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Chapter 200: The black and white immortal flower

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Tang Wan’s voice was like a hint of something not so nice mixed with something beautiful. Players who were addicted to the scent of flowers opened their eyes and the first thing that came into view was a big face that was permeated with confusion. And then, as if waking up from a dream.

The player who claimed to be Tang Wan’s neighbor came forward as the player’s representative, “Hi, Brother Wan, why are you still asking everyone what happened? Brother Wan, what exactly is this smell?”

Tang Wan, “…” He had a sense of shortness that his beloved toy had been discovered. What to do? Were these people trying to steal the toy from him? But on second thought, this was a game, and the one that emits the scent was the game item that he spent 1,000 points to exchange, so it sounded like it was not particularly unusual, right?

There was nothing to hide.

With this in mind, Tang Wan simply told the story of the Immortal Flower seedling. “Oh, it is my Immortal Flower seedling that has finally grown. It was originally a thin petal, but today it has become a complete flower, and then it has a scent. It smells very good, super fragrant!”

“Immortal Flower seedling? Why does this sound so familiar?” One of the onlookers opened his mouth with hesitation, looked up and thought for half a day, then suddenly slapped his head hard and shouted in surprise, “I remember! When I was exchanging points for items, I accidentally exchanged this item because it wasn’t in my plan list and wasted 1,000 points, so I left it in my backpack and didn’t care about it. Hey, hey, hey…”

After finishing his words, the player buried his head in his backpack and searched for it. And then… He took out a purple flower pot, on which grew a black purple plant, which looked a little like a pitcher plant. 1

The eyes of the people around were curious and expectant.

Tang Wan also looked over, and then immediately “?” Why was this person holding a plant that was completely different from the pot he has?

Is the variety of each pot originally different, or was this one mutated?

Before he had time to come up with a reason, he saw the player’s face and those of the other people who were nearby change in unison, and then they covered their mouths, pinched their noses, and those who could quickly back away head in the opposite direction.

There were a few obvious dry heaves mixed in.

Tang Wan was far away, so he was among the last to smell the raging stench.

His whole person wasn’t good, his soul seemed to be about to ascend to heaven, as he stupidly stood in place, and shook. Growing up, he had never smelled such a stench. Even the stinky tofu-flavored nutrition solution launched by Tasty Foods a few years ago didn’t smell as bad as it does now!

He finally could not resist the stench, and leaned weakly against the wall outside the house.

The player who took out the stinky fairy was also dumbfounded. His eyes were staring at the thing in his hand like a copper bell. His nose and mouth were completely closed because of his desire to live, and he was only using the air he inhaled earlier to survive this most difficult period of time.

How could this be? He thought it was a floral scent? Why did he take out this pot with a strong stench? Even the color was unknown.

Watching his surroundings turn into empty space in a few seconds, the player’s heart held a pang of aggravation. Others could hide, but he couldn’t hide from it. In that key moment, he couldn’t throw the pot of flowers out or destroy it on the spot. It had taken 1,000 points to exchange it…

“I say, this brother, you still stand still. Hurry up and take it back, ah, I’m about to die of stink, ugh…”

“That’s right, for the sake of everyone’s lives, hurry up and put that gas bomb back! Please get rid of it!”

“Crap! Such a dominant smell, I can no longer smell that flower scent before. My nose won’t have broken, right?”

The people around shouted loudly and pleaded, but no one chose to run further away. Although they pinched up their noses, covered their mouths, and their eyes continued to roll as they observed the black and purple pot of flowers from afar, their curiosity wasn’t diminished but increased.

If at first they were only curious about what kind of Immortal Flower would give off such an enchanting smell, now they were curious about why both were Immortal Flowers. One could give off an addictive and intoxicating scent, and the other was a walking murder weapon. Inhaling a few mouthfuls could make people have a few nights of nightmares of the kind.

This contrast was too strong. They wondered what the other 19,998 pots would be.

The player who took the stinky Immortal Flower finally reacted, and hurriedly put the source of the stench into his backpack, and then, like all players, looked at Tang Wan with bated breath. Their intention was obvious. They wanted to see if the pot that belonged to Tang Wan was also black and purple and ugly looking.

That said, after the stinky immortal flowers were taken back, the charming flower scent from earlier spread again. Unfortunately, this time the players did not dare to inhale harder, fearing that there was some kind of trap waiting for them behind the scent. Although, they also felt their wounded hearts were being mended as they inhaled a small sip of the nice scent.

Oooooooooh! Fragrant flowers, save their dog lives!

Tang Wan had intended to hold out his pot of flowers to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, before he was interrupted, so when the scene stabilized, he spoke to someone then walked back into the house, and came out not long after holding a pink pot of flowers.

In the pot was planted a snow-white flower, the petals were soft and delicate, very much in line with the crowd’s imagination of the idiom of “Immortal Floating.”

“This is it. This is the Immortal Flower I planted,” Tang Wan explained to the crowd.

So the question arose, why was the one he planted white, while the one another person planted black and purple?

