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Chapter 202: Mushroom Village event

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

As the most powerful village in the whole game, Mushroom Village had a total of 120 players who grabbed the Immortal Flower Seedlings. However, the village players who felt the pain that was the smelly Immortal Flower, actually reached an unprecedented 50-50 split.

This was Mushroom Village villagers numbers, did other village players have too much power?

The Immortal Flowers had been raised one day after another, the villagers were in deep water. When you rejoiced in your right-hand neighbor raising a pot of fragrant Immortal Flowers, the next second, from your left-hand neighbor’s home also came “good news”, another pot of smelly Immortal Flowers out of the blue.

In this case, it was the in between fragrance and stench that was the most unbearable. The body and mind synchronized to suffer a heavy blow, and when they were found by others, the brain chaos that resulted meant they just giggled.


Mo Song as the village, the daily live farming life of the “Mushroom Village external spokesman,” organized online all the players to hold a collective meeting, which focused on the discussion of where these fragrant smelly Immortal Flowers should go.

This was related to their own personal experience of the game, so the players who were present spoke enthusiastically.

“I wonder what you people are doing with the Immortal Flower seedlings if you don’t plan to raise them properly. It’s good to leave the opportunity to those who need it…Now, our village is stinking because of those green, blue, purple and black Immortal Flowers. I suspect that my Genetic Collapse Disorder, which I have managed to control, is going to relapse…”

“Please, please let your Immortal Flowers go back to normal! We don’t want them to smell good, we can accept them being odorless! Can you believe it? In both the front and back of my house, those four people have raised smelly Immortal Flowers!”

“I didn’t want to raise a smelly Immortal Flower, I just forgot to take it out of my backpack and water and fertilize it, so why take revenge on me in such a horrible way? I will definitely treat it well when I get back. You guys remember to remind me every day…”

“Ah! I can’t stand it, I don’t want to discuss smelly Immortal Flowers now, the brothers and sisters who have fragrant Immortal Flowers, can you take your Immortal Flowers out first, and let brother suck it in! QAQ!”

“Why, I see a lot of people in the forum organized a paid visit to Immortal Flower activities, but I have always been too lazy to engage in these things. Blunt Opinion, do you have any way that my Immortal Flower can more or less play a role?”

When the last person finished, there were actually a lot of possessive aromatic Immortal Flower players that agreed. They said in unison that they had earned enough money, and weren’t short of the hundreds of gold, so they wanted to use their Immortal Flowers to help the poor players who were poisoned by the smelly Immortal Flowers, so that they wouldn’t be in constant pain.

The people who spoke soon received a large number of teary-eyed stares.

Such good people.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao also attended the meeting, but neither of them had redeemed the Immortal Flower seedlings, and Song Xinran and Jiang Huaibi’s family, who lived near their homes, also didn’t redeem them. The two of them were lucky enough to escape this calamity because where they were was so sparsely populated.

However, now that the two were in the village discussion scene, they more or less still smelled the accidental spillover of the smelly Immortal Flowers.

Bai Li explained to Wen XingYao with an embarrassed face, “I didn’t expect things to turn out this way. My intention was for the players to take care of the Stinky Immortal Flowers quickly and decisively after they noticed the smell of them and try to induce the floral scent sooner. Ahem, isn’t that the best thing to do if you know your mistakes…?” After he thought about it, he added, “By the way, the Immortal Flower scent is actually good for the Therians’ Genetic Collapse Disorder. You know that, right?”

When he designed the Immortal Flower Seedling item, Bai Li consciously incorporated more grass and wood spirit into it. If the entire game world was using the grass and wood qi diluted countless times, then the grass and wood clear spirit gathered in the fragrant Immortal Flower seedlings had a hundred times the concentration of the former.

Both were diluted, but the aroma of Immortal Flower seedlings was better than just staying in the game to plant fields for Genetic Collapse Disorder.

Bai Li didn’t know why he made this decision, he just thought of Wen XingYao’s infancy when he was picked up by himself, then thought of the day Patriarch Zhu MoLing, who was still receiving treatment at his home, arrived along with the raging scene when he met him. He also thought of Xiong Pili when he first met him, and how even his own black hairy ears could not be retracted…

Under the influence of what he had seen, he designed the item Immortal Flower Seedling and added Ancient Seeds to the crops section of the “Picture Collection System.” The former role had been played, the latter was something every player could get as an item reward after meeting the conditions. Cultivating plants would be more or less a direct role in the spirit of special purposes.

