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Chapter 211: Your own is the best

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?” Zhu MoLing’s body sat upright at once.

Was it what he thought it meant, that his brother had a new idea about the treatment of Genetic Collapse Disorder?

Wen XingYao also looked over. His eyes burned a little. In the entire empire, nothing was more urgent than finding a cure for Genetic Collapse Disorder.

Bai Li put his thoughts together, “All along, Genetic Collapse Disorder only broke out in Therians who had awakened their Therian gene, so the Imperial Research Institute approached the problem from this angle, trying to find a key breakthrough here. They researched mental candy to relieve headaches and let holographic technology develop rapidly simply because Therians were able to slow down the aggravation of their condition after getting venting in the holographic world. But all of that is treating the symptoms but not the root cause, so they still haven’t found the right cause or the right cure.”

“That’s right.” The two men nodded their heads together.

Bai Li laughed gently and continued, “Then you guys analyze again, what is the biggest difference between my virtual reality game Carefree Farmstead and other games?”

Zhu MoLing frowned and pondered, “A novel game core? A variety of game experience? Rich game items?”

Wen XingYao was rarely literary, “A relaxing farming game where players can devote themselves to it, enjoy the joy of gardening, the thrill of harvesting, making friends with similar interests, and experiencing other pleasures of life apart from fighting?”

Bai Li gave them each an appreciative look, nodded and said, “What you have said adds up to about the same thing. I also omitted many steps of farming. But with the players’ feedback and the Imperial Research Institute’s test report, it is such a game that has a 90% ‘Spiritual Pacification Estimate.’ Have you guys ever thought that this is most likely due to ‘Seeding’?”

Bai Li’s analysis was justified. “The reason why I have guessed this, in addition to the two two feedbacks I mentioned, is because the reality is actually right there. In reality, vegetables, fruits and grains are all grown by planting robots on agricultural planets. According to historical records, at the beginning our ancestors ate food with different flavors, but at some point, the taste of natural food started getting lighter and lighter, until the taste was gradually lost, which also indirectly affects the meat quality of livestock.”

“But I grow vegetables in reality, and I can grow vegetables with flavor. You can say I have superior farming skills, but I alone can’t represent everyone. However, the last time, when Xiao Song came to my house to send over those vegetables, they also had flavor. Although it was rather light, compared to the natural ingredients from the agricultural planets, it was already of excellent and superior quality, right?”

“Heart’s Jade also said to me once that she was actually also suffering from Genetic Collapse Disorder, but for some reason, the rate of exacerbation of her condition was far lower than others, and at one time she frequently visited a hospital’s gardens. That hospital was the talk of the town and the envy of the Therians. After I asked carefully, I found that she once had the experience of growing at home. She had no professional knowledge or technology, and was just a person blindly pounding, so the probability of planting something alive was basically none, but even so, her deterioration rate could also be considered as more the evidence of my guess, right?”

The two men again fell into contemplation. Bai Li had listed certain elements that were definitely involved.

“If you still don’t believe me, the warriors of the military department should have planted the seeds already, right? Also the Interstellar people who previously made big purchases of planting materials at, I wonder if they have grown the ingredients that possess flavor?” Bai Li put forward another idea.

The two looked relieved and felt persuaded to investigate, but they couldn’t help but think along with Bai Li’s words. If this was the case and the reason was so simple, then hadn’t they wasted all those years?

“Well, that’s my guess.” Bai Li concluded. “After the end of the Zerg War, the Therians’ desire to fight had nowhere to be exercised, so the whole lot of them seemed grumpy. This probably stimulated one of their genes, and the term Genetic Collapse Disorder was created. If you ask me, it’s probably just being too idle. Give them something to do, something of interest, and in time, they will recover on their own.”

What could be more exciting for Interstellar people who also have Ancient Blue Star genes than a burning seedling soul? Discovering farming and becoming addicted to it, that was just the way to go!

Wen XingYao and Zhu MoLing pupils quaked. Were they idle? Idle? This gave them the feeling that their IQ was being rubbed on the ground. They wanted to say something for the Therians, only to find that Bai Li’s speculations were well-founded and flawless.

They couldn’t really be idle, right?

Bai Li admired the image of his brother and boyfriend’s face changing dramatically for a while, and then threw out a deep water bomb. “Don’t forget, I was sent to Hope Star because I was in the advanced stage of Genetic Collapse Disorder,but look at me now. Does it look like a disease? I forgot to tell you before, although I only seem to have disappeared for three years, but in another world, I have lived for hundreds of thousands of years.”

With a light touch, he explained in the simplest language about his adventures in the immortal world then waited.

Zhu MoLing & Wen XingYao, “!!!!!”

What the hell? Hundreds and thousands of years? Was this possible? Bai Li was not swindling them, was he?

“Brother, ah…Don’t joke with us when it’s so serious.” Zhu MoLing wiped away a handful of non-existent cold sweat and advised in a small voice. After he said that, he looked up at Wen XingYao, and signaled with his eyes that he should be careful with his words, and not stimulate his brother again.

Wen XingYao gently nodded to show his understanding, and asked in a curious tone, “Bai Li, that world you lived in for hundreds and thousands of years, what was it like?”

Zhu MoLing, “?” I thought we were on the same page, but I didn’t expect you to suddenly make a horizontal jump. Big lion head, that’s not bad for you.

Wen XingYao’s question opened the door to memories, and Bai Li dedicated ten minutes of his time to describing the immortal realm to the two men as well as the scenery of several mortal realms he had visited.

