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Chapter 210: Return to the truth

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

After a night of wandering, the runaway spirits returned to the starting point, reacquainted themselves with their former companion, and Bai Li woke up from his sleep with their blessings. He had another identity, that was, Zhu MoLing’s younger brother, Zhu QingLing, who he had been searching for years.

The Heavenly Fox clan’s Zhu QingLing, the Interstellar era orphan Bai Li, and the immortal world’s Agricultural Deity Bai Li. All of them were him. It was not an accidental crossing, not a turtledove. He was Bai Li, from the beginning to the end it was only himself. It was just that pitted by his own talent of illusion, he lost his important memories.

Now, because the faith value and the amount of grass and wood clear spiritual energy he got a qualitative leap, and directly broke through the shackles he put on those memories, and they all came back. Bai Li was lying flat on his bed, his eyes closed as he digested his newly returned memories, when he suddenly felt a shadow appear above him, and then a pair of dry, warm hands pressed against his forehead.

He heard a familiar voice saying to no one in particular, “His temperature has gone down. There should be no more problems, just wait for him to wake up.”

It was Wen XingYao’s voice. Why was he here?

A question mark drifted through his head, and then he heard someone else speak on the other side, in a tougher tone, “I know he’s about to wake up. Can you take your hand off? What if my brother feels uncomfortable?”

Bai Li heard a slight chuckle as the hand on his forehead moved slowly, and the last fingers to leave inadvertently ruffled the hair on his forehead.

Bai Li, “…” A little itchy.

“You!” Zhu MoLing was furious. Why was this person still moving his hands? When his brother woke up, he must tell him about this!

Bai Li couldn’t hold it in anymore and felt that the room might turn into a battlefield if he kept lying there, so he pretended to have just regained consciousness and slowly opened his eyes.

His original fox eyes seemed to have become more narrow. His pupils seemed to be stained with heavy ink, deep and bottomless, as if they could suck someone’s soul in, but when he blinked, that feeling disappeared. Though there was a spirit and hint of cunning, and less than the usual share of stability and calmness.

Zhu MoLing, who daily observed Bai Li’s every move, and Wen XingYao, who was most familiar with Bai Li’s demeanor, were the first to notice the subtle difference. Neither were stupid, they quickly realized that something important was about to happen, so they both kept silent, and coincidentally chose to wait.

Bai Li thought about it, then first turned his head to look at Zhu MoLing and took the initiative to call out, “Brother.”

And then, without waiting for Zhu MoLing’s reaction, he looked at Wen XingYao and called out his name. His tone of voice was ordinary, like the most common daily greeting.

In Zhu MoLing’s opinion, the word “brother” was as heavy as a thousand pounds. It meant Bai Li had found his memories, and recognized his identity. He almost performed a fierce fox crying right there.

After a tangled half day, he didn’t know how to reply to his past. Finally in a small milk voice he issued a “hey” sound, and finished with a hand over his face. He was really too miserable. It took so long to find his brother, but he had become small, and couldn’t use his most perfect state to welcome the return of his brother.

As for what Bai Li said later, it was automatically ignored by him. The meeting of blood brothers, why would you care about other idle people, hm!

Wen XingYao saw Bai Li’s reaction, especially since he specifically called out his name, and his heart dropped. He was scared to death. He thought that when Bai Li regained his memory, the boyfriend he had so easily gotten would fly away.

Fortunately, Bai Li didn’t give up on him…

Bai Li sat up from the bed and went to the bathroom to wash up after he regained some strength. When he came out after washing up, there was already a hot meal on the small coffee table in the room, prepared by Wen XingYao’s hand.

Zhu MoLing and Wen XingYao each sat on a single sofa, as they waited for Bai Li to come over.

He smiled at the two, then Bai Li lifted his feet and walked over. After that, it was the process of eating enough to fill his stomach, as he told the story of his disappearance.