Wen XingYao, after listening to the discussion of the players around them, had gone to the game forum to have a look. Even though Bai Li said that he understood, he knew that he wanted to comfort him. It was not his fault, it was the players’ brains in the game were too big, so any kind of item in their hands could play a strange role.

There was no garbage item in the world, only players who wouldn’t use the item correctly.

Whether it was the Immortal Flower or the smelly Immortal Flower, they had come into the hands of the players, and naturally, the players should decide their final “home.” Once that was said, Bai Li felt that Wen XingYao was quite comforting, and he said that he really wasn’t so embarrassed.

As the designer of the game, he should still keep a little mystery. He should just design interesting and fun items and activities, and leave the rest to the players in the game to explore on their own. After he thought about it, Bai Li smiled at Wen XingYao and leaned directly on his body to squeeze his fingers and play.

As for the topic “how to use the village’s 60 pots of Immortal Flowers,” the villagers through the discussion of a variety of options had a conclusion.

They had so many pots of Immortal Flowers, they should simply gather them to smell the flowers! The scent of sixty different flowers floating in the same air, what a mesmerizing scene it would be!

At that point, the villagers of Mushroom Village remembered that they had forgotten something.

The other villages had been talking about Immortal Flower one after another, but from here, no one had taken the initiative to mention it in the forum for half a day. That was to say that the reason was, it seemed that everyone felt that there was nothing to shine on this topic that would get everyone’s attention, eh?

Now the whole village’s 5,000 people would gather to smell the 60 flowers. This was also a big scene. If you don’t have a little blood loss you simply don’t live!

Mo Song, Jiang Huaibi, Song Xinran, Wen Chen, and Zheng Yi each opened their live streams and explained to the viewers who came to the live streams why they were on air at an unscheduled time.

The viewers didn’t care what time they were on, they just knew they had something to watch, so they rushed to the Starblog and the game forum to spread the word about the Mushroom Village event to all corners of Starnet.

In less than a few minutes, the number of people in each person’s live room rose by several million.

The scene for the Flower Gathering was almost set up. The place was still in the middle of the village on the big square. The players who learned woodworking skills, took out the seats they made as practice, no matter what shape, or what wood they were, but the number was still not enough so there was also on-site production. Thousands of small pieces of furniture were placed in the square. It was messy, but with a strange sense of order.

Fragrant Immortal Flowers were placed in the large square at regular intervals to a pot, so that no matter where the villagers were in the square, they could be wrapped in the rich flower fragrance.

The outermost circle of the square was surrounded by hundreds of tables that formed a large enclosure, where life skills for cooking and fishing players worked. The fishing players provided fresh fish for the former to cook fish-based culinary delicacies, and in addition, the cooking players had their own tasks: making pasta, frying vegetables, cutting fruit, and roasting meat. So, in a short while the whole square was also filled with the aroma of food.

This aroma strayed outside the flower fragrance area, and didn’t blend together to form a strange smell.

More striking than the smell of the food was the process of making the food and the sounds that it produced. The sizzling of oil on the grilled meat, the click of the fruit being easily cut, the swish, swish, swish of the lettuce being stir-fried in the pan, and even the kneading the dough… the audience felt like they could hear the sound of the bubbles being squeezed out of the dough. It was a wave of sound…

The first live viewers watched, dumbfounded.

[I thought I was coming to see the crowd inhaling flowers and to feel the power of sixty Immortal Flowers myself, but why are you people showing us a village buffet, a running dinner?]

[Too much! It’s too much! It’s time to tempt me with culinary delicacy, but it doesn’t matter, I’ve already bought all five new nutrient solutions! I have a watermelon flavor in my left hand and a milk tea flavor in my right hand, and I’m sucking and sucking, I’m not greedy at all, no! Gluttony!!!]

[I came in before: it is not just a gathering of smelling flowers. I casually looked at it and got out. I came in later: after all, I paid wrong, I should not have come in early!]

[Good guys, this is just the point of a big flowing banquet. You guys beat the other 199 villages, and really deserve to be the first batch of players who came in to play. You guys know how to play ah…]

Seeing the content of the pop-up screen, Mo Song laughed super loudly and shifted the camera with a wicked intention, as he aimed it at a certain corner of the “flowing banquet.”

As a double burden player in cooking and fishing, Wen XingYao had volunteered to take a “small booth” for free play. He also brought his own little helper, and pulled his boyfriend to stand nearby with a tender face as he explained how to use a certain ingredient.

