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Chapter 190: Communication

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Zhu MoLing didn’t lower his volume when he said this. Not only did the players around him hear it, but the fellow netizens who were losing their minds in the live stream also heard it.

[!!! I was thinking that this dude is too sinister and that LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing were making bad friends, but now I just want to say that this dude gives a damn! You’re so generous to give away your hard-earned game slot without blinking an eye! All of us cloud players will thank you for your great kindness!]

[LiLi, agree! I thought I didn’t have a chance, but I didn’t expect to find a village in the dark. I hope the gods of luck will favor me this time and let me draw this spot!]

[I’m recording! I hope Brother Ink doesn’t back out!]

[Don’t, ah! Don’t, ah! Don’t draw on the starblog to give it away! Might as well sell it to me at a high price! you can still earn a large sum!] Here the font was gold and bolded.

[The front of the tycoon to buy others. Now the players can not yet see the pop-ups in the live room. You say more, you useless…]

[As Ink’s neighbor in the game, I have to say that if we had a kryptonite ranking in the game, he would definitely rank in the top ten! He’s not bad at all, which is why he was able to give away the spots so readily.]


[Admire +1!]

Bai Li didn’t expect Zhu MoLing to say that, and gave him a surprised look. Instead of rejecting his request, he seriously asked, “Are you really sure you want to do this? This game slot is something you’ve had a hard time getting. Don’t you feel a bit sad?”

If you really give it away, will you feel regretful afterwards?

“No. Don’t worry.” Zhu MoLing shook his head and said directly, “The three of us were able to get into this game thanks to you, and now I have to ask you to help me get rid of this slot. I feel a little embarrassed about it.”

Despite the word “embarrassed,” Zhu MoLing’s appearance wasn’t at all embarrassed to ask for help, but instead looked natural and relaxed, with a faint smile on his face. The players and viewers who watched the exchange between the two immediately exploded. The words of the man called Ink carried too much information! The three of them were actually given game slots directly by Bai Li? The game’s developer actually gave such a great benefit to friends?

Then, those people thought of Song Xinran, Tang Ying, Xiong Pili and others, who were often seen around Bai Li, and inevitably equated the source of their game slots with Bai Li. This pondering made their hearts more sour. They planted lemon trees on the spot. Golden lemon fruit ripened and fell on their heads as they sat under the trees, and smashed them on the spot.

After he made sure that Zhu MoLing was serious about his decision, Bai Li agreed with him and said that after they went back to their respective villages, he would post the lottery on the starblog. He also deliberately asked Zhu MoLing if he wanted to bring his game ID with him.

Zhu MoLing nodded regally.

The players stood in groups. They either softly discussed player Ink’s dirtbag behavior, or took the opportunity to exchange information about their respective villages, so the scene was filled with conversations such as:

“What?! Your village is actually full of water, and when it rains the water comes up from the river and floods part of the road? What about your house? What about the crops in the field? You won’t lose money, right?”

“Haha! Don’t worry. The players assigned to our village are all water lovers by nature and aren’t averse to the village’s situation at all. As for the problem of rain, we are also careful and have built our dwellings on the slopes of the high ground. Now with the ‘house appearance upgrade’ gameplay, everyone’s houses have become flowery and green, and looks good from a distance!”

“Brother, have you found any wild boars in your village? I’ve been searching for days in our village, but I haven’t even found a footprint. I saw a tiger deep in the forest, but I don’t know if it’s good to catch…”

“There are no wild boars in our village either! But a player picked up a small bear cub in the forest and took it straight home with the intention of raising it as a pet. The result was… Hahahahaha! In the middle of the night, the bear mother followed the scent of the bear cub to find him. Not only did she bring the bear cub back, but also collapsed the player’s small hut. Mother bears have quite martial virtues. She wasn’t like the boars who engage in strains, she just took the bear cub, broke that person’s house and left. Then the brother cried and cried, and ran to the village chief to ask whether there was compensation. But the village chief said the number of victims was too small, and there was no compensation. In short, he lost a lot of money. Hahahahaha!”

“Here, this is what I picked from the wild chestnut tree outside our village. I then tried to fry it myself in a big iron pot with coarse sand and sugar, and it turned out to be quite successful and tasty. You can take it back and try it!”

“Thank you, brother! This is the lemon I picked from the forest. Alone it tastes sour, but after slicing it and adding water it still tastes good. At this time, it’s a good time to eat lemons, so take some back with you!”

“Girl, let’s add each other as communication friends when we get back. I feel like we have something to talk about. Hehehe!”

“Okay, I’ll add you when we get back. I see that you are quite good at this. Let’s compete offline when you have time?”


Bai Li’s side was the most lively. Players ran over one by one to introduce themselves and talk to him. In just a few minutes he recognized all fifty players, and when he got on the carriage home, he still recited the names of those players from time to time, as he tried to match the names with the faces and deepen his impressions.

When they got back to their familiar place, Jiang Huaibi, who had been enjoying the scenery outside the window, exclaimed, “Wow! There are so many people at the entrance of the village! They aren’t waiting for us, are they?”

The time now was around 14:00, and usually at that time players were either in their yards farming and feeding the chickens, ducks, geese and pigs, or practicing their life skills by the river bank, in the forest, or in the mining cave. If it wasn’t for special circumstances, it was unusual for so many players to gather at the entrance of the village.

Jiang Huaibi’s question was soon answered as Bai Li got off the carriage and was quickly surrounded by players. “Three big guys, tell us what it’s like to hunt for treasure in the Ancient City! We’re no longer satisfied with just watching the live stream, we want to hear it live…!”

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