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Chapter 194: Yesterday all over again

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Tang Wan was a mediocre Carefree Farmstead player. He only entered the game that month and was addicted to farming and fishing. For that reason, he even chose to live in the residential area that was closest to the fishing spot outside the village. He also participated in the March event with all the players, but found that he wasn’t really material for grabbing vegetables. The speed of his hands wasn’t fast and his strength wasn’t strong, so the vegetables he planted were often snatched away by others. Plus, he couldn’t get them back from the others, which led to him always being at the bottom of the list of points earned in the hell mode and hard mode.

It wasn’t until he found players in similar situations to form a 25-man squad to enter the simple mode, separated from each other by a long distance each meekly developing, that he barely managed to get 8 or 90 points in each round of the game. Although he was said to earn much less than the other two, in Tang Wan’s opinion, this was already the extent of what he could do.

Players like them, bittersweetly called the simple mode “the Mecca of scoring.”

The small number of points received in each round meant that their final number of points wouldn’t be high, so for those popular limited items, Tang Wan no longer thought about them. When the list of redeemable items came out that day, he scanned the list from beginning to end and found that the only limited edition items he could fight for were the immortal flower seedlings worth 1,000 points and the Tasty Foods nutrient solution worth 200 points a batch.

The total was only 2,000 points. What was there to hesitate about? Hurry up and rush!

After the exchange was opened, Tang Wan took out his hand speed of being single for 30 years, which was a desperate attempt. Finally, he successfully exchanged those two items. As for the remaining points, he also exchanged a lot of favorite items, and all of them were used up.

The seedling of the immortal flower came with a small antique style flower pot, which he placed on the windowsill of his house, not only to protect it, but also so it could occasionally sunbathe.

As for the nutrient solution…

When he looked at the five groups of 35 nutrient solutions with different tastes, Tang Wan regretted his impulse at that time. He wondered why he had a batch for each flavor. He wondered whether the taste of these nutrient solutions was really like what LiLi said on the blog. All the taste data came from the game. Interstellar people could eat the same taste as the food in the game in reality.

This was not a 30% taste synchronization in the game live, but a 100% restoration of the real taste. The game players could still endure, but for those who hadn’t entered the game, his fellow netizens, they were about to die out of curiosity.

The first minute they exchanged successfully, the next minute they sold them to those curious fellow netizens at a price of 200 star coins per group.

For the 200 star coin group, this was already considered a very high price, even now there were people on Starnet everywhere wanting to collect it. Tang Wan had actually been somewhat moved, but his curiosity, again, was very strong.

“Forget it, I’ll try it myself first, and if it doesn’t taste right, I’ll sell the rest, so I can earn money and satisfy my curiosity.” Tang Wan said to himself, and then began to pick his favorite flavor.

Seeing the light red watermelon-flavored packaging, Tang Wan remembered a previous live melon-eating session between Bai Li, Mo Song, and the villagers of Mushroom Village. They really took advantage of it and were able to eat melons on site. Unlike their next-door village players, who had to watch with only 30% of the taste sync live to quench their thirst.

Watermelon seeds were unlocked at level 19, and new players who had only been playing for half a month or so hadn’t yet reached that level. Now, there was a watermelon flavored nutrient solution in front of his eyes, how could he hold back his desire and his watering mouth?

Tang Wan directly picked up the watermelon flavored nutrient solution, and with an eager gesture, he tore a thin hole and put it in his mouth.

The sweet watermelon juice gurgled, then a taste that was several times stronger than the watermelon flavor in game instantly filled his mouth. The sweetness that lingered wasn’t an overbearing kind of sweetness, but a faint sweetness.

Tang Wan was silly. So delicious! The taste of the watermelon was this? He wanted it again! Later he would go online to level up! The only thing was to work hard to plant, in order to eat watermelon as soon as possible! He was desperate!

After finishing two nutrient solutions in one breath, he felt that he wouldn’t feel hungry for two or three days. Tang Wan specifically entered the Tasty Foods web store to look around, and found that there was only a mysterious new product notice on the front page, but nothing specific about what it was and when it would go on sale.

The other four flavors of nutrient solution remained on the table, and he was a bit reluctant to give them up. The new nutritional solution would be officially opened for sale. If he sold his own, but the official website began to sell only after ten days or a half month, then in the time in between, he was afraid he would be greedy for tea and food.

Therefore, it was better not to sell it!