Bai Li was, in all other aspects, excellent, but he really wasn’t a big cooking person. Even with Wen XingYao’s teachings, he sometimes gave a response that was actually a little clumsy. However, Wen XingYao didn’t think so. He thought his boyfriend was really cute! He almost couldn’t even be bothered to make the dishes, he was so determined to bring Bai Li out.

Bai Li, who couldn’t stand it, gave up helping him cut the vegetables and nudged Wen XingYao’s arm, to tell him to hurry up and cook the rest of the dishes and fill the table that had been assigned to him, as the whole village was waiting.

“Okay, I’ll do as you say.” Wen XingYao sighed lightly, and lowered his head as he moved quickly.

Tang Ying, who had just found this area and witnessed the mushy scene between the two, “…” He lifted his arms and hugged himself hard. This world was so cold and depressing. It didn’t give single dogs any room to live!

The viewers likewise, “…”

The pop-up screen obviously lagged for a second or two before someone trembled and replied.

[I say Blunt Opinion, you are doing it on purpose! Why are you showing us this? Do we look like people who have never met a couple?! Huh? Why do I suddenly have an extra torch in my hand?]

[Woo-hoo! I expected our LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing to be like this in private, but before I saw this scene I imagined the two together had always been a partnership to fight monsters…]

[But it turned out to be a love affair full of pink bubbles? If I remember correctly, Tang should be a good friend of Big Brother Demon Xing. God pity him, I feel sorry for him. Every day in the scene of dog food…]

[Welp! This is too mushy. My boyfriend and I are not like this. I’ll catch my boyfriend and bring him over here to learn!]

[LiLi look at me, two suites in the name of the empire, family relatives have five agricultural planets, tall legs and good body, beast type is a powerful lion. As long as you want, I can carry you around the whole Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star Oh…shy.jpg]

After he shook off his goosebumps, Tang Ying, who happened to open Mo Song’s live room, said again, “…”

Why did this duo still have his name attached? He was just, mediocre passerby A. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that the other party was XingYao’s naive little cousin Wen HaoMiao. That year the person had five agricultural planets under his name which wasn’t many, ah, but he was also a lion beast type.

Yoo-hoo! How dare you dig your cousin’s corner! If one day your brother took off his vest, fleeing to a different planet was estimated to be unable to save your lion’s life, right? Forget it, you better pray that paragraph won’t be seen by your cousin. However, it was useless for Tang Ying to think that way, as Wen HaoMiao’s speech was like a faucet that had been opened, and a small wave spilled all over.

The excited audience was like peacocks with their feathers open, as they frantically displayed their own features and strengths. Men, women, old, young, and even toddlers who were just a few years old, all shouted milkily for Bai Li to wait for them for a few more years, as they wanted to be Bai Li’s bride/groom when they grew up.

Tang Ying couldn’t figure out when Bai Li’s charm had become so great. He just made an unprecedented holographic farming game. Why even children were attracted to him, when they couldn’t enter the world of virtual reality games under 10 years old!

In front of countless virtual screens, children’s hands cherished delicious nutrient solutions, as they blinked starry eyes at the young man in the game. Mom and Dad told them that it was that big brother who provided the data for the tasty nutrition liquid, so they could taste the watermelon, corn, cucumber, tomato and milk tea. Brother Bai Li was great!

As for the brother next to the brother, even though he was taller by half a head, they weren’t interested in looking to bring him home. In their hearts and eyes was only Brother Bai Li’s figure. I want to grow up quickly, become Brother’s girlfriend or boyfriend, and then, after growing up, go into the virtual reality game designed by my brother! QAQ!

The players moved quickly, so it didn’t take long to make a huge amount of food, enough for 5,000 players to enjoy. The food was stacked on a long table for everyone to choose freely. The open space of the square was filled with stools and chairs for sitting, which at first glance looked pretty neat and also had aisles for people to walk.

Bai Li pulled Wen XingYao aside. First they went to the food display area to get two glasses of watermelon juice and a few skewers of grilled prawns, and then they began a slow and leisurely stroll.

Immortal Flowers were not only different in scent, but also in shape and color. Compared with Stinky Immortal Flowers, where there was a vast majority of dark colors, the fragrant Immortal Flowers were generally light colors, the largest number were white, light pink, yellow, or light blue, and the colors were more intense, which attracted a lot of attention from players.

