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Chapter 208: Pet Evolution Liquid

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The day of April 3rd was not only the day when new game quotas were issued, but also the day when the pet eggs and mount eggs exchanged by players last month broke their shells and the pet/mount evolution fluids were used to complete the evolutions on the same day. The recent period was a bit busy, so Bai Li really almost forgot.

Wen XingYao originally wanted to remind him, but when he saw him remember on his own, he immediately didn’t say anything more, as the two hurried into the game.

For veteran players in the game, today was an ordinary, game maintenance, upgrade day. Once 18:00 arrived, they didn’t go to the starblog to see the results of other people’s number grabbing, they directly boarded the game and looked for the differences before and after the game upgrade.

The first thing to do was to open the Veteran’s Pack sent to them by LiLi to see what kind of good items could be opened inside. In that regard, Bai Li had always been generous in giving benefits to the players. Usually the benefits sent to all were less, with only rare opportunities. He wouldn’t easily destroy the balance of the game with an item stuffed in every package. What the players could open, and how many they could open, all depended on their luck.

“Aha! 500 seeds in a big pack, and all of them can’t be unlocked at my level! I’ll arrange them when I finish planting this wave!”

“Wow, a pumpkin pie recipe! This happens to be what I don’t have. I’ll hurry up and learn it, hehehehe…!”

“Plush rabbit hat? I can find a lot of people who would want this!”

“Super fishing net? This is the legendary must-have item for the sea. Someone out on a fishing boat, if there is one, bring me, ah! I’ll bring my own fishing tools!”


Bai Li, after he met with Wen XingYao, also opened their Veteran’s Gift Bags.

The former opened a golden spatula and the latter opened a golden gardening hoe, one for cooking skills and one for gardening skills. The two looked at each other and happily made the exchange.

Only after they finished did they take out the pets that had been fed with the evolution liquid on March 18th from the pet space.

“Let’s take them one by one,” Wen XingYao said.

According to the instructions of the evolution liquid, the evolution would last for fifteen days, and on the last day of the evolution, the pets would return to the pet space to sleep, then when the time was fulfilled and they were taken out of the pet space, the evolution would be completed and that would be their final look.

“Okay, I’ll go first then.” Bai Li thought that since he had the giant panda cub pet, he simply ranked first.

Bai Li made a two-handed virtual hug, which was his habitual action to conveniently hold the just summoned panda cub in his arms.

The result was a near-topple this time.

The weight on his arms was obviously very different from before. Bai Li wasn’t paying attention for a while until he was pressed to let go of his hands. Then the large, soft, warm, huge object in his arms rolled to the ground. When its limbs hit the ground, there was a “dang” sound. It stood up and was half Bai Li’s size. As for the size, it went from a few dozen pounds to a few hundred pounds.

“Ruuu?” The original milking sound also became dull. When he found that his master seemed to become smaller, the panda cub looked very happy, and came over for a kiss, as the furry head arched into Bai Li’s stomach.

Bai Li almost stumbled, but luckily he was held by Wen XingYao and didn’t fall down. He looked at the panda cub with a shocked expression, but he also became teary-eyed. If his memory was correct, the feed should be “pet evolution liquid” and not “pet enlargement agent,” right? That speed of growth was more obvious than eating pig feed.

“This panda…The direction of evolution seems to be not quite the same as I thought?” Wen XingYao’s voice stifling laughter came from his side. Obviously, he was also a bit stunned, but at the same time his laughter pulled it full circle.

Bai Li hung his head in frustration and knelt down to examine the other changes that had occurred on the panda cub’s body. It was then that he discovered that there was an additional saddle on its back that seemed to be…For sitting on?

“Hey? It seems to have a riding effect? Can I ride it out in the future?” Bai Li rejoiced and asked Wen XingYao with some uncertainty.

Wen XingYao knew the item and body situation. As he looked at the saddle that appeared on the panda cub, he nodded gently, and indicated that they could go out and try it later.

If it was really like Bai Li said, it was quite profitable.

After that, the two looked at the upgrades of Wen XingYao’s two pets together. Since he had three pets but only two bottles of evolutionary fluid, Wen XingYao then made a live lottery for the three, and the final result came out that the golden koi and macaw got the two bottles of nutrient fluid and went on the path of evolution.

The lion seemed to know that he was left behind and was sad and upset. He stayed in Bai Li’s arms for a while, while Wen XingYao tried to grab the back of his neck and throw him far away.

The golden koi already had a “Fu” 1 on its back, and now it had an additional “Gui” 2 on its belly, which confirmed its status as a rich child. At the same time, its skills had also evolved. From increasing the owner’s luck value by 10%, to increasing it by 20% and its value was rising, which even Bai Li, the game developer, envied.

When he saw that Bai Li liked it, Wen XingYao simply offered to give the fish to him, but Bai Li immediately refused when he heard that. He only said that when there was a chance he would add other ways to play with the game pet. Pet breeding seemed to be quite interesting, huh?