Although others said that now he should sell the nutrition liquid, and he could still earn a fortune, Tang Wan believed that this time, his appetite for food and drink was more important. This was a mouthful of food that had been saved for thirty years!

After he made the decision, Tang Wan’s entire body was much more relaxed. Instead of following his old habit of filling a large glass of plain water to wash away the strange taste in his mouth after eating a nutrient solution, he sat on the sofa with his feet crossed, opened the game forum and searched for posts related to the “nutrient solution.”

He didn’t believe that no one would be curious to taste the nutrient solution after it arrived, like he did. As long as they have tried the taste of the nutrient solution, these people would definitely have a full desire to talk to the public.

As expected, he soon found his target.

An owner, like him, opened one of the nutrient solutions and tasted it directly after receiving it. He exchanged a “cucumber-flavored” nutrient solution, and the taste of cucumber alone permeated the room before it even entered his mouth.

The owner opened the package in front of all his family members, and when he finished one of the nutrient solutions and wanted to eat another, he found that the remaining six had already been divided among his father, mother and younger sister. And while he was enjoying the nutrient solution, these three people also finished the whole two containers as fast as they could.

“????” A real family could do such things? At that moment, the owner said he really had doubts about the question of whether he had been picked up from the garbage heap.

“Child! This nutrient solution tastes great too! This should be the real taste of cucumber? In the future, our family will buy this kind of flavor of nutrition liquid!” This was the owner’s mom and dad.

“Brother, I want more!” This was the younger sister who was ten years younger than the owner.

The owner wanted to cry, and expressed to his family that this nutrient solution was redeemed by him with points from the game and now there was no place to buy it, then he came to the game forum to share his heartache. He used his experience to tell everyone that eating two nutrients in a row on the same day was not the right thing to do! Overeating was not advisable, QAQ!

However, the fellow netizens who spend their days in the game forum don’t have much sympathy, and after the “Hahahahahas” had a good laugh, they directly wondered about the taste of the nutrient solution, and contacted the players they knew who had exchanged the nutrient solution to answer the question.

After that, there was a scene that Tang Wan was happy to see.

[Nutritional fluid? I redeemed three groups. The first time I listed it, it sold out and I earned 600 star coins. I checked the receipt address provided, even the shadow of the nutrient solution has not seen it. Seeing the content shared by the owner, I can only say that my mood is complicated…]

[Crap! Is it true what you all say? The nutrient solution really is so delicious? I also sold out. Then won’t I lose a lot of money? Now going to contact the buyer, let him give me even one, I also do not know whether the other party will agree…]

[Hahahahaha! I bought the nutrient solution from someone else. After receiving the goods, my parents scolded me for having money just to spend it carelessly and I will lose my wife. Now, well, they completely fell for the true fragrance, and only left me a small number, five. The rest were taken by them to the room and stuck into the safe. Cat cries in pain.jpg]

[The nutrient solution received a good review from my grandfather. He was angry with me before because he didn’t want to go into the game, then I told him there were more culinary delicacies in the game, and now he has been addicted to the game for hours without getting offline.]

[Damn it! Upstairs Versaibensa, right! We are discussing the matter of nutrient solution. How are you also involved in the game quota? I cried. Didn’t give me a new nutrient fluid, can not get up the kind of…]

[Haha! Luckily I kept an eye out and didn’t sell the nutrient solution. The watermelon flavor is really too refreshing! It’s clearly the original watermelon juice, ah! I purposely went to the official website of Tasty Foods and they didn’t even say when they were going to start selling, so now I decided to keep all five groups that I redeemed and stay until they start selling!]

Tang Wan was full of superiority in his post message, and within a few minutes he received a lot of follow-up comments, while his fellow netizens sent him private messages like crazy, as they asked him if he was willing to sell his stock, not even as a group, only sell them one package also, ah. 200 star coin price.

Yes, yes. After all that time, the love of amenity, when Tasty Foods produced the new flavor of nutrient liquid, had long gone past the original price. The price had directly jumped seven times, but there were still people who were in the market without price kind.

Now the people who had those flavors of nutrients in their hands, and who were still willing to sell them to the outside, ah, they didn’t eat enough!

Lei Bao, who had been following information about the nutrient solution, was almost overjoyed when he saw the news in the forum. Immediately, he let the people around make arrangements. The factory under the company’s name would go all out to make these five flavors of nutrient solutions from now on, and wouldn’t stop from morning to night, as they made full preparations for the launch of new products at the end of the month.

