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Chapter 201: The fragrant and stinky immortal flowers

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Those three main generals looked at each other, and the picture was quiet for a while. The multicolored and black Immortal Flower emitted a faint aroma, and the three looked like they were lost in thought, but in fact they had been sniffing the fragrance hard and quietly.

As he smelled it, Zhu MoLing felt that his sometimes wave-tossed sea of consciousness was slowly calming down. Even the ebb and flow of the tide had a soft and gentle arc, like a fetus soaking in its mother’s amniotic fluid, giving a boundless sense of security. The feeling was slow and constant, like something was mending inside of his body that had been damaged by Genetic Collapse Disorder. It was more effective than simply playing the game, but less effective than what Bai Li fed him while he was offline.

It was somewhere in between, but it was real.

If he looked at the reason for this comparison, it was just one more pot of Immortal Flowers with a nice scent.

Zhu MoLing was stunned. He held the pot in front of himself, sniffed it carefully and experienced it with his heart. It took several minutes before he was really sure that his feelings were correct.

“Patriarch, what are you…” Fox One looked at Zhu MoLing with a “why are you suddenly doing that?” look.

Zhu MoLing pushed the flower pot back to its original place, then instructed Fox One and Fox Two to take turns to pull it over and sniff it hard, then asked them what special feelings they had after smelling it.

Fox One, “Well, the smell makes me feel the urge to sleep, as if my accumulated fatigue came up all of a sudden. Then as if I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, then the exhaustion disappears completely and I regain my energy and vitality.”

Fox Two, “Actually, when I first went online today, my head was a little dizzy and achy. The same kind of feeling I used to get when my Genetic Collapse Disorder was about to kick in. Now that we’ve all started playing the game, it’s actually much less frequent, but not completely gone. But now, after smelling more of this pot of Immortal Flowers, my head doesn’t hurt much anymore and my whole body is full of strength!”

After the two of them finished speaking, they reacted with amazement. Could this small pot of Immortal Flower actually have a better effect on treating Interstellar People’s Genetic Collapse Disorder?

If Interstellar People entered into Carefree Farmstead with a healing ability of 1 for Genetic Collapse Disorder, then having a pot of Immortal Flowers would add another 1 to that 1. For players who had Immortal Flowers, their Genetic Collapse Disorder could be cured earlier.

“Great stuff!” When he looked at the pot of flowers in front of him, Fox Two’s eyes glowed and gleamed at the big treasure.

Zhu MoLing thought about it, and quickly decided, “In the future, we will try to act together in the game, and I will keep the Immortal Flower within our range of activity, so that your Genetic Collapse Disorder can also be cured more quickly.”

Hearing the words of their Patriarch, Fox One and Fox Two looked at Zhu MoLing with touched expressions. They were about to say something about their determination to follow the Patriarch forever, when they heard Zhu MoLing ask in a tone of “have you eaten yet”, “By the way. Have you used up the game expenses I transferred to you?”

They both shook their heads.

“What? How come you guys don’t even know how to spend money? No matter what, I will transfer another amount to you. Remember to spend money more actively!”

The two loyal subordinates’ faces gradually took on a vegetable color.

No – to – ah -!

Patriarch, you are making it difficult for us fat foxes!

At the same time, other players found out there was something special about the Immortal Flowers.

Some players specially posted in the forum, inviting other players with the Immortal Flowers to discuss. After discussion, it was found that when there were immortal flowers (provided they have fragrance) around players, their spirit was relaxed with ease and they were all lazy. Although they didn’t delay farming or other activities, more people were willing to lie down and have a good rest.

There were also players who said that their degree of Genetic Collapse Disorder was already relatively deep, and although their bodies got much better when they were in the game, that the discomfort didn’t go away completely. And after the appearance of the scented Immortal Flowers, they just had to smell the Immortal Flowers and that uncomfortable feeling seemed to be driven away.

In short, the Immortal Flowers were a boon to the players who were suffering from Genetic Collapse Disorder!

As they discussed, they remembered the 90% “Spiritual Pacification Estimate” of the Carefree Farmstead announced by the Imperial Research Institute at the beginning of the month, and easily connected it to the existence of the Immortal Flowers. They thought that the game was really worthy of the official stamp of 90%, and even an individual item could have such a huge effect unlike other games!

At that moment, the fellow netizens who had not yet entered the game directly turned into sour chickens, planted lemon trees in the forum, and ate up the Carefree Farmstead anchors they knew, as they asked them to redeem Immortal Flower Seedlings then start a live broadcast, so that everyone could see the magic. Everyone wanted to see that amazing plant!

