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Chapter 209: The new players who let themselves go

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The number of pet eggs and mount eggs added up to 10,000, so in just half an hour’s work, the number of newly born pets and mounts pictured in the post reached seven or eight thousand, which showed the excitement and pride of these players. Their fellow netizens found that there were very few duplicates of these newly born pets, and that even if some belonged to the same species, there would be a big difference in appearance, not simple replicas. It was as if these pets were real and were going to live forever with the players in the game.

It was clear that the game developer in this regard had a degree of care for the players. The topic went around a lot, and magically came back to Bai Li. While Bai Li, for the time being, knew nothing about the matter.

He was seated across the giant panda, having changed from his original straight sitting posture to half lying on its back, with his chin on the top of the giant panda’s raised head, as he felt the soft touch of the surface, and his hand engaged in some unfaithful scratching of the soft flesh of its neck. He was so comfortable his eyes were going to squint.

Bai Li also found that the giant panda had an “autopilot” function. As long as he whispered in its ear where he wanted to go, it would twist and turn to drive him slowly, without him having to control it.

Bai Li preferred to sit on it and slowly sway with the giant panda as it walked.

The panda was good, the panda was wonderful, and he proved with his own practice that the panda was the best ride ever! This kind of driving experience was really unique…

It was a pity that the panda was a single person ride and only was allowed to be ridden by him. Wen XingYao wasn’t destined to enjoy it. When he got back, he was going to clean up the yard and use the “Land Expansion Card” to create a few more open spaces, where he would plant bamboo and hoard it for the panda’s rations!

With that idea Bai Li climbed up on the panda, modified his instructions and headed for home. When he arrived at the doorstep of his house and took a look next door, he found that there was no one in the yard next door, so he probably went out fishing again.

The “freed” giant panda shuttled between the growing bamboo trees, as he casually broke off a section for nibbling, and leaned its huge body on the remaining bamboo poles, while the breeze gently brushing the lush bamboo leaves with a rustling sound, and played a natural song. Bai Li didn’t bother it. He waited for the yard to finish expanding, then pulled out the small bamboo shoots he had collected earlier and started planting them here and there.

The courtyard quieted down and the smell of fresh, moist soil wafted lazily over the yard.

At the same time, a large group of new players who had grabbed a spot in the game couldn’t wait to get into the game and experience the good life of Carefree Farmstead.

Moonlight was one of the lucky ones who grabbed a spot in the game, but she didn’t run to the Starblog or forum to show off like the others, and instead chose to enter the game immediately. She was a Therian, and a few years ago she started suffering from Genetic Collapse Disorder, plus she belonged to the rapid deterioration kind. Within a few years of work she went from the early stage to the middle and late. Recently, it had become increasingly difficult for her to control the appearance of her beast state. Sometimes she showed ears, sometimes her hands and feet were the shape of her beast, and sometimes she even had a full body of long hair. This made her more and more afraid to go out at will. Except for the necessary rest and meal times, she spent all her time in virtual reality games.

She had played most of the virtual reality games on the market, but for her, those games had a survival period that wouldn’t exceed seven days. Once those seven days were up, no matter what percentage of the “Spiritual Pacification Estimate” was reached, the healing effect on her would be infinitely reduced, until there was no effect. Just when she was about to despair, the Imperial Research Institute’s test report gave her new hope. Carefree Farmstead had a 90% “Spiritual Pacification Estimate.” She felt she could still be saved, so she reduced the time she played the virtual reality games every day and searched for everything related to Carefree Farmstead. What to search…didn’t know, just search everything… She found that even just lying in the gaming pod and watching the game live, could bring good feedback to her body.

To put it more directly, just watching the live streams of Carefree Farmstead was better than the therapeutic effect of her playing other virtual reality games. Once she discovered that situation, it became imperative to her that she get a game slot. Fortunately, all the waiting was worth it.

She breathed in the fresh air of the game, and tilted her face up to receive the sunlight. Her entire body was warm, but because of the surrounding breeze, she didn’t feel too hot.

Moonlight wanted to let out a long roar, but that wasn’t the way here in the game, so she barely suppressed her nature. Then, the buddy beside her beat his chest hard and roared.

“Ow ow ow ah! Sure enough and what those people said was true. Only watching the game live is far from personally being in the game to enjoy it. Too good! I can’t wait to grow a few more lungs, and suck all the air here into my stomach!”

Moonlight, “…” Okay, it was she who overthought things. She shouldn’t have overestimated the endurance of Interstellar Therians. So she happily joined in the revelry and waited for the excitement to calm down before she went to look for the NPC Village Chief to pick up her first newbie quest.

