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Chapter 220: Going to sea (5)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Since the octopus leg was thick, each plane that was cut down was larger than a human face. When it was skewered on a stick over the charcoal fire and grilled, although there was some shrinkage, the final product was still very large. Wen XingYao grilled a dozen skewers at once, with only the simplest seasoning sprinkled on the top. With the thin slices, the octopus leg cooked quickly, and the fishy salty aroma belonging to seafood wafted out, and the live broadcast of the pop-ups were frequently quiet.

Each person’s hand shared a string or two, while the rest put aside, to let the audience also taste.

At the same time, the octopus leg that was cut into small pieces and seared was also fished out of the pot. It filled several large plates. One of the plates was drizzled with sauce to facilitate the live audience to eat.

The hot, freshly baked octopus balls were also placed silently to the side. In that way, the first meal since they went to sea was all ready.

As he sat on the paper pig and couldn’t get on board, Gray Scales still got a noble single meal, and the number of each dish was more than the number of equal shares according to the head count, since not only did he have to eat, it was time to feed his pet some.

Iron Head carried him to the sea, went all that way without any complaints, but also saved him from danger many times, so it deserved that delicious food!

The audience in the live broadcast was lost even more in the deliciousness and couldn’t lift their heads up.

[Delicious, it’s so delicious! Each dish has its own unique flavor. I can’t even rank them!]

[My heart hurts sharply when I think of how the dishes we put in our mouths only have 30% of the flavor of the original dish. If I had grabbed for the quota a fraction of a second faster, I might have been able to watch the live stream in the game at this time. Woowoo!]

[Fortunately LiLi took the big octopus below, otherwise to let it watch its tentacles being eaten by them, I’m afraid it would have a psychological shadow. Haha! octopus legs really smell, ah…]

[Game players bring front-line broadcasts. Now IN our village, as long as fishing skills are learned, we are beginning to rush to the sea. Although we can’t catch big octopus directly like LiLi, fishing some small octopus is possible. We should still be able to do the fighting!!!]

Many viewers had months of experience watching live streams and have long since honed their fast eating skills, as they rushed to taste the food they could eat one by one before Bai Li and the others wiped it out. When the meal was over, they obviously only ate the air, but they were still holding their stomachs with faces full of food as they lay in their gaming pods.

After they cleaned up the scraps of food, the group began to move again. Before they started, Bai Li and others did some general planning. From the starting point, they would go clockwise in the direction of travel, and make a large circle back to their starting point. If they ran into any strange encounters along the way, they would alter course to complete the trip, but if they didn’t run into anything, they wouldn’t lose heart and come back according to the original itinerary, then next time change the location and start again.

Now they were halfway through and had an encounter with a large octopus, along with fighting it, a sea BBQ, to finish now was quite earned, they had plenty of expectations for the next trip.

As a result, after about an hour of sailing, What Are You Playing?, who was in charge of driving the boat for the second round, said with surprise, “I see an island!”

That yell scared away the other people’s sleepiness. Their eyes glowed as they looked in the direction What Are You Playing? pointed, and indeed, in the endless blue sea, they saw a bright green color.

The boat drove forward for some time, and the full view of the island was revealed to all the people.

This island wasn’t very large, it would take about half an hour to walk around the island. It was lush above, with trees that weren’t too tall. If one looked closely, they could find something was moving fast on the green grass in the middle of the island, which should be the island’s small animal residents.

Bai Li gave a timely commentary, and also gave an official description of the categories of the islands, “When I added the islands, I divided them into the following categories: Fruit Island, Flower Island, Animal Island, Treasure Island, Special Resource Island, Pirate Stronghold Island, and Wandering NPC Island. What’s on the island is all reflected in the name. The one in front of us now should be a Flower Island or Animal Island. We should be able to distinguish it when we get closer.”

A Fruit Island would have dense fruit trees that players on the island could enjoy picking. A Treasure Island would look more remote, and in the process of treasure hunting people would also step on traps or hit the jackpot. Special Resources Islands would have items that emitted a faint light throughout the island, and the special resources were on the top, they were similar to the existence of the “Immortal Flower,” and the chances of encountering it wasn’t not large. As for the last two, they didn’t see signs of human activity on the island, so naturally it wasn’t going to be those two islands.

Defeat the Pirate Stronghold Island pirates, and you could get pirate loot. The NPCs that appeared on the wandering NPC island could be invited by the players to settle in their village, and the NPCs didn’t not take up part of the number of people on board, so even if the ship was full, adding them wouldn’t cause a capsize accident. If a player was lucky enough to invite a wandering NPC to settle in their village, then the development of the village afterwards would create different variables.