Bai Li, who was also Zhu QingLing of the Heavenly Fox clan, did escape from Hope Star. After he successfully escaped, in order to prevent everyone from finding him, he cast his strongest illusion, not only on himself, but also to deceive the world. After the illusion was completed, he became a different person, and within the Empire, even his real identity through the Starnet connection changed, and wouldn’t be detected.

This was the reason why Zhu MoLing couldn’t find half a trace of his brother on Starnet.

After he explained how he eluded everyone’s search, Bai Li raised his hand in a subtle and complex gesture, and the simple lines of a nine-tailed fox tattoo seemed to appear on his forehead covered by his hair.

The teenager in front of them had messy and lush black hair, and each strand shone with a soft luster. HIs skin was whiter than before, soft and tender looking, like a delicious pudding. A pair of peach blossom fox eyes were seductive and innocent, and he threw a wink towards the two of them. The corners of his mouth had a natural upward curve, and when he smiled there was a deep pear dimple on each side of his cheeks. More juvenile, but also more…Naughty.

“Haha, are you satisfied with what you see?” Bai Li stood up and twirled around, then bent over, his face directly in front of Wen XingYao, “XingYao, this is my real look, haha! Will you be unused to it?”

Wen XingYao was frightened and moved backwards. His eyes darted, and the roots of his ears were quickly diffused with a thin layer of red. The change in Bai Li’s appearance had already given him quite a shock, but he had to deliberately come closer to show him; he felt that he was being molested. He knew that his liking for Bai Li wasn’t because of his looks or status, but he had to admit that Bai Li’s real face had really risen a few notches, and it was indeed slightly uncomfortable to be in such close contact all of a sudden.

He didn’t even know how to answer Bai Li’s question.

In contrast to Wen XingYao’s side of the stimulation, Zhu MoLing quickly reacted. His heart praised that he was really worthy of being his brother. He hadn’t been seen for several years yet he still maintained a superb face, and even that arrogant look hadn’t changed at all.

When he saw that Wen XingYao wanted to say something, a small black spot emerged in his heart and he said, “Brother, can you not stimulate him? Maybe he is obsessed with your appearance and can’t be extricated. Have you forgotten your previous appearance? Some people, they only know how to focus on a face…”

Meaning, this person was there to see the sex, and wasn’t worth trusting.

Break up quickly! Break up! Brother will find you a better person…

Wen XingYao felt a sense of crisis on his radar, and quickly came back to his senses. He refuted Zhu MoLing’s statement, “I am not, I did not! I’m just…I’m just…not used to the way you look now. It’ll be fine after a while.”

“Haha! I understand. After all, I’m good-looking, so it’s normal for you to look dumb.” Bai Li, who had recovered his memory, was really equipped with narcissism skills, and was very satisfied with his appearance as he spoke. He took a step forward, but suddenly his body stiffened and even the smile on his face froze.

The two did not know what happened. They followed Bai Li’s line of sight, and found that his original pants were inexplicably longer. And that extra amount almost tripped him in place.

Bai Li, “???” Who cut my pants?

Zhu MoLing stood up, but he was not tall enough. He could still only look at Bai Li at an elevated angle, and couldn’t see the specific difference.

Wen XingYao followed and stood up. This time, they finally found the problem. He raised his hand and compared the position of his earlobe, then moved down about 5 cm, compared the position of his chin, and said bluntly, “Your original height came up to my height, but now it only comes up to here. Bai Li, you have become shorter.”

Bai Li, you’ve gotten shorter.

You’ve gotten shorter.


It was as if a thunderbolt suddenly fell from the clear sky, struck, and split his original complacency into dust.

Bai Li only felt that his spirit fell into a trance, the people were also a little unstable, and there was no support, so he fell straight back into the soft bouncy sofa. HIs two eyes were confused as they looked blankly forward, and he couldn’t help but begin to doubt life. At that moment, he didn’t know whether the fact that he was “shorter” made him depressed, or whether the blow from his boyfriend’s straightforward speech made him more angry.

