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Chapter 19: Recipe: Corn Cake

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: Gaea Tiamat


Wen XingYao logged into the game, and he soon met up with Bai Li in front of his house. The two of them smiled at each other, then gathered up the ripe crops in the field by themselves. With the harvesting of one corn plant after another, the fresh aroma belonging to corn also filled the area. He took a deep breath, and it made him feel more relaxed.

Bai Li finished earlier than Wen XingYao, and while the other man was still harvesting corn, he slowly cleaned up the perimeter of the 9 plots, since he intended to open up a few more empty plots outward. He was an Agricultural Deity and the designer of the game. How could he be so far behind the others?

…Even if he couldn’t compete with others in terms of money, he couldn’t admit defeat in that piece of diligence.

With that in mind, Bai Li worked furiously. In a short time, he had created another 3X3 plot of land, and added the previous 9 plots, he now had a total of 18 plots. After that, it was time to plant all 18 pieces of land with crops. What he had the most of on hand was wheat seeds, which Bai Li planted quickly.

Wen XingYao straightened up and said to Bai Li, “Li Bai, I’m going to go to the village chief to turn in my quest. Do you want to go together?” 

When he reminded him, Bai Li also remembered that the two of them had been going through the cycle of “planting – harvesting – planting” and had forgotten about turning in the quests, “Okay. Then let’s go over there now!”

At that time, the game didn’t have too many people online. The two people queued for a few minutes, and then it was their turn.

“Ah, ah! Did you guys succeed in growing food so quickly? That’s amazing! This old man really did see the wrong person.” The old village chief smiled and said to the two, “Now then, show your harvest to the old man.”

These were the NPC’s fixed words. Every player who came to submit that task would hear such words. However, what no one knew was that at the beginning of last night, that speech was given a new meaning by Bai Li. Because he knew this, Bai Li deliberately kept an eye out when he turned in the quest. Instead of turning in the best quality batch, he chose the middle to upper quality ones. The result was that he only got a packet of 20 strawberry seeds from the village chief, and nothing else.

Nevertheless, even that reward drew a huff of envy from the nearby onlookers.

“Strawberry seeds? Is that the kind of fruit I was thinking of! There’s actually a reward of strawberry seeds for doing this quest! If I had known I would have planted more seriously and not turned in the worst batch! I regret! Really regret!”

“Strawberry…Is it the super tasty fruit that is so sweet and sour and juicy that you won’t get tired of eating a whole pot of them? I also want strawberry seeds, QAQ!”

“Guys! I went to the village chief store to see, strawberry seeds are also for sale, we just have to wait until we are level 15 to unlock them! Although we are only level 2 or 3 now, one day we can eat our own hand-grown strawberries!”

“He–! I mean, what’s the matter with you guys? It’s just strawberry seeds? I’m telling you, I’ve eaten strawberries, and the taste…tsk, tsk, don’t mention it. Plain water is more tasty than them. Anyway, I’ve eaten them once and never want to eat them again! Besides, if you want to eat strawberries, just go buy strawberry-flavored nutrients. The taste should be similar to that of the ancient blue star.”

“It could be the same, but aren’t you forgetting the taste of the wheat, or the corn? Can the game and reality be the same? I can enjoy them in the game, so why do I want to go to reality to settle for trash? Anyway, I believe in the game. The strawberries here must taste superb!”

After being disliked, the one who raised the objection also reacted, and decided not to mention the strawberry that tasted like plain water in reality. Hey, he almost forgot, this game was magical everywhere. The strawberry seeds would grow delicious strawberries, and that was a normal thing!

Some people were still discussing the early appearance of the strawberry seeds, while others, who had fallen in love with Bai Li, the owner of the seeds. They said that they wanted to reserve the mature strawberries with Bai Li. The price was negotiable, and they could pay offline with star coins if Bai Li was willing to sell them the strawberries.

Bai Li shook his head and refused the request, and reasoned that he had never eaten strawberries either and wanted to plant them to taste what they were like. Twenty seeds, the number of strawberries left after the harvest was not easy to gauge, and there might not even be enough for himself.

This explanation succeeded in convincing everyone, and immediately some people rushed to their homes, as they muttered that they would go to the game store to buy Magical Spring Water and Fertilizer, even if it was hard to bring up the quality of the crop.

Those there were the ones who hadn’t had time to turn in their quests before they had the chance to look ahead to the strawberry seeds. However most people finished their task early and could only look at the fields.

“Dear village chief, when do you need more food, ah. I have a lot more on my side, and it all can be given to you!” The one who asked was a young man who looked quite witty in appearance. He looked at the NPC with an expectant face, waiting to hear the words he wanted from the other side.

“This…” The village chief was stuck. His system didn’t have an answer to this question.

The NPC wasn’t much more intelligent than the cheap game builder. Bai Li sighed in his heart, then quietly took over the village chief’s body, and started to use two minds at once.

