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Chapter 188: “Wind and Flowers”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

[This play is so fresh! LiLi is so great! It’s obviously all about ‘grabbing vegetables’, but he played the meaning out and advanced straight to the top, hey!]

[Crop card search? Younger sister Huaibi rush, ah! Show your real skills to find the cards hidden in the corners of the Ancient City. If you can still win first place this time, I will go to your live room to send a hundred Buddha Jumps Over the Wall!]

[Guys, I’m already excited to find 5,000 cards in such a big city. I don’t know how many 50 players can find at the end of an hour. And that ‘tear the name tag’ game, this is more interesting than rushing up to fight directly. Even if some of the players are good, if they accidentally fall in the way of others, having the name tag torn away is also possible, right? I’m looking forward to it!]

[The player I support is Ink. When I saw him yesterday in the maze of 100 people, I knew he was great, and also super lucky, oh. Not only was he out of the maze in the shortest time, even 10 vegetable items, he not only used just a few, but also grabbed a lot from other’s hands. Such luck looks so envious to me!]

[Damn, I know this Ink, and those two he stood with are also from our village. Every day they will come to his house to find him, and seem to be his main look outs. Such a person in reality should be a big shot, right? And there’s more. Have you noticed, he seems to know LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing as well…]

[???? That’s true! What kind of relationship do they have? In this world, do all the powerful people have to play with the powerful people? When will it be my turn to get to know LiLi?]

[Why? Whether they know each other or not, I still support LiLi to get first place. After all, if he wins we can have the chance to go to the starblog to retry the lottery.]

[I support Adorable and Cute Small Lotus. This girl is a violent loli and is our village’s famous little red hand.]

[Night Snow is Serene and Cold’ is also good! She is a cool imperial sister. Yesterday, in the labyrinth, she grabbed many players’ items, like a shark. She made my legs a little weak too…]

[A Liquor Store! actually is also here. This brother is obviously a man, but changed his face to be more beautiful than a woman. I hope he meets people head-on. With his face they will either subconsciously despise, or they will really suffer, hehehehe!]

The conversation, driven by some people, had the audience chatting about the players they supported. Through the pop-ups, it was clear that they supported for different reasons. Some of them liked a certain player’s qualities and abilities as they played the game, some of them liked the player’s fame, and some of them were attracted by a certain contestant in the previous day’s broadcast and became their fans…

With such a lively chatting atmosphere, the final round of the Carefree Farmstead March event, “The Great Vegetable Grab,” finally began. With a dull sound from the bell in the central bell tower of the old city, all 50 players rushed into the city.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao were among this group of players, and when they entered the city, they went in opposite directions, left and right, with a very good understanding. The viewers of the two live streams captioned their actions with the text: [They were back-to-back, drifting apart, and from now on they were on opposite sides of the world.]

The pop-ups were full of “Hahaha” text versions of manic laughter, while other viewers said: [Although we also hope that LiLi will always belong to all of us, it wasn’t necessary to say so!]

The mother’s family will only hit hard when LiLi needs it. The rest of the time it was enough to keep a secret eye on LiLi’s target!

Fortunately, after the official start of the game, the players wouldn’t have the ability to view the live room, otherwise if Bai Li or Wen XingYao saw the contents of the pop-ups, they would feel like crying and laughing at the audience’s magical ability to brainstorm a big compliment!

Regardless of the jokes, the other players and netizens were still focused on the current game.

If the main camera overlooking the Ancient City let them feel the lofty and magnificent, then through the lens of an individual player, they received a more intuitive blast.

The delicate wooden structure of the houses, the lifelike carvings at the windowsills and eaves, the dense yet reasonable architectural arrangements. The rich fragrance of wine wafted out from the pubs, the tables in the restaurants were set with steaming meals, the weeping willow trees on the shore swayed in the wind, and the slender willow branches fell into the water which sent up dizzying ripples of water.

On the water there were small boats that floated quietly, tied to the shore with ropes, as they waited for their owners to use and steer them.

It was a sleepy city, yet it was also full of life everywhere.

There were already curious players who couldn’t resist and went straight to the boats. They picked one at random and untied the ropes tied from the shore. Shortly after the boats were offshore, a player happily found his first crop card in the corner pressed under the oars. After that, he clumsily used the oars. The boat’s bow twisted and carried him forward, and he successively found cards suspended in the water, cards covered by aquatic plants, cards adhered under the stone bridge…A few dozen meters of water could be very rewarding.

The other players nearby saw this and ran towards the remaining boats, and almost fought over their ownership. Four people grabbed two boats. One of them was accidentally disqualified by having the name tag torn off his back. Another one ran away because he couldn’t beat the other two, but he soon found a valuable plant card in the shadow of the street, and grinned.

Sometimes giving up didn’t mean complete failure. The sky was the limit!

The viewers got tired of watching the treasure hunt on the water and turned to pick a few sub-streams that were searching the buildings to watch. In these streams, they found that not only was each building in the city unique and distinctive, even the furnishings in the buildings were also different. For example, the homes, although they looked roughly alike and the specifications were similar, when someone walked inside they could imagine through the internal furnishings of the home the character of the owner.

Some rooms were cramped and messy inside, and household items were thrown everywhere, so it was clear that to the owner of the house, it was a big hassle in life. The players who went into such a house, cursed while they rummaged around, and accidentally made the houses more chaotic, which caused a lot of laughs.

Some houses, however, were well organized by their owners, so that the players who entered also subconsciously lightened their hands, even if they made a quick search, they also restrained themselves not to mess up the interior furnishings.

The audience was so happy to see that, they would discuss it because of some of the thoughtful decorations and furnishings in the room, and said that they would also like to arrange something like that in their real rooms.