He had arranged the illusion, so that his height was also 180, but who would have thought that while it was easy to break the illusion, he actually ended up five centimeters shorter. That was five centimeters, ah! It was one thirty-sixth of his total height, and to lose so much in one go was simply heartbreaking beyond words.

The discovery made Bai Li cry. Even the smile on his face was withdrawn, and his whole person became mournful. He had thought about simply changing back to his previous appearance. Anyway, after three years he was used to it, but he also didn’t want to give up his current appearance, so he felt that no matter which way he changed would be some loss.

As for the article of height alone, using an illusion to make himself “taller” by five centimeters, he did not think about it at all. This was clearly to cover up, he must cover up, if others knew whe would be ridiculed.

Hey, he can be too difficult.

Zhu MoLing tilted his head and fiercely glared at Wen XingYao. This guy, if only he wasn’t able to talk. Really, which pot couldn’t mention which pot? HIs mouth was so stupid, how could he please his brother in the future?

After rolling his eyes, he leapt to Bai Li’s side and sat down, as he spoke to comfort him, “Brother, don’t be sad. You are still young. There is still room for you to grow taller. It must be that you have not taken enough nutrition in the past three years. When your nutrition is sufficient, your height will definitely go up.”

Wen XingYao actually regretted it after he said that. He only thought about stating the facts at that time, and forgot to take care of Bai Li’s feelings. When he saw Bai Li so sad, he felt bad too. So he went over and sat on Bai Li’s other side. He followed Zhu MoLing’s example and comforted him in a warm voice, “Yes, you will definitely grow taller again. If you feel uncomfortable, use your illusion to make me five centimeters shorter too, so we will be the same again.”

Wen XingYao’s idea was simple, you lose five centimeters, I lose five centimeters, so that our height difference remains the same. Then we can pretend that nothing happened.

Bai Li managed to be amused by Wen XingYao’s statement, and pounced on him to rub his silver hair, then later stated that he was already comforted by his hair and that the height thing would just go away.

When he saw him turn happy again, Wen XingYao also laughed along with him.

After that, Bai Li withdrew the illusion he had cast on his imperial citizenship in front of the two of them, and the name and imperial citizenship number belonging to Zhu QingLing came back. “Bai Li” became a vest over “Zhu QingLing’s” body, but it wouldn’t cause panic on the Starnet because of the change of those two names.

Interstellar People still only recognized “Bai Li” as the game developer of Carefree Farmstead, and did not know that their LiLi had recovered his true identity. Through the fog, and back to the truth.

“How about the optical computer, gaming pod, and most importantly the virtual reality game builder which is bound to ‘Bai Li’s’ Imperial Citizen number? You can still use it normally?” Wen XingYao asked with concern.

Bai Li checked them one by one and gave a positive result. “Don’t worry. My illusion is still working well, and the citizen number bound to them has changed back to my own. I can use them normally.”

After solving the problem of identity, Zhu MoLing asked another thing, “Brother, why did you leave Hope Star back then? What were you thinking at that time?”

Although his brother was now healthy and standing in front of him, he still couldn’t help but think, what if? What if his brother had been in danger outside and they couldn’t get there in time? If he met an untimely end, how would he explain that to his parents and relatives in the clan? If he could, he would rather his brother stay on the Hope Star in peace and be a carefree little cub. Maybe one day, the Imperial Research Institute would have found a way to break the Genetic Collapse Disorder, and he would be able to take his brother home.

Unfortunately, this long-awaited wish of all Interstellar People hadn’t yet been realized.

Zhu MoLing stared at Bai Li in silence, waiting for Bai Li’s answer.

Bai Li’s eyes showed nostalgia and emotion for certain people and events, and only after a long time did he say softly, “Brother, all of us have fallen into a misunderstanding about Genetic Collapse Disorder over the years.”

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