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Chapter 196: “Live Streaming”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The familiar icon collection page, going to the “crops” sub-page, was neatly arranged in several rows, shiny mirror Q crop icons, and extremely friendly to OCD people. However, when he switched to other pages, the illuminated icons became pockmarked with potholes. As Bai Li said, the collection level was indeed far lower than other players in the game.

Jiang Huaibi “…LiLi, you’ve collected all the crops, so you must have spent all your energy on planting! Only people like you who put their heart and soul into the fields and sweat hard will be rewarded with the greatest goodwill of the land!”

The audience was equally shocked at the game developer’s single dedication. They waited for Jiang Huaibi’s words to drop, then they were comforted.

[Yeah, yeah. LiLi you’ve done a great job. Don’t ever feel lost and unhappy! According to my observation for most of the day, there are other things that are much better to collect than crops. Just spend money and you can buy a lot of them. The rest can also come slowly, anyway, you can’t find others as usual.]

[LiLi’s level is so high, it’s actually more than twenty. No wonder he can grow more than fifty kinds of crops! By the way, what is the item sent after a full fifty species? It can’t still be huge crop seeds, right?]

[Three pounds of peach, water blue embroidered with silver lotus fan, five pounds of crab, gray juice dough recipe, and at least five kinds of gray word items. I remember younger sister Huaibi’s side has that. LiLi, do not forget to look in her booth, and you can light up several icons!]

Jiang Huaibi also saw the above sentence, and without waiting for Bai Li to speak, she looked for them first, and with the fastest speed pulled them out and directly put the items on Bai Li’s stall cloth and said, “LiLi these are for you. No charge!”

If other people came to buy things at Jiang Huaibi’s stall, she was sure to charge money. If   people bought a large amount, she would give a slight discount. However, LiLi was different. From the first day she entered the game, LiLi often gave good advice, so that she took a lot of detours, but also was inspired by a certain nature in her genes. The power of hoarding, ah!

Jiang Huaibi had already pushed the things over, and also put up a “if you do not take it, you do not take me as a friend” attitude. Bai Li naturally could not push them back, so he smiled and said thank you, then put those things into his backpack, and they were one by one submitted to the system.

The icons belonging to them in the icon list lit up in turn. Since the status of the panel did change, the viewers in the live stream witnessed the scene and expressed the feeling that “the process of lighting up icons looks super cool.”

Jiang Huaibi nodded her head in satisfaction. That’s how it should be. Helping each other, her and LiLi’s friendship lives on…

After looking ahead to N years, when their relationship was still super good. Jiang Huaibi smiled so much that the corners of her mouth were about to grin all the way behind her ears. It wasn’t until Bai Li spoke up that her reverie was interrupted, “Heart’s Jade, have you collected all the ‘crops’ icons? I still have quite a few that meet the requirements. Tell me what’s missing and I’ll get them out for you.”

Jiang Huaibi, “!!!!!” How could she collect all of them?

Jiang Huaibi anachronistically remembered her initial thoughts when she first entered the game, when she was still a small newcomer who knew nothing. Just because in reality she was a veritable “plant killer,” she thought to come to the game to do brainless farming.

It turned out that the game’s land was superbly planted, not to mention that other gameplay also attracts her curiosity, especially the various novelty items, and when she saw them she couldn’t control her giddy hands, and not put them into her backpack or the storage boxes she had.

The game as she had played it so far, although she had still started by collecting vegetables and planting as soon as she got online, the focus of her game, in fact, had been placed elsewhere.

So well, the crops didn’t get enough love from her, her harvest was also of ordinary quality mostly. Hey…But even so, her collection completion degree was still higher than other players. Who let her love to hoard?

Jiang Huaibi also opened her own icon panel, glanced at the top of the gray icons, and her small mouth opened up, “Corn, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, sweet potatoes…” She didn’t have to be polite with Bai Li, and listed all the things that she didn’t have.

Bai Li, in turn, rummaged through his own backpack according to the varieties she told him.

When he first entered the game, players only had a total of 50 backpack compartments, which did not match the increasing variety of items in the game, so he added the item [Backpack Expansion Stone] to the list of this month’s event points exchange. 500 points for one, and each stone plus a certain number of copper coins, could expand 10 new compartments, plus the number of player exchanges wasn’t capped.

Bai Li used his points to redeem 5 stones to expand his backpack to 100 squares. Bai Li didn’t have to dump all the crops out of his backpack just to get the ones that met the requirements. In just a few minutes, Bai Li’s stall was piled high with vegetables so large that they almost overwhelmed half of his body.

The crops in the game were harvested from the soil, but they didn’t collect even a little bit of dirt, so they all looked very cute and childish from a distance. The audience silently took screenshots, and they especially wanted to remove Bai Li and put themselves on the pile.

Jiang Huaibi was originally focused on reporting the plants, so her eyes didn’t move from the catalog panel. When she finally thought that she had gone too far, she took a look in the direction of Bai Li and her eyes almost bulged out.

LiLi was so real! She listed it all out and his hands retrieved so many eligible crops, ah! He was too good at farming!

“Well? How come you don’t report it, does it need more?” Bai Li noticed Jiang Huaibi’s pause. He also stopped his hand movements and asked a question.

Jiang Huaibi swallowed and subconsciously shook her head. According to the current situation, it was clear that she had encroached on LiLi’s big advantage! How much did she just give LiLi, and how much did LiLi just pass on to her?

“Li…LiLi, you gave too much. The rest I should try to grow myself. Always a little participation, hehehe!” Jiang Huaibi once again heavily shook her head, and silently submitted them.

