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Chapter 221: Going to sea (6)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Half an hour later, the six who had scattered got back together.

Bai Li was holding a snow-white fox in his arms. After catching it, he fed it the Tame Grass Ball, so it had now become his pet. The fox’s large fluffy tail wrapped nimbly around Bai Li’s wrist, which felt great to the touch. 1

Wen XingYao carried two rabbits, one left and one right, which were also white, but had two similar black spots on their backs, which formed a complete heart pattern if placed side by side.

In the “Alpaca Race,” the three contestants played their own tricks, but in the end, Give Me a Bowl of Rice won the alpaca. He was even more ruthless than Bai Li, since he hadn’t even taken in a pet so far, and when asked about it, he only said it depended on fate. Who would have thought that in his real life he was actually a dumb-looking alpaca that occasionally showed an expression of contempt for the world. It was very different from his image as a god.

Still the game was just about having fun.

Jiang Huaibi grabbed at the curly hair on top of the alpaca’s head and missed, then turned back to run after the red deer. This red deer was not in the small animal welcome queue, she took a chance and found it in the deep grass. At that time she only saw a light that flashed past her eyes. When she turned back to look for the deer, she found that it wasn’t a blind eye but something else, the red deer’s antlers. 2

That pair of horns was actually fully transparent, and in the sunlight they emitted a transparent light as beautiful as ice crystals and as dazzling.

So, Jiang Huaibi quickly moved towards it and took the transparent-horned red deer as her first target. Finally, she successfully caught the red deer and tamed it. The mount caught. √

Gray Scales easily caught the little hedgehog, and even tamed it without using a grass ball. The hedgehog was placed on top of Iron Head’s head, and he was very happy that the small one was getting along well with it.

What Are You Playing? missed out on the ownership of the alpaca, but considering he was the one who already had a pet, his heart was still happy for his buddy. After he looked around and realized that he wasn’t interested in the other small animals, he directly transformed into an able catcher of moderate feelings and caught two squirrels, a fawn, a rabbit and a red fox before he returned to the appointed place to meet.

Faced with the amazed eyes of the others, he calmly said, “There are viewers who want to buy pets. You can talk to me if you want. If not, I will let them go before leaving.”

The island had nearly 20 small animals, each with its own characteristics, and generally speaking, they were better looking than those outside the village. The spots and patterns on their bodies were quite random, and sometimes patterns grew in places where they shouldn’t be, so they could be said to be hot eyes.

After he listened to What Are You Playing?, Wen XingYao also held up the two rabbits in his hands and said they were also for sale.

The audience wouldn’t refuse. They couldn’t wait to have a few more such small animals. After intense bidding, all seven small animals were sold, but because they weren’t particularly rare, the average transaction price was about 70 gold coins.

Among the most expensive were the two in the hands of Wen XingYao, which were sold for a high price of 100 gold coins a piece. The reason for this were the two patterns on their backs. The buyer was part of a couple, so the two would have the pair of rabbits as their “love tokens.” They decided to tame one each afterwards, and whenever they saw the rabbits they could think of their other half, their sweetheart.

Now, the non-Mushroom Village villagers’ audience couldn’t buy anything.

[I’m so used to LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing, and then another one pops up to show off their love! What’s wrong, you Mushroom Village people are all lucky now?]

[I’ve been single for 30 years. Can I have a look at your flowers?]

[Rabbit: We also did not think we could still have this role, ah? If you guys unfortunately break up, please don’t take it out on the innocent rabbits. QAQ.]

[…As if to come to the love live.]

[Okay, okay. Don’t say it. The critters are caught, it’s time to depart, right? In addition, I suddenly remembered, have LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing’s couple photos been taken?]

When that question came out, the pop-up screen turned into a sea of joy again. The audience went “Hahahahaha” at the same time, and desperately cued Bai Li and Wen XingYao. Those two people must agree to that result before their departure from the island.

“It’s taken, you should stop asking.” Bai Li’s mind was almost broken by this group of Pippi viewers. He casually said a few words to put them off, and finally promised to go back to post a photo of them together on the starblog…

Wen XingYao looked very calm on the surface, but inside he was actually happy. This group of viewers were really good helpers, and helping their CP was simply beautiful!

The fishing boat finally sailed away from the island. Gray Scales sat on the paper pig and followed the boat’s wake. However, compared to when he came, now he had a small pet to accompany him, so on the way back he played a wide-eyed game with a small hedgehog.

On the way back, Bai Li used five advanced nets to catch yellowtail 3, eel, pompano 5 and a few brightly colored corals in the last net, based on the principle of not wasting. Before the nets were pulled up, no one expected them to catch the corals , and looking at their colorful appearance, several people looked at each other, and read the love and appreciation in each other’s eyes, so the reefs soon had a home. There were just six plants in total, one for each person. It was just right.

For this distribution result, the most disappointed would be the Mushroom Village players who have been watching the live broadcast. They thought they could bid again. Even in the game, such items were rare. If they were placed in the home as a decoration, they always felt that the house could increase its value a lot.

As if she sensed the audience’s reluctance and loss, Jiang Huaibi, who was holding the white coral belonging to herself smiled and comforted, “Don’t be discouraged, if there is another chance to go to sea, maybe you can also salvage a beautiful coral by hand!”

