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Chapter 219: Going to sea (4)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


[Look at that octopus. Thick and long, swimming speed is absolutely super fast. I offer 200 gold!]

[Cut, you say so much only to offer 200 gold, ah? I offer 250 gold!]

[Domineering, it is really too domineering. If it wasn’t touched by LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing, it may still be able to continue to roam in the sea. Now well, I have to hang a pet license on it…I offer 300 gold. Brothers let me?]

[Hey, what do you mean let’s not? The opportunity is rare, the highest bidder wins, ah. We believe in fair play! 400 gold. LiLi, look at me, ah…!]

[I say, how are you all so rich? Usually you don’t work less to farm, right? I’ll give you 500 gold. That’s all I have. I’m begging for a big octopus!]

[LiLi, do you remember me? When you and Big Brother Demon Xing went fishing, I sat next to you, and talked to you. Can you give me a line? I want a big octopus so much! I bid 520 gold!]

[I pooh! Someone, fork out this one who wants to go through the back door! 520 gold is nothing. I’ll pay 550 gold!]

[570 gold. Ball, don’t rob me again!]


The villagers of Mushroom Village showed their great enthusiasm for this rare big octopus pet. They didn’t wait for Bai Li to take a position, they just directly bid on the pop-up screen in the live stream. The rest of the audience was also very kind to give up the stage to them, and didn’t come out during the process to disrupt with some other content.

At the very least, this was how it appeared. As for whether someone was obviously not a Mushroom Village villager or even a game player, but was deliberately raising the price, no one knew…

Bai Li, to whom several people shouted “look at me, I look at you,” was a little speechless. This “the highest bidder wins” or something, they didn’t agree to that. According to their ideas, with a suitable number, the big octopus would be sold to the first person willing to spend money to buy it and the matter would be concluded.

How could it be like this now? The buyers took it upon themselves to start the auction, and still didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it…

The price had been quoted as more than 500 gold coins, and the time to call a halt was inevitable. Some people gave up, a few people silently decided to let the event free to develop, as they waited for the group of villagers to compete for a result, only then would they step in to confirm the identity of the buyer.

Fortunately, the price went up to 550 gold and then slowed down. Only a few familiar viewers in the pop-ups were still insisting on the offer, but it was obvious that the further up they went, the longer they took to deliberate on the offer. Finally, the price stopped at a very auspicious number, 666 gold.

Bai Li seemed to be thinking of his own straitened time when he only had 6,666 star coins, so he stepped forward and raised his hand to indicate that this was the end of the big octopus auction, and the villager who offered 666 gold coins won the ownership of the big octopus.

The auction was held in Jiang Huaibi’s live stream, and after there was a result Jiang Huaibi ran to have a private chat with the viewer. She asked for the other person’s game ID, and made an appointment to wait for them to come back then deliver the money with one hand at the village entrance.

The auction ended and the audience who had been holding their breath for a while was finally able to speak.

[Phew…that suffocated me. I almost followed up the offer, and then thought, I have not even entered the game. Not to mention the gold, I do not even have a copper coin, QAQ!]

[Why, who isn’t already? There were 24 million slots to grab, but I didn’t get any of them, and now I have to spend my days watching the game live in misery. In retrospect, the Carefree Farmstead game quota was actually the best to grab when there were only 500 at the beginning!]

[The brother who bought the big octopus. After the octopus is successfully subdued, remember to take a few photos to put in the forum, ha. I am a billion points curious about how to ride an octopus swimming around in the sea…]

[Big octopus have. Dolphins, sharks, turtles…Will they be far off? I hope the big guys can catch a few more gigantic ones after that, and set another record!]

[Hiss…the front is really daring to think, but I like it! No more. I’m going to watch the live stream while farming, and try to have a fighting chance when Li Li and the others catch a big sea beast next time!]

While Bai Li and a few people moved the big octopus to another small fish pod to place it alone, the topic had gone on a wild goose chase for the next giant something. It made Bai Li sweat, thinking he designed the sea adventure as a place to play, and not a place to catch monsters…

Those people think too much, really think too much. It was just their bad luck to run into such a big octopus.

The big octopus: Encountering you is my bad luck, right?

Jiang Huaibi also saw the contents of the pop-ups and muttered in a small voice, “This year’s audience is so fickle. Obviously at first they all wanted to eat charcoal grilled octopus legs, but now they’re wanting us to catch more octopus for pets…”

Her words hadn’t even finished, when her sharp eyes spotted a very familiar octopus tentacle emerging from below the bow of the ship. “Ah!” she was scared, and immediately jumped up. She thought today’s script was to fight the small, and now comes the old, so they have to trouble LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing to catch another octopus.

