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Chapter 199: Matured

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

On March 25th, the new Tasty Foods nutritional solutions were grabbed by the entire network as soon as they went online, and the Interstellar people flocked to the offline supermarkets after grabbing all the online store’s stock.

According to the supermarket staff who worked that day, it was the first time they saw so many people shopping in the supermarket at the same time. Some supermarket employees took pictures of the crowd and uploaded them to Starnet, and they even made it to the top of the hot search. However, even so, a large number of Interstellar people didn’t get their favorite nutrient solution and started to go crazy on the starblog.

As the producer of the nutrient solution that benefited the most, Lei Bao was so anxious that he grew a few blisters at the corners of his mouth and didn’t even have time to play the game. Fortunately, before this, he had already started to build a new nutrient production factory. Fifty new factories opened together with the old factory, and the daily production of nutrient solution was barely able to handle the enthusiasm of all the Interstellar people.

In just three days, the five new flavors of Nutritional Liquid had almost reached the small goal of one or N for each person.

[Woohoo! This is literally the second happiest moment of my life, the first being snagging a spot in the ‘Carefree Farmstead’ game! Thanks to LiLi, we actually got to eat the delicious food that we can only get in the game in reality, and the milk tea flavor is our family’s favorite!]

[Haha! In the past three days our family not only squatted on every hour to grab the new nutrition liquid on the shelves, but also ran around several neighborhood shopping malls and supermarkets, and stocked up on 30 boxes! Mom no longer has to worry about me not being able to eat because I have no appetite!]

[Help! Previously I ate three nutrients every day to start with, and since childhood I have not gained weight. In the past three days I have gained 2 pounds! Before this I always thought that just eating nutritional solutions was making me fat. Hey, happy fat, happy fat, ah!]

[Dream on. Good nutrition liquid is available, will delicious vegetables and fruits be far away? I beg the landed gentry of the agricultural planets, to also hurry to find LiLi for cooperation, and strive to make the crops on your planet also become slightly tasty QAQ!]

The fellow netizens shared their joy of eating the new nutrient solution on the starblog and developed N ways to eat it. In addition to the usual open bag, they also invented ways to eat Nutri-Liquids such as soaking rice paste, simmering porridge with Nutri-Liquids, stir-frying vegetables with Nutri-Liquids as seasoning, and dipping Nutri-Liquids related food into Nutri-Liquids.

Interstellar people who had tried all these methods, said that the best was the one that tastes good, and in the real world, there was no dark cuisine!

As the manufacturer of the nutrient solution, Tasty Foods was undoubtedly the biggest benefactor. With just five kinds of popular nutrient solution, they directly came to the company to live. Lei Bao, plus a group of shareholders and directors looked at the sales report of nutritional solutions in the past few days, and their mouths crooked with laughter.

After he sent off the group of people who were all walking and floating, Lei Bao could barely suppress his excitement and contacted Bai Li.

“Mr. Lei?” Bai Li just happened not to be in the game, and quickly got on the video call. He looked at Lei Bao on the opposite side of the screen for a few moments, only to find that his face was too rosy.

“Good news Bai Li. Our nutrient solution is selling like crazy! I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the sales of our nutrient solution lately, but we’ve been able to sell as much as our company produces, and the factory is still working overtime to produce it!” Lei Bao said happily, and then softly reported a number,and  indicated that this was the pure profit Bai Li could share in the nutrient solution in the past three days.

Bai Li’s reaction was also quite big. He thought his share wouldn’t be low, but he didn’t expect it to reach such a high level. Plus, this was only the amount for three days. If you counted the whole month, his share would be an astronomical figure, right? Exaggerated, really exaggerated. He always felt that this money he earned wasn’t justified.

He only provided a little data, and didn’t help much, right?

Bai Li simply didn’t take himself as an outsider, so he told his inner concern to Lei Bao. Lei Bao after he listened, laughed, “Mr. Bai you are really a funny person. I only know people who will spend more than the money they earn, but not like you who think you earn too much. If you hadn’t provided us with the food data flavors, none of us would have earned this money.”

Lei Bao spoke in an exaggerated tone of appreciation for Bai Li, and successfully dissipated Bai Li’s worries. Then the topic changed and he asked Bai Li what flavor data he planned to provide next month. The contract they signed at the beginning of the month was that Bai Li needed to provide data on 1-3 new food items every month. Now that it was the end of the month, so it was time to schedule another round of nutrient liquid flavor research.

The two of them sat down and had a good discussion, and finally decided that next month’s nutrient solution flavors would be “chicken soup” and “strawberry.” One being food and the other being fruit, so they believed the Interstellar people wouldn’t be disappointed.

After he finished the discussion, Bai Li boarded the game after a little bit of grooming.

He had just opened the door to the house and walked out, when he found a faint fragrance was wafting over the village. If it was any other player in the game, they might not know what this fragrance was, but Bai Li, who had lived in the immortal world for hundreds of years, knew that the source of this fragrance was the mature body of an Immortal Seedling that the players exchanged for 1,000 points.

Tang Wan was one of the more ordinary players in the game, his ID in the game was a single word, “Wan.” In the “Vegetable Rush” event ten days ago, he only won three or four thousand points, and after exchanging the “Immortal Seedling” and five sets of nutrient solution, not much was left. Both of them cost 1,000 points each, and the rest he could only redeem some small item in bits and pieces.

