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Chapter 218: Going to sea (3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The fishing boat shook violently a few times and was pushed out a few meters away before it was stabilized and avoided a capsize accident. The tentacle that suddenly reached out from the water…Oh no, the octopus monster didn’t seem to have much malice towards humans, but rather its curiosity was high. There was another hit, and it actually waved a tentacle, and pulled the boat forward a few times.

The small fishing boat swayed east and west, and the five people on board had to grab the fixings around them to ensure they weren’t thrown out. The audience in the live room watched with trepidation, and “ah, ah, ah, ah!” shouted for Bai Li to be careful.

Gray Scales, who was closer to the big octopus, was gorgeously ignored. The boar, Iron Head, quickly paddled its four short legs, and led its master to escape from the dangerous area, and he watched from a distance.

Gray Scales anxiously walked around on the pig. “What to do? What to do? Such a big octopus…the boat won’t sink, right? If we could easily drive out so far away, and also catch a net of belt fish. If the boat sinks, going back will be difficult, right?”

After saying that, he thoughtfully looked down at Iron Head and pondered the possibility of carrying six people on one pig. Maybe… if they squeezed a little, they would barely be able to sit. However, Gray Scales’ intention was not realized.

Bai Li, after getting used to the swaying of the boat, quickly gave a response. He made a few eye contacts, gave a few whispered instructions, and the five people quickly acted.

Give Me a Bowl of Rice and What Are You Playing? swooped down near the steering wheel, and gripped it tightly to control the boat’s direction of travel and keep it from continuing to veer off course.

Jiang Huaibi, on the other hand, wrapped her arms around the long mast and reassured the audience on air, “Don’t worry. Don’t look at our boat as a wooden structure. You have to trust LiLi, and believe in the games LiLi makes. Even if it’s a wooden boat, it won’t fall apart easily. A big silly octopus won’t cause too much damage to the boat. Just wait, soon it will be time to hunt. LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing are ready to go down to catch it!”

Just as Jiang Huaibi said that, Bai Li and Wen XingYao looked for the opportunity to jump down.

At this time the head of the big octopus was exposed from the water. A round, slippery octopus head, before it had time to see the beautiful world, two abominable humans landed on top of its head, and took out sharp weapons to poke down hard.

These two weapons were, respectively, an ax and a hoe. Their golden glittering appearance signified their noble stature.

“Roar-!” The big octopus let out a painful wail, but didn’t lose its combat power straight away.

The pain prompted all its tentacles to wave around, and the huge tentacles smashed into the water and stirred up a wave, drenching the men and plastering their hair to their faces in locks. 1 However, Bai Li and Wen XingYao did not intend to give up their weapons. They not only relied on them to stabilize themselves, but also stabbed deep into the wound with great effort.

The big octopus screamed even louder.

At the moment when the two launched the attack on the big octopus, the fishing boat was driven away from the battlefield, and Gray Scales also commanded the boar, Iron Head, to run and join them. At that point, Jiang Huaibi set up a live camera to shoot from afar, so the audience was able to easily see everything that happened on the battlefield.

[Crap! Ruthless, ah, directly on the head chopped down, think of pain!]

[So, we just held our heads screaming in the end for what, ah…These two combat powers are so high, but also so brave! Completely able to fight through the well. Dumb.jpg]

[Big Brother Demon Xing pulled out a kitchen knife and a small dagger from his backpack and went over towards one of the tentacles. And LiLi…He pulled out a fishing net from his backpack. It’s like a super fishing net with only three pieces, what is he planning to do?]

The war between humans and the giant creature could be said to be rapidly changing. After they dodged the tentacles that slapped at them several times, Wen XingYao finally struck. The dagger held in his left hand could be stuck in the big octopus to keep himself from sliding down, while the kitchen knife in his right hand maintained a steady, accurate and ruthless hand. Whenever the tentacles were flung over, he would put a hand up and slash at the tentacles with the huge strength of his arm.

At the same time, he also held the dagger handle with one hand, as he jumped around on the big octopus, and was slippery as a loach. He wasn’t hit at all.

