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Chapter 193: Nutrient shipping

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

At this time, in the game forum, players from Carefree Farmstead were loudly accusing the game of being heartless.

[[The Door To Your Home is Always Open] and [Close the Door and Let the Dog Loose]. Just looking at the item’s name, you would never think about what they are for. But these two things, had me worried the whole night, I did not sleep.TAT. Our village has a gang that hit everyone in one night. The people in our village, none of them are sleeping at night, they were grabbing the ripe crops of other families and weeding hard!]

[Why, who isn’t? I like to make friends all over the place, and I’m very open with everyone. Before this morning, I never knew that having many friends would bother me so much. [The Door To Your Home is Always Open] came to my house to steal vegetables, obviously I was in the yard, they could pick a vegetable or two under my nose when I wasn’t looking, really pissed me off! I didn’t draw [Close the Door and Let the Dog Loose], otherwise I would have bitten them in the ass!]

[Ah, haha! I’m different. After I collected all the vegetables in my yard, I didn’t plant any more. Then go out with the item drawn, one by one, and patronize those who have robbed my vegetables in the event the home stole a lot of vegetables from their land, hehehe! If not for the fact that you can only steal up to three vegetables a day from the same person’s house, I’m sure I could steal them all, but it’s okay. I have a long list in my little book of grudges, so I hope I can steal them back one by one before the item runs out…]

[This item is so much fun, it’s so exciting to use! I got a total of 5 [The Door To Your Home is Always Open] from the lucky draw. There are 150 chances in total, and I’ve already used half of them. I’m not afraid to stay up all night, as long as I can steal more vegetables from other people’s homes, I can steal for three more days and nights! No wonder there is an old saying that home flowers are not as fragrant as wild flowers, the stolen fruits and vegetables taste better. scratching head.jpg]

[Hey, I am different from the previous two, I planted my land with the most valuable vegetables, and then opened the [Close the Door and Let the Dog Loose], in order to make the vegetables in the ground ripen earlier and grow better, I also spent a lot of money to buy a magical spring and fertilizer. When they were ripe, I ran to the corner and quietly I went to the corner and waited. Guess what? Hey! Someone really sneaked into my yard, and then to the invisible dog hook bite to cover the ass everywhere, too funny, I took a screenshot! [picture] X9]

[Such a good use of an item, you actually think to use it all at once? Before going out to steal food, I purposely left two in the warehouse. I intend to wait for the wind to pass, later there is a need, then secretly go to use, hit those who mess with me with a surprise, hum!]

[Look, everyone, this is the melon I stole from LiLi’s house, this melon is big and sweet, it’s really delicious! I’ve already eaten two, I’ll eat the rest tomorrow! This is the chili I stole from Big Brother Demon Xing’s house next door to LiLi’s. One bite and it’s on fire. The two of them all went offline to sleep in the early hours of the morning, so it was a good opportunity for us. Once again, I felt from the bottom of my heart that I was so happy to be in the same village as LiLi.]


The cloud players in the forum had long been fed up with this group of real players working to show their superiority, and had planned to ignore it. After all, the more they paid attention, the more their hearts would hurt. However, this time they didn’t hold back and made envious and jealous noises.

If you can’t beat them, then join them! One by one, the cloud players ventured into the thread, and gave ideas to the players who were deeply troubled by the vegetable thefts.

Some suggested they just don’t plant crops of too high a value during this time, and just beat it with wheat and corn. After almost a week, the number of players who still had items in their hands would be significantly reduced, after which they would not have to be so cautious about planting high-priced crops for fear of being stolen.

There were also suggestions to simply fence the land again with a few circles, surrounded to the extent that even they were very difficult to enter. According to the introduction of [The Door To Your Home is Always Open] this item, but only said that players could enter and exit other people’s yard at will, this random access should not include the deliberate surroundings of the other several circles of fence it, and so 30 seconds later, these people may not have crossed the fence to officially enter the ground it. Getting in but still couldn’t steal anything, that was also considered an alternative way to prevent theft, right?

Some people even suggested that as long as someone stole more than what was stolen, they would still win the battle of stealing vegetables in that way. Although the method sounded a bit rogue, after careful thought they really liked this reasoning. The most uninspiring suggestion had received the most approval and adoption, and many players said that when they were successful with that method, they would definitely come to the forum to thank the kind man who gave them the idea.