“Wow, are there actually so many kinds of sea islands? I thought the sea island was just an ordinary sea island. It’s good just to stop the boat for a rest and look at the scenery on it. I didn’t expect that there were other activities on it!” Jiang Huaibi made the shape of Xizi holding her heart, and then guessed, “Could that be the Flower Island in front? I see a big piece of grass up there. Grass and flowers go best together.”

She was already prepared to go to the island and collect a good deal, and maybe to find a lot of flower seeds that weren’t available in the village.

“It’s not a Flower Island.” Wen XingYao had a clear look at one of the small animals that was emerging, “It should be an Animal Island. Bai…LiLi, can the animals on Animal Island be tamed into pets?”

He originally wanted to call Bai Li’s full name, but he remembered that this was the game, where everyone else called out “LiLi,” and he alone called out “Bai Li.” It always felt a bit abrupt. He was also Bai Li’s boyfriend, so if he shouted that wasn’t as cordial as if other players did it. It didn’t make sense, ah. So he took the midway position, and also called out “LiLi.”

This was the first time Bai Li had heard that name from Wen XingYao’s mouth, not counting the text typed in the game forum. He felt his face go hot, and his brain went blank for a few seconds. After he returned to his senses, he found that others were looking over, and were waiting for him to give an answer, so he hurriedly replied, “Yes, yes. The animals on Animal Island are easier to tame into pets than those in the forest outside the village. The positioning of Animal Island is actually a mecca for catching pets.”

The pop-ups at this point.

[He’s blushing, he’s blushing! Oh, blushing LiLi is so cute! I didn’t expect LiLi to be shy so easily. Hehehehe! Should we molest LiLi more often in the future?]

Big Brother Demon Xing is staring at you with a kitchen knife, [Repeat what you said before!]

[I did not expect that the most common would be Animal Island. I thought it was not the most common existence. Does this mean that in the future, we have one more place to tame pets?]

[First of all, we need to have the tools to go out to sea. Secondly, we also need to have excellent luck to be able to encounter such an island while sailing at sea, otherwise it is nothing!]

[Why? If you ask me, instead of expecting to be able to go to the island and catch the pets yourself when you go to sea later, you should wait for LiLi and the others to catch all the pets on the island and have an auction on the air!]

Obviously, the audience’s appetite had become more difficult. After the big octopus auction, especially the villagers of Mushroom Village, had brushed up the pop-up screen with “help catch,” and “begging auction.” With such words, they would resolutely sit and enjoy it to the extreme.

Jiang Huaibi was really excited and immediately said that she would go to the island first to see what happened, and if conditions allowed, they might be able to catch a few small animals for auction.

While Jiang Huaibi was chatting with the live audience, Wen XingYao quietly walked up to Bai Li and whispered to him, “I saw a white fox on that island. How about it? Do you want it? I’ll catch it for you?”

White. fox. Wasn’t that his own beast type?

Bai Li instantly became interested. He thought that since it wasn’t convenient to always pet his own nine big tails, raising a ready-made one instead wasn’t a bad idea. Although the baby panda was also very cute, there was no long tail, so he could only lean in its body fat and rub hard.

“Yeah, let’s go catch it together later.” Bai Li also came up to Wen XingYao’s ear and whispered in response.

The live camera just happened to sweep this scene. The picture, although a flash, couldn’t escape the audience’s snowy eyes, and they turned into screaming chickens, as they shouted that the pair could be really sweet, and no matter what they did they were in there to show love and to spread dog food.

It didn’t take long for the ship to dock. Gray Scales and his boar mount Iron Head arrived earlier than Bai Li. Bai Li took a glance at its belly and said it was really big and no wonder it was mistaken for being pregnant.

The arrival of the six-person sea team attracted the attention of the island’s “residents” and soon, not far from them, there were one, two, three, more…There were rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes, red deer, and even a snowy white alpaca. 1

The last one, as soon as you looked at it, it was good material for mounts!

Their naive and defiant expressions inexplicably hit the hearts of Jiang Huaibi, Give Me a Bowl of Rice, and What Are You Playing? The decision to fight was made in unison. Gray Scales already had a land and sea boar mount, and was not interested in alpacas, but rather a small, unassuming hedgehog. 2

He was called Xi Rui in reality, he was a Therian with the body of a porcupine. Now in the game he already had a “pork,” shouldn’t he also get the “pine” arranged?

The audience didn’t care about these people’s choices. They couldn’t wait, and in the pop-ups urged everyone to hurry up and capture all the critters on this island!


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