On the way, she didn’t hesitate to use kryptonite for her first gold coins, then bought the First Charge Pack. The newbie must-have item. She was able to see it in her backpack and opened it. Although she didn’t open any no particularly cherished item, the tension and satisfaction of opening strange gifts remained in her heart forever.

After she received the weeding task and found a feng shui site suitable for living, Moonlight got to work in style and then embarked on a journey to heal her Genetic Collapse Disorder. She just hoped that a miracle would really happen.

Some people would follow the newbie strategy circulating on Starnet step by step, and there would be people who completely discarded the experience of previous people and let go of themselves, and acted according to their favorite activity.

The game ID, Aqua Shore, was one such player who wasn’t going the usual way.

After filling out the questionnaire when he created his character, he was assigned to the 1,748th Newbie Village. This was a village with abundant water. The terrain was relatively low, and everywhere he could see plots of land left with a bunch of puddles. However, in order to take care of the players’ lives, there was also high ground on the surrounding slopes, where players usually put their small thatched huts.

But Aqua Shore didn’t do that. After he received his task, he went around the boundaries of the village in a full circle. He looked at all the open space within sight, and then chose a “back” shaped plot. The outer area was full of water, while only the middle piece was slightly raised up and not easily diffused by water.

It was a good place. This was his dream place. Aqua Shore watched the water flowing over, while he hummed a song and cleaned up the ground weeds. Soon, a small thatched hut was built. In addition he used the village’s unique aquatic vines on the edge of the yard so it was surrounded by a circle of blue and purple winding vines; a little bit of the atmosphere for the island.

After that, Aqua Shore didn’t get busy continuing to do new tasks. He looked for NPCs to inquire about directions to the seaside, and then went all the way there to find things. Around his house, it was bare so he had to decorate with something, and colorful pebbles and beautiful shells were a good choice.

Anyway, he was destined to have no new neighbors next to his house, so the circle outside was at his disposal.

Expanded footprint, get√

For Aqua Shore, it was still relatively honest.

Some of the new players who had been waiting to enter the game were usually suffocated, and they didn’t do the tasks seriously, but instead pulled the NPCs over to ask questions. All the NPCs goodwill senses were -10 before they stopped. One wave had not yet subsided, when another wave had started. Soon, the naughty boy went to his mother with a big bag of tears, complaining that a villager stole his sugar gourd and didn’t return it, then ate it all in front of him, so another round of goodwill went -10-10-10…

After a round of repeated trials at the edge of danger, this group of players finally had enough of the joint beating of the NPCs and the system and became honest. Occasionally, however, a little whimsy would still appear, which left the newly established villages in a chicken-and-egg state from time to time.

It wasn’t until two or three days later that the desire to explore the game subsided, and farming once again became the main theme of game life. Of course, that was an afterthought, for now.

The influx of players represented the creation of a large amount of new belief, and the coalescence of a large amount of grass and wood clear spirit energy.

Bai Li noticed something at ten o’clock in the evening. He hurriedly said goodbye to Wen XingYao and went offline. At 23:00, Bai Li fell into a coma after receiving a huge amount of faith value and grass and wood clear spirit energy in a short period of time. Since he had told Zhu MoLing beforehand that he might be in a bit of a situation, he didn’t have to worry. Bai Li’s whole body was still and very relaxed as his consciousness fell into the darkness.

He found that even in the darkness he also retained a trace of consciousness. This consciousness seemed to be pulled by something, as he involuntarily moved forward. The darkness slowly receded, gradually became gray, then shone with a few light beams of light, and finally the light became brighter and brighter, until it filled the entire space.

He didn’t know when it happened, but around his consciousness, there were strange and familiar signs of human activity. The sound of laughter came to him. There seemed to be several pairs of invisible hands touching him on his head, which gave him a sense of stability and tranquility.

His consciousness continued on tirelessly, and soon the laughter disappeared, followed by the evil Zerg, the tragic battlefield, the sacrificial Therians, the rousing battle cries…The fragmented images flashed by quickly. A light green glow appeared in front of him, and his consciousness suddenly sped up, and Bai Li was curious about where his consciousness was taking him.

The green glow grew larger and larger, and it formed a huge circle, which wrapped Bai Li’s consciousness in it. He was dizzy for a moment inside there, as if through something else, but also through his own consciousness, Bai Li could see everything ahead.

It was a green-colored planet with large trees everywhere.

It was also known as Hope Star by the Imperial population.

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