Seeing the soft expression on his brother’s face as he talked about it, Zhu MoLing knew that Wen XingYao had won this round, and that he had lost to someone he had only known for a few months, damn it! Bai Li’s descriptions were so specific, and took care of every aspect of the general environment, that the two couldn’t help but believe his story.

Zhu MoLing muttered in a low voice, “I didn’t expect my brother to be a God in the immortal world. How nice.” From now on, all the Ancient Blue Star myths he reads would have a sense of image.

Wen XingYao lowered his eyes and thought, “Is this a high climb for me?” To instantly become the husband of a God.

The two of them asked some more details and learned that Bai Li’s knowledge of farming all came from the accumulation of hundreds and thousands of years, the last bit of doubt in their hearts was gone. No wonder he was so knowledgeable about farming. And his Genetic Collapse Disorder, after he planted land for hundreds of years, how could he still not be cured?

“Then the food you took out before…?” Wen XingYao suddenly thought of something and asked tentatively.

“Oh, you meant those, ah.” Bai Li quickly guessed what Wen XingYao’s question referred to and replied with a smile, “The food I took out at the beginning was all made by my good friend the Food God in the immortal world. He opened a Food God canteen in the immortal world, and many immortals go there to eat. He cooked a big pot of rice that is the best in the world. I would grow crops and raise livestock, and most of them were to supply him. Gusteau was sorry to always send me fried rice, but I have a lot of space to accumulate things.”

However, as the number of people in his home grew, and it went from three or four meals a day, to meals for five or six stomachs, they soon ate it up. Fortunately, Wen XingYao mastered the skill of making culinary delicacies, otherwise his own stomach would have to suffer. When he thought about that, Bai Li gave a big smile to Wen XingYao, like a warm little sun.

At Bai Li’s left hand, Zhu MoLing had been sulking as he rubbed the corner of his coat into a crumpled ball. He had not eaten Gusteau’s big pot of rice, but to look at the two of them, he knew that the taste of the meal was absolutely top. He actually came too late, the good food was taken on the cheap by that big lion!

“In addition to Gusteau, I had several friends in the immortal world who were proficient in brewing, fishing, construction, mineral forging…I also learned a little bit from them and used it in the game,” Bai Li said.

Wen XingYao nodded in understanding. No wonder Bai Li always denied it when players praised him as an all-round treasure developer, and said that there was someone else who provided him with information. So it was true that there was someone else, or should he say, another immortal?

When he spoke of his friends in the immortal world, Bai Li couldn’t help but say a few more words, “Actually, I don’t know how I went over at that time, plus only my soul went over. When I arrived in that other world, I really lost all my memories and started from scratch. I slowly grew up, became stronger, received the title of Agricultural Deity, and led the mortals to get a good harvest again and again. I had collected almost all my faith values and was about to be promoted to Shennong, but then I came back to my original world and had to start everything from the beginning, again.”

“Unexpectedly, I collected faith value here even faster. In only a little more than three months of work, the accumulated faith value broke through my illusion, and let me remember everything. Otherwise my brother would be afraid that this would be decadent.” Bai Li lifted his arm around the small Zhu MoLing, and talked about the reason he adopted Wen XingYao’s infant form. “When I met Wen XingYao’s juvenile form on the road, it looked like a small orange cat, and there was a flame on the tip of the tail, and the Warm Light Beast I saw in that world. The Light Beast really is super similar. I took him home to let him help me look after the vegetables. But it turned out that you weren’t a Warm Light Beast, but you still do what I taught you, so you are so honest and cute, Haha!”

Wen XingYao, “…” He had a bitter smile, but was also glad that they met at the beginning.

After he listened to the second half of the sentence, Zhu MoLing shrank in Bai Li’s arms and let out a cynical laugh. That big lion head actually pretended to be a cat to cheat people, but he was really good. Then he thought about how he was also picked up by Bai Li when he was in his early childhood, and the smile faded away.

After having chatted for so long, Bai Li said he was a little tired and wanted to rest for a while. Zhu MoLing and Wen XingYao heard him, and together they said goodbye and left to let Bai Li rest. Before they left the room, Bai Li suddenly called out to Wen XingYao, “No, I remember you said before that you would not come until the 7th, but today is…Well, the 4th. Why did you come over earlier?”

“I told him about you, and he came overnight.” Without waiting for Wen XingYao to speak, Zhu MoLing explained the cause and effect.

He was actually satisfied with this point. His brother had an accident, and as a boyfriend Wen XingYao came quickly. He was concerned at a distance and moved up his arrival date which showed his sincerity.

However, that didn’t mean that he completely accepted Wen XingYao’s identity, or that he wouldn’t continue to test him!

Wen XingYao added as an aside, “That’s right, but before I left I also did the work that I had to complete, and also left a message for Tang Ying. The military side doesn’t need me for the time being, so I can stay here to take care of you.”

“Oh, oh. That’s good.” Bai Li nodded his head, to indicate that he understood. Then that person went under the blanket, the quilt went over his head, and he gave the appearance of preparing to sleep.

The two men quickly left the room. They gently closed the door, and left the resting space to Bai Li. After the people left, the bulging bump on the big bed moved, and a head came out from the quilt. From those gleaming eyes, the sleepiness that had been previously shown was gone.

Bai Li gave a wry smile, and excitedly rubbed his hands. The air seemed to make a light “bang” sound, and then Bai Li was floating in a large pile of “cotton.”

Those long, fluffy tails, each one felt great! Bai Li grabbed one with his left hand and one with his right, and let the tips of the tails touch his cheeks. As he felt the warm, soft touch, he couldn’t help but reveal a happy smile.

It was really good to have your own tail. He could pet it for as long as he wanted!

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