Bai Li thought she was right. If he wanted to, he could support at least fifty players to achieve the “crops” icons current level full collection achievement, but then the game would stop being fun, ah. Only by making their own effort to collect little by little, so they could look back at it the future would they smile.

So he didn’t persuade Jiang Huaibi. He watched in relief to see that she took out the crops submitted, then fell into a state of inactivity. That said, shouldn’t he do something more to make it look like he hadn’t made the trip for nothing?

He quickly got an idea. He looked around, asked Jiang Huaibi for a small sign that served no purpose, followed the example of other players, wrote a few words on it, and placed it in front of himself.

“All crops are available. 3 gold coins a piece. Each person can take away up to 5 (only open for half an hour).”

Jiang Huaibi took a glance at it and immediately said “wow.” She smiled and announced to the live viewers, “Attention everyone, it’s time for LiLi’s live streaming…”

“Live with goods,” These words were actually not reasonable, and soon there were viewers puffed up to express their dissatisfaction.

[False propaganda, careful we don’t go to report, ah! It’s LiLi’s stall and we have nothing to do with it. We can neither go into the game to buy LiLi’s vegetables, nor can we actually receive those dishes in reality. We can only watch in the live room, we are so miserable!]

[Everyone pay attention. The next video material will record the game’s developer’s first stall selling vegetables. Precious picture!]

[Hahahahaha! This is the right description. The anchor should remember to record the screen after the broadcast to save it well, ah!]

Jiang Huaibi was also very aware of mistakes and could correct them. She changed the title of the live stream to what the audience suggested on the spot, which led to a bunch of heckling “Hahaha” laughter.

Bai Li found himself a new staple in the audience’s mouth, and couldn’t help but laugh. Interstellar people always showed their enthusiasm in strange ways. Watching people sell vegetables? What’s so great about that?

However, it turned out that it was pretty good.

As soon as Jiang Huaibi called out for Bai Li, the players around him spotted Bai Li’s presence. However, Bai Li had already been shouted at by someone he knew, so they could only peek from the sides.

When they saw Jiang Huaibi pulling out a bunch of items from her stall for him, the surrounding players nodded their heads and said that their Li Li was really good with people, and at this time, those items, no matter which one of them could be sold at a high price, were given by Jiang Huaibi without blinking.

When they saw Bai Li under Jiang Huaibi’s “name”, take one crop after another from his backpack, crops they couldn’t find in the whole “black market,” their mood fell up and down, from emotion to envy. The time between envy and numbness was just a few minutes.

Damn! How could being nice to LiLi be so rewarding? Was it too late to hug LiLi’s thighs? They want to collect all the crops too.

The players were watching nearby, frantically trying to figure out what kind of reason they could use to go up to Bai Li and get close to him, when they saw Bai Li ask Jiang Huaibi for a wooden sign and then write on it with a swish. After he wrote it, he put it in front of him and intended to set up a stall.

This was the best news they had received today!

While Jiang Huaibi was chatting enthusiastically with the audience, the ecstatic players directly surrounded Bai Li’s tiny stall. After they read what was written on the wooden sign, they even scrambled to snap items up, and feared that if they were too late, the stock in Bai Li’s hand would be cleared out.

“I want pasture feed, peanuts, strawberries, pumpkins, and kidney beans! Wow, these five items are actually only 15 gold coins. LiLi you are a great kindness falling from the sky, right?!”

“LiLi, I only want watermelon, cantaloupe and pumpkin. Oooh, making something that is already big, bigger is making it hard for me, Fat Tiger! In front of these three melons, no amount of fertilizer is good, QAQ!”

“LiLi! Do you have chili peppers here? The normal size chili peppers will make my mouth smoke and my throat spit fire. Two or three times the size of the chili pepper won’t upgrade the spiciness so it becomes the devil perverted spicy, ah?”

The enthusiastic players directly drowned out Bai Li. Even Jiang Huaibi, who was originally sitting next to Bai Li, was squeezed away by the others at an inattentive moment, and she could only stare at those people with a wide pair of eyes outside the circle.

In the crowd, Bai Li’s gentle reassuring voice would occasionally surface. Under such a voice, the players gradually calmed down, then blushed, and one by one, quail-like, with shrunken necks as they lined up.

Oooooo! Li Li was so gentle, would they just scare him away?

However, soon, they found that Bai Li didn’t get angry with them. During the 30 minutes of the stall, he was like a tireless machine as he quickly reached for the door-to-door requests, almost at the speed of two people a minute to complete the transactions. Business was so good that there was no time to think about anything else.

Once the 30 minutes had passed, Jiang Huaibi, who was still stuck outside, shouted a reminder. Once the players in line who hadn’t yet had their turn heard it, they did not pester Bai Li to set up his stall for a while longer, and dispersed of their own accord.

LiLi was willing to give them help. It was very good, they had to see the good, so that they could look forward to the next opportunity.

When he saw that reaction from the players, Bai Li also breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly put the stall cloth back into his backpack, stood up and said to the crowd, “Thank you all for your patronage today. I will come back if I have the chance, but I also recommend you to try it yourself, ha. In fact, if you want to grow high-quality crops, or very simple ones, later I can post a simple farming strategy on the starblog.”

The players cheered, “Yes!”

They went all the way, and sent Bai Li to near the entrance of all the stalls, and when his figure disappeared, they hurried to inform all their friends and relatives of the good news.

What was the difference between that and a game secret?

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