Players didn’t like to sit in one place for a long time. They preferred to move in groups, bringing their food and drink, so they would start at a place for their visit, and then traveled around the potted Immortal Flowers to comment on them, from the color to the shape to the fragrance, they had to comment on it all.

When there was a special Immortal Flower, not only would they spend more time appreciating it, they would also shout a few words to the surrounding area, so that other players would rush over to see if this Immortal Flower was particularly interesting and fun.

There were a thousand Hamlets in the hearts of a thousand people, and every player had their own favorite Immortal Flower style and scent. After he watched several popular Immortal Flower observing activities, Bai Li felt that the five game anchors in their village weren’t allocated enough for all those players. As he watched Mo Song and the others being dragged back and forth across the square, he was afraid that the soles of their shoes would be worn thin.

Finally, the players were tired of walking, looked dizzy from eating and drinking, and finally gave up to sit down to rest.

While they sat down, the one thing that didn’t stop was their mouths.

At that point, they leaned back in their chairs and squinted comfortably, very much in a drowsy manner.

“It smells too good. It’s too good. Such a floral scent we can actually smell for free! I have to say, the welfare of our Mushroom Village is really great…”

“Sunbathing, eating a small barbecue, drinking a sweet little drink, and surrounded by so many Immortal Flowers…Ijust hate that in the game I can’t change back to my beast form. I want to change back and then roll and play in the square a few times, ah.”

“Brother! You’ve said what I’ve been holding in my heart! You know, those of us who have Genetic Collapse Disorder are very resistant to change back to our beasts. If you can’t control your beast characteristics and they are accidentally revealed, you will be sad for a few days. But today, I have the impulse to actively change back…It’s true that the previous temptation wasn’t enough!”


The players who said they wanted to change back to their beast type did not know that there were several viewers in the broadcast room who, through the 30% olfactory synchronization, smelled enough of the fragrance that came out of the 60 pots of Immortal Flowers to change back into their beast types uncontrollably in their gaming pod, and then fell asleep.

When they woke up, they found that their bodies and spirits were more comfortable and relaxed than ever before. They were a little alarmed to realize that they had become beastly, and thought that their Genetic Collapse Disorder had become more serious, but when they calmed down, they found that they could easily return to human form.

When Genetic Collapse Disorder became severe, something was simply not there. As they waited for their hands to return to human form, these viewers fell into silence. Carefree Farmstead, had gotten so good for  Genetic Collapse Disorder treatment that even watching a live could produce a little effect? This was too powerful!

We can watch a live stream like this for the rest of our lives!

They posted their experience on Starnet and the game forum, which attracted a lot of discussion from fellow netizens. Of course, most of them didn’t believe it, but a very small number of them, therefore, watched the live recording of the five gaming hosts countless times.

Although there was no longer changing into beast form situations in the gaming pods, these fellow netizens were happy to say that smelling the Immortal Flowers smell, it indeed let the body feel refreshed!

Bai Li had no time to care about the comments on Starnet. At his home, there was the exact opposite experience of the other viewers.

Zhu MoLing reverted from beast form to human form without anyone noticing. However, there was some accident in the middle. He…in his human form, was the image of a human cub when it was three or four years old…

Fox One and Fox Two even as they collapsed mentally, secretly thought their Patriarch when he was young looked really cute. They were about to ask the Patriarch how he felt, when they saw him take several guarded steps back,  and with a cold, small face and a milky voice asked, “Who are you?”

Fox One and Fox Two, “???”

Patriarch? What’s wrong with you Patriarch? How can you not know who we are?

“What’s going on?” Bai Li had just got offline, heard the commotion coming from Zhu MoLing’s room and poked his head in through the door to ask.

Then something even more surprising happened.

When he saw Bai Li, the milk dumpling, who was wary of Fox One and Fox Two, changed his previous appearance of rejecting people, and his eyes lit up. He thumped over and hugged one of Bai Li’s legs, as he raised his head and shouted, “Brother!”

Fox One and Fox Two, “…” It’s over. Their Patriarch had not only lost his memory, but he was also stupid! How could they explain this to the rest of the clan?

Bai Li’s expression was also gradually changing. Although I do not know what the hell was going on, I will to give justice to this name. So he raised his hand and rubbed a hand on the human cub, Zhu MoLing’s, head and said in a serious and irrefutable tone, “You should call me Brother.” 1

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Translator Notes:

  1. Clarification. Zhu MoLing called Bai Li “didi” 弟弟 which means “younger brother” while Bai Li corrected him with “gege” 哥哥 “older brother”


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