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Chapter 212: Male God +1

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Bai Li was indulging in touching his lost and found nine tails in his room, while Zhu MoLing went out to Fox One and Fox Two’s place next door to give them both a precautionary shot first. As for Wen XingYao, he silently returned to his original room, and used the bed sheets and covers that had been packed up, ready for a temporary stay. He got them out and made the bed.

At this time the starblog was also stirring.

The cause was a photo that had been taken secretly from a corner, so the picture quality was slightly blurred.

The owner of the photo gave a caption that was easy to ignite people’s imagination. [Everyone come and help me to confirm whether this is our Wen XingYao, Admiral Wen. I am departing from the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall star to the Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs star. The more I look at him, the more he looks like him.]

The image was presented from an elevated angle. A silver-haired man with a superior figure was casually sitting in a window seat, with the starry river outside the window, but it didn’t obscure the man’s overwhelming aura. He seemed to be thinking about a serious issue. Even through the blurred quality of the picture, they could see his faint frown. His head was turned sideways, so only half of his face was exposed, but it perfectly matched the long-distance photo that was exposed by Empire Express in January.

In January, Empire Express had made up the unfortunate death of Empire Admiral Wen XingYao, and also said, “The death of the Empire! The silver star shines forever!” Such words.

Although the people of the Empire didn’t believe it and scolded the unscrupulous media, they hadn’t seen Wen XingYao appear in public and were worried. This worry, as each day passed, also slowly increased.

Fortunately, starting at the end of March, there was good news coming one after another. First, there were soldiers from the military department bragging in the game forum that the reason they could have so many game spots was because their Admiral had bought them through his own connections. After that, it was revealed that Wen XingYao had been seen in the military during this time, and that his adjutant Tang Ying was very active and seemed to be working on something with a large group of soldiers in the military.

Then in April, even stronger evidence had emerged since Wen XingYao was actually filmed while traveling. He was still alive and well, healthier and more vital than everyone else.

Interstellar fierce men and women who had a natural admiration for the strong arrived on the scene in a frenzy.

Bad X Bao, [That head of silver hair. It’s covered by the hair but a little bit of the golden pupils of the eyes are still revealed. Excellent features, perfect head to body ratio…It’s him, it’s him, it’s him! The Empire’s double ceiling of face and battle power, our dear Wen XingYao, Admiral Wen!]

“Yi and Stableor Rui Qiuqiu, [Thank God, the Admiral, he really is okay. This time I was really worried to death. Fortunately, he appeared in front of us peacefully. The reason why he didn’t show up before? Maybe he went to do a secret mission? Anyway, it’s good that he’s okay!]

Su Su ah, [Well, there is one thing to say, our Admiral’s looks are really good, and I do not know who will be his wife in the future, ha!]

The cook who wants to become immortal, [Oh my god, this man! From head to toe, even the hair strands are growing with my aesthetic point. From now on my male god is one more! Woo, woo, woo!]

Su Su ah, [The front, I guess your other male god should be LiLi, right? Although I have not seen LiLi, I have depicted his appearance in my head countless times. He is emitting a holy light, and leading us to hope. Hehehe!]

Yuan, [+1 for the same male god!]

End child, [Are there any brothers and sisters who live on the Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs star? I have a bold idea! Why don’t you go and meet our Admiral by chance?]

This involved the reality of chasing stars. Wen XingYao was considered a public figure, and also had a key position in the military department. To have people rush up and ask for autographs felt inappropriate. Therefore, this proposal didn’t get much agreement and was soon drowned under rainbow farts of laughter.

If the fellow netizens didn’t have any ideas, it was fine, and even if they did, they wouldn’t say it directly on Starnet. It was better to find the Admiral’s whereabouts in secret. Or maybe it was just fate. Maybe one day they’d meet up with the Admiral on the road.

Wen XingYao was patting the sheet that he had just opened, pressing it flat and without a single wrinkle. Then he felt a sudden chill on his back, as a strange sense of crisis arose. However, he thought it was in his head, and didn’t figure out how this sense of crisis actually arose, so he quickly put it behind him.

Bai Li had enough of playing with his big fluffy tails and put them back. He pretended to be done resting, changed into his home clothes and went out of his room.

In the living room, Fox One and Fox Two had already arrived and were naturally excited to see their young master’s familiar face. They really didn’t expect that Mr. Bai, who helped their Patriarch’s Genetic Collapse Disorder so much, was really the Patriarch’s brother. It was their lame eyes that failed to notice the shining quality of the young master!

These few people were already acquainted with each other, and after a few casual conversations, they broke through the initial estrangement and warmed up.

Zhu MoLing discussed with Bai Li when to announce the news that the young master of the Heavenly Fox clan, Zhu QingLing, had been found. However, Bai Li, when he considered how his situation was so special, and that he still had to help Zhu MoLing recover as soon as possible, decided that it wasn’t suitable to be disturbed. However, the Fox clan could be given limited notice. They were a large united clan, so as long as they warned people not to spread the word around, there wouldn’t be any problems.

It just so happened that Song Xinran was also a member of the Heavenly Fox clan, and Bai Li was not afraid to scare him when he occasionally came to the door.

The accidental recovery of memories didn’t seem to have much impact on Bai Li’s life. After they had lunch, they went back to their respective rooms and started their gaming routine again.

Wen XingYao dropped Bai Li off at the door of his room first, and was about to head next door to his own room when he was pulled by the hem of his shirt.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Wen XingYao gave Bai Li a strange look. It seemed that they had discussed everything that should be said, there shouldn’t be…anything else, right?

“Nothing.” Bai Li looked at Wen XingYao innocently. “What are you doing going back to your room? There is enough space in the gaming pod. Don’t you want to play with me?”

The two of them could stick together to play, whether in the real world or the game world. Weren’t they a couple? The two days before he left, he was the one who stayed in Bai Li’s room with all sorts of strange reasons to have intimate contact, but now it was the other way around. This made Wen XingYao feel that he was being seduced.

Who could refuse such an offer? He quickly glanced in Zhu MoLing’s direction. He found that he had already entered and the door was closed tightly, so there were no more worries.

Wen XingYao smiled towards Bai Li and took his hand as they went into his room.

The sheep was led into the tiger’s mouth.

The two of them went online and found that Mushroom Village was extraordinarily busy that day. To find out the reason for that, they needed to find someone to inquire a little and discover the reason for it. Yesterday, Gray Scales took the initiative to break the news in the game forum, saying that his male boar, Iron Head, was pregnant, and he still didn’t know how he turned into a sow.

Because the boar’s belly was too big, it was about to give birth at any time. Gray Scales temporarily looked for before and after birth related tools, so that way he could be well prepared. When Gray Scales went online today, he found that the boar was grunting and uncomfortable, so he fed it pure mountain water and high-priced pet snacks, and thoughtfully fanned it and wiped its body, as he took good care of it while it was in labor.

Mo Song also came near the man and pig in the process and set up the live streaming equipment. It was only after someone in the audience suggested that Gray Scales go up and touch the boar to see how many piglets it was carrying that the scene gradually got out of control.

A touch on the hand, there was no fetal movement, the hand grasping all the soft fat. How was it pregnant ah? Obviously it was just fat!

Although the reason for the fat had not been found, this hadn’t prevented Gray Scales from beating his pet. Now, he had chased the boar around the village for three whole laps.

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