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Chapter 186: Transition animation.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The players who liked and loved Carefree Farmstead made up 10,000 words of Bai Li’s tragic and unfair treatment in just a few minutes. If the content they made up was known to Lei Bao, he would have cried out “wronged” and taken out the contract he signed with Bai Li to prove his innocence. Fortunately, the anger of the players didn’t last too long, and soon some players from the official website or forum came back to inform them that there was a misunderstanding. It was all a misunderstanding.

LiLi added the nutritional liquid in the redemption list because it was his cooperative effort with the Tasty Foods that was produced. The taste came from the data of the game. You couldn’t say it was a 100% replica, but the taste was certainly still good.

These nutrients hadn’t yet been released to the public, and the first batch was sponsored to Carefree Farmstead. If the players were interested in the new flavor of nutrient solution, they only had to spend 200 points to exchange for a batch.

In reality, players who had experienced the poisoning of nutrient solutions from birth until now still maintained a cautious and wait-and-see attitude. When friends of the game asked them tentatively whether they were going to spend points to exchange for nutrient solution, they just laughed evasively and dared not say anything to death. Alas, it was better to see if there were any points left. If there were enough points, then they would exchange them for another batch to taste. 200 points was still expensive. If only dozens of points were needed, they wouldn’t hesitate.

The official website of Bai Li’s blog and game, in addition to announcing the cooperation with “Tasty Foods”, also said another thing, which was to announce to the players that the top three players in the final would each get an extra slot in the game.

He also said in a joking tone, if he or Demon Xing was lucky to enter the top three, then their places would be given out in a lottery on the starblog, which was also considered to confirm the speculation of fellow netizen in the forum, and also generously admitted the relationship between the two. Once that news came out, those players who made it to the final were on fire inside and had a deeper yearning for the top three in the competition. That was a game slot, a game slot worth 6,666 points in the redemption list. If they could get one for nothing, they could spare more points to grab the other items.

However, this second message was destined to be the revelry of 50 people, the remaining players put on a “it’s raining, I have no melons” posture, and continued to look at the next items according to the order of the list.

This event also had limited edition fashions. Men and women had three sets, each set was worth 2,000 points. Players could exchange according to their needs, and it wasn’t limited. The number of points, for players who dreamed of collecting all the fashions in the game in hand, was also quite friendly. If they didn’t exchange for other expensive items, and bit the bullet, they could get it.

The players looked all the way down, calculated their total amount of points by then, and quickly made their decision. Yet all sorts of thoughts were fiercely shaken when they saw a certain limited item at the bottom.

[Surprise Pack X10,000,000 100 points/each, can randomly open various items, contains 90 game slots, each player could exchange up to 10.]

What did that mean? It means that if one was lucky, players only needed to spend a small amount of 100 points to get a precious game slot! 100 was too little and too few compared to 6,666.

Even if you redeemed all 10, that was 1,000 points. That was still much less than 6,666 points!

How could that discovery not let people be excited? The players who saw it, one by one, their pupils and nostrils dilated together. They gasped for breath, their faces red, and they were too excited to contain themselves.

[Damn! 90 places! LiLi is really too generous. I don’t care, even if I don’t exchange other things at that time, I still want to exchange these 10 gift packs that I should have, and at that time…Hey, hey, hey!]

[This is simply a universal lottery, ah! 10 million gift packs! As long as we, the one million players willing, each exchange 10. Although the probability of opening a game quota is very low, I am still willing to follow this dream!]

[The probability is low. There will always be 90 lucky people out of a million, maybe that person is me! Take a chance, a bike into a motorcycle, 1,000 points only, arrange!]

[High price for game quotas, high price for game quotas, high price for game quotas! Say the important thing three times!]

[…Sure enough, the tycoon was blown out again.]

The night passed quickly amidst the excitement of the players and the expectations of their fellow netizens. At 12:00 on the third day of the event, the players who had successfully entered the final round gathered around the NPC, Old King, at the entrance of the village and talked to him to get on the carriage to the mysterious Ancient City.

Among the spectators, there were a few people with probing minds who could not help but make a little speculation. This time, everyone had not found the way to the Ancient City independently. This key wasn’t in the village entrance’s NPC Old King was it?

When the Old King took the people away, the nearby players crouched with glowing green eyes and watched them leave.

They couldn’t wait to brush up on the goodwill of this NPC that they usually ignored.

Bai Li, Wen XingYao, and Jiang Huaibi sat in a spacious carriage, the first two sitting shoulder to shoulder on one side with Jiang Huaibi on the other. There was still a big difference between getting high on two people’s CP secretly behind their backs, and watching it directly from the front. Before their romance was exposed, Jiang Huaibi was able to talk and chat with them naturally, but now…she just wanted to put a cloak of invisibility on herself or shrink into a tiny ball and not appear in front of these two.

I shouldn’t be in the car, but underneath it. To ease the embarrassment, Jiang Huaibi chose to slightly turn to one side, with her back to the two men, then lifted the curtain on the carriage window and curiously surveyed the world outside.

