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Chapter 197: Break away

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Soon, Carefree Farmstead’s game developer, Bai Li’s “live streaming with goods” on Jiang Huaibi’s live room became famous in the game forum. The game itself had become extremely famous in the game forum. Along with Bai Li’s starblog account, which hadn’t yet issued the “farming strategy,” it also received a lot of stares from fellow netizens and new players.

They were waiting for the legendary farming secrets to save their dog’s life and help them to go to the top of the lists in the game. It was believed that when the craze of collecting the items passed, the players’ view of the game would also be changed, so they would consider “bigger and heavier” as one of the criteria to judge the value of crops, flowers, fruits and fish.

Players from other villages expressed their envy of the Mushroom Village players, who had a god like Bai Li in their village and were one step ahead in everything they did. The players of Mushroom Village, especially those who didn’t catch Bai Li’s stall, were wringing their hands that they had missed such a rare opportunity, and would have to watch for raiders as they grew the crops they needed.

[Hmph! As long as the Mushroom Village players speak, all of them are branded as showing superiority! You can just enjoy yourselves, why do you say things to stimulate us?! Do you believe that when I am level 30, I will go to your village and steal LiLi?]

[I want to buy LiLi’s crops too! I’m not going to submit them after I buy them, I just want to collect them and pass them on to my grandchildren in the future!]

[Am I the only one curious about what rewards will be given after collecting 50 crops? After watching the replay of the live broadcast, LiLi seems to have said that the item is called ‘Ancient Seeds’, do you know what it is?]

[We don’t know, we haven’t collected more than 50…Let’s wait, I guess there will be a lot of people getting this reward after a while.]

The topic suddenly shifted from Bai Li’s live broadcast to the mysterious number 50, and then more players came to speak about their experience of collecting.

[I usually fish a lot, and my collection of fish icons is one of the best in our village. When I reached 10, 20, 30 and 40, the system rewarded me with random fish specimens, so now I have collected specimens of red carp, green carp, puffer fish and goldfish. The fish pack can hold 100 different species of fish, with a cap of 99 of the same species, which can be considered a favorite of anglers. At the same time, this pack can also be put into the player’s own backpack, and only one compartment. Brothers, what are you waiting for, hurry to go fishing, ah!]

[Fruit is really good to collect, but not easy to collect, ah. I’ve tried my best to collect more than 30 kinds and got three kinds of random fruit figurines. Cute and lovable, I like it!]

[I had the pleasure of visiting my friend’s house, and all the sets of clothes that were opened were hanging outside. They filled three whole rooms! The first time she reached the condition, she got the set of red ‘wedding clothes.’ Looking everywhere to find someone ready to hold a game wedding! Why, if it’s not shabby, I’d like to sign up for it…]

[You guys go look. LiLi quietly updated again. At the bottom of the icon list, there is an additional current ranking. It says that at the end of each month the top 100 players in the village collection completion ranking will get special rewards. The grades are 1-10, 11-30, 31-100. I can already see, this is the official field forced liver, ah! My liver is hurting vaguely, what about you guys?]

[Me too…]


[I already foresee a future, pain and happiness. What a sweet annoyance!]

Bai Li clapped his hands to finish another temporary optimization, and thought that this time the players’ enthusiasm for the game could be maintained for longer, right? As long as they were willing to work hard, anything would come.

At this point, Wen XingYao, who hadn’t been in touch for several hours, boarded the game and contacted him through the friend system, asking him where he was.

Bai Li directly asked Wen XingYao to come over to his house, waited for the person to come in, and asked him if the journey had gone well.

“Everything went well on the way. The soldiers in the military department were quite surprised at my appearance, but they didn’t have time to come up and ask me where I had been lately, before they were informed by Tang Ying to go to a ‘farming mobilization meeting’.” Wen XingYao remembered how the concern of the soldiers cast a warm heart, smiled and continued, “There is nothing important that requires me to appear in the Ministry of the Military so I will only need to sign some documents after they are processed. I was also dragged to the Imperial Research Institute next door to do a full body examination. The results were that I was 90% cured of Genetic Collapse Disorder. The masters were very shocked at the results and asked me a lot of questions. Since I didn’t ask you about your plans, I only said for now that I had been playing the game since the day Carefree Farmstead went online, and I asked them to keep the results of the test a secret from the public for now. They said they wanted to get to know you as a game developer. If you don’t mind, I’ll take you to the Institute to get to know those old masters later when you have the chance. They are all very nice people who have studied Genetic Collapse Disorder all their lives…”

Wen XingYao also described how the old men were dancing with joy when their test reports came out, and managed to make Bai Li smile along with him.

Since Carefree Farmstead had received their attention, Bai Li had been prepared for the game’s special features to be discovered. He decided that he would pretend not to know anything even if the experts and professors came to his door.

Sometimes, Bai Li also wondered why he wasn’t like the travelers in a novel, who would keep their own origin and abilities hidden deeply, but instead, had made a high-profile virtual reality game, and after the game became popular, he had the idea of making it bigger and bigger.

