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Chapter 195: The Players’ “black” market

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Bai Li thought Wen XingYao was a bit abrupt at this time, but he agreed with his words.

When he picked up Wen XingYao as an infant, it took him less than two months to regain his human form, and Zhu MoLing was picked up as an infant on the same day that Wen XingYao regained his human form, almost a month ago now. With that previous experience, he thought that his recovery should be faster. With that in mind, he nodded directly towards Wen XingYao and agreed on the matter.

Faced with the other party who was looking at him with burning eyes, Wen XingYao simply pretended not to see. To do the previous thing done on impulse, if he wanted it to happen again, it would require an accumulation of courage.

Wen XingYao also didn’t mind Bai Li’s avoidance. In front of his face, he smiled and touched his lips, completely a big silly man. When they first met, the silver-haired handsome man was like the snow lotus on the Tianshan Mountains. He could only be seen from afar but not touched, but in front of Bai Li that had completely changed.

At the same time, Wen XingYao also made up his mind and in his heart. When he came back here, he must take the first step with Bai Li. In this regard, how could he let everything be initiated by the other if he wanted to keep his face?

When Tang Ying returned in satisfaction to the living room after picking ten cabbages, Bai Li had even pacified the fox cub.

Tang Ying was the only one in the room who didn’t know anything. He looked at the two of them suspiciously and asked with his soul bare, “What were you doing?”

Bai Li was already well versed in the art of defusing embarrassment, so he could still pretend to pet the fox’s fur as if nothing was wrong, but Wen XingYao coughed heavily and offered to leave early. Tang Ying looked at him with even more suspicion. “It’s getting late, we should go.”

“I’ll see you guys off.” After that, Bai Li handed over the task of housekeeping and the fox cub to Fox One and Fox Two who happened to come over at this time, and personally sent the two of them to the Interstellar airship landing site, then waited for them to leave before he returned to his residence with a faint sense of loss.

Well, after a period of time, he and Wen XingYao had finally started a “long distance love.”

When Bai Li arrived home, Zhu MoLing’s consciousness had long been asleep, along with his juvenile body. He was taken by Fox One to lie into the gaming pod, for a new day’s mission material upgrade efforts.

Zhu MoLing boarded the game, and although he had no memory of reality, the rage and irritation that emerged from deep inside didn’t deceive him, so when Fox One and Fox Two came over to find him, he deliberately asked what happened in Bai Li’s family today.

“Uh…It doesn’t seem like anything big happened, right?” Fox Two scratched his head. “Mr. Bai’s life is more or less the same as usual, but today was the day Admiral Wen left to go back to the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star. I heard that he has to go back first to deal with some things, and then he will come back.”

He didn’t know Bai Li’s identity, so when he mentioned it, his tone didn’t fluctuate.

After hearing Fox Two’s words, Zhu MoLing only felt his mood immediately became happy, so he was even more sure of his suspicions. He now knew that Bai Li and Wen XingYao were lovers, so if Wen XingYao had left temporarily, his mood at this time should be pure joy, not rage and annoyance, unless Wen XingYao had done something else to Bai Li before he left.

Although he had no relevant experience, the brain could also guess a little. It was just a small couple being lovey-dovey. The two of them should have been seen by his infant form when they were having sex, and that’s why he was subconsciously angry like this.

As an old bro-con, Zhu MoLing would inevitably think a little more. This matter wasn’t forced by Wen XingYao. In fact, wasn’t his brother not very willing?

The good thing was that this Wen XingYao, who seemed to have big eyebrows and eyes, had a bunch of fanboys and girls outside, but would actually act so badly. He hated that he hadn’t recovered, otherwise he would definitely help his brother to give him a sharp lesson!

Zhu MoLing was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but temporarily threw Wen XingYao out of his mind. He could only hold this matter secretly in his heart. When he and his brother succeeded in recognizing each other, he would give him some good eye medicine.

The vengeance of the Fox tribe was very strong!

If at this time Wen XingYao learned what Zhu MoLing was thinking, he would kneel down, and shout out that he had been wronged. This thing was clearly begun by Bai Li, and at first he didn’t react to it. How could it be blamed on him?  However, there was one thing he would say. The experience had been so wonderful that even though it had been over for a long time, he couldn’t help but look back on it with a smile on his face.

In the VVIP cabin of the Interstellar spacecraft headed to Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, Tang Ying sat directly across from Wen XingYao, watched his expression change 180 degrees in a few minutes, and got goosebumps all over his body along with bad chills! Together they stood up and danced.

