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Chapter 189: The result.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

That day’s broadcast was such a successful one, that the Interstellar people still occasionally talked about it even years later in the running of Carefree Farmstead.

Whenever the eventual winner of the event, Night Snow is Serene and Cold, was mentioned, someone couldn’t help but give it a thumbs up and say, “That girl is a tough one.”

If the competition was judged by the number of name tags torn off by the players, Night Snow is Serene and Cold deservedly got first place.

At that time, after searching for “Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon,” she was on the roof of the highest building nearby and sniped inhumanely at the other players passing by.

She might have been a nimble nether cat, or a swift night leopard. By slowing down her breathing in a corner where no one was looking, she could integrate herself with the surrounding scenery, which made it more difficult to find her. 

The way she ripped off players’ name tags wasn’t by brute force, but by endless means. For the audience who came to her live room, it was like watching a silent, but moving performance. They even subconsciously held their own breath, afraid their heavy breathing might disturb her movements.

Fortunately, Night Snow is Serene and Cold succeeded in every strike, even though her opponents didn’t have time to react, and were eliminated from the game. Plus she had a reluctant and desperate look, head up and chest away, and along the road she could occasionally pick up a card that hadn’t been found.

Everywhere she went, she committed a lot of “bloodshed.”

Even Bai Li was eliminated because of her. The situation was a bit dramatic, but it really happened under the watchful eyes of everyone.

Perhaps his search for cards was too involved, bit Bai Li didn’t notice that the name tag on his back had signs of loosening, and that only a quarter of it was still attached to the original position of the Velcro, while the remaining three-quarters was high and arched.

When looking down from above, the back of Bai Li had a very obvious arching up slope. With just a small tool, one might be able to easily rip this name tag off.

Night Snow is Serene and Cold judged that she had more than a 60% chance of success, so while she secretly watched Bai Li’s whereabouts, she started to make the tool she wanted. Soon, she made a long rod like a fishing rod. To the top of the rod was attached to two curved and sharp hooks. The hooks were also fixed in place with the sticky side of the Velcro that she had torn off from the back of one of the others.

After she made that tool, she confirmed that only she and Bai Li were nearby for the time being, then she came down from the high part of the building and gently followed behind Bai Li.

This process was very short. Even as Bai Li hadn’t yet noticed that there were people behind him, she quickly shot. The long pole poked Bai Li’s back, a hook, a poke, and then a sticky, written “Li Bai” name tag was brought to her!

They just hear the tearing sound of the floating, fragile name tag, and it was attached to the long pole, and then in Night Snow is Serene and Cold’s hands. The sharp hook on the top of the pole didn’t even touch the clothes Bai Li was wearing.

The audience in the live room clapped their hands and said that in terms of the use of “weapons,” if Night Snow is Serene and Cold dared to call herself second, no one would dare to call themselves first.

When his name tag was torn away, Bai Li took a few seconds to react, then turned around to see a female player was leaping and excitedly looking in his direction with a faint joy. He waved his hand in the other player’s direction, and said “cheers” loudly before he was teleported to the city gate.

Outside the city gates, the players who were eliminated before Bai Li saw that Bai Li, the game developer, had been eliminated, and changed their frustrated expressions to ones that showed they were comforted.

If even a player as good as Li Li could be eliminated, this final was really horrible! They simply dared not think which powerful player would be the one to take the first place in the final at the end.

After Bai Li was eliminated, he was a little embarrassed and comforted the viewers who might still be in his live room. He said that although he was eliminated, Demon Xing was still in the game and there was still a chance for the lottery to send a slot.

As a result of his words, Wen XingYao appeared not far from him, and the two were within feet of one another.

Bai Li, “…”

The audience, “Hahahahahaha!”

Tears streamed down their faces as they laughed and smiled, their dreams shattered. To ease the awkwardness, the two got together and exchanged thoughts on why they were eliminated.