The carriage was running smoothly and quickly, and the scenery outside the window was passing by in a hurry. The pale greenery was spread out like a paintbrush, and in the distance were the darker colored mountains. There were birds chirping, interspersed with the short, rugged howls of wild animals.

Even the sun overhead was also a light and pale color, like warm water soaked in a loose egg. A light blue sky with floating, cotton candy-like white clouds. It was nice to look at, while at the same time, it could also cast shadows for the people on the ground. Although Jiang Huaibi felt that with the temperature emitted by the sun, there was no need for the slightest shade.

Jiang Huaibi stared blankly at the fairy-tale world outside the carriage window, and didn’t know when the scenery began to change slightly. At first, there were a few teahouse-like buildings with some sets of tables and chairs scattered about, and a small stove with neatly arranged tools and plates, but no one was there.

Then one or two villages gradually appeared nearby. They were either surrounded by dense forest, built on the distant mountains, or covered by tall trees, so only the appearance of a little roof was revealed. The scenery passed by in a hurry, and it was too late to get a good look at them before they were left behind.

Jiang Huaibi couldn’t help but wonder whether the villages she had just seen were her own imagination or if they had actually existed.

What she didn’t notice was that while all her attention was seized by the scenery outside, unconscious exclaims came out of her mouth from time to time. The sounds of “yelp”, “yah”, and “ah” were incessant and very noticeable in the carriage.

When Wen XingYao also lifted the curtain on their side to look out in curiosity, Bai Li leaned in towards his ear and explained softly, “This is an animation. It lasts about five minutes. We’ll arrive at our destination soon.”

The temperature at his ear made Wen XingYao stiffen. HIs fingers silently loosened, and let the curtain hang naturally. He also returned to his original position, and to look at his situation, he was quite uncomfortable.

Just as Jiang Huaibi brought her gaze back from the outside world she had a pupil earthquake. She really didn’t have to spend money to watch the interaction of these two big brothers?

The speed of the carriage began to slow down. Outside, the horse issued a snorting sound, and they slowly stopped in front of a lofty city gate.

“You three, we’re here,” The Old King from the entrance of the village said outside. He jumped down, lifted the curtain with his own hands, and indicated for the three people inside to come out.

Jiang Huaibi almost couldn’t wait to jump off the carriage in a flash. She landed on the ground with her head hanging low, as she continued to minimize her presence.

Bai Li was about to die of laughter at her reaction. He finally stopped purposefully teasing her,  waved, and called out, “Heart’s Jade, don’t stand there dazed. Let’s go over together.”

Jiang Huaibi froze, before she said, “Oh, okay.” Then she took one small step in the direction of Bai Li and Wen XingYao, and spent another minute adjusting her mind before all the players arrived.

“Everyone, I’ll go back first, and I’ll come back to pick you up when your side is finished.” The NPCs, the Old King from the village entrances, each with different faces, said in one voice. Then they got on the carriages and left the way they came.

When the caravan of dozens of carriages disappeared from the players’ view, someone exhaled heavily, slapped his chest and said, “Oh my God! Dozens of Old Kings. It’s really frightening!”

Although that was true, it felt like a switch was flipped. The words fell, and many people let out a “I understand, I understand,” along with muffled laughter.

For the final of this event, Bai Li deliberately opened a live account for himself in the official live broadcast room of Carefree Farmstead. Since he was the designer of the game and had enough authority, he not only set up a hovering camera right above the Ancient City to record everything that happened in the city, but also set up flexible cameras to follow each participant.

Viewers entered the live stream and were not only able to view the entire race from God’s perspective, but they were also able to switch to each individual contestants’ sub-streams to see how they were doing in the race. The viewers’ bounty, except for the income from the largest one, the live broadcast room of the ancient city panorama, went to the contestants themselves, and they could make withdrawals directly after the end of the competition.

Since the competition hadn’t officially started, the audience could only enjoy the panoramic view of the Ancient City through the main camera first.

[Oh my God! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, who could believe that this is a real picture? This city really has too much ancient charm, right? I used to look at the history book photos and compared to it, they are really nothing!]

[The lofty gates, the tall and heavy walls, and the village chief’s house are of the same origin, but they are much more elaborate. Why should that building be so beautiful? In the daytime look how it glitters. Really dare not imagine in the evening, when the lanterns hanging under the gables are lit up, what will be a beautiful scene…I’m jealous, I’m really jealous. I also want to go into the Ancient City to have a good tour! QAQ!]

[The streets are staggered and orderly, the houses in the town are exquisite and beautiful, and there are simple and plain ones, but no matter which, they are all absolutely beautiful in my eyes! My grandfather, who has studied the historical architecture of the Ancient Blue Star all his life, is now weeping silently beside me, and I’m crying. Are you guys?]

[Teary eyes. Through this live broadcast, I seem to have also seen the magnificence and splendor of the Ancient Blue Star’s history. What kind of people were they to build such beautiful and ingenious buildings? It’s a history that deserves a lot of time for all people to trace and explore!]

While the audience was enjoying the view, Zhu MoLing found Bai Li in the crowd and came straight over with Fox One and Fox Two.

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