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Chapter 21: Do you necessarily need a recipe to make food?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


The content of the report was the feelings of the 300 soldiers after playing Carefree Farmstead. The report indicated that all the soldiers’ feedback was good and full of positive meaning, and that they had great enthusiasm for the game. If he didn’t stop them, he was afraid that those people will forget to go to other games every day, and punch the card to eliminate negative emotions.

After a general browse, Wen XingYao reported, [You don’t need to let them play for only a specified time. Let them pay attention to their own physical conditions, and if they feel like something is wrong they can go back to the original games. In addition, half a month from now, arrange for them to get a full body checkup, with the focus on the Genetic Collapse Disorder.]

Tang Ying replied, [Admiral, do you suspect that this game also has a therapeutic effect on Genetic Collapse Disorder?]

Wen XingYao, [Yes. It’s still just a guess though. Let’s wait and see how everyone is doing after a while.]

On the other end, Tang Ying looked at the message sent by Wen XingYao and breathed a little sharper, he squeezed his fist and felt sweaty.

If the Admiral’s guess was right, then the future of this game would be full of infinite possibilities! Today there were only 500 player slots in the game, and they, the military, had taken 300 slots as a priority because of the Admiral’s proposal, which undoubtedly put them ahead of the vast majority of people and would enable them to benefit much earlier.

As expected, the Admiral was really the Admiral. No matter in what aspect, he was so powerful.

After a few internal words of emotion, Tang Ying thought about how Wen XingYao hadn’t told him his whereabouts, and guessed that the other man was deliberately not saying it. Still, he tried to ask the question, [Admiral, where are you now? After all, I am your adjutant and should be in charge of your schedule and living.]

Tang Ying felt that his tone was really humble and concerned, but there was nothing else he could do. He needed to find the Admiral as soon as possible.

That phrase soon appeared on Wen XingYao’s communication page, but this time he didn’t ignore it because he was in a hurry to go play the game. He finally saw it.

What did this mean? Why would Tang Ying ask him where he was now? Wherever he was currently located, shouldn’t Tang Ying have sent him there? In a sanatorium or one of the hospitals on Buddha Jumping Over the Wall Star?

But now, the other party actually asked him where exactly he was…How would he know?!

His muscles tensed for a moment, and Wen XingYao’s mood suddenly became heavy. His thin lips pursed into a straight line. He suddenly realized that he had no memory of spending time in reality. That could only be because his body was asleep. The only thing he could confirm now was that he should be safe, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to play the game at will.

After he realized that, what needed to be done was to immediately analyze what state he was in, where he was located, and then consider whether to have the adjutant come to meet him according to the specific situation.

As for now, in order not to let the other party worry and cause panic, he typed in the chat box, [You don’t need to come over yet. When the time comes, I will naturally go back. By the way, I’m also playing the game. My game name is…]

Before he could finish his sentence, a familiar dizziness enveloped him, and it was too late to react. His consciousness plunged back into darkness.


Tang Ying waited for a reply from Wen XingYao, and then let out a long sigh. The Admiral really didn’t want to tell him!

In that case, he could only do what the Admiral told him to do.

In the future, everyone could go on the game at will. As soon as the notice was conveyed, it drew cheers from all the warriors. After the cheers, the warriors couldn’t wait to get in the game, and Tang Ying was also a little itchy to follow along.

Once they entered the game again, everyone found that the atmosphere in the game seemed to be different. Instead of being busy farming and doing tasks, the players were gathered in groups, and discussing something with excited faces. Some curious young warriors went up to listen with an ear, then ran back to tell everyone what they had heard.

“They said that today a player named Demon Xing got a precious recipe from the village chief, called “corn cake.” Then that player made it, and the finished product was served out with a fragrant smell for ten miles, and those who smelled it said it smelled sweet and fragrant.”

“The village chief gave Demon Xing five ingredients. He sold three of the finished products. The players are discussing the taste of corn cake,and they say they have never eaten anything so delicious. If you eat it, you will remember it for a lifetime. Adjutant…you followed the Ad…so long. Have you ever eaten this food called corn cake?”