It was amazing, it was amazing! If someone had told him a few months earlier that such an expression would appear on Wen XingYao’s face, he wouldn’t have believed it. However, that day he saw it with his own eyes, and after he saw it, he wanted to dig his own eyes out, wash them, scrub them, put them back in, and then close his eyes until death. He never wanted to recall that scene.

It turned out that love could really change everything about a person, and make him a completely different person, ah. Ah, this terrible and desirable love! Tang Ying quietly uploaded his own starblog trumpet “I am Easy Victory” after N days, and sent a new starblog: “Today is another day to eat dog food and be full! (:)”

In a short time, there were many likes and comments at the bottom, and while there was still some time before the arrival, Tang Ying put on his vest and chatted with his fellow netizens, as he digested the dog food that he was forced to eat until he nearly vomited.

After they arrived at their destination, he felt much better. After all, in a place as big as the Interstellar, there were many people who had the same experience of being fed dog food as him.

When Bai Li had finished taking care of everything and boarded the game again, it was already the afternoon of the 19th. He originally thought that after several days and nights of “partying,” the players in the game should be in a brief state of depression. The outward manifestation of this state was that everyone was lazy, as if they had lost their worldly desires. Even if they were farming, fishing, gathering or mining, they would all be lazy and have little energy in their hands and feet.

Even when they encountered good things to smile at, they would also be breathless. After all, three days and three nights of robbing vegetables was a big battle, plus exchanging items, and then focusing on crazily stealing vegetables…it must have consumed most of their strength. That kind of essence consumption, without a day or two of rest, couldn’t be recovered.

However, to his surprise, the players in the game were still maintaining their high-intensity gaming behavior without the slightest atrophy. As he stood in his courtyard and doubted his eyes, a dozen players hurried past his door, as if rushing to do something big. They no longer exchanged greetings with him when they saw him as they used to.

This is…Did something happen?

Bai Li sometimes really felt that this was obviously a game he designed with his own hands, and that he should have superb control over everything in the game, but every time the players’ original ideas ripped a hole in that idea. The game, under the joint “efforts” of him and all the players, would always develop in an unknown direction.

Bai Li mentally prepared for the fact that “something might have happened in the game that he didn’t know about” and then walked out of the courtyard. He intended to go to a crowded place to see what was going on in the minds of these players, so Bai Li went directly to the entrance of the village.

After a few months of operation, the village entrance had become the largest gathering place for players. It was a good place to chat and fart, and a good place to exchange information about the game. In Carefree Farmstead, there was no such thing as a group, but whenever players had the idea of exploring with someone, they habitually came to the entrance of the village to recruit teammates.

Bai Li’s decision was correct. When he arrived at the entrance of the village, he found that hundreds of players had gathered in the place, and they were all doing the same thing, that was…setting up a stall.

There was no small difference between this ground stall and the players’ evening market that was organized every day. It wasn’t as casual as the players’ evening market, where as long as there was an empty space, they could just put up a stall. On that day, these stalls were clearly unfolding in a purposeful and organized manner.

Crops, flowers, fruits, fish…These things were placed in separate categories, and players were even selling just one of these categories. Not only that, in order to facilitate the distinctions, the color of the stall cloths also marked the relevant provisions. For example, the sale of crops had an earthy yellow cloth, the sale of flowers had a large red cloth, fruit was light yellow, fish was sky blue…

And these colorful stall cloths, carefully counted, were of nine kinds!

At first, Bai Li still couldn’t understand what this group of players was doing and almost thought this was their spontaneous organization of “catching the big market” activities. But when he counted the number of colors in the cloths, he quickly connected them to a new online game.

Bai Li, “…”

He was embarrassed to say that he, as the game developer, was so engrossed in the event the last few days, and in addition, his boyfriend’s departure drew away some of his remaining attention, so he actually forgot about the “icon collection system” that went online at the same time as the event.

The players, by the looks of it, should have finally remembered it and started actively collecting for it!

The questions were answered early, so Bai Li didn’t rush to find someone he knew to inquire about the situation. He simply went to the nearby player rest area that was built by a player whose life skill was carpentry, found a long chair and sat down. He opened his character panel, and entered the sub-page called “icon.”

For the time being, there were only nine categories in the catalog namely: crops, flowers, fruits, fish, ores, clothing, furniture, recipes, and mission items.

Costumes needed to be owned by the player, recipes needed to be mastered by the player, and the rest of them needed to be submitted to the NPC that met the requirements before the icon associated with it would light up and show a successful collection.