[I know this one! Big Brother Demon Xing was eliminated by that player called Ink!]

[Strange. I remember that player also said hello to LiLi and Demon Xing before the match started, right? A few people obviously know each other, but will actually still fight during the match.]

[Wow! I’m sure that even though the way the tournament is played has changed, the word ‘robbery’ has permeated the entire tournament, and in front of the final glory, what’s friendship worth? Hehehehe!]

[Well…At the front, you just admit it. Is it not true that in the past few days it’s been the activities of the broken heart? Let me guess, is it not your brother or sister who grow out of the vegetables you have robbed?]


[Hey hey hey! The topic is skewed, hello…At that time I happened to be in Big Brother Demon Xing’s live room. The player called Ink’s sneak attack, in my opinion, was a little strange. The way he ran to Big Brother Demon Xing’s ear. Who knows what he said, his voice was so soft that even the live camera didn’t catch it. At that time, Big Brother Demon Xing seemed to be very shocked, which revealed a break in his defenses and having his name tag torn off by Ink’s hand reaching behind his back.]

[Well, how should I put it? The king of success and defeat, Big Brother Demon Xing was eliminated because of this reason, but losing is losing. You can only admit it, hey.]

“I can’t believe that’s the case. So what exactly did he say to you?” Bai Li blinked, his eyes showing obvious confusion. Obviously, he didn’t think Wen XingYao would be easily influenced by external forces unless what Zhu MoLing told him was shocking enough.

Wen XingYao, however, didn’t answer Bai Li’s question at first.

His mind was still buzzing, and it was difficult to think in a calm manner. Zhu MoLing’s words, “Bai Li is most likely my lost brother,” kept coming back to him, and made it difficult for him to distinguish whether they were true to Zhu MoLing’s analysis, or whether they were fabricated for the purpose of tearing away his name tag.

If it was a lie, why would he say something like that? Wouldn’t it be better to use it for other reasons? But if that thing was true…was it possible? According to what Bai Li had told him about his past before, he was an ordinary person who lost his parents when he was very young, he was raised by the Imperial Welfare Department, and moved out to start living independently when he became an adult.

…Well, Bai Li, who had a special ability, wasn’t really an ordinary person.

Still, how did such an innocent person come to be associated with Zhu QingLing, who ran away from Hope Star and everyone lost track of him?

Wen XingYao was aware of Zhu QingLing. That person, even seven or eight years ago, when he saw him was only a child of about ten years. At that time he was far away from him, and only thought his skin was very white, and he looked like a kind of snow jade lovely. That and a few more impressions, were from the Zerg battlefield.

The young master of the Heavenly Fox Clan, Zhu QingLing, was born with superb illusions, and under the cover of the mist, could move freely and transform into any image at will. With his superb talent and excellent ability, he played a huge role on the battlefield, as he guided several important battles to victory in the middle and late stages of the war.

However, genius was an existence that even God was jealous of. Zhu QingLing snuck into battle behind his family’s back for no more than six months, when his Genetic Collapse Disorder broke out at breakneck speed. It moved from early to mid-stage in just a few months, and quickly reached the late stage. After he officially reverted to his infancy, he was sent to Hope Star in accordance with the Empire’s regulations.

The number of Therians sent to Hope Star in those years was so great that despair and sadness became the norm for those who remained. At that time, his own Genetic Collapse Disorder was showing signs of deterioration, and the last few battles barely had enough support, so there was not much time left for him to grieve.

However, now he had been told that the fallen genius, the teenager he had only heard rumors about for a long time, but never got close to, was actually Bai Li himself? It was too unbelievable!

When he looked at Bai Li, he didn’t seem like he had an impression of Zhu QingLing’s deeds, so what was the deal?

…No. No, he forgot about Zhu Qingling’s talent. Illusion…Wasn’t it also possible to change his own appearance? Obscuring and modifying his memories from childhood to adulthood? If that was the case, then what Zhu MoLing said would be a possibility.