The day the exchange ended, he actually regretted it a bit. He felt that he was impulsive and shouldn’t have exchanged so many nutrient solutions in one breath. The whole 35 sticks he couldn’t finish eating in a month. However, the subsequent developments made him deeply grateful that he had redeemed the nutrient solution, allowing his taste buds to enjoy a delicious blast in advance in reality. Because of that experience, he also showed a great deal of care for the other item that he redeemed with 1,000 points.

The seedling of the Immortal Flower in his hand was contained in a light pink pot, and inside the pot was a plant like a large soybean sprout. It had a thin stem that was jade green with a bit of translucent material, and he could see the flow of its internal juices when he looked closely. The top was slim and white as the lightest handful of snow petals on the Tianshan Mountain. Sometimes Tang Wan was even afraid that with only a little heavy breathing, this petal could be blown off.

The Immortal Flower seedling had no flavor, and the item profile also only said that its growth period was ten days, and after ten days players could explore its effectiveness. Such a “immortal” was simply the oddest of flowers. Or rather, it was not a flower at all, but a strange plant that looked like a flower.

After Tang Wan brought it home and put it on the windowsill, every time he came on line, he had to go over and look at it a few times. He seriously watered it, fertilized it, and occasionally took it out in the sun. He didn’t know how other players who had redeemed the Immortal Flower Seedling took care of them, but he felt that he had done his best, and hoped that when it grew, it would be worthy of his efforts.

Ten days passed in a flash. On that day, after Tang Wan came online, he opened his eyes and immediately found the most eye-catching corner of the room.

There was originally a small flower pot in that location, and in the flower pot was planted in the delicate Immortal Flower seedling. Today, the seedling had disappeared, replaced by a flower that he had never seen before, with a very strange appearance.

The original thin stem had grown several times thicker, and seven green leaves had emerged from the bare stem, like the finest quality jade, with moist edges. The top petals also expanded several times. They were originally thin, but now they were distinctly bulging. They looked a bit like the flower cup of bell orchid flowers, but more delicate and lovely than the bell orchid flowers. 1

A sliver of wind leaked in the window, and the top of the flower swayed gently with the wind gently swaying a little. Tang Wan felt that he was having hallucinations. Why did he hear the sound of a small elf lying in the flowers laughing?

This wasn’t the main point of the matter.

Tang Wan had just taken a glance at the grown Immortal Flower, when his attention was pulled away by the fragrance that diffused in the air. That fragrance, how to describe it? It was a light sweet fragrance that wrapped around his body like good honey, but wasn’t at all cloying. Through the nose into the body into a cool breath, and in a few breaths it spread to all limbs, and finally it was exhaled out.

Together with exhaustion caused by long hours of bending and planting, there was the disease and waste that permeated the entire spiritual world. A more grounded description was that after smelling this aroma, it would let the whole person relax and want to sleep well. Then when he woke up, “he” would not be the original “him.”

When Tang Wan came back to his senses, he had moved the flower pot from the windowsill to the floor, and he was spread out on the floor in a “大” shape. All his bones were limp, and he had no desire to move.

This wasn’t a state of drunkenness or inhalation of toxic gasses, but he was so comfortable that he didn’t want to move. However, it was not possible to stay still forever. Just when Tang Wan wanted to squint for a while, there was a lot of noise outside his front yard.

“This is the place, right? My beastly sense of smell is very keen. I would never find the wrong one! Does anyone know who the owner of this house is? I’d love to know what this smell is.”

“I know, I know! My brother Wan who lives here, I am his neighbor. Everyone give way. Give way, ha, while I try to shout Wan’s name. Hehehehe!” The person who spoke took the opportunity to leap to the front row as the others gave way to him, and shouted “brother.”

“Well, let me guess the scent. I feel that this isn’t the aroma of food, but a flower fragrance. All this time I have been collecting flower icons, and have never smelled such a nice flower fragrance. Which flower is it? It can’t be hidden in the icons?”

“Holy shit, if this is really a flower, it has to be a big flower! I feel like all the people living around here were attracted by the fragrance of flowers. Hey, 100 meters? Too powerful, I must meet this buddy!”

The players had a tendency to chat more and more enthusiastically, and the sound was noisy because more and more people were coming. After he sat on the floor of his room and listened for a while, Tang Wan reacted with hindsight to the fact that those people outside were talking about him. So after he struggled to get up, he remembered to put the flower pot in a relatively safe location, and then with a wobbly run, went to open the door.

Hiss! The power of that Immortal Flower was too great. It made his footsteps light after smelling it for a long time. He was so happy.

The tightly closed door was finally opened from the inside, and a whole house of aroma impatiently surged outward, which made the outside fragrance at least a hundred times stronger, as it went straight towards the courtyard outside the door and the crowd.

The air seemed to emit a silent “boom,” then the large group of players outside were surrounded by that fragrance, and revealed the same type of ecstatic expression as Tang Wan. Their faces had bewildered smiles, and they smiled as though they were silly and comfortable.

“What’s going on? What are you all doing around my door?” Tang Wan’s state was not yet online.

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