The house search was also a major source of crop cards, and many players had become “rich” by searching the homes.

The players had already established the unspoken rule that if the door of the house had been opened, it meant that there was someone inside or it had been searched, and no more players would go in.

At that stage, the players were temporarily unconcerned with tearing off name tags and instead did their best to find more crop cards. A game slot worth 6,666 points could be hanging in front of them all the time.

However, what those players didn’t know was that their so-called “riches” were only average in the eyes of the players who were rushing directly to the commercial area. The terrain of the commercial area was not as neat and tidy as the residential area, and sometimes there would be an amazingly beautiful building hidden in an inconspicuous alley. The players who entered that place for the first time soon got lost in the bustle.

At this point, a viewer smashed down a few Buddha Jumps Over the Wall gifts in the main live stream to make his pop-up font turn gold, and then typed, [Everyone, go watch the 25th live stream, ah. This sister actually found a greenhouse. The layout and atmosphere inside, ooh, I’m embarrassed to speak!]

For the convenience of the live broadcast, Bai Li marked each player’s live room with a number, and the owner of the 25th live room was a female player called Night Snow is Serene and Cold.

Some people didn’t know what “greenhouse” meant, rushed to the Starnet to look up the information, then rushed back with their noses covered, found the 25th live room and hurried to click in.

In the live room, Night Snow is Serene and Cold was standing in front of a building that was out of place with the other buildings. This building was a mostly wooden structure, but the side eaves were gilded in gold and silver. The craftsmen had kept carving and polishing it to form complex patterns of flowers or a variety of living birds. Under the sunlight, what players saw was a golden glittering pavilion.

The building had a total of three floors. On the first floor, over the main entrance hung a gilt plaque with a black background. Written on it was “Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon.” Four big words, in a line of traditional Chinese characters, so it took the audience  a while to identify once they knew how to read it.

At that time the whole building was wide open. On the second and third floors the windows were draped with light-colored silk yarn curtains, through which the sunlight refracted the luster; dazzling.

Before she arrived at the building called “Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon,” she kept searching for the crop cards without stopping for the scenery in the Ancient City, as if she only had the event points and the rewards she could get after the final victory in her eyes.

However, after arriving there, she maintained the posture of looking up for nearly a minute, and if not for her excellent self-control reminding her that it was time to go to work, she could even enjoy it for a longer time.

However, time waited for no one, Night Snow is Serene and Cold finally sighed gently, and strode on long legs into “Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon.”

The viewers who hurriedly came to the 25th live room, also went with the pace of Night Snow is Serene and Cold and followed her entry into the interior of the building. Then they were stunned by the luxurious, gorgeous decorations and furnishings, unable to say a word.

Night Snow is Serene and Cold was worthy of being a famous “points harvesting machine.” While the audience was still immersed in the scenery, she just got a shock, then regained her composure, and quickly went through the first floor of the hall.

The system’s randomness was also really random, if the previous players who rowed boats in the water and searched the residential area were “brushing up on the little monsters,” the place where Night Snow is Serene and Cold came was undoubtedly the lair of the big BOSS.

The audience watched dumbfounded as Night Snow is Serene and Cold, in one moment pulled from under a table a card worth 50 points, the next from the carpet in the corner found another card worth 50 points. In addition, she found three cards in the stage in the center of the first floor hall, and two cards in the large vase and wall of the VIP room. When adding up the total, she found a dozen cards, in just one third of the building.

Several hundred points were successfully pocketed. Even if she was a beautiful woman, when faced with such a huge harvest, she couldn’t help but curl her lips in a light smile, and her mood became more pleasant.

The audience’s emotions were also driven up.

[I was thinking, this place is so beautiful (forgive me for being uneducated, I can only say these two words). If it were me, I would not be able to do it. But after seeing the harvest of Night Snow is Serene and Cold, I can only say, really fragrant, ah! The decorations and furnishings only, with points for the items to come, ah!]

[That’s right, girl, rush duck! After searching this floor, there are two whole floors waiting for you ah. Maybe the harvest of the two floors upstairs will be even greater!]

[Gosh, this game is too interesting! It is simply an immersive experience, ah. Several players’ lives look around, and every time they find a card I can not help but cheer up. Really full of the sense of achievement!]

[Get faster, get faster! I’d like to see how many cards this girl can find here! I counted, and now there are 13!]


Once these words came out, there were really enthusiastic players who helped to keep count on the pop-up screen. The final result was that Night Snow is Serene and Cold found a total of 46 cards in the building, and gained nearly 800 points. Such a huge harvest made the viewers cry out for more.

However, some viewers with other purposes were dumbfounded. Wasn’t this a greenhouse? Why didn’t they see the luscious greenery content they found on Starnet, instead of being elegant everywhere? This gave them a hunch that the guests here were not here to have fun, but to be enlightened by the arts.

Even though there was no one in this building, they already had such strong feelings from what they saw and heard!

Night Snow is Serene and Cold did not know her every move was exposed under the eyes of a large number of spectators, as her footsteps from when she entered “Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon,” uncharacteristically changed from her original eagerness to find the cards, to leisurely steps on the spacious avenue, as if she hadn’t come to a competition, but a wandered into the place for a tour.

When they looked at her appearance, the pop-ups were full of “????” The audience also expressed their discontent directly. She had drifted after making a lot of money and would be eliminated soon!

Then, the viewers who were a little confused by this direction saw Night Snow is Serene and Cold wander around a circle, and then picked a section of the highest building, then used a light body move, toe point to several points of impact, and actually jumped on the roof of the building in a few breaths. Then she found a good angle, and cat-like, lay quietly on the top.

As she waited for the targets to appear.

Audience: Oh no!

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