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Chapter 203: Reveal the Truth

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“No! You’re not my older brother, you’re my younger brother!” The snow-white skinned tot tossed his head and rejected Bai Li’s request extremely loudly. Zhu MoLing, who was estimated to be three and a half years old, had messy black hair, and a pair of eyes that were not as long and narrow as those of an adult, but more round and cute. With such a pair of eyes, it was difficult to look up at the youth who was looking down, and was also very stubborn.

Bai Li, with the advantage of height and strength, moved Zhu MoLing, who was pulling his leg, to a place half a meter away from him, then followed his example and deliberately dismissed him loudly, “I am an older brother, not a younger brother.” After he said that, he also measured their respective heights with his hands and said in a serious manner. “See? Clearly, I am tall, I am the older brother, you are short, you are the younger brother.”

He was confused about Zhu MoLing’s brain circuit. How could someone point at someone much taller than himself and call him “younger brother” when they met? It couldn’t be because he couldn’t find his brother, so he just grabbed people and shouted everywhere, right?

Also, to become the head of a clan, how to say it, one should be a smart person, ah. Although he had temporarily become a child, just using the most basic height to distinguish brother from brother ability should still work, right? He was so much taller than this little bean, how could he call him “younger brother,” ah?

“Yes, yes, Patriarch. Mr. Bai is not our young master. You have the wrong person.” Fox One rushed over and carefully pulled the corner of Zhu MoLing’s collar, and explained it to him kindly.

While he was explaining, he also wiped the sweat that was about to drip from the corner of his forehead. He was also confused. The Patriarch had returned from beast form to human form, for which all of them had psychological preparation, but they couldn’t accept this. The Patriarch reverted to human form, but it was the appearance of a human cub. The difference between this and their vision was very big.

They had no experience in taking care of children. They didn’t even know what was good for a three-and-a-half-year-old Patriarch was good to eat…However, even though Bai Li and Fox One wanted to change the mind of three-and-a-half-year-old Zhu MoLing, he was still obsessed with Bai Li as his “younger brother” and wouldn’t change his mind.

At the end of the day, Bai Li was so angry that he said, “Okay, whatever you want. Just call me that if you want.”

After that, he turned around and went downstairs to the living room, sat on the sofa, turned on his optical computer’s anti-voyeur mode, and entered a working state.

Fox One and Fox Two showed torn and helpless expressions. They looked at Bai Li with great embarrassment, as they wondered how to remedy the situation with their Patriarch. They had envisioned several developments that would follow after the Patriarch returned to human form, but they could never have imagined that the first thing the Patriarch would do when he returned to human form would do was to jump on Mr. Bai and insist on recognizing him as his “younger brother.”

Awkward. Too awkward.

The two of them and Bai Li, who had already left, didn’t notice that the white dumpling was actually wrapped in black sesame seeds. When the three-and-a-half-year-old Zhu MoLing lowered his head he showed a triumphant smile through his long bangs.

Aha, letting nature take its course was too slow. He had to start a violent recognition process!

For the next two days, Bai Li experienced the fear of being dominated by Zhu MoLing’s “younger brother” demands. It seemed that because he had a temper, the three-and-a-half-year-old Zhu MoLing not only didn’t stop calling him “younger brother,” but also stuck to his side all the time, and no matter what Fox One and Fox Two said, they couldn’t pull him away.

Even when playing games, he had to pester Bai Li to take him to lie in the same gaming pod, as he directly abandoned his two subordinates who took turns bringing him into the game every day.

“I’m not going to go with you guys. I don’t know you guys. What if you are bad guys? I have to stay by my brother’s side to protect him. You guys go away!” The white milk dumpling decisively refused Fox One’s invitation to take him into the game, while his little hand wrapped hard around Bai Li’s arm.

In front of Fox One and Fox Two, the three-and-a-half-year-old Zhu MoLing was sharp and inviolable, but in front of Bai Li, he changed his face. All day long, it was brother this, brother that, brother I’m cold, brother I’m hungry, and a smile like a small sweet cake, so Bai Li could not be angry at all. This was the reason why Zhu MoLing would be the first one to be a part of the team.

The three of them had also discussed the reason why Zhu MoLing had become like this. Since Wen XingYao had a successful experience, Bai Li couldn’t really say what was the cause of this, but finally, reluctantly decided that it was another new variation in how Genetic Collapse Disorder might gradually recover.

In other words, during the recovery of Genetic Collapse Disorder, there may be a situation where the juvenile gradually grows and then directly returns to their original size, or there may be a situation where the juvenile remains the same size and grows again after transforming back into a human cub. Now it seemed that Wen XingYao and Zhu MoLing were examples of these two situations.

