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Chapter 198: Spring for geeks and nerds

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

At 18:00 on the evening of March 24th, the official starblog of Tasty Foods announced the release time of their new nutrition solution.

The next day at 9:00, they would put up the new nutrition solutions in online and offline supermarkets simultaneously. They invited Interstellar people who were interested in this nutrition solution to buy it. When they received the news, the Interstellar people ran around with happy smiles on their faces. When they went to inform their friends and relatives, they didn’t forget to like, comment and retweet the blog, so in less than half an hour, the content was at the top of the list.

The fervor from the beginning of the month for Carefree Farmstead had a tendency to cool down slightly, and many people thought that they couldn’t grab a slot in the game now anyway, so they would just wait until the beginning of the next month to grab the quota directly, so they put everything related to the game aside for the time being and got busy with their own work.

Now when they saw such a Starnet hot search, those people were a bit puzzled for a while.

[Is that the Tasty Foods that I know of? Although his family is the big head of making nutrition solutions, every time the nutrition solutions they make taste notoriously strange, ah. Why are you guys so excited when the preview of a new product launch comes out this time?]

[At the beginning of the month I hoarded several large boxes of white-boiled water flavored nutrient solution, while I eat with the Carefree Farmstead culinary delicacy live, the use of experience is superb. I won’t go to buy new flavors of nutrient solution for the time being.]

[Don’t. What flavor do you guys make for the nutrient solution without points in your heart? Why do you need to buy a hot search? Why not put all the money from the hot search into the research of normal flavors of nutrient solution?]

This part the fellow netizens thought they were taking the script of human sobriety when they typed out these words. It turned out that what they said only got a scattering of agreement, while more prompted them to go to the game forums first to find the recent hot posts, and then come back to decide whether to delete the comments.

“?” Those fellow netizens’s curiosity was successfully piqued and they really went all the way over, then they were fortunate enough to see the battle of tastes among those who had already eaten the nutrient solutions.

This one said that the corn flavor tasted like it had a light creaminess, that one said that the milk tea flavor was the yyds, the refreshing cucumber flavor, the rich tomato flavor, and the sweet watermelon flavor even had their own true love fans.

At the same time the five flavors of people every time they appear in these discussion posts, the last would be grouped together. The reason was that they didn’t welcome people who could eat and were philandering just to join.

As for the real reason for the rejection, for those who understood, it was just envy and jealousy that these people could actually eat all in!

The group of fellow netizens who had been laughing at the 2G network were dizzy all the way down, and finally realized what they had missed these days.

LiLi had actually secretly cooperated with Tasty Foods behind their backs and gave them such a big surprise at the end of this month’s events. At first, players and fellow netizens were hesitant and repulsed by the new flavor of nutrient solution, but now they were all really enthused.

The people who couldn’t get ahold of the nutrient solution even at a high price, or who saw the money and accidentally sold the redeemed nutrient solution, all squatted under the Tasty Foods starblog and official website, waiting for them to go online as soon as possible.

That was their day and night, even in their sleep they also smack their mouths as they imagined the taste nutrients in their dreams, ah!

After they knew the cause and effect of what happened, these people hurried back to the starblog, deleted the previous comments that reeked of stupidity, and then seamlessly joined the cheering team.

[Ahhhhhhhh! Excited heart, trembling hands, wallet is ready, no money to buy new clothes for the next few months, I don’t care! Tomorrow! I must grab a few big boxes of nutrient solution!]

[Grab a few cases of +1. Who does not know now, Tasty Foods this time made a nutritional liquid which is a cooperation with LiLi’s models. The taste is guaranteed, all who’ve eaten say good. It will kill all the nutritional liquids on the market! I have a hunch that the sales of this liquid will break new highs in the shortest possible time!]

[Why, not to mention the new highs, I have no doubt they will be snatched up by all of us not long after they are on New flavors of nutrients and Carefree Farmstead cooperation. Think about the difficulty of grabbing the Carefree Farmstead game quota, you get a taste, you’re fine.

[!!!! The previous brother you just reminded me. Originally I only intended to buy a week’s worth first, but now I’ve decided to follow along with the stockpile. These nutrients, I guess only just on the shelves of the easiest to grab, right? Tearful cat head.jpg]

[I hope the stock of Tasty Foods is large enough to hold up to our looting. Light the wax.jpg]

In the conference room on the top floor of the virtual building of Tasty Foods, Lei Bao was following the comments under the starblog together with a few of the company’s junior directors.