If the employees need to work overtime, the overtime pay would be settled at ten times. In addition, if the sales of the nutrient solution exceeded the previous sales numbers, everyone’s salary would be doubled that month. If the sales far exceeded their expectations, he was willing to pay three times as much!

As Lei Bao’s most powerful henchman, Mr. Secretary should have taken on the duty of promptly reminding the boss that he was making a nonsensical decision, but this time, not only did he not speak out to raise objections, he also felt in his heart that the boss’s first arrangement might still be too late. He didn’t know if they could hold back the Interstellar people’s enthusiasm by doing their best to produce from now on.

“Okay boss, I’ll arrange it right away.” Mr. Secretary said, and quickly retired to follow orders.

By the end of the month, their entire company would have a tough battle to fight.

Ever since the game Carefree Farmstead came out, the forum had been more lively than New Year’s Eve every day. The day passed by with the mixed emotions of celebration and regret for many players, while early on the morning of the 19th, Bai Li was faced with the familiar face of another person lying in bed and fell silent once again.

Why did he believe the wonderful reason of “recognizing his bed?” His bed was so soft and comfortable that people still want to sleep? What’s more, Wen XingYao came to his room to sleep. The two were covered with the quilt and just purely chatted. This was the most deadly.

The two of them were sitting up in the bed, but without any preparation he met Wen XingYao’s hidden eyes.

“Good morning.” He greeted him in an even huskier voice than yesterday.

Bai Li resisted the urge to glance under the covers, and returned the same words.

Well, it was okay now.

After they shuffled out of the room together, they were greeted by the surprised eyes of Tang Ying, who had come upstairs to look for someone else, and although he was still a little embarrassed inside, Bai Li looked past him calmly.

As long as he didn’t feel embarrassed, it would be others who were embarrassed.

Tang Ying, “…” Damn it! I was about to leave, but I actually ate the biggest pot of dog food!

What he didn’t notice was that Wen XingYao’s face was not as full as he thought it would be, but rather it was heavy with loss and frustration. Who would have thought that the Imperial Admiral, in front of the person he liked, was a shrinking coward. He and Bai Li, except for a lot of physical contact, hadn’t even kissed! When he was Supreme, he got more than he did as a boyfriend!

That emotion didn’t last long in Wen XingYao’s heart. He was convinced that what comes always comes. As long as he had enough patience no matter what, he could wait.

They finished their last breakfast before parting, then confirmed that there was nothing left behind. Bai Li took out a long-prepared space button, and handed it to Wen XingYao.

“I filled this space button with some natural ingredients and various seasonings. Vegetables mostly, meat relatively less. You guys can look at the arrangements when you go back, and don’t aggravate your stomach.”

After he listened to Bai Li’s words, Wen XingYao subconsciously checked the space button and found that Bai Li was still too modest. Where was the “some” ah? He had filled half of the space, okay? He gave too much.

“What about you?” Wen XingYao inexplicably had the illusion that he was eating soft rice.

“Me? I still have a lot here. And in the last few days you made me a lot of finished products. Maybe when you guys come back again, I still won’t have eaten them all yet.” If they were all eaten, Bai Li would have to make them himself.

“By the way, do you need potted vegetables or seeds? It’s also fun to take them back and try to plant them yourself. If you want them, I’ll dig some for you in the yard and take them with you.” Bai Li thought of his previous plan again, and proposed cheerfully.

Tang Ying was already drifting off in his own imagination because of what Bai Li said. This was where a good man came from. He was actually taking all aspects into account. It was only that with Wen XingYao allotted to him, he felt that Bai Li was eating a big loss.

For an Agricultural Deity, there was nothing more fascinating than farming. Wen XingYao excluded, the two could probably be equated.

“Well, well. Let’s take some food back and leave a memory for XingYao.” Without waiting for Wen XingYao to speak, Tang Ying answered directly, and then he asked Bai Li with a shy face if he could get more vegetable seeds. “There are still many soldiers in the military department who haven’t won the game quota. I think they are idle every day, so we should just plant the land first in reality. It just so happens that there are several agricultural planets in XingYao’s name, and we don’t have to worry about not having enough soil.”

He now knows that for TaoTao any farming-related goods were all in a state of strange shortage of quantity. The cause of the phenomenon was Bai Li, who made the farming game Carefree Farmstead, and was standing in front of him.

