let a player go directly through a wall.

Bai Li didn’t hesitate to use it, and his feet naturally crashed towards the earthen wall.

Then, as the live audience watched, Big Brother Demon Xing opened his arms and faced the wall, so just as their Li Li crashed through from the other side, he happened to collide with Big Brother Demon Xing. The open arms tightened in response, and one of Big Brother Demon Xing’s hands rubbed the top of LiLi’s head gently.

The intimate action of the two seemed to appear surrounded by substantial pink flowers.

The hug was quickly released, but the audience was dead sure the two were still holding hands together, and couldn’t help but doubt their judgment. Was this what they thought before, a touching “brotherhood”? This was a joke! If these two people weren’t a pair, they cut would off their own heads as a ball to kick!

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