The good Samaritan said he didn’t mean it, he was just standing around talking about it and wanted to see what was going on.

Bai Li walked to the Village Chief’s house while he browsed the thread. He felt a little amused and impressed by the imagination and tossing power of the Interstellar people, who seemed to be able to make the most of whatever item he designed.

On the way he passed through a residential area and found no less than ten players crouching in the corners of several homes as they stupidly held a round token sign. They should be snooping in the dark or squatting in advance so they could steal other people’s crops when they weren’t looking. He spotted the presence of these players but wasn’t going to make a sound to stop them. What did it matter to him? Bai Li, Li Bai, the game developer himself. If the players were playing the game with the items they got, so what?

The game should be a lively place. The needle does not poke.

Suddenly, he thought of something. Bai Li calculated the time. If there was no accident, then in the afternoon, those players who redeemed the new nutrient solution, as well as those who were rewarded with the new nutrient solution, should be able to receive the goods, right?

In the afternoon, the girl whose real name was Ye Long and whose game ID was Night Snow is Serene and Cold received five sets of nutrient solutions from Tasty Foods. There were five flavors: cucumber, milk tea, corn, tomato, and watermelon, and each flavor had seven nutrient solutions.

Tasty Foods had changed its fancy packaging style, and only the simple lines of these five foods were depicted on the outer packaging, then after opening the inner packaging, only the light colors that belonged to those foods remained. Just as she received the courier, Ye Long’s heart rose up, and she wanted to open it up to taste it. However, when she thought that morning and how she’d just eaten a nutrient solution, that nutrient solution could sustain her a full day of activity, in the spirit of not wasting, she decided to taste tomorrow.

The girl puffed out her cheeks in exasperation as she put down the nutrient solution and glanced toward the room closest to the living room.

Her parents suffered from Genetic Collapse Disorder too early, and were sent to Hope Star when she was a few years old. That left her with only her grandfather for her family, and she and her grandfather lived together.

However, recently, Ye Long found out that her grandfather actually suffered from Genetic Collapse Disorder, and because he refused treatment and consumed mental candy, his deterioration rate was much faster than normal. Soon he would soon enter the middle and late stages. Such a blow was something Ye Long couldn’t bear.

She broke out into a heated argument with her grandfather, trying to make sure he took the family’s money for treatment, but was flatly refused by the stubborn old man. The reason was also very simple. The family’s money wasn’t much. He wanted to preserve Ye Long’s college tuition. He was an old man, and even if he received treatment, it couldn’t produce much effect, so it was better to return to his early childhood form and go to Hope Star to spend his old age there.

“Don’t worry, my dear granddaughter. Your father and your mother are still in Hope Star. There are old people there. Your grandfather will not be bullied. But don’t come there. Just stay in your hometown and live your own life!” The hale and hearty old grandfather said happily.

Ye Long still remembered what her grandpa said that day, and it was heartbreaking to think back. She felt a lot of regret. Had she known that her grandpa was suffering from Genetic Collapse Disorder and it had become so serious, she would have said anything to get grandpa play the game she had grabbed. Instead of shaking his head in disinterest, grandpa would have cheerfully dug into the gaming pod.

Fortunately, this mistake was an opportunity that could be repaired. In the “vegetable grab” event, she won the first place in the finals against all odds and was directly rewarded with a game slot. With this game slot, she could let her grandpa also play Carefree Farmstead, and rely on the game’s 90% “Spiritual Pacification Estimate” to cure her grandpa’s disease.

Unfortunately, the old man was still very stubborn. After he heard that his granddaughter got a new game quota, he wasn’t at all happy that his illness could be saved, but asked a question that made Ye Long choke.

“A game slot? How much can this be sold for? Why don’t you sell it and keep some money for yourself, Xiao Long?”

Ye Long was so angry that she almost cried out on the spot, but she could not yell at her grandfather who thought everything of her, so the grandparent and grandchild once again fell into an inexplicable cold war.

How could she so easily sell the game quota that she couldn’t easily get! Even if a place could be sold for a high price of one million star coins, she must still keep it for her grandfather. Ye Long clenched her fist and planned to find a chance to talk to her grandfather later.

Ye Long went back to her room, and the room door closed with a bang.

After a minute or two, the door of the room belonging to the old man Ye was gently opened from the inside and a white head peeked out from inside. After looking around to observe a circle, the old man gingerly walked out of the room.