He felt as if he was dazzled. Wen XingYao found that when Tang Ying talked about the agricultural planet under his name, Bai Li’s eyes were obviously bright, as if filled with countless stars, which was amazingly dazzling. Well, people who could make a farming game should have an obsession with farming that far exceeds that of ordinary people, right? When he returned, should he find a reason to take Bai Li to his farming planet to have a look at it?

Bai Li naturally agreed to Tang Ying’s request and took out a large packet of seeds from his space, and told him that the seeds could grow a large variety of vegetables if properly taken care of. Tang Ying excitedly took them and blew a series of rainbow farts at Bai Li.

While Tang Ying was out in the yard picking out vegetables that were just about to be ripe, Bai Li quietly pulled Wen XingYao into the corner of the house in a suspicious and mysterious manner.

“Have you recovered your body? Can you maintain your human form all the time?” This question Bai Li had actually asked no less than three times. The last time he asked, Wen XingYao gave him the exact answer.

However, he was still worried that, when he couldn’t see, Wen XingYao’s Genetic Collapse Disorder, which had so easily stabilized, would flare up again and he would turn back into a big lion or a kitten. Then wouldn’t all their efforts over the previous days be wasted?

Wen XingYao didn’t feel that Bai Li was nagging at all, but that he had a sweet heart. This was how the other cared about him. So he patiently answered again, “Don’t worry, it’s stabilized. If I feel a relapse coming, I’ll just stay in the game for a while until I get over it.”

Although the effect of staying in the game was far less intense than Bai Li’s direct power, compared to the virtual reality games he had played before, it was much better.

Bai Li’s eyes rolled and he looked at Wen XingYao who was serious about explaining to him, and he couldn’t help but have the idea of teasing him. So he slowly shook his head and said, “Really, I don’t believe it.”

Wen XingYao, “???” What was wrong? Why didn’t he believe it? He’s always believed it before. He opened his mouth to explain in more detail, but his lips were suddenly pressed closed with the words he wanted to say.

“So, I’ll give you a few more sips to keep it stable properly.” A short sentence was said between their intertwined lips.

Wen XingYao was so completely dazed that he almost couldn’t even hear what Bai Li said, just subconsciously nodded his head, and thought that whatever Bai Li said was the right thing to say. After that, he felt a cool breath flowing into his mouth, which then turned into an invisible and untraceable breeze that blew through his limbs and bones, taking away the dryness of his body.

After that, he heard an angry “chi! chi! chi!” from behind them as if they were a reenactment of a scene from the past. He was about to step back and end his dizzying journey, when Bai Li grabbed his arm and held him in place. 

“Don’t give up. Don’t you want to take advantage of a rare opportunity?” Bai Li’s tone sounded like he was molesting someone.

Just one sentence filled Wen XingYao’s whole body with energy. Yes, how could he be a coward at this time? So he quickly turned the tables and took the initiative to deepen the kiss.

As for the kicks that hit his calves, they were all dismissed from his senses. Right now, even if the king of heaven came, he wouldn’t give up this first intimate contact.

After a kiss, the two were blushing and gasping for air. When they looked down, they found the black fox kit had kicked so much he was tired. It was him just now, who was expressing strong resistance to the two men’s actions, but only after a few seconds of initial attention, he was completely left behind.

The soft body was like a black carpet splayed flat on the smooth floor. He looked up at Bai Li with a gaze full of grief, and then at Wen XingYao with a gaze full of pain!

Wen XingYao gradually calmed down, and under that hateful gaze, suddenly felt blessed to the soul. He realized Zhu MoLing was the same as he was before. This was the human consciousness awakened in the infant, ah. When he thought about what he said to him when he was tearing up the nametag in the Ancient City, he quickly realized why he was so angry.

Kissing with his boyfriend in front of his brother-in-law, he had BIG guts! However, he didn’t regret it.

In front of his boyfriend’s “temptation”, his brother-in-law also had to go around. However, soon he wasn’t happy. If he offended his future brother-in-law, then when he left, the other would try to trip him, right?

In order to please his brother-in-law, he had to think of a solution.

He noticed that Bai Li had squatted down to pick up the fox cub, so he thought about it and said, “He is the Patriarch of the Heavenly Fox Clan. It’s not a good idea to keep him in his infancy. If possible, it would be better to let him return to human form as soon as possible.”

Future brother-in-law (maybe), ah, I can only help you so far. Whether you want to identify with Bai Li, or find your real brother, after that you have to rely on your own efforts…

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