“Dear villager Feng JiuJiu, in the past two days I have received too much food from the villagers, and there is no shortage for the time being. If there is still a need in the future, I will inform everyone. At this time, I hope everyone can actively participate in the construction of the village.” Bai Li controlled the village chief, and replied to the player’s question. When the other party went back to their home, he also pulled back the spiritual link, then gestured to Wen XingYao to come forward and hand in his task.

Wen XingYao had watched the whole time and was wondering if he should submit the best quality batch of corn he had when Bai Li’s soft whisper came from his left, “Demon Xing, you should turn in the best. There might be a little surprise, ha.”

Wen XingYao, “!!!”

This was the first time he had seen a game designer who liked to open the door for backdoor operations. This kind of preferential treatment that belonged to only one person was really surprising and enjoyable.

“Okay.” Wen XingYao gave a light laugh, and decisively accepted the suggestion.

Then without further hesitation, he took out one of the best quality corn from his backpack and handed it to the village chief.

The corn was about the length of an adult man’s arm, as thick as the thumb and forefinger of his left and right hands together, and the kernels on it were plump, with an attractive golden color.  Even the cornsilk at the top, which hadn’t been cleaned, was very soft and smooth, and swung in the breeze with a charming curve.

As soon as such a huge ear of corn appeared, it attracted everyone’s attention.

The players who hadn’t yet dispersed instantly gathered around again. Their eyes stared at Wen XingYao with burning expressions.

“I added ten servings of fertilizer to the same corn plant, but it was only two-thirds the size of yours!”

Obviously, this was also a kryptonite player. They had just encountered something that seemed to be more powerful than their own kryptonite, and couldn’t help but come up to discuss their experience.

Wen XingYao was not going to tell him that Bai Li opened the backdoor to give him a buff, so could only say lightly, “I don’t know, ah. I also added ten fertilizer. Maybe it’s just good luck.”

It was actually correct to say that, it really wasn’t a lie. The Kryptonian player was helpless and could only retreat with a body full of loss. He was notoriously unlucky and really couldn’t force the matter.

He was going to leave, but once he remembered that the village chief hadn’t yet given a reward to this big brother with good luck, the Kryptonian player stopped in his tracks and continued to spectate.

Meanwhile, the village chief who received the huge corn was also amazed. He turned the whole corn over and over for a while, before he stroked his beard and said with satisfaction, “Demon Xing, to grow such a big ear of corn, you are really the most talented villager I’ve ever seen in farming. I have a recipe here, which I got by chance when I was young and walking outside. As a reward, today I will give you the recipe, and also give you five more ingredients. I hope you make good use of it, and make food that can bring happiness.”

After saying that, he handed over a thin piece of paper and a large pocket made of coarse cloth, which was filled to the brim, then gestured for Wen XingYao to take it.

Wen XingYao took something, only to see the top of the paper was written [corn cake]. 1 What followed were the production steps, which were dense. The moment he took the recipe, the system automatically prompted him if he wanted to learn. In a trance, he immediately selected [Yes], and then, the recipe gradually disappeared in his hands, and in its place, his mind was filled with a memory of the entire process of making corn cake.

Wen XingYao was stunned.

Even more stimulated than he was, were the other players who were watching.

“A recipe!!! Ahhhhhhh what kind of luck is this? If my memory is correct this reward should be the first time it appears, right? Does anyone know what a corn cake is? It’s supposed to be a food, so isn’t it particularly delicious?”

“This… No one has eaten it, but I think if it is be made into a recipe and sent out by the village chief, it should be even better than white bun, right?”

“Damn, this brother is really lucky. As soon as he came up with a recipe that has never appeared before, the game’s only one, ah. Brother Demon Xing, do you intend to sell the food made according to the recipe? If you are going to sell, first consider me, the money is negotiable, the child just wants to eat something good, please!” The player who asked this just happened to be Feng JiuJiu, who had asked the village chief if he needed more food. He was born tall and big, but at that moment he looked at Wen XingYao with a sense of expectation and a vague aura of petulance, which successfully caused discomfort and bad chills in the surrounding group.

Even the always calm Wen XingYao, also felt it and took a few steps backward before he answered, “There are no such plans for the time being. If it is successfully made, and the amount increases, I will consider it.”

As an Imperial Admiral, he had never cooked a serious dish. At most, during a march, he roasted Zerg with fire and ate their flesh. This “corn cake,” he could only deduce that it was a food made from corn as the main ingredient. As to how it tasted, they would have to wait to make it to know.

As he thoguht of this, Wen XingYao gave Bai Li an extra look. To get this recipe, the other party’s proposal was also a very important step. If possible, when he succeeded in making the food, he wanted to share a couple with Bai Li first.

“Good, good. Then I’ll wait for you to make the dish, brother!” Feng JiuJiu quickly wiped the corner of his mouth, and enthusiastically followed behind Wen XingYao and Bai Li, and said that he wanted to get the two of them home safely.

The rest of the players looked at each other, and silently followed. They also wanted to be the first to see the food coming out!


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Translator Notes:

  1. English recipe here.  


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One big thing this novel makes me consider, is how we take what we eat for granted; especially the smells and true flavours of even the simplest things.
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