Bai Li used the grass and wood clear spirit energy to penetrate through the epidermis to let it enter Zhu MoLing’s body, and was slightly relieved when he noticed that his body was growing faster. Fortunately, it didn’t have to grow up again according to natural laws, but he could use the grass and wood clear spirit to feed people quickly, which he had plenty of experience with.

He’d seen the whole process of the former in detail with Wen XingYao’s transformation from a small milk cat to a big lion.

“Hey, hey. Mr. Bai, look…” Fox One and Fox Two laughed dryly. They always felt that they were constantly giving Bai Li trouble.

Especially when Bai Li was the one who accepted time and again those requests that weren’t within the scope of his obligation.

“It’s okay. Then let him come into the game with me. Staying in the game more often should speed up your Patriarch’s recovery. You guys remember to tell him about the reality in the game, and hopefully he will recover his memory sooner.”

“Hey, good! Thanks to Mr. Bai then!” Fox One said happily, and bumped Bai Li’s shoulder with his fist.

Mr. Bai, he was a great guy!

Bai Li boarded the game with Zhu MoLing in human cub form, confirmed that the other party entered normally, then walked out of the room and went straight to the next door, and told Wen XingYao all about what had happened that day. He didn’t think there was anything to hide, nor did he feel that bringing Zhu MoLing, who was essentially a grown man, around to take care of him would cause Wen XingYao problems, but considering that the two were in a relationship, he explained a few more things.

“I think I told you before that Zhu MoLing, Fox One and Fox Two have always given me the feeling that they are harmless. I can be sure that they won’t hurt me, and will keep a good relationship with me in the future. This feeling is a bit special. It’s not accurate to describe it as ‘like,’ a more appropriate word would be…Intimate?”

When he said the last word, Bai Li also had a moment of confusion and bewilderment. Why would he feel close to these three, when they had never met before?

WenXingYao had heard Zhu MoLing say before that Bai Li was most likely his missing brother. “…” Was this the legendary mutual attraction between blood relatives?

The scales in his heart had tipped in the direction of “Zhu MoLing was right.”

“Well, I understand,” Wen XingYao said. “You said Zhu MoLing became a child. Can you still feed him that special energy so he doesn’t know?”

Wen XingYao vaguely guessed that the special energy Bai Li possessed was the fundamental factor that would determine whether they could return to normal. For this guess, Wen XingYao also didn’t shy away, as it had come up early in previous private discussions with Bai Li, and he even knew that “grass and wood clear spirit qi” was the correct name of the energy.

In order to conceal the truth, they had been referred to as “special energy.” So Bai Li told Wen XingYao about his operation, and reassured him that it might not be long before the human cub form of Zhu MoLing grew to his original size. It wasn’t known however, if then the problem of how he called him “younger brother” could be changed…

The two of them finished exchanging thoughts on the matter of Zhu MoLing, then they separated and went to work. When Bai Li finished the task at hand and went offline again, the time had passed 24:00 and it was March 29th.

The month seemed to go by quite quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was the end of the month again. That meant it was time for him to upgrade the virtual reality game builder again, and make a new big upgrade to the game. Without even looking at the game developer’s exclusive backend, Bai Li knew that he must have made a lot of money this month. In addition to the revenue from the game, he also had a share of the nutrients from Tasty Foods and a 5% royalty from the 1,000 game hosts.

All three would add up to an astronomical amount. With that in mind, Bai Li took a look at his back-end earnings, calculated the amount of money he could get, and was so happy that he almost didn’t sleep all night. When he fell asleep, he even let out an exaggerated laugh while he was dreaming.

When he woke up early the next morning, he sent a video message directly to Wen XingYao after having breakfast. As soon as the video connection was made, Bai Li’s eyes lit up with a big smile and said, “Wen XingYao, I should be able to buy an agricultural planet soon!”

The matter of buying an agricultural planet was something he had mentioned to him during Wen XingYao’s kitten days, and now that Wen XingYao had completely received the memories of his kitten days, he had some impression of it. According to the information Bai Li found when he first transmigrated over, the price of an agricultural planet was about 10 billion star coins. At that time he thought it was too expensive. It was possible that he could not save so much money in his lifetime. However, only three months had passed and he was about to accomplish this small goal.

When he first decided to make the farming game Carefree Farmstead, he thought that he might be able to save this huge amount of money slowly with the money he earned from designing the game, but now he could remove the word “slowly”, and earn 10 billion star coins in three months. It was hard for anyone to believe, right?

Ahem, low profile, low profile. Bai Li’s heart had long been happy, and he tried not to be so exaggerated, however Wen XingYao still saw through his eyes his heart’s true feelings.

He was really happy, very excited.