The audience said, If they were a big octopus, this time they would be afraid to vomit blood.

It didn’t take long for a complete tentacle to be cut off by Wen XingYao and fall into the water. After that, it was caught easily by Gray Scales, who had come over at some point, and put it on the pig before he slipped away again.

Before he left, he gave them an explanation, “Hey, hey, hey! Can’t waste such a big tentacle!”

Bai Li, “…”

Wen XingYao, “…”

All right, you guys are happy.

Bai Li was still standing on top of the big octopus’ head, and working well with Wen XingYao. Whenever the big octopus waved its tentacles at Wen XingYao, his hands on the two weapons would use simultaneous force, then either poke down or twist the wrist to turn the handle, in short, cause pain to the big octopus, and play the role of harassment.

The big octopus “roared” at the two but couldn’t do anything. It had an extremely rapid loss of physical strength so that it soon lost the ability to struggle, and the frequency of its attacks became much lower.

Bai Li seized the opportunity to open the long-prepared super fishing net over the big octopus and covered its head. At the same time, he didn’t forget to remind Wen XingYao, and let him jump away quickly, so as not to be caught in the net together.

Super fishing nets had a large range of fish attraction, they automatically targeted the capture of fishing tools, and they also had an effect on huge creatures in the ocean. Once the net was successfully deployed, it would release a paralyzing element that would make the huge marine creatures wrapped in it unconscious and at the mercy of others.

Bai Li counted three seconds in his heart, then watched the big octopus close its eyes before he breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed the net’s traction rope together with Wen XingYao, who had rushed to his side, then he waved towards the fishing boat not far away.

[Hurry up and get the boat over there! That big octopus seems to have been caught by LiLi! The little broken boat will soon have a new booty!]

[Carefree Farmstead the first fishing boat, Little broken boat? Are you polite?!!!]

[Hahahahaha! At this time, do not dwell on whether the boat is broken or not, I just want to see the big octopus up close now. Eh hey, it was unlucky that it ran into LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing!]

[Charcoal grilled octopus legs, octopus in sauce, octopus balls…Eat it! I can’t wait to get into the game and wait for the big brothers to feed me with my mouth open!]

The boat soon sailed back and Bai Li and Wen XingYao rejoined the people on the deck. They handed the tow rope to What Are You Playing? and put few people in charge of pulling the big octopus up.

Jiang Huaibi duly handed over two cups of tea. “Big Brothers please drink tea! Big Brothers worked hard! LiLi, you guys are awesome! Woooo!”

Although if they had gone by themselves there was also a high possibility of subduing the octopus, that would undoubtedly have been a vicious battle. Definitely not like the way Bai Li and Wen XingYao easily caught the octopus, and also caused it a considerable amount of damage.

“Thanks.” Bai Li was really thirsty. He thanked her and took the tea from Jiang Huaibi, tilted his head and drank it all down. The light aroma of the tea relieved a little bit of heat from the battle, and Bai Li reverted to a calm and “harmless” youth.

The process of pulling the big octopus up without any accidents was completed. It was limp and weak throughout, and even if it woke up in the middle, it still had lost control of its remaining tentacles, and only emitted a soft roar sound, its huge eyes open round. It had a bit of a pathetic look.

Someone in the audience couldn’t bear it and sent a pop-up asking, [I want to know, this big octopus. What are you going to do with it? Although it does look very tasty, but…I think it’s a bit pathetic too.]

Big octopus, [I just stretched out in the territorial sea, how did I get caught? And also lost a leg, so painful 5555…Such a pathetic method?]

[Hahahahaha! The epic interpretation of the front, ah! What they said I almost believed! Such a big octopus, we can’t let it go. If someone passes through the sea afterwards, they will be attacked again. What should I do?]

Jiang Huaibi read out these subtitles and asked for the opinion of the two people who caught the big octopus.

“LiLi. Big Brother Demon Xing. You caught the big octopus, so you can decide what you want to do with it afterwards.”