“Right, right. To advertise. After this, I plan to go to the sea every three days. There will be an irregular number of tickets for sale to come on board. You remember to keep an eye on the ticket information. Oh…”

When they heard the first half of the sentence, the Mushroom Village villagers felt their world slowly brighten up, but with the second half of the sentence, their world, swish, again became dark. Their brains were full of huge exclamation points and question marks. The world was slowly lighting up. What do you mean by an unscheduled, unspecified number? There was no specific arrangement, so how could they pay attention to it well? It really was too difficult…

However, even if the conditions were difficult, they would not give up the opportunity to board the ship. The big deal was to wait for younger sister Huaibi to go back, the more there was to find, then she would set up relations!

The boat gradually docked. The players on the shore let out a long-awaited cheer.

“Wow, LiLi, they finally came back! It wasn’t in vain that I waited here early!”

“Big octopus, small animals, and all kinds of sea fish. It was all brought to you!”

“Brothers, I have seen the icon collection. Although he didn’t collect all those in the gray state, through my fire-eye observation, all the fish LiLi caught are in the collection, so what are you waiting for? Buy them, ah!”

“Somehow, I watched an afternoon out at sea, and I didn’t even have the heart to plant my fields. I now only want to know, Younger Sister Huaibi when are the next boat tickets available? When will you open for sale…”

“Haha! You forget that there is Gray Scales, Little Brother. His piggyback should also be able to sit two or three people, right? Don’t buy Younger Sister Huaibi’s boat tickets, we can go to him, ah.”

“Hey, why are there so many people on the shore?” Jiang Huaibi looked down and joked with the others. “It’s not that they want to ‘rob’ us because they see we’re full, right?”

She was just talking for fun, but never thought the prophecy would come true. These players were indeed here to “rob,” but they were just waving their wallets, to try and force them to sell.

There were five kinds of sea fish, and in addition to a small amount of cooked goods. It was all bought  by the swarm of players for a fine amount. Even small thumb-sized fish weren’t spared.

After they bought the fish, the villagers consciously left the venue to the few players who had previously bid successfully on the live stream, then watched the whole “handover ceremony” from the side.

The couple who bought the rabbits received a lot of attention. There were even righteous players in the crowd shouting that the man must not be negative to the woman, or they, as “mothers,” would come looking for him. The male player hurriedly made a begging motion, and said that he would definitely treat people well and invite the whole village to drink the wedding wine together when they got married in the future.

“Hahaha, brother is cool. Then we are waiting for this happy meal!”

“Hey, wedding wine for 5,000 people. That is good enough! The village also has LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing, if they really want to get married I will have a really long face…”

“Brother, tell us how you abducted her?” There were others who were also eager for the arrival of spring.

Bai Li saw the players talking enthusiastically, and had a new idea in his heart. He might be able to do some holiday activities in the game, Valentine’s Day, the Qixi Festival or something like that. He always felt like it would make the group scream with joy.

However it wasn’t that urgent. This month, there were a lot of things to do whether in the game or in reality, so he would work on it when there was time to design it properly.

“Octopus octopus octopus! My big octopus…” the game ID, A Single Thought Overturned the City, was a male player who was attached to the big octopus’ slippery skin. His two hands also roamed over it. He was full of intoxication.

After he touched it, he began to pull out Taming Grass Balls, one after another, and stuffed them all into the mouth of the big octopus. As the grass balls were fed, the change in the big octopus’ attitude towards him was also visible to the naked eye. The fact proved that as long as there were enough Taming Grass Balls, no matter what kind of animal it was, eventually it could be tamed successfully.

When the system prompted the big octopus to become his pet, A Single Thought Overturned the City gave a cry, jumped forward and jumped on the head of the big octopus, and then…In the top of its head were stuck two small axes so he fell to the ground, immediately confused.

Those two axes, when did they appear, ah? He was just watching and they were clearly not there before! In the live broadcast, LiLi and Big Brother Demon Xing did greet the top of the big octopus’ head with weapons, but after they got it on board, the axes and kitchen knives were put back. Now that it was collected as a pet, they returned with their own growth?

This master of the sea, he didn’t speak martial arts, ah!

A Single Thought Overturned the City froze looking at the two axes, only arm’s length away, a left and a right in a very symmetrical position at the center of the big octopus’ head. It took him half a day to react.

When he finally moved, he quickly attracted the attention of others, who sniffed something interesting and came over to look at the same time. Indeed, there were two small axes. They blinked as if blind, then issued puzzled voices of inquiry.

“What is this? Golden axes in a shrunken version? Why are they in the top of the big octopus’ head? Hey buddy did you zap this up yourself? You’re…More or less under suspicion of pet abuse ah!”

A Single Thought Overturned the City, “I’m not, I’m not! Don’t talk nonsense! I didn’t move anything after I succeeded in taking it. It was the big octopus that grew them out of itself. I’m still confused. I don’t know what the situation is. LiLi, do you know why?”

Bai Li did know, so he calmly gave an answer, “Don’t panic, this has grown out for you to use as a handrail. After all, the octopus is slippery all over. There’s no place that’s easy to grab and you would fall into the sea.”

A Single Thought Overturned the City, “Gah?”

The players, “…There is such good thing?”


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