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Chapter 187: Brothers meet.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“Uh, hello, what can I do for you?” Bai Li faced the three unfamiliar players who were aggressive and slowly typed out a question mark. Since his identity as a game developer was revealed, he would occasionally encounter players who came looking for him. Especially in the past two days, there were players from other villages who recognized him and came to greet him.

Bai Li thought that Zhu MoLing and the other two had the same purpose, although the one who took the lead had a strange expression, but as an inclusive game developer, Bai Li thought that no matter what kind of players, he could accept them all without changing his expression.

At the first sight of Bai Li, Zhu MoLing’s belief in the suspicion that Bai Li was actually his own brother increased by 5%. Although Bai Li’s face in the game and the face in reality were not his brother’s face, the micro-expressions on his face still partially overlapped. When he was puzzled, he went slightly wide-eyed. When he laughed, his eyes narrowed with a curved arc. Then when he bad-heartedly teased others, a hint of cunning leaked out. These were all habitual reactions of his brother.

It seemed that even though his younger brother lost his memory of being “Zhu QingLing,” he still had traces of “Zhu QingLing” in his body. This made Zhu MoLing more confident. As long as he stimulated his brother with more memories of their time together, his brother would definitely be able to recover his memory.

The first step he had to take now was to formally get to know Bai Li. As acquaintances, not asking for recognition. Zhu MoLing glanced at Fox One, who understood the gesture and stepped forward to take the initiative to identify himself.

“Mr. Bai, it’s us, ah. I am Fox One, this is Fox Two, and this is our Patriarch.” After finishing the words, he took the initiative to turn his body sideways, re-exposing Zhu MoLing to Bai Li’s eyes.

Bai Li’s gaze moved along with Fox One, bounced around his and Fox Two’s faces for a moment, and asked in a strange way, “Fox One? How did your face turn out like this…? and Fox Two? You look much older than in reality…Mn, much older.” Forgive him, they looked so different that it was really hard to recognize them.

When he heard Bai Li’s description of Fox One and Fox Two’s pinched faces, Zhu MoLing nodded with satisfaction in his heart. As expected of his brother, they both thought of the same thing.

Fox One didn’t even notice the problem with Bai Li’s tone, looked at him with a grateful face, and said, “Thanks to you, Mr. Bai, you made my dream come true! My beast type is a Tibetan fox, and I was born with a big face. Even plastic surgery can not save it. Fortunately, the game can change your face. I wanted to alter the kind of shape, so it was very convenient!”

“And me, and me!” Fox Two interjected. “Look, Mr. Bai, don’t I look more reliable now? Don’t I look more harmonious when I stand with Fox One?”

The others in the clan used to say that he had a baby face and looked like a child who hadn’t reached adulthood, so they always felt uneasy when they put him in charge of taking care of the Patriarch’s food and living as well as his usual safety. Now, he was getting older and stronger.

Bai Li’s mouth twitched. He couldn’t bear to splash the two men with cold water, so he nodded with difficulty. After that, he remembered the third person he had accidentally ignored. The two of them just stared at each other from a short distance.

Wen XingYao soon noticed this situation, and while he didn’t feel green, he certainly had some discomfort in his heart. Bai Li didn’t look at him like that, why go to see Zhu MoLing first?!

He relied on his own real identity, and stepped forward so half of his body blocked Bai Li. However, he pretended it happened carelessly and didn’t notice. He looked at Zhu MoLing with a smile on his face and said softly, “I wish you well, Patriarch.” It was regarded as a greeting.

The interruption of the conversation, made Zhu MoLing’s displeasure index +1, Wen XingYao’s defensive attitude, Zhu MoLing’s displeasure index +2, and when he thought of the current Starnet rumors about Wen XingYao and Bai Li’s relationship, Zhu MoLing’s displeasure index +10,086. It almost broke through his whole defense.

He could only swallow his grievances, and add a few strokes to his little book of grudges and see if he could have a chance to retaliate later…

Bai Li also reacted. How this must look to a stranger, to see his loss of authority, this shouldn’t be, ah. So he quickly gathered his thoughts, poked his head out from behind Wen XingYao’s back and greeted the person with a smile, “Hello!”

Zhu MoLing saw that Wen XingYao was upset, and simply went around him to shake hands with Bai Li, “Bai Li, hello. I’ve heard from Fox One and Fox Two. Thank you for your care during this time.”

Because they were still in the game and surrounded by players, Zhu MoLing couldn’t say anything openly, only a simple expression of gratitude, but between the words it covered the most important content. People who weren’t aware of the situation really didn’t know what he said with that specific meaning.

Jiang Huaibi had also stuck to Bai Li’s side. Her eyes rolled back and forth as she looked at those people. Her eyes were curious and confused, but she also understood what not to say without asking. She understood that these weren’t things she should know about, she just knew that these people weren’t malicious towards LiLi.

A few people didn’t separate after they met up, but after only a few words, the specific rules of play regarding the final were announced. The players stopped exchanging pleasantries and concentrated on reading.

The final game used two types of play: “crop card collection” and “tearing the name tag.” The former was about how many points the contestants could get in the game, while the latter involved the final ranking of the players.

The first game, “Crop Card Collection”, started with 5,000 crop cards representing different numbers of points being hidden in various corners of the Ancient City. Some would be placed in plain sight, while others would require players to search carefully. After they found the cards, the points represented on them would be directly counted towards a player’s total points for the event, and no one else could grab them.

The second game, “Tear Up the Name Tag”, as the name implied, began with each player having a white “name tag” with their respective ID attached to their back. If their name tag was torn off by another player in the process of finding a crop card, they would be directly disqualified from the game. Disqualified players would be transported immediately to the city gates and wouldn’t be able to search for crop cards.

This also meant that was the end of the final game for them.

After one hour, if the 50 players hadn’t settled in a specific ranking, the remaining players who still had their name tags would go to a “martial arts stage” in the center of the Ancient City, where the final duel would take place.

The duel had no time limit. It would go on until there was a first, second and third place.

When the rules were announced, the live broadcast had already started, and the viewers followed the 50 players to observe the rules of the competition, and after watching that, they called out in excitement for the players they supported.

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October 4, 2023 4:11 pm

I remember watching tearing the name tag off the back in Running Man show and it was hilarious 😆 The players sure needed a lot of stamina to run around and wrestle the tag off🤣

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