Before they entered the game at the beginning, everyone was instructed not to reveal their identity as soldiers, especially Tang Ying, who needed to keep it a secret. When he realized that he had almost let it slip, the young warrior quickly changed his words, and even the word “Admiral” that he wanted to say was replaced by a pause.

Although he felt that the name ‘Demon Xing’ gave him a sense of familiarity, Tang Ying’s attention quickly shifted to the corn cake that the young warrior had mentioned. He had never eaten corn cake, but from the name, it was a food made of corn. From the description, the players in the game seemed to have a high regard for this food, which made him curious.

Tang Ying shook his head, “I haven’t eaten it.” After thinking about it, he asked, “Do players still have extra corn cakes in their hands, if so let’s chip in and buy one to try.”

The warrior was disappointed. “How can there be leftovers? They bought it and immediately ate it. There’s not even a corn crumb left. And I heard them say that after they ate the corn cake, they got a 10-minute gain status. If you can harvest in those ten minutes, you will be able to get double the experience, so your upgrade speed will get faster.”

Ah, was this actually the case? It was a shame. Tang Ying also followed with a sigh, and vaguely regretted that he hadn’t come online earlier. Otherwise there would have been so many of them, they could have grabbed a few pieces!

Suddenly, someone near him whispered, “Do you really need a recipe to make food? If you know how to cook in reality, wouldn’t you know how to do it in the game?”

The speaker had no intention, but the listener had an intention. A light-hearted sentence, but it woke up the dreamer with a single word.

Tang Ying snapped back and found that the person who said that was a female warrior. He remembered that her name was Xiao Die, while in the game she was called Little Butterfly. To start Xiao Die, who was 1.8 meters tall and heroic, was definitely not ‘little.’ However the words she said subconsciously made Tang Ying think.

“That’s a good point. You don’t have to have a recipe to cook, right?”

“I guess so. I even saw the village chief over there selling oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar. Those things should be for cooking, right?”

“Wow, if that’s true then wouldn’t everyone be able to cook? Any of you who have learned to cook, come and raise your hands!”

“Xiao…Little, pfft, Little Butterfly, 1 didn’t you say that your mom often cooks at home? Have you learned? Want to try?”

The one who asked this obviously had a good relationship with Xiao Die, but as soon as the words left his mouth, he ate several elbow attacks from Xiao Die.

After the fight, Xiao Die said, “The taste of the crops in the game is completely different from reality. I also want to try to use these crops to make food that may also be particularly delicious. I will go to the village chief to buy materials!” She just barely finished when a number of people said they were willing to act as mice, and help her taste.

“Ch, virtuous!” Xiao Die raised her eyebrows and swept her gaze around, as she hummed. “This is what you guys say now, but I’ve only seen my mom cook, never done it. Don’t blame me if it’s not good.”

“Hey, hey. You won’t be blamed, we have faith in you!” About a dozen people followed behind Xiao Die in the direction of the village chief.

On the way, they met other people, and curiously asked what they were doing there.

“We’re going to the village chief to buy ingredients and try to cook our own food!”

“What?! You can actually cook your own food? Who told you that?”

“It doesn’t need to be said. The materials can be bought in the store, so it is clear that you can buy it and use it! Let’s not talk about that, we’ll go there first!”

“Hey, hey, hey. I’ll go with you guys. I’m really able to cook my own food. I’m excited, ah! You don’t know, but I really craved that corn cake from before!”

The line was getting bigger and bigger. Many of them were following just for fun, and many were really going to try.

“Adjutant… Easy Victory, 2 is it really okay to do this?” Lin XiaoHu sidled up to Tang Ying, a little worried.

Tang Ying calmly patted Lin XiaoHu’s shoulder. “What will be the problem, XiaoHu? Ah, you still do not feel it. This game is much more open than we thought. Whatever you want to do, just go ahead and explore.”

