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Chapter 20: Players cry so loudly

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


One lucky player got a precious recipe from the village chief and was about to start making the food on the recipe, and the news spread like the wind throughout the village. Players who didn’t know about it before also rushed to Bai Li and Wen XingYao’s place in a frenzy to witness this historic scene, thanks to the publicity of other players.

However, the two protagonists of the topic were unhurriedly building a fence in front of the house, occasionally stopping to discuss a few things. The materials used to build the fence could be chosen by the players themselves. If the player had a lot of coins, they could go to the village chief to buy the wooden frame already made, piece by piece, and spend a little effort to insert them into the soil and surround it. If they were a kryptonite, they could also buy fully automatic installation fences in the game store, and there were four styles to match the small huts. The price was around 50 star coins, which was quite cheap.

Also those who wanted to experience the fun of doing it themselves, they could go to the nearby wastelands and groves to find the right materials to make a fence that wouldn’t clash with others in shape. Many players chose the third one because they found it more interesting.

The two of them had decided to go with Bai Li’s choice.

The two of them got together and discussed for a while, and went to the next grove to pick up a lot of branches and vines of different thicknesses, so that each could make an ancient (jian) simple (lou) fence. The whole process took almost an hour.

The crowd of onlookers went from the beginning of the excitement, to the end of the interest. Many people didn’t want to waste time continuing to wait, and one after another they left. However, there were still some people, and in the face of food they showed no hesitation. It was actually very hard to wait for an hour.

“Why don’t you just go ahead and do it?” Bai Li was about to give up. He thought that this group of believers was really miserable. A single corn cake could have such a big reaction, so he advised Wen XingYao with a sentence.

Then again, when would the believers discover the usefulness of the oil, salt and vinegar in the village chief’s store?

“Okay, then I’ll go in first. Do you want to come along?” Wen XingYao obeyed the good advice and made an invitation as well.

Bai Li was not interested in cooking, so he waved his hand and said he would stay outside. He smiled and watched Wen XingYao enter the house, and then went to harvest the wheat that was just ripe in his own field.

Not far away, Feng JiuJiu was squatting on the ground, holding a branch in his hand to write and draw on the sand, heard the movement and looked up, just in time to see the back of Wen XingYao as he closed the door. He was filled with fierce excitement, stood up and yelled, “Brothers quickly come over. Big brother, Demon Xing, is going to start cooking it!”

After he yelled, he finally noticed that he felt like thousands of ants had covered him in stinging bites, as he was numb from sitting on the ground. The good thing was that he was thick-skinned and didn’t feel much pain, as he happily looked at the door of Wen XingYao’s home, with an expectant face.

After Feng JiuJiu’s loud reminder, all the players who knew what was in progress and that they were waiting for, spontaneously approached the small hut where Wen XingYao was. It was just a pity that the fence had already been built and they couldn’t enter the courtyard without the owner’s permission, let alone peer in through the window opening.

“Ahhhhh, so excited! Big brother Demon Xing is going to start cooking! I wonder what that food called ‘corn cake’ will look like!”

“No matter what it looks like, it must be delicious. I want to suck it up. Just thinking of it has my mouth watering…”

“Hey, hey, hey. I’ve got the money ready. Before I planted my grain, I sold everything to the village chief. Even if it’s just copper coins, I’m not afraid to buy!”

“Good man, you are also enough to fight. Unfortunately I took most of my copper coins to buy steamed buns to eat, so later I will only be able to smell…”

“Hmm? I think I smell a little fragrance. Sweet. More fragrant than the most expensive natural honey on Amoy!”

Players outside the door passionately discussed, while Wen XingYao in the house, in the experimental stance, carefully followed the instructions step by step. Although a few times he fumbled in the middle, in the end, he still managed to make a plate of corn cake that looked good.

He put the golden yellow “moon” on a white porcelain plate, then cut it into four even pieces. White steam curled up, accompanied by a sweet scent. The fragrance of corn kernels was also in it. It didn’t seem to conflict, but was very harmonious.

Wen XingYao raised his eyebrows, amazed. He looked at his hands, and almost couldn’t believe that such a plate of food was actually made by him. It was hard not to…Does he also have the talent to become a chef?

Suddenly there was a sense of accomplishment.

In a good mood, Wen XingYao picked up the plate, lifted his feet and walked out.

As the door creaked open, the players gathered nearby chattered.

“Look, big brother, he came out. I said that just now the smell was just about right, and he really came out immediately.” 

“Big brother is worthy of being the big brother! He actually really made it! Ah, ah, ah! Quickly, I want to see what the corn cake is like!”

Wen XingYao ignored the prying eyes of the players, and went straight to Bai Li. “Li Bai, I’ve made it. Do you want to try it?”

“Yes, I happen to be a little hungry too, so thank you!” Bai Li said thank you, then naturally picked up one of the pieces and put it into his mouth.

The players were so envious that their eyes were red, as they bit their little handkerchiefs and stared at the two of them with dead eyes. They didn’t make a single sound.

“Crunch.” A crisp sound emanated from the side of Bai Li’s mouth as a small piece was bitten off at the triangle point. A few of the corn kernel’s skins cracked, and an even stronger, pure odor wafted out.

The silent atmosphere made the slight chewing sound infinitely amplified. Many people were imagining the picture of corn kernels breaking.