“Congratulations.” Wen XingYao smiled and met Bai Li’s eyes. He asked him to wait for him for a while, then looked down and seemed to be operating something on his optical computer.

Bai Li looked curiously at the top of his hair, and wondered what he was thinking, but soon, he knew what Wen XingYao was doing.

The two men’s chat page sent over a screenshot with a breakdown of Wen XingYao’s personal assets. More than three hundred billion star coins, five agricultural planets, shares in companies and properties distributed on all the major planets of the Empire. When all the assets were added up, it was more than five hundred billion.

Bai Li immediately looked frozen. That long string of numbers, when looking at it people’s eyes would almost blur. Wen XingYao’s voice came through the virtual screen into his ears, “These are investments in my name. I have five agricultural planets on hand, all cared for by the most advanced farming robots. If you need one, just use one from me for free.”

Ten billion star coins was the lowest price Bai Li could find for an agricultural planet, and the price determined the size of the planet. But in the screenshot of the assets provided by Wen XingYao, the smallest one he owned was ten times larger than the agricultural planet he intended to buy, and its price was definitely higher.

Even though Wen XingYao dared to say that, Bai Li didn’t dare to accept such an expensive thing. He immediately waved his hand at Wen XingYao. “No, no. I want to spend money to buy it myself. You keep your own things, and don’t let me take advantage of your words.”

It was so heartwarming.

After he heard Bai Li’s words, Wen XingYao was quite disappointed. In his opinion, the two were already in a mutually bound relationship. What was his, was Bai Li’s. However, Bai Li still saw that what was Bai Li’s was still Bai Li’s. Why so clearly divided? Hey…It seemed that he needed to make more efforts to make Bai Li not be so angry with him.

“Okay…I’ll leave it at that, but if you need anything in the future, just mention it to me,” Wen XingYao said.

The words made it clear that he hadn’t completely abandoned his previous intentions. Bai Li helplessly pulled his hair, and was pondering what else he could say, when another voice interjected.

“My younger brother doesn’t want your agricultural planet!” Zhu MoLing, who seemed to have grown up a bit after the night, burrowed into Bai Li’s side and back, while his pair of black grape-like eyes fixed on the man across the screen.

At this moment, new hatred and old hatred came together.

This guy, on the basis of his absence from his brother, tried to deceive his brother to go out with him. The two kissed even as he kicked him, and although the force was not large, he had long remembered the hatred of someone taking his brother and the pain in his body. Now, he wanted to tempt his brother with the agricultural planet he had in an attempt to tie the two together more firmly, regardless of whether he, as a brother, agreed.

Humph! So what if you have an agricultural planet? Oh, I can’t imagine! My brother has one of the largest agricultural planets in the whole Empire under his name!

Hope Star, was a planet covered with water, fertile fields, and barren grass, and also the place where the whole Empire treated regressed juvenile Therians. Before his brother entered the late Genetic Collapse Disorder, Hope Star belonged to the Empire, but after his brother went to Hope Star, the planet was bought by Zhu MoLing at a huge cost and put under his brother’s name.

From then on, the Therians living on Hope Star were the responsibility of the Heavenly Fox clan, with the Empire overseeing. Every year, the Heavenly Fox clan spent a lot of money on the maintenance of Hope Star, but none of the clan members ever raised any objections or complaints.

After he secretly overheard Bai Li and Wen XingYao’s conversation, Zhu MoLing first thought of the planet that was already under his brother’s name. Faced with Wen XingYao’s calm and even slightly smiling face, he said, without thinking, “My brother has a planet! His own planet! Hope Star, you know it, right?”

As he finished speaking, Zhu MoLing regretted it. He was supposed to be in a state of amnesia. How could he say something that only a Zhu MoLing with memory could say? Like cold water poured over his head, the angry Zhu MoLing instantly regained his senses. When he saw Wen XingYao on the screen smile at him, he couldn’t help but shiver.

Shit, he was trapped!

As expected, Wen XingYao quickly pretended to mention, “Oh? Your brother is the owner of Hope Star? How come I heard Bai Li say that you don’t seem to have your original memory? You can’t even remember who your own brother is, huh…”

Zhu MoLing’s cold sweat came down at once. The exposure came unexpectedly. Did the idea of his violent recognition of his brother have to be forced to stop in such a way after only one day?

“Eh…” The milky voice carried a panic that was easily unnoticed.

Bai Li, on the other hand, was drawn away from the conversation between the two of them for the most part. He was aware of the place, Hope Star, but didn’t know much about the planet’s ownership. He thought it was a deserted star that nobody wanted. Instead, it turned out to be privately owned, and it looked like it was a very suitable planet for farming?

Thinking of this, he was a little envious of Zhu MoLing’s real brother. That planet was in his name. He didn’t know which was bigger and which was smaller compared to the five in Wen XingYao’s hands.