The result was…

A broken octopus leg was thrown up from below, and as the octopus leg landed, Gray Scales’ voice came along with it. “Big Brother Demon Xing, this is the octopus leg you cut off. It almost fell into the sea before, but I picked it up. That…Hey, this also can’t be put back on, so why waste it?”

This paragraph, caught by the live camera for the perfect audio, fell in the audience’s ears. At first the audience didn’t react to what Gray Scales said. This meant…their heads were full of question marks, but their eyes were on that octopus leg, and their DNA had its own movement, as their mouths secreted saliva, and they began to imagine the taste of that octopus leg, all nice and chewy.

[The Game of Tongues.]

[Gray Scales. This kid has been smart since he was a kid! Really deep in my heart!]

[Ah, I almost forgot the big octopus came over when it was meal time. With the disturbance, LiLi, you guys should be hungry, right? Quickly eat an octopus leg to make up for it…]

[And crab and scallops! These two also can not be forgotten! That’s right, I’m so greedy!]

The audience had said it, would Bai Li refuse? No, they naturally agreed to do so, and created the latest delicacy.

Jiang Huaibi went over and picked up the octopus leg…Well, she picked it up and dragged it towards Wen XingYao and What Are You Playing?

Oh, this octopus leg could be really heavy, ah. Big was also really big, not to mention there were six of them, luckily, since six was also enough to eat…

However, what happened afterwards let her know that she had underestimated their appetite after all. 36 crabs, three huge fat ribbon fish, plus a thick octopus leg, were actually all eaten by six people in the next hour and a half.

The steamed crab meat was fresh and sweet. The crab paste and crab yolks inside were golden in color and rich in flavor, and when they were mixed in the steaming rice to achieve mutual success, they killed most of the bowl of white rice two or three times.

The sauce for the braised ribbon fish was very well seasoned, and all of it seeped into the fish during the cooking process. Each segment was four or five centimeters thick, with a big open mouth “aww” a bite, full of fish flavor. The shell of fried ribbon fish was golden and crispy, and eaten with a crunching sound. The fish still had a high temperature from being fried. Although it was so hot that people jumped straight up, everyone wanted to eat the fish.

As for the octopus leg that was cut off by Wen XingYao, it was simply and roughly divided into three sections. One was cut into slices, skewered on wooden skewers and held over the charcoal fire. One was cut into chunks for searing, and then accompanied by the seasoned sauce so it could be eaten directly. As for the last section, the two men, Wen XingYao and What Are You Playing? who was fully equipped with seasonings, created a low-quality version of octopus balls.

Few people could imagine the dismay and shock Bai Li felt when he saw the tools used to make octopus balls.

What Are You Playing? seems to have noticed Bai Li’s gaze, as he looked up, smiled and explained, “This thing is made by Lao Zheng. We looked up on Starnet for a long time about Ancient Blue Star era kitchen utensils information. This was the first utensil reproduced by Lao Zheng, and I also specifically learned the technique. I didn’t expect to be able to use it so soon.”

This tool was good to use, the interval to make it was only three days. As for the “old Zheng” in his mouth, his real name was Zheng Yi, and it was his best friend in the game, Give Me a Bowl of Rice.

The audience cried with greed, [Oooh, it must be destiny! The big octopus touched the octopus ball machine! It’s made into a delicious ball to put into the mouth!]

Bai Li was worried that the player who bought the octopus would feel that they had lost out. After all, the good pet had lost a leg, so he explained, “The octopus has a strong regenerative ability. Although it is now missing a leg, in a short time it will grow again, so you do not have to worry.]

Audience, “Oh, oh, oh! Got it! That means octopus legs are renewable resources. No matter what time, if they feel greedy they can cut off a leg to make food to eat, right?]

Bai Li, “????”

He did not mean that, you foodies! Quickly get a live brain, ah!

However, the soul of food was burning, not to mention an audience that couldn’t eat and couldn’t touch the big octopus, even the future owner of the big octopus who was a thought in the village, at that time…he didn’t know if when he took the octopus as a pet, it would be willing to break a leg and let him eat a bite of the freshest octopus meat…

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The thoughts of people watching the live broadcast are very lively and interesting. Everyone thinks outside the box, very funny. Thanks for the chapter!

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