Crops were the easiest category to collect in Bai Li’s opinion. As long as there was step-by-step planting, each time a person’s character leveled up they would unlock the seeds to buy to a new plant, and then they planted the fruit that met the conditions, the small icon belonging to that crop would be lit.

To prevent this category from giving players the illusion of being too easy to complete, Bai Li set the condition that the harvested crop needed to reach a certain weight. This weight would be two to three times higher than the average weight of that crop, a weight that players need to take care of carefully and meticulously, or use fertilizer purchased from the game store, in order to grow.

There was also a very small possibility of another kind of crop. That was to say, that sometimes  when harvesting, a person’s luck exploded. Nothing was done but they got a crop above the specified weight. In addition to crops, fruits and fish also followed this requirement. Flowers relied on the size of the diameter of the flower when it bloomed, while ores had requirements in terms of precision, which also included gems. The last four categories were entirely based on the players’ usual collection methods, and it would be a challenge to reach the goal of collecting them all.

After he reviewed the settings he made for the game, Bai Li found that he had already gotten the achievement of collecting all crops at his current level. There were more than fifty kinds of crops in total, and the system would give a reward for every ten kinds collected. “Pop, pop, pop, pop,” five times in a row. Bai Li got giant potato seeds, giant cauliflower seeds, giant strawberry seeds, giant pumpkin seeds and one ancient seed.

Obviously, 50 was a hurdle in the collection.

The reward for collecting crop icons were huge crop seeds. Bai Li also deliberately made a note about them that the crops grown from the seeds would be huge and have special meanings, and suggested that players shouldn’t use and sell them freely after planting them, and instead keep them well.

He had a good idea of what the event would be, a “Harvest Festival”?

As for when it would be scheduled, it…it depended.

Even Bai Li didn’t know what would be harvested after planting one, or how long it would take to harvest. The plants he added in the random list of “Ancient Seeds” were all unique to the immortal world. The Immortal Flower that could be exchanged for 1,000 points in the last event was one of them.

In the immortal world, those plants produced both good and bad effects, but when they were transferred to the game world, they were unceremoniously and magically changed by Bai Li to the extent that his “old colleagues” wouldn’t recognize them when they arrived there. Bai Li touched the round, oversized ancient seeds, and was ready to go back to find a beautiful pot to plant them in.

If nothing else, the one in his hand should be the first ancient seed of the entire game.

Who could match the Agricultural Deity’s farming ability? Not even kryptonite could challenge him.

After excluding the category of “crops”, the rest of Bai Li’s work was very ordinary. He looked at the players’ stalls not far away, which were in full swing, and decided to take this opportunity to fill out the catalog himself. He got up and walked over towards a large stall. The players who were engrossed in business didn’t notice Bai Li’s arrival for the time being and continued to yell loudly.

“Come, come, come and see! Peonies, azaleas, roses, sunflowers…Dozens of flowers are available for you to choose from, all of which meet the requirements of the icon collection! In order to collect all the flower catalogs as soon as possible, I have directly gathered the flowers in my yard and left it bald! Come and see!

“Here’s a little farming expert! I have all the crops that meet the requirements of the icon from character levels 1 to 10, and the quantity is limited to a first-come, first-served basis! You don’t know how long it would take to grow your own, and perhaps you would waste a lot of fertilizer. Come to me to buy directly. The first ten customers get a 10% discount!”

“Ruby, sapphire, cat’s eye, fluorite, corundum…I’ve been digging for more than two months to save up my stock, and now I’m taking it all out for the sake of your icon collection! Because of the scarcity of gems, all are 100 gold coins a piece. Do not choose a bargain instead. If you’re interested, hurry to come and contact me!”

“Do you need furniture in stock? I also support custom-made items, the kind of material can be discussed with me, wood can be purchased from me or go to the local place to buy. It’s only another 30% processing fee…”

“Still struggling to know what role because of the number of repeated gray word items? Still looking for the NPC task puzzled and panicked? This is a centralized exchange point for gray-letter items, which can be purchased for money or exchanged directly. As long as another vendor has the item it can be cheaper, oh…”

“Hahahaha! Fortunately, I didn’t sell or eat the fish I caught. Now I have not only completed more than half of my fish catalogue, but also can give it back to everyone. 5 gold coins a fish, and you can choose at will. All the fish on the stall meet the requirements. Is the price cheap enough?”