The crowd in front of Tang Wan’s house hadn’t dispersed so far, but more and more people were coming, and they all wanted to see the rare white Immortal Flower. The otaku said such attention made him feel troubled, then closed the door and temporarily refused to face them.

The player who previously said he was Tang Wan’s neighbor had already entered Tang Wan’s hut by virtue of the convenience of his identity. When he saw the crowd outside the courtyard through the window, the big boy with the game ID Earthly Forest took the initiative to help Tang Wan with an idea. “Brother Wan, while there are many players who are concerned about the Immortal Flower. Why don’t you do business by charging to visit it? Each player only needs to pay a sum of money, and they could visit the flower for half an hour. It may be very profitable!”

Tang Wan hesitated, “That’s…That’s not very good, is it? It’s just a special flower. If it’s free, everyone will come to see it, but if we charge, we won’t get a penny, and we’ll be scolded by them…”

At the thought of being surrounded by a large group of people yelling wildly in the middle of a scene, Tang Wan had a creepy sensation burst upon him, so he picked up his Immortal Flower, and breathed in hard to get his mood calmed down.

“Aiya. Aiya. How could that be? Brother you haven’t read the game forum. There are already many people saying that continually smelling the fragrance of the fairy bush is good for our body, especially Therians who suffer from Genetic Collapse Disorder, the efficacy of the fairy bush is spread to the gods. If there is a chance to get close to Immortal Flowers, they will definitely be willing to spend money. No matter what, nothing is as important as everyone’s body!” Earthly Forest hadn’t awakened a Therian gene, but he felt equally comfortable after smelling the fragrance.

In the end, Tang Wan was successfully persuaded by Earthly Forest, and also hired the other party to act as his assistants, the gold earned by the two of them was an eighty-twenty split.

Then, the two worked together to turn the original living room into a small reception room. Large pieces of furniture were moved to other rooms, and the reception room now had a dozen futons for guests to sit on.

As for the flower pot with the Immortal Flowers, it was placed in a conspicuous place where he could see it when he looked up after entering the door. The two of them also took the trouble to create a “cordon” with brightly colored fabrics, so that the guests visiting the house could be stopped from entering to ensure the safety of the Immortal Flower.

After setting up the place to visit, the two went out and explained the situation to the players. Tang Wan’s worries were non-existent. As soon as they heard that his Immortal Flower was open for tours and that everyone could visit for half an hour for 30 gold coins, the players gathered outside the courtyard scrambled to sign up.

The living room wasn’t large, so Tang Wan kept the number of visitors to 20 people per round, and after collecting 600 gold coins, he let the players who had paid enter the courtyard and guided them to the viewing place.

The first Carefree Farmstead paid Immortal Flower viewing event went off with a bang.

Tang Wan and Earthly Forest weren’t alone in their approach to the use of the Immortal Flowers. There were a total of 200 villages in the game, and each village in turn could have an average of one hundred players who own Immortal Flowers. Players who now owned Immortal Flowers and successfully cultivated excellent scented flowers had either sold the flowers in their hands at high prices to those in need, used them as a gimmick to broadcast live to satisfy the curiosity of the wailing Interstellar people outside the game, or had started thinking about how to use them for profit. When they saw what Tang Wan did, and how he had since achieved excellent results, they decided to do the same.

In the last few days of March, the players who owned Immortal Flowers earned a lot of attention, and a few of them became quite famous as a result.

The players who had scented Immortal Flowers were living a colorful life in the game, while the players who had smelly Immortal Flowers were actually not far behind. Some people had resigned themselves to their fate, and honestly started the difficult process of restoring the Immortal Flowers, as they treated them as more precious than their own children, fearing that they were thirsty or hungry, and hating not sleeping with them.

Some people choose a way to go to the black and try their own way. After being stunned countless times, they reluctantly developed several methods to use the smelly Immortal Flowers.

The first one was used to calm the house. [The Door To Your Home is Always Open] item was not used up by players, and there were always some who would run people’s homes to steal vegetables when they were not paying attention. However, now, if the yard had the stink of the dark Immortal Flower, those who would steal vegetables who just get over the fence to come in, and would first be stunned by the stink for a dozen or twenty seconds, and so because of that reaction, there was no time to steal vegetables.

However, this method had a very obvious flaw, that was it was easy to receive complaints from neighbors…

The second use was for fishing. Players could choose a section of the river, block the the two ends with the smallest mesh fishing net, then dip the flower petals of the Immortal Flower a little into the water, and within three minutes, the water would float up several stinky fainted fish, and it only needed a net or dustpan to fish them up. It was known as the physical fishing method.

In the same way, such stinky immortal flowers could also be used to capture and repel forest critters…

Once Bai Li, the game developer, listened to all that he was dumbfounded and lamented that the players’ brains were really big!

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