Anyway, regarding his future purchase of agricultural planets, certainly no one could compare, hey.

When Bai Li came back to his senses, he heard Zhu MoLing’s brief “er” sound, so he looked curiously at the two people who were staring at each other, and tried to dig up the content that he had missed before.

Bai Li’s recollection process, for Zhu MoLing, was undoubtedly a torment. On the one hand, he didn’t want his little slip to be noticed by his brother and give him a bad impression, on the other hand, he thought why not talk about it now? Maybe he could let his brother break the illusion he had laid, and let them recognize each other as brothers.

In just a few seconds, Zhu MoLing felt the pressure like a mountain.

And his reaction made Wen XingYao examine his own heart with dark feelings. He wouldn’t admit that he actually minded about Bai Li and Zhu MoLing getting so close together. Even if they were really brothers, he couldn’t help but feel a little sour in his heart when he saw it.

Zhu MoLing didn’t want to identify his brother sooner, he simply pushed it to the back burner.

Bai Li finally analyzed the meaning of their words. Wen XingYao questioned whether Zhu MoLing really lost his memory, while Zhu MoLing, it seemed…didn’t deny it.

He lowered his head to look at the person who was almost in his arms and in the position of being hugged by himself, and was at a rare loss of words. Was he actually, so successfully tricked? And was forced to accept the fate of being called “younger brother”?

When he felt the sudden stiffness of the person behind him, Zhu MoLing made an instant decision and quickly admitted his evil deed. “Brother…Bai Li, believe me, I didn’t do this as a prank, but because, most likely, you’re the brother I’ve been looking for for three years.”

This time it was Wen XingYao’s turn to be amazed. Unexpectedly ah, Zhu MoLing had chosen the most direct method.

Bai Li was confused. He understood every word Zhu MoLing said, but why when it was added together, he couldn’t comprehend what the words he said meant?

The information that he’d received when he transmigrated, was that this body was clearly a fatherless orphan. When did such a brother appear, and such a huge family behind him?

Bai Li’s name, his age, his fox eyes, and the feeling Bai Li gave him, all became “ironclad proof” that Bai Li was his brother to Zhu MoLing. 

After Bai Li heard this, he was in tears as he laughed, “Where is the evidence that you are talking about? If you really want to find what you are talking about, I don’t believe that the whole Empire couldn’t find a second person named ‘Bai Li’ who is also eighteen years old, and these eyes are not unique to your family…As for the last feeling, that is even less evidence. You have to speak with facts.”

Seeing that Zhu MoLing still wanted to fight for his belief, Bai Li simply carried him to his side, sat him down, and gave him another more scientific proposal, “If you still have doubts, I am also willing to cooperate. We’ll simply do an identification. DNA can’t deceive people. That is simple and fast, and also convenient for you to dispel this unrealistic fantasy.”

Bai Li really didn’t think he was Zhu MoLing’s brother. His body hadn’t awakened the Therian gene, and was a weak Ancient Blue Star person. How could he be the Heavenly Fox clan’s nine tailed fox genius young master?

Zhu MoLing shook his head with a bitter smile. “If only things were really that simple. The DNA identification is not valid for him. Even if you are really my brother, the most likely result will be that we are strangers who do not know each other.”

With such an explanation, Bai Li, with the heart of a good guy, understood why the Fox clan’s runaway young master was actually such a buggy existence. No wonder so many people had him in mind. Whether it was his own brother, or Song Xinran, his distant cousin, the tone used when mentioning him was one of pride.

“In that case, then I can’t do anything about it. But I still want to emphasize again that I really can’t be your brother.” Bai Li said after he pondered for a moment. He didn’t want Zhu MoLing’s preference for his brother to fall on him, a stranger.

However, Zhu MoLing was also very insistent, said that he would not give up, and that he would try to bring back Bai Li’s original memory as long as he was still in Bai Li’s house.

Both of them held their own views, and no one would let them go. At this point, Wen XingYao, who had not spoken for a long time, finally spoke up to help persuade him. “Bai Li, he will be staying at your house for a while anyway. Do you want to try to believe his story? Don’t reject the goodwill he is offering and try to communicate?”

With a smile, Zhu MoLing threw an appreciative look towards Wen XingYao and decided to find trouble for Wen XingYao’s a few less times in the future.

The corners of his mouth had already turned upward, and he was about to plead with Bai Li to try to follow Wen XingYao’s words when he heard Wen XingYao continue in a calm tone, “Even if it turns out that you don’t have a brotherly relationship in the future, it’s not a disadvantage for you to have a money lender.”

Bai Li:?

Zhu MoLing: ???!!!

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