Bai Li picked and chose along the way, and really bought a lot of good things. The blank spaces in his catalog filled by fifth more. With those that reached the number of items where a prize could be claimed, he did not rush to turn in. He wanted to wait and go back in one breath to claim them.

The opposite effect of this was the dramatic shrinkage of his wallet. When players discovered the importance of these items, they weren’t the original price. On the basis of the original, the transaction prices of these items grew several times, more than ten times increased, but the buyers didn’t find that problematic in the slightest. After all, things were precious when they were rare.

Bai Li walked and came to the depths of the stalls and found that the stall cloth used by the players in this area were different from the previous nine colors, as they were black. At the same time, this was also the place with the largest number of players.

There was a change from the previous stalls where goods were placed densely. Most of the players here sat directly on their stall cloths and crowded each other. At most they put out a small sign with words on the corner of the stall cloth. The people who didn’t know might think that they were ready to sell themselves as a commodity.

Bai Li came close to those small signs to take a look, and found that the players still had a little bottom line.

“Shortage of pumpkins, strawberries, kidney beans, cotton, peppers, potatoes, carrots, wheat? I have more than one, one for one.”

“Acquire grass carp, koi, peeps and striped bass. As long as they meet the requirements of the icon, 10 gold coins for each one collected.”

“Who has extra recipes? Any kind will do. I’ve played the game for so long, but this child actually hasn’t got one!”

“Four obsidian, ore class illustration fifth row seventh in, high price resale, a sincere offer.”


None of the contents on the cards were duplicates, and the common denominator was the small number of items in each person’s hand. Obviously, these players also came together as well, then launched an active “self-help.” Even the stall cloth was used black. It was probably more “black market” than the “black market,” right?

“LiLi, you’re here too! Here, here!”

Bai Li was standing at the entrance of the Black + Black Market, while he hesitated to go in and take a look, when he heard someone call his name. When he looked in the direction of the voice, Jiang Huaibi was waving at him excitedly.

Since he knew her, there was nothing to hesitate about and Bai Li walked directly over. He saw that Jiang Huaibi had an empty seat next to her, so he simply followed the example, found a black cloth and sat next to her.

“Heart’s Jade, why are you here too?” Bai Li glanced at Jiang Huaibi’s stall with several times as many items as the others and asked curiously, “You have so many things, why don’t you go to the front spot to set up a stall?”

“Hey, I also want to, ah, but the front stalls can’t sell a variety of things. It’s too restricted and not as free and casual as here.” Jiang Huaibi showed Bai Li the variety of things in her stall. “Crops, fruits, flowers, fish, clothing, furniture, recipes and so on. I have it all here, I have the most of all the gray word task items, and people come to my side like TaoTao! I also do live on the side!”

Bai Li looked up, and the live camera turned to his face.

After he chatted with Jiang Huaibi, he opened Fox Live and entered Jiang Huaibi’s live room to watch it. The viewers in the live stream room showed a warm welcome with his arrival.

[Ahhhhh! It’s LiLi! LiLi long time no see. How are you doing? I heard that your land was burgled yesterday, are you okay now? The villagers of Mushroom Village are really abominable. They are simply heartless (dry) sick (drift) crazy (bright) ah!]

[LiLi how come you’re so late to come over here, oh? The morning here was more lively, you missed it…]

[Strange, why would I subconsciously look for Big Brother Demon Xing’s figure after seeing LiLi? Is it to replace him? blush.jpg]

[Am I the only one curious about how LiLi’s icon collection is coming along? Will he not have it completely full? LiLi can you show us? Looking forward to starry eyes.jpg]

Jiang Huaibi was also very curious about this question, so she stared at Bai Li with her round eyes blinking.

The audience either exchanged pleasantries, jokes, or expressed strong curiosity, but their emotions were all well-intentioned, so it didn’t bother Bai Li. Therefore, Bai Li also smilingly picked a few questions to answer.

“Don’t worry, I used the item [Close the Door and Let the Dog Loose] after going online yesterday. You don’t have to worry about our food being stolen any more. Demon Xing has something to do today and hasn’t been online yet. You don’t need to look for him. As for the collection of my catalog…I will probably have to disappoint you. So far, I have only collected more than 50 ‘crops’, and others are estimated to be the lowest among the players.”

When she heard Bai Li say that, Jiang Huaibi joined the audience in voicing disbelief, with the thought that this must be a modest statement. Bai Li was unable to convince them, and so he directly visualized his icon interface and displayed it in Jiang Huaibi’s live stream.

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