Bai Li and Wen XingYao looked at each other, and for a moment they couldn’t think of any way other than to kill and eat. It seemed to know that the few people in front of it were discussing its own life and death, as the eyes of the big octopus became more and more moist. The difficult to control, still floppy tentacles enclosed its head, and it vaguely trembled, weak, pathetic, and helpless. 2

Bai Li looked at the big octopus. His gaze lingered on its huge head for a while, and then looked at the tentacles, each of which stretched out several meters, for a few moments, then he suddenly came up with a good idea.

“How about…” Bai Li proposed to the people beside him, “If you have no ideas for this octopus, let’s sell it, okay? With a size like this, it was also a dominant player in the sea, so I suggest that players with ‘Taming Grass’ buy it. Maybe after taking it as a pet, they can ride it and venture freely on the sea?”

“Oh, yes! It also has to be our village players who buy it. We don’t support home delivery right now.”

Bai Li’s proposal could be said to hit the itch of many players who were watching the live broadcast. The pop-up screen was quiet for a few seconds, and then it fell into a frenzy of begging.

[Me me me! I’m from Mushroom Village and it just so happens that there’s still a spot open in my pet section! LiLi, look at me! LiLi, look at me! Sell me this big octopus!”

[Holy shit! How did I not think of it? What is caught in the sea of course is able to swim in the sea. If this is taken as a pet, you do not even have to go to the fishing boat design drawings, you can bring food and drink directly out of the door! Isn’t it beautiful?]

[Ahhhhh! Why am I not a villager of Mushroom Village? I hate it, I just passed by the big octopus, a rare water riding pet ah, hey…]

[Indeed, as expected of LiLi. His idea is ahead of ours. We only thought of how the big octopus could be used to eat, and he has given us a better proposal. Brothers, from now on the pattern is bigger, we have to go out and cannot cause Carefree Farmstead players shame!]

[What?! There are sea riding pets for sale here? I heard the news and I flew straight here! Open for sale? Open for sale? My wallet is hungry and thirsty!]

“…” Bai Li’s proposal drew a large sound of approval, but there was a prerequisite that the six people in the sea-going squad had no need for the big octopus.

Wen XingYao was the first to say, “I don’t need it. I have all three of my pets.”

Bai Li also said he didn’t want one. Although he still had two pet pens, he wasn’t interested in such slippery animals, and preferred to tame small furry animals.

Gray Scales stepped on the side of the boat with his wild boar and said, “I don’t need it either. I have Iron Head, the sea has long been free for me to come and go!”

Plus, this big octopus caused him a lot of fright, he still had a bit of a shadow.

Give Me a Bowl of Rice and What Are You Playing? had empty brain imaginations. It was difficult for them to imagine how they would look riding a large octopus, so they waved their hands and refused. They preferred a normal ride. As for the tools to go to sea, they have already made the first fishing boat. The second third wouldn’t be far away, right?

Jiang Huaibi didn’t need it. She was the owner of the fishing boat!

So, the six people of the sea team gave up the right to own the big octopus, then discussed and decided that if the big octopus was successfully sold, the amount sold to Bai Li and Wen XingYao accounted for 60%, and of the remaining 40% the others each accounted for 10%.

Originally, Jiang Huaibi didn’t want any money. After all, in the capture process they didn’t contribute, but Bai Li said, “They are a whole. If we didn’t go to sea together, then we also couldn’t encounter this big octopus.” After that persuasive reason, she accepted with a shy face; very embarrassed.

The audience was about to die of laughter. They said in the pop-ups, [If things were sold directly in front of them, but they didn’t “share the spoils” was that really good?]

The villagers of Mushroom Village who came to hear the news rushed up immediately, [We can start now. The money is ready now. Go ahead and start bidding, the highest bidder wins!]

Wait, when did it become an auction?

The six faces on and off the boat were confused.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Gaea: I can’t help it. Had to add in a silly sea monster pic. Too bad I can’t add in Gray Scales on his pig float, haha!
  2. I’m so cute! Don’t eat me!


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