The players looked at each other, then tried to move closer to the white fairy blossoms even as they made reasonable explanations based on their own understanding.

“Just like pet eggs, mount eggs and surprise packs and whatnot, the Immortal Flowers actually grown out of the Immortal Flower Seedling are also random? The one grown by Wan is fragrant and the one grown by another old man is smelly?”

“If you ask me, how can an Immortal Flower be stinky? Instead of saying that it is random, I would rather believe that it is actually spiritual, Wan takes good care of it, so it returns with fragrance, as for another old brother well, the whole ten days na, it is locked in a small dark room. If it was me I would also want to black out, stink to death you all show that I am kind, hum!”

“Hahahahaha! Although it sounds a little strange, I stand with the second reason! Hear that old man, you can grow out of that pot of stinky treasure, or carry the pot on your own…”

The reason why the two pots were different was described with their understanding, but it did match with Bai Li’s settings.

In Bai Li’s game settings, the initial state of the “seedlings” was the same, but what they grew into depended on how they were cared for and treated during the ten days of growth.

You send me sunshine and rain, I give you a room full of fragrance. You leave me in a dark room and confined, and I smell like your grandmother’s leg. Let me stink you, so we die together!

In short, what you reap what you sow. However, Bai Li also didn’t make this setting too rigid. If a player accidentally planted a special smell of immortal flowers, they could, in the follow-up care, make it slowly recover.

The recovery process, however, would be long and arduous. Ten times longer than the time it took for an Immortal Flower to grow.

Players would do as they wished, otherwise there was nothing he could do.

After he learned about what was happening in other villages from the gossip-loving Jiang Huaibi, Bai Li gave a patch to the item introduction and stopped paying attention after that. In the game forum, however, there was a growing trend of discussion about Xian Bao.

[A total of 20,000 Immortal Flower Seedlings, 200 villages equally divided, so in each village about a hundred players grabbed it…I hope our village players have taken good care of their seedlings in the previous ten days. I don’t want to suffer poisoning from the stench…]

[You think too much. Most of them in our village are held by the big old man and the big old woman, and just one of them will make the day rough…Tsk, I have no eyes to see. The most important thing is that you have to take care of the seedlings, or dream faster. (From a sad person who has been stunk out five times since coming online and does not want to be named)]

[I’ve never smelled so many different scents in my life! The good scents are all the same, and the disgusting stench has its own stink method QAQ!]

[Actually…There are nuances to the scent of those Immortal Flowers. Thank the beast gods, the big brothers and sisters who live next door to my house are cool and love life. They not only took good care of their redeemed Immortal Flowers, but they also sit in the fitness area of our place every day to discuss the N experience of raising flowers. Good people have good rewards. They have successfully grown fragrant cacti, and now they are the biggest stars of our village! And I am surrounded by these fragrances 360 degrees. Perhaps I’m pickled into the smell of them, oh…]

[Oooh, if I had known that the Immortal Flower Seedlings could grow flowers with such a strong fragrance, I would have done anything to replace it with a pot. Regret.]

[Regret +1]

[Regret +2]


In the 66th Newbie Village, Zhu MoLing, Fox One, and Fox Two were sitting around a circular table with a pot of flowers full of black petals in the center of the table.

“Strange.” Zhu MoLing raised his hand and plucked the petals of the black flower, puzzled. “Didn’t the forum say that dark-colored Immortal Flowers don’t smell very good? Why does my pot smell fragrant?”

It seemed that Zhu MoLing wanted to confirm his own statement, and also went forward to smell carefully. It was indeed a very good smell. It had a special, dark temperament but still let people feel a touch of warmth for no reason. With Zhu MoLing’s touch, the large black petals bobbed up and down a few times, and with the warm yellow light shining overhead, the surface of the petals seemed covered with colorful starlight.

Such a petal color was definitely not something from reality.

Fox One and Fox Two shook their heads together, each expressing his confusion.

They didn’t even know why the Patriarch would give up the first and second rewards when he redeemed points and choose three, pet egg, mount egg, and Immortal Flower Seedling.

Even though he had participated in both the Hundred Great Maze and the Ancient City Search, and had obtained the top three rankings, these three items had used up 11,000 points, and there wasn’t much to exchange for the rest…

If Zhu MoLing could hear the two, he would very kindly tell them the reason. The reason was that he was lazy. Taking care of the pet eggs was taking care, taking care of the mount eggs was taking care, taking care of the Immortal Seedlings was also taking care. Since they were all taking care, why not just do it all together?

In the last ten days, no matter whether he was fishing at the river or digging in the mine, he always took the little pot of seedlings with him. When fishing, he let it enjoy the sun’s nourishment, and when mining, he let it taste the solitude of darkness. Whenever he was tired and resting, Zhu MoLing would sit on the side of the seedling, and gently stroke its flower stems while he hummed a song that no one could understand.

After ten days, a colorful black flower was born.

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Translator Notes:

  1. a carnivorous plant that eats insects.


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