Still, what did Zhu MoLing tell him about this uncertainty? Did he want to use his mouth to mention it to Bai Li, or did he come to identify himself to him…? The fact that Zhu MoLing was Bai Li’s brother and that he and Bai Li were in a relationship…didn’t that mean that Zhu MoLing was actually his brother-in-law?

Wen XingYao felt that he had discovered Zhu MoLing’s sinister intentions, and that he was announcing his status to himself.

Once he saw Zhu MoLing again, he was afraid he’d have to face him with a different attitude.

In a short period of time, Wen XingYao thought a lot, but made the same decision as Zhu MoLing, that was not to tell Bai Li about the matter for the time being, to save Bai Li from worrying. It was better to wait until the evidence was more adequate, or for when the Zhu MoLing in reality barely went back to human form by his own means.

“Didn’t say anything.” Wen XingYao shook his head, and quickly moved to talk about other topics to push it off.

Curiosity un satisfied, Bai Li felt slightly stifled for a while. However, after he thought that what the two said might be confidential, and he wasn’t comfortable knowing such things, he was soon relieved and stood with Wen XingYao, as he quietly waited for the end of the game.

Not long after that, Jiang Huaibi, Fox One, and Fox Two were also teleported out one after another, and a large group of people soon gathered at the entrance of the city. A careful count showed that there were actually as many as 47 people, which meant that only three people were left to continue fighting in the large Ancient City.

The candidates for the three game quota winners finally came out.

After a few more minutes, a male player who was flamboyant looking but did not carry the slightest female aura was teleported out. When he first appeared at the city gate, his entire body was confused, and he seemed unaware of what had happened to him. When he realized that the environment he was in had changed, he quickly regained his composure, and the change in his expression was a masterpiece.

Jiang Huaibi quietly approached Bai Li and introduced him, “LiLi, this person is the 52nd newbie village’s A Liquor Store!. I don’t know if you still remember, but he is also a member of the list of anchors. HIs live content is ‘dress up’ and now he is Carefree Farmstead’s famous face anchor!”

Once this was said, Bai Li was impressed, and together with Jiang Huaibi quietly surveyed A Liquor Store! who was not far away, then they nodded to each other over his face value and expressed affirmation. Who didn’t like a good-looking little brother or young lady?

Not far away, A Liquor Store! also noticed the game developer’s gaze and was inwardly happy. He wanted to go forward to greet Bai Li, but heard the bell tower in the Ancient City’s center ring again. The specified game time was three minutes, and it seemed only two people were left in the entire city.

The martial arts stage was originally to be used as a place for the championship, was directly turned into an awarding place. Night Snow is Serene and Cold, Ink, and A Liquor Store!  got the special titles of “King of vegetable grabbing,” “Master of vegetable grabbing,” and “Little master of vegetable grabbing” which had a certain bonus effect on the growth of crops when they were worn.

These three titles were in a golden flower font, and after they were equipped, they would appear on the top of their head. They were quite beautiful, like small golden crowns.

With that discovery, it made them a little dissatisfied with the wording of the title, and they thought Bai Li wasn’t very heartfelt about the titles. Zhu MoLing eased his expression, and felt that he really deserved the name “Master of vegetable grabbing.”

Fox One and Fox Two were simply blinded by how their Patriarch had become so easily satisfied. The players who were eliminated were envious, but they knew the truth of success and defeat, not to mention that these three players also won on their own merits.

After the awarding of the prizes, the group went back to the entrance of the city and waited for the carriages that would pick them up to arrive. While they waited, Zhu MoLing once again approached Bai Li under the watchful gaze of Wen XingYao, but said something that was unrelated to Bai Li’s life.

“I heard that you promised the fellow netizens that if you got a game quota in the final, you would draw a lottery on the starblog. Now I have got a game quota, and there is no one who I want to give it away to. Could you give it away for me?”

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