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Chapter 207: History, once again, repeats itself

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Ten minutes later, a “beautiful” scenery walked by the villa area.

Xiong Pili and his group were each carrying their own equipment on their shoulders and holding a big green, round watermelon in their arms with great difficulty, walking towards their parking place with a tearful face.

The four staff members from the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall star were obviously experiencing the scene for the first time. They gulped and asked in confusion, “Old Pili, this…Well, Mr. Bai, is he always this generous?”

They had worked with each other a few times, and were familiar with each other in terms of names. The large plate of watermelon they had eaten earlier was already astonishingly heavenly, and they thought that with that taste, the price of watermelon wouldn’t be low, and would even be a heavenly price that would be hard to accept. To be able to use such watermelon to entertain guests, it already showed that the patron welcomed and valued them.

At that time, to help him upgrade the virtual reality game builder, they were more serious than usual and quickly worked. As a result, when the upgrade was completed, the other also prepared a special thank you gift for them, one big watermelon each, who would dare to believe it? In fact, according to the rules, their labor costs have already been included in the upgrade fees paid by Bai Li, there was no need to give anything else.

When they thought about that, the four of them were all a bit scared, and thought that they shouldn’t accept Bai Li’s gift so easily, as it would affect their reputation. However, then Xiong Pili said something that allayed their fears.

“Well, yes, Mr. Bai is always very generous. You don’t know, but the three of us were given game slots by Mr. Bai, so we didn’t have to fight the fellow netizens to get them. And also, once we came over, Mr. Bai also invited us to eat his friend’s cucumbers. The taste was superb, even better than the Tasty Foods cucumber flavor nutrition liquid by a few points.”

Their concern turned into deep envy. This, this was too good, right? This Mr. Bai was really a good man. Game quotas, cucumber and watermelon, and they became his friend. It was simply  embracing a golden thigh ah. Plus, with the popularity of Carefree Farmstead today, that golden thigh would undoubtedly have a long and strong existence, and would have the trend of getting thicker and thicker.

The leader of the four was silent for a moment and said, “If this Mr. Bai needs an upgrade next time, be sure to contact us and we will help him finish it in the shortest possible time.”

The other three nodded frantically, “Yes, yes! We will definitely help!”

Xiong Pili agreed in one breath. Who else could they find if not them?

The job was done, and the four of them embarked on the spaceship back to the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall star. On the way, they still held the four big round watermelons carefully, looking at them more closely than their own equipment.

On the way, they had to compare with each other.

“Boss, your watermelon looks a little smaller than mine, how many less bites do you have to eat?”

“Nonsense, it’s all about the same size, how small can it be? But it’s good to be smaller, haven’t you heard the saying, concentration is the essence, a smaller one is sweeter.”

“But I prefer the water in the watermelon, biting down, and your mouth filled with juice all at once, this feeling is too good. Then the whole space will be filled with a fresh fragrance. Damn, why is there no watermelon flavor perfume or air freshener on the market?”

“Hey, it’s a pity that we each have only one watermelon. If only I could know where Mr. Bai’s watermelon was bought from, no matter how high the price of one of them, I think I would pull my belt tight to buy a few more…”

The four of them were so excited that they kept discussing it. Fortunately, there weren’t many travelers going to the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall from the Sweet and Sour Ribs, and no one else was seated near them, otherwise they might have thought that they had a hole in their heads and were holding watermelons that did not taste good in reality. The watermelons, which had no taste in reality, were a treasure.

Such rare and delicious watermelons, none of the four people wanted to eat them so quickly. At this time, they had not realized that when they brought the watermelon back to their friends and family, the amount that could be eaten was greatly reduced, and even a bite was precious.

By then, they would only be looking forward day and night to the arrival of the next time they went to Bai Li’s equipment for upgrading.

After sending Xiong Pili and his group away, Bai Li and Zhu MoLing sat down after lunch and recalled a few more things related to Zhu QingLing.

Seeing Bai Li just nodding without any other reaction, Zhu MoLing was a bit disappointed and asked, “Isn’t it not enough to just show you photos of the past and reminisce about the past? I’d like to buy you some food. You can tell me what you want. I used to love to buy you things, I contracted for all his necessities.”

In a word, because of the relationship of the law at the beginning, Zhu MoLing’s wallet had been suffocated. Bai Li saw the situation was bad, immediately refused, and again took out their agreement to make sure that Zhu MoLing didn’t forget to comply with the rules.

Zhu MoLing, who had grown to almost ten years old, was very disappointed with a bun face and puffed out cheeks. Bai Li couldn’t stand such a look on his face, but he didn’t know what to say, so he just played it safe and said he was going to take a nap.

As they watched him flee, Fox One and Fox Two looked at each other and asked in a soft voice, “Patriarch, could it be that we were really wrong? And Bai Li might not be the young master we are looking for?”

“There is no wrong guess.” Zhu MoLing instead shook his head, feeling even more sure. “Look at his escape posture. It’s like when he stole my healing medicine as a child, and was afraid of being discovered by me so he put a solution of sugar, salt and vinegar mixed together into my medicine bottle, and then snuck away? The actions are clearly the same. How can he not be my brother?” Seeing that the two were still confused, he recalled carefully and sighed, “Oh, yes. I forgot that you hadn’t been assigned to me at that time. It’s a pity that you didn’t see my brother’s cute side.”