It was true that at the beginning, Bai Li’s purpose of making the game was for two very simple reasons, that was, to appease his own farming soul and make money. However, he couldn’t find any more excuses to justify that. When he faced the smiling faces of the players every day, his love for life and his desires for the future, he was determined to make Carefree Farmstead a sanctuary that could greatly alleviate the Interstellar’s Therians Genetic Collapse Disorder. 

Even though he himself, still didn’t understand what the principle was of that specific thing. Anyway, it would work. As for the rest, let Wen XingYao have those old men deal with the headaches from it.

So, Bai Li nodded to Wen XingYao. “Yes, when there is an opportunity, I will go with you to Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star, and we can also visit the planet where you live.”

Wen XingYao was first happy with Bai Li’s promise and the concern for himself revealed in his words. Then he quickly recalled what was interesting on Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, and finally fell into an eerie silence.

Before Carefree Farmstead came out, the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star had a number of restaurants that were famous all over the Interstellar. Although the restaurant’s dishes were expensive, because the flavor was more than ordinary natural food, it was loved by many rich people. Even if someone’s annual income wasn’t very high, they would bite the bullet to save some money to eat a meal together with the whole family.

Then the game came out, and especially after the live streams came into being, where people could eat 30% of the game’s delicious food, the Interstellar People who went to those restaurants would only be left with a strong dislike of the situation. Not even one tenth of the 30% taste of the food in the game, but it was still a famous restaurant that had spread throughout Interstellar? We’d rather watch live with the cheapest nutrient solution in our mouths!

Although there were rich people for whom the so-called rich style and the pursuit of natural plants was just as usual on the restaurant card, the business of these restaurants was still very obvious withering.

Even Interstellar people have lost interest in the restaurants, so how could they attract Bai Li, who also had culinary delicacies in the real world? He would probably prefer to follow himself home and have an authentic home-cooked meal at his house, Wen XingYao thought.

The thought of it made his handsome face a little hot.

As for the scenery on the planet? It was all a steel forest, from the Sweet and Sour Ribs Star to  the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star, there were only changes to the style and details of the buildings.

For the first time, Wen XingYao had the urge to alter an entire planet’s environment and landscape. He even thought that the other inhabitants of the planet would be tired of seeing everything in front of them. Maybe they chose to take it for granted because no one suggested otherwise?

After all, this matter could not be solved overnight. He intended to wait offline to find someone to discuss it with to see what kind of changes could be made to the planet.

As for right now…

“Okay. When you want to go, just tell me. I’ll take you there!” Wen XingYao said.

Bai Li blinked, thought about his arrangement afterwards, and gave an approximate time, “So for now, next month? In a few days, Tasty Foods’ new nutrition liquids will be online, and I have to pay attention to the advertising effect on the game. Then it’s almost the end of the month, so I have to start thinking about the next upgrade…”

He talked about the new changes in the game starting with the arrangements from the previous days, then guided Wen XingYao to check the icon page on the character panel, and saw that his page was grayed out except for a number of icons lit on the clothing and recipe sub-pages. He then smiled and asked him to hurry up and submit the eligible ones.

As a result, Wen XingYao didn’t move.

Bai Li, “?” He looked curiously at his boyfriend.

Wen XingYao looked at him sheepishly and whispered, “I just sold all the things I didn’t think I could use to the village chief a few days ago, and now I have nothing to submit.”

In order to prove that what he said was true, Wen XingYao also deliberately showed Bai Li his half-empty backpack.

Bai Li was shocked. In the farming game, there were still people who couldn’t get into the fun of hoarding?

He already saw Wen XingYao and Jiang Huaibi as two extremes. The latter liked to stuff everything into their arms, and didn’t care whether it was useful or not. Hoarding was hoarding and for her it was fun. The former was a “break away” to the extreme. Obviously there were enough places to put those temporarily useless things but he was still more than happy to sell them.

However, both of them were doing what they found enjoyable and made them happy.

“Is there no ‘in-room storage’ in your house either?” Bai Li asked unbelievingly. Usually when he went to Wen XingYao’s house, he really didn’t pay special attention to that point.

Wen XingYao did not disappoint him, He froze for a moment, then hesitantly asked back, “What is that?”

Bai Li then explained to him that it was an item from the game store, 100 star coins each, with 100 storage spaces inside, which could only be used inside the player’s house and not be brought out. Its role was for players to store their temporarily unused item. To that end, he also deliberately mentioned that in one of the rooms in Jiang Huaibi’s house, she had placed a full three walls of in-room storage; unusually precious.

As he listened to Bai Li’s explanation, Wen XingYao remembered the game. At the beginning he had seen that item in the game store, but at that time felt that the 50 compartments of the backpack was completely sufficient, so he simply didn’t buy it. Now that he had played the game for so long, he had mastered the skill of using those 50 compartments to the limit, so he didn’t need the item anymore.

The in-room storage was one of the few items that he hadn’t spent money on.

It was rare to see Wen XingYao’s expression confused and helpless, Bai Li could no longer hold back, and just laughed out loud.

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