While pacing, he sighed that his granddaughter had more and more success in the past two years, and she didn’t like to hear what he said. Like the game quota. What was the use of giving it to him, an old man? He knew his body. He was afraid he wouldn’t last more than several months.

The old man was planning to wait for his granddaughter to be a little less angry. Later on, he would have a heart-to-heart conversation with her, and find the best way to change her decision to keep the game quota. The game was called Carefree Farmstead and was worth a lot of money.

The old man dropped his thoughts after he touched his dried up stomach, and decided to go find a strip of nutrients to eat first. When he attempted to argue with his granddaughter, he actually forgot to put something to eat in the room beforehand.

At this time, he saw several sets of brand-new nutrient solutions on the table, and thought they were bought by his granddaughter after the family had run out of nutrient solutions, so he didn’t think twice about picking up a package.

The outer packaging of the bath of nutrient solution was painted with light color, the cup was capped design, the top also inserted a biodegradable straw. Next to the cup, there were three big words “milk tea flavor,” and the rest of the blank space was the brand logo of Tasty Foods and the ingredients list for the liquid.

Because he had eaten too many strange flavored nutrition solutions, the old man only muttered “what the hell is milk tea?” before he opened the package and tore open one of the nutrition solutions.

Interstellar people’s expectations of the taste of nutrition liquid had dropped to -100. When his mouth was wrapped in the silky liquid and rich milk tea aroma, the old man was completely unresponsive, and only his suddenly wide open eyes showed his shock and disbelief.

This, this, this? What he ate was really a nutritional liquid? Or was it just a new type of drink called “nutrient liquid”? The taste was too delicious! He had never eaten anything that tasted this good in his life!

His tongue, which was covered with taste buds, sucked the liquid in the bag in the most exaggerated position like a dry desert that had touched water for the first time. When he drank it into his mouth, he didn’t want to swallow it directly, but let it flow through the corners of his mouth with his cheeks puffed out until his whole mouth was filled with the rich aroma, and then he swallowed the milk tea flavored nutrient liquid with an insatiable look on his face.

The feeling of fullness came strongly and quickly, which forced the old man to admit that this was really a nutritional liquid, not a new drink he had imagined. Now it seemed that Tasty Foods was holding a big trick, ah. The long-standing disappointment of the nutrition liquid companies at that moment turned into praise and approval. This was simply another great gift of the beast god!

Just like the beast gods gave the beast genes to the humans who were running around because of the Zerg thousands of years ago, this time the ultimate delicacy was given to the humans. Although reason told the old man that the taste of the nutritional solution in his hand had nothing to do with the beast god, this didn’t prevent him from expressing his highest love to the beast god; to the world.

When he looked down, he first glanced at the bag that had been sucked dry and deflated in his hand, and then lowered his head to look at the other four sets of nutrient solutions. Cucumber flavor, tomato flavor, watermelon flavor and corn juice flavor. These four flavors shouldn’t be the same as milk tea flavor, but could be eaten with an excellent experience, right?

The old man licked his lips with his tongue in an exaggerated manner, quite impressed, but held back because of his already full stomach.

In the end, he chose to use these five sets of nutrient solutions as a breakthrough to completely melt the frozen relationship between himself and his granddaughter!

“Xiao Long, Xiao Long, are you playing the game? Come out if you’re not playing, grandpa has something to ask you.” The old man ran to the door of his granddaughter’s room and knocked on the door to call out.

Ye Long just didn’t care about playing games, and was sitting on the bed sulking, when she suddenly heard her grandfather’s voice. She thought something had happened and immediately ran to open the door without thinking. She thought she would see her grandfather’s panicked face, but found that he was in a good state. Not only was his face red, but his spirit was better than the previous two days.

“Grand…grandpa, what happened?” Her grandfather’s change was something Ye Long hadn’t expected, but seeing her grandfather this way, her heart was actually happy. She even guessed that grandfather wanted to ask for a place in the game.

However, her grandfather said something different.

“That…Xiao Long, ah. The five batches of nutrient solution you put on the table should be just bought, right? Grandpa tasted it and found that it tasted especially good, so if you’re hungry, go eat one and try it. How about we all buy these flavors of nutrition liquid in the future?!” After finishing his words, the old man realized that he had forgotten to put down the empty bag in his hand because he was in a hurry to find his granddaughter, so he awkwardly raised it towards Ye Long to add credibility to his words.