After he said that, he did not wait for Lin XiaoHu’s response, instead he paced far behind a large group of people.

Although he didn’t know how to cook, he could learn, ah. In the game, what did it matter if you knew how to cook, as long as there was a new way to play the game. Of course, he needed to try.

Bai Li hadn’t added very many ingredients to the village chief’s shelves: Oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, as well as a coal stove, briquettes, butane, iron pots, and spatulas. Just the basics, any more would be wasted. In the future, players jokingly called those few things, the ‘basic kitchen kit.’

Soon, the players bought the materials they wanted from the village chief. As most people were kitchen rookies, and had never cooked in reality; a few simple spices was enough to dazzle them. When they saw that the price wasn’t expensive and within their range of acceptable, they simply bought one of each.

Xiao Die bought the ingredients, hurried back to her small hut, and closed the door with a bang so the others couldn’t come in. She threatened them to wait for her to come out, so she could reveal her moment of great success in making dishes.

She shut the door in her friends faces, and they all looked at eachother, speechless.

“What do we do? Are we going to continue to wait outside?”

“Let’s leave. Little Butterfly still doesn’t know if she will succeed. Shall we go back to planting first?”

“I think that’s best. We can’t just stand around and waste time. We don’t know when she will be done. If we were really sure, she would let us watch, I guess she doesn’t know herself.”

A few people finished exchanging ideas in front of Xiao Die’s house, and temporarily disbanded to go back to their own homes. Their fields were still the basic nine, and soon they needed to harvest their ripe grain and plant another wave. Due to the information acquired over time, this time they added a few more fertilizers to the ground, and expected to grow better quality crops.

After that, these people did the same thing in unison. First, they stood in front of the house and looked around furtively, to make sure no one was around, then dared to dash into their house, then the door was closed tightly. Finally, from their backpack they pulled out their secretly bought variety of seasonings and kitchen utensils. They placed them one by one on the table or the floor, and showed an eagerness to try them out.

Simple cooking could make delicious food, but it was such a challenging thing. They also wanted to try!

While they waited to eat someone else’s food, indeed, they should save energy, but if they could eat their own hand-made food, it went without saying that their hearts would have a sense of accomplishment. With that thought in mind, these people were in a chaos of coaxing just now, as they were also tinkering around. While Xiao Die entered her research period, they also decided to try something for themselves.

However, cooking was a craft that not many people in that day and age could do. Most people were used to consuming nutritional solutions to supplement their daily needs. Even if they occasionally want to eat a meal made of natural ingredients, interstellar people’s first choice was to go to a famous restaurant, rather than make their own at home.

After all, natural ingredients were expensive, and it would be a big loss if they screwed up.

As a result, fewer and fewer people were willing to study culinary arts. A while ago, it was in the news that the taste of ingredients had once again declined, and now was almost like plain water. Everyone on the Starnet cried, but what could they do? In the future, if they wanted to eat anything that tasted good, they would simply have to synthesize it with chemical materials.

Back in the game, players were faced with a variety of seasonings and took out their harvested crops, such as wheat and corn, with question marks hanging over their heads. That said, for the cooking thing, which step should they start with?

After a long time of tangling, cold sweat drops lined their hairlines. Finally someone could not stand the torture and – went offline.

After going offline, this person rushed out of their room and shouted in the direction of the living room, “Mom!!!!”


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Translator Notes:

  1. It is said, Xiao Die, but that is literally “little butterfly.”
  2. 躺赢 = Tang Ying, but with different characters, it becomes the idiom to win without needing to even lift a finger / victory presented on a platter


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I’m trying to push through, but novels like this push all my buttons. Humans colonized the world, destroyed civilizations, committed genoc*de, and ensl*ved millions for spices and sugar. We’re constantly seeking out new foods and experimenting with old ones. No civilizations of any sort of development is going to turn it’s back on food culture to the point of all food being tasteless. And an interstellar society should have the technology to literally create any flavor they want./rant

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Mom to the rescue

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Get the mum’s into the game!
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