Fox One & Fox Two, “…”

This weird bro-con filter! Where was the cuteness in that? Do those two things have anything in common? And who runs away in a posture that wasn’t like this, ah? The world in the eyes of the Patriarch and others were not at all the same.

In the end, was their Patriarch’s IQ back to ten years old, or simply stuck at three and a half years old?

Bai Li really honestly went to sleep, but before he went to sleep, he operated the A level virtual reality game builder on his wrist, and controlled the game to carry out his pre-set upgrades. He prepared to wake up just before 18:00 which was half an hour away.

The Starnet was very busy at that time. The official of Holographic Game Design Competition had added many machines and equipment were added to the backend of ‘Carefree Farmstead’, and the preparations were done to the best of their ability, so that even if hundreds of millions of people came in at once, they would be able to accommodate them.

The fellow netizens who were waiting to grab the quota refreshed the smooth webpage, then also went to the opinion book to wander around a few times, as they left notes about their own mood at that time.

[Hey, who would have thought it? I’ve been coming here to leave comments every so often since January. Now it’s April and I still haven’t grabbed a spot in the game! But it does not matter, brave players. I’m not afraid of difficulties. I believe that with 24 million places, I can grab one of them anyhow!]

[The brother in front, don’t say those words too strongly, ah. Don’t you know that the faster the flag is set up, the faster it will fall? The real experts are secretly well prepared, and then a blow will win. For example, I…]

[Hahahahaha! The real experts will not come to this side of the opinion book to hang out. They are careful not to miss the best time to grab the quota. I just wanted to see how many people would come here to leave comments. Our treasure game is not what it used to be. Now the whole Empire is waiting with their heads up.]

[Hey, don’t you say that I haven’t noticed. When did the comments in the opinion book break a billion, ah? I had an impression of a number, but it was not even 10 million. Now I can see the enthusiasm of everyone.]

[Well, do not pretend. I am a person who has contributed at least 100 articles!]

[Why are people chatting so much? Aren’t they worried that they won’t be able to grab a slot by then? Although the number of game quotas went up, the number of people who want to grab game quotas is also increasing along with it, ah. You guys are not afraid…?]

[Hahaha! Anyway, I’m not afraid. These months I have not been idle. The hand speed is definitely practiced up. Last month, if I did not accidentally blink 0.05 seconds before the arrival of the opening point, I would not have missed it, and already been happy to go and play.]


Everyone could see that the number of game slots Bai Li released at once gave their fellow netizens a lot of confidence, and they all believed they could be one of the lucky ones to grab a game slot. The comment book was overflowing with happiness.

Bai Li said “cheers” in his heart and opened his address book to chat with Wen XingYao as he waited for the time to grab the game slots. The atmosphere wasn’t too warm and not too awkward, but just right.

Finally, 18:00 arrived. At the beginning there was a 24 million full quota, but the number dropped rapidly once the time came and actually became 0 in a short time. Bai Li was still thinking about how long it had been, while Wen XingYao on the other end sent him the correct answer.

[27 seconds. Not even a minute, for those slots to be snatched up by fellow netizens.]

Carefree Farmstead was really horrible like that.

Bai Li didn’t expect the 24 million slots not to last even a minute, and it took a while for him to react before he sent Wen XingYao an expression pack with a smiley face, and then the two of them moved to StarBiz in unison.

As a matter of fact, the topic was #Carefree Farmstead, 24 million slots were snatched up again in half a minute.#

Hope you rest in peace, [History, once again, repeats itself. vicissitudes.jpg]

Eyes in the mirror in the mirror, [Emmm…The official number grabbing record was released, only to find that 24 million places were actually grabbed in less than 30 seconds. If this was placed in other games, I’m afraid it would be 30 days to grab it all? Woohoo, today is another day not to grab the game quota! QAQ!]

Warm light, [Damn it! A few minutes ago I left a message in the opinion book, saying that I would definitely grab the game this time. The result came so quickly and fiercely, that my face is going to be lost, unfortunately. I will go to delete the message…]

You Bai, [Hahahahahaha! Allow me to laugh out loud for three minutes. I grabbed it! I really grabbed it, just out of the oven, steaming hot game quota, ah! It seems that these days forwarding Big Brother Demon Xing family’s golden koi is still very effective. I must catch a golden koi too sometime!]

Lord Meow Meow, [Meow, meow, meow. I didn’t grab it. I’ve disgraced our cat tribe. I now seriously suspect that the time on my optical computer is jet lagged, otherwise how could I not have grabbed it? This hand did not want to stop! Lift the knife across the paws of the cat cat.jpg]

This night, the starblog was full of disappointed crying for all the bad luck ones who didn’t grab the game quota. The starblog was also talking everywhere about fellow netizens and whether they would throw away their hand or not.

However, for the 24 million people who got into the game, that day was destined to be a good day to remember.

Although Bai Li sympathized with the fellow netizens who cried, there was no way to do anything more. He didn’t even leave himself a spare game quota.

After he looked at the starblog for a while, he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly poked Wen XingYao. [Let’s get on the game too. I just remembered the pet and mount evolution liquid that I exchanged earlier. Today happens to be the day the evolution is completed!]

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