As for the macaw, its size had become several times larger. If not for its colorful feathers, it wouldn’t be too much to say that it was a raptor. Wen XingYao thought about how to train it. Maybe later he could also take it to the forest to hunt? As he finished thinking, he looked up and met the gleaming bird eyes of the macaw.

“What are you looking at me for? Are you charmed by my handsome and dashing posture?” The huge parrot’s beak opened and closed, and after finishing saying that, it proudly fluttered its wings a few times.

Wen XingYao, “?”

Bai Li, “!!!”

“Pfft! Hahaha! your parrot has grown up and can talk! That’s great! Not bad for the evolutionary fluid I designed!” Bai Li laughed so hard that he hugged his stomach.

That was the highlight moment of the pet evolution liquid, the precious image of Wen XingYao losing out to his own pet’s mouth. Wen XingYao glared at the parrot, looked helplessly at Bai Li, and gave him a silent thumbs up. If it weren’t for the pet evolution liquid, he really wouldn’t have known that the parrot of his actually had such a stinky character.

In the next five minutes, the macaw kept bragging about its appearance, while Wen XingYao stood by and occasionally poured a pot of cold water on it, until finally the bird calmed down and finally shut its chattering mouth.

After they checked out the evolution, Bai Li, together with Wen XingYao, took the panda out the door to try out the riding feature. However, they ended up getting stuck at the door for a few seconds. The giant panda was so big that the two of them had to push its butt hard several times before they got it out into the yard.

Bai Li successfully learned how to drive a panda.

Then a screenshot of him riding the panda appeared in the game forum.

The owner of the post was a veteran of the forum, and explained in a few words the reason for the appearance of this picture. Of course, this reason was his own guess, and he had a lot of confidence that he guessed right.

LiLi only had a giant panda pet, and a few days ago it was still a small cub. He also hadn’t heard that he redeemed any of the pet eggs, but heard people say that he redeemed a bottle of pet evolution liquid. Now he could ride a giant panda everywhere, so it must be that the pet evolution liquid worked.

The owner directly addressed all the players, and asked them what they had opened from their pet eggs and mount eggs, or what their original pets had become after using the evolution fluid.

Some players who had been famous for a short time because of their pets quickly responded.

Broken Cocoon, [0.0 My Ore Fairy was the first pet in the game, so I desperately had to replace it with a bottle of evolution fluid ah. After it used the evolution liquid, it actually changed from ordinary elf to the Ore Fairy King. It went from the appearance of a small briquette to a multicolored transparent glazed stone. The face value is up, up, up, up! I’ve been staring at it for almost ten minutes. It’s so beautiful! Love.jpg]

Long-winded, Scrupulous Son, [Remember my Peeps? The rest of my shrimp army didn’t change much, but they all turned golden, and when they combine it’s a golden Peeps, all of which can be put into my gold collection room for display. Laughing and crying.jpg]

Nanxun, [After the Village Chief’s Residence task was over, at the end of the mission I opened a white horse. I also gave it the evolutionary fluid. Today I took it out to see, and found that on its back, it actually grew a pair of huge white wings. Thanks for the invite, I just came down from a ride in the sky. Am I the first in the game to go up in the sky?]

Gray Scales, […Why is the result of my pet evolution completely different from yours? I woke up and my boar is pregnant, but it’s a boar, so how did it turn into a sow? I’m sorry, I didn’t keep your pure body! QAQ! Waiting online, quite urgent!!! It’s too hard.jpg]

Fellow netizens, “?????” Oh no!

They were all sitting in a row under a lemon tree, when suddenly a big watermelon rolled over from the melon field next door, so the netizens turned into melon-eating badgers and had a “rational” discussion about who had done such a horrible thing, whether it was a distortion of human nature or moral degradation that actually made a boar pregnant? However, the discussion went on and on, and it was found that no one had a motive for the crime, and the cause could only be blamed on the magical pet evolution fluid. There were also people at the bottom of the @’s to Gray Scales, who reminded him not to forget to give his fellow netizens live updates about the boar production process. They were quite curious about what it might give birth to.

Under his fellow netizens’ pleas (cajole) and begging (cheats), Gray Scales had long been turned from a happy, dreamed of live iron head production to a red-faced, turned down mouth full of agreement. After he quit the game forum, he contacted the village anchors.

Mo Song had been in the forefront of the melon eaters, so when Gray Scales asked, there was no hesitation. He quickly agreed to let him have an arrangement so that at any time he wanted to say hello, Mo Song would be the first to come. Hey, hey, hey! He likes to see the unseen hilarious!

The mystery of the “pregnant boar” soon came to an end, and in a short while the other players posted pictures of their newly born pets at the bottom.

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Translator Notes:

  1. “rich”
  2. “noble” like nobility


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