As they looked at the rising number of likes and comments, the directors’ mouths were crooked with laughter. Such a huge amount of attention and discussion was a flourish that their company had never experienced before, and they could already foresee the future, when the company would take off again, driven by the new nutrient liquid that would go online tomorrow.

When they thought about that, the directors who were still a bit dissatisfied with the sharing contract signed between Lei Bao and Bai Li could no longer afford to feel any emotion, and even put Bai Li on a par with the mythical God of Wealth from the Ancient Blue Star in their hearts. If it wasn’t for Bai Li, they would still be producing nutrient solutions that weren’t satisfying to the public, spending huge amounts of money on research every year and every month, only to get a pile of garbage, while the company would still be surviving half-dead.

Now that they were in Bai Li’s lap, the research funding would be minimized while sales and profits would rise. Even if most of the net profits were Bai Li’s, the remaining portion would be much higher than before.

Haha! Such a golden thigh, they hoped it could continue to hold!

What Lei Bao and the directors didn’t know at that time was that it was because of their generosity and lack of blindness that they would be chosen by Bai Li as a partner for another project in the near future.

At that time, what did the nutrition liquid business count for? The so-called most delicious food was still delicious food that was hot and could be eaten!

The night passed quickly under the expectations of the Interstellar people. Half an hour before 9:00, there was a significant lag on the web page due to the influx of buyers online.

Obviously, the online technical staff didn’t have the foresight of the Holographic Game Design Competition staff. The latter were able to expand their servers as much as they could before the Carefree Farmstead game slots were released, while the former only realized they should get up and get to work when they felt the sudden explosion of traffic.

Fortunately, was the only online sales platform in the Empire, and it conducted dozens of large-scale shopping events every year, so it was still very experienced in dealing with the sudden increase in traffic.

When the fellow netizens saw this, they scolded the online technical staff a few more times, and then settled down to wait for the rush hour to arrive.

Once 9:00 arrived, the players were concerned about the Tasty Foods flagship store and the notice of new products on the shelves. There were a total of six kinds of products, respectively. Five single flavors of nutrient liquid individual pages, and then their combination of sales page. The former was sold in groups, the latter was the price of five groups combined.

Although the price was raised by 20% compared to the previously sold nutritional solutions, it was still in the range of acceptance by the fellow netizens, and once the time came, they launched a mad rush.

Tasty Foods predicted the behavior of this group of people in advance, and set a maximum of five groups of each item that could be purchased by the same account, so as to leave the rest of the opportunities for more people in need.

Even so, the nutrient solutions, which all the factories had been trying to produce for half a month, were snapped up in just three minutes. For the six new items on the shelves, the remaining quantity became “0.”

Fellow netizens were dumbfounded. They hadn’t even bought all the flavors of the nutrient solution yet, how come they were out of it? This was not scientific! Let them go and see which one of them was the shameless one who bought so much in one breath! Oh, it was their own, ah. Then it’s okay…

The fellow netizens who bought all the flavors were naturally happy, while the fellow netizens who didn’t buy all the flavors had their own reasons. There were a lot of strange reasons for missing out in the comments section of the Tasty Foods blog, and fellow netizens were loudly fuming, trying to make Tasty Foods reload a batch of goods for pity’s sake.

In response, Tasty Foods regretfully said, [No more. Really not a drop.]

However, they also said they have something to add, [Although the online inventory has been completely emptied, offline the major supermarkets we also have stocked, oh. If you don’t mind going out, you could go offline to buy it yourself.]

It was a word to wake up the dreamers. Interstellar geeks and nerds came out of their nests and took the initiative to walk out of their homes for the sake of the white moonlight nutrient solution they didn’t grab.

They walked on the road with their heads up, chests out, and heads held high, rummaging through their memories for the locations of the nearest supermarkets nearby and marking them out, intending to start with the nearest ones and make sure to find a target until they did. At the same time, they had to guard against competitors, so the fast walk soon turned into a sprint…

On that day, Bai Li went out for an aerial tour to look down at the ground from above, and said that it was the first time he had seen so many Interstellar people near his home.

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