The sound of gulping resounded all around.

“How is it? Is it delicious?” Wen XingYao asked with an expectant face.

“It’s delicious. Fragrant, sweet, and a bit crunchy. It tastes super rich.” Bai Li ate, and squinted his eyes. “Don’t just look at it, try it. It’s handmade.”

“Yeah.” Wen XingYao also picked up a small piece from the plate and put it into his mouth. His eyes widened slightly, obviously amazed by the taste of the corn cake. This time he didn’t need to be reminded, he ate up the piece in his hand in two bites, then picked up another piece and slowed down to enjoy it.

In this way, there was only one piece left on the plate.

From the beginning until the end, the players were anxious, Feng JiuJiu was once again pushed out.

He got so close, that his face almost smashed into the plate. Wen XingYao quickly dodged. When he saw the other side was showing a wary expression, Feng JiuJiu smiled apologetically and also took the initiative to take a few steps back. Yet in his heart he was full of regret. He should have seized the opportunity to get that last piece of corn cake into his mouth!

“That…Oh big brother, I didn’t mean to get that close. It’s all inertia…Inertia, yes, hehehe! The last piece, what you’re going to do with it? Don’t you want to sell it?”

His wallet was ready to move.

However, Wen XingYao heard his words, then inclined his head. “Li Bai, do you want to eat some more? I still have a piece here.”

Feng JiuJiu moved swiftly. He also looked at Bai Li, and his eyes blinked wildly. He especially didn’t want Bai Li to agree. However, he knew in his heart that when faced with this never-before-seen delicacy, few people could resist its charm and the possibility of Bai Li’s refusal was slim.

However in such a desperate situation, Feng JiuJiu saw Bai Li smile and shake his head.

“No more, I’m already full. You can eat the last piece yourself, or…See if the others want any?” He handed the initiative over to Wen XingYao.

At this moment, in Feng JiuJiu’s eyes, Bai Li’s back seemed to emit a holy light, radiant and dazzling, as he became the best and kindest person in his mind.

However, wasn’t it just a great person? Just because he couldn’t see the saliva that flows from his mouth, you’re ruthlessly giving up the delicious food that could easily reach your mouth! This was a great kindness of the player called “Li Bai,” and he, Feng JiuJiu, would always remember this!

Feng JiuJiu was touched, then looked at Wen XingYao with even more eager eyes…His eyes were on fire, and he couldn’t wait to give the corn cake a second tasting.

Since Bai Li didn’t eat any more, and he also ate two pieces and was temporarily full, Wen Xingyao simply handed out the last piece left, “This last corn cake. I’ll give it to you.”

Feng JiuJiu, “!!!!”

What do you mean by a pie falling from the sky? This was it! He was originally pushed out by everyone to ask if the corn cake was for sale, but it turned out that before he got an answer, he could eat it first, which was too wonderful, ba!

He was afraid that Wen XingYao would regret it, so he took the plate over, while taking money out of his backpack, ready to give all the coins he had to Wen XingYao as the money for the corn cake.

He was stopped by Wen XingYao. “No need to pay. This piece should be considered a treat for you to eat.”

“Woo…Then how can I be so kind!” Feng JiuJiu said, as he  picked up the corn cake and took a fierce bite. Instantly a sweet taste filled his mouth, and completely crushed his mind. It was followed by a series of whimpers, and they couldn’t tell whether he was moved, or sad.

Then, the whimpering got louder.

At first Bai Li and Wen XingYao both thought it was Feng JiuJiu crying out, but when they looked up, they found that it was actually other players who were making the noise. One by one, those who wiped their tears, and those who bit their handkerchiefs, looked over in their direction, as if they were looking at a cruel person.

They cried so loudly.

Two people, “…”

The players’ grievances were as substantial as the last. Wen XingYao was generous about it, and said he would make three copies of corn cake to put out for sale, and since there were a large number of players who wanted to buy it, it would be sold as a single piece each, so that a total of 12 pieces would be sold. The original intention was to price the corn cake directly, but players were reluctant. They said that such rare food must be purchased through bidding, so in order to grab the twelve pieces of corn cake, slightly less than 200 players almost fought.

It was worth mentioning that Feng JiuJiu, who had already eaten a piece, was excluded from the beginning, and not allowed to participate in the bidding. Although Feng JiuJiu was disappointed, he still abashedly accepted the arrangement. If he insisted on participating in the bidding, he was likely to be beaten up by all the players after the bidding was over…

Another hour passed, and the dust had settled. The three corn cakes Wen XingYao made were divided among the players and he received a large amount of copper coins. Although he already had a large balance in his account, this amount of coins still meant something different to him. It was earned by his own hands and was different from other coins.

After saying goodby to Bai Li, Wen XingYao took the lead to go offline with a satisfied smile.

After he got offline, he quietly registered a trumpet on StarNet with a simple and brutal nickname, “Growing Fields is Fun”, and then sent out his first blogunder the new name.

A photo of a golden corn cake and a screenshot of the total amount of coins players traded to him. The accompanying words were, [The first bucket of money earned in the game!]

After he posted it, he stopped paying attention to whether there would be any reply from the netizens. He just exited to check his communications.

It just so happened that at this time, that Tang Ying’s message was sent over with a report attached.


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