Ye Long, “…” She looked at her grandfather weirdly, and didn’t speak.

The old man thought she was still angry, so he exaggeratedly described the taste and texture of the milk tea flavored nutrient solution, boasting it as the best in the world, calling it the most delicious nutrient solution he had ever eaten in his life.

While he was talking, he suddenly heard a light laugh. He looked in the direction of the laughter. Ye Long had covered her mouth and smiled at him with arched eyebrows.

What was this situation? He was obviously so serious in describing the taste of the nutrient solution, why had his granddaughter still laughed at him? The old man couldn’t understand.

“Grandpa, I didn’t buy those nutrient solutions. Do you know where they came from?” Ye Long asked, as she held back a laugh. She never thought that her grandfather actually had a latent foodie attribute. Just a milk tea-flavored nutrient liquid was all it took to chisel a big hole in his stubborn shell and run upside down to share his discovery with her.

So just in time, she may be able to get grandpa to finally agree to enter the world of games with her through the lure of culinary delicacy. By playing the game, not only could he be cured of his Genetic Collapse Disorder, but he could also eat more culinary delicacies, wouldn’t it be a double whammy?

“Huh? You didn’t buy it? So where did this come from? I ate one, does it matter?” The old man was suddenly a little worried, afraid to cause trouble for his granddaughter.

“It’s okay, Grandpa, you can eat it. It’s true that I didn’t pay for those, but I also got them the right way. Didn’t I tell you before that I participated in the in-game activities and won first place in the finals? Those five batches of nutrient solutions are the gifts given to the finalists by the game’s developer for free. It didn’t cost money,” Ye Long patiently explained.

“Oh, oh. So that’s how it is. Then you play this game. The developer is quite generous.” The old man nodded his head, and affirmed the game. He also had a good impression of Bai Li, the game developer.

“This is even generous? The game developer is called Bai Li. We like to call him ‘LiLi’. The nutrient solution given out in this event, according to LiLi, was Tasty Foods free sponsorship to him, and didn’t cost money. The big head is obviously still on the game quota, all 993 places. If he took those out to sell, he would immediately save up the money for the next upgrade builder, but he prefers to give them all as an activity reward to us gamers. This is real generosity, ah!”

The topic returned to the game quota above. When he looked at his granddaughter’s righteous expression, the old man quietly shrank his neck, and began to regret how he had to come to the door at that time. He had the intention of retreating, but Ye Long was not going to give him the chance to escape. She stepped forward and approached, “Grandpa, what makes you think that milk tea flavored nutrition liquid is the best thing to eat? Although I haven’t tasted it yet, I can guarantee that even the white steamed bun which only costs 2 copper coins in the game won’t taste worse than it. The 10 star coins Food Basket item we might not be able to afford yet, but 10 copper coins, 10 silver coins, and 10 gold coins can be earned by our diligence and efforts. This money is also able to buy a lot of delicious food in the players’ evening market. If you don’t want to spend money to buy others’ crafts, you can also learn cooking skills and create it yourself.”

When he heard that there was food in the game that tasted even better than his new favorite milk tea flavored nutrient solution, the old man was so greedy that he almost lost his soul, almost stammering and asking, “Really, really?”

How could it be false?

When he came back to his senses, Ye Long’s new game slot had already been bound to his Imperial Citizenship number, from now on, only he could play that game slot. It meant that the star coins that could clearly be in his hand flew straight away. However, it also meant that whether he wanted to like it or not, he could enter the game to experience that extraordinary culinary delicacy life now.

The old man, “…” Am I being conned by my granddaughter?

“Grandpa, go try it. I guarantee you, you will love that world.” Ye Long, almost under the deadly force, pushed the old man towards his old gaming pod. “What you will eat in the game has a real taste of deliciousness, but also in the game, it will slowly cure your Genetic Collapse Disorder, so you don’t have to travel to Hope Star. We can always live together.”

As she spoke, she could not control her voice and choked a little. The old man habitually wanted to wipe his granddaughter’s tears, but found that she still had a smile on her face. Her eyes were warm and full of hope. As long as he nodded his head yes, he could let this look on his granddaughter’s face continue.

“Hey, okay. Grandpa will go into the game and take a look,” The old man compromised.

In fact, he could not let go of his good granddaughter.

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