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Chapter 222: “Hope” group pet

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


In the end, A Single Thought Overturned the City accepted Bai Li’s argument, and jumped into the sea with the big octopus right in front of everyone. The head of the big octopus was originally bulging like a big light bulb, probably to match its master’s ride, then the top recessed down a bit just behind the two small axes.

A Single Thought Overturned the City carefully sat in the depression. His buttocks also pressed down hard. He felt the soft elasticity from the bottom, smiled, grabbed the two handles in front, then issued a “forward” command to the big octopus. All of the tentacles of the big octopus immediately danced in the sea, a movement to the left, and then leap to the right, before and after the left and right were stirred up with huge waves, so only the top position was relatively safe.

The reason why it was only “relatively safe” was only because there would still be a little wave splashed on him. But as many players said, as long as it could let them come and go freely in the sea, what did it matter if they got a little water on them? Therefore, A Single Thought Overturned the City’s hair was splashed with some wetness, but his smile couldn’t be more pleasant and proud.

The players on the shore looked sour in their hearts and could only quietly console themselves that this big octopus was only a single mount. Just wait, they would definitely catch a multi-member mount later! When the time came, they would go to the sea with a group of people doing the hula back and forth, not to mention it would be less windy.

After five minutes on the sea in the big octopus, A Single Thought Overturned the City returned to the shore. He jumped down from the big octopus, and couldn’t help but share the feeling of sitting on it.

“The middle concave position is quite soft, but the legs are still a little cramped inside, it’s not convenient to move around. The two axes, uh…The handles have very strong growth. I deliberately observed, and when I grasp the handles the octopus only feels it a little bit, and it’s not at all painful, so I’m relieved. It swims very fast and there are no bumps. In short, 666 gold coins to buy it was a great deal!”

“All right, all right. We know, you lucky kid, you bought it, just don’t show off so hard in front of us, okay?” A good friend of A Single Thought Overturned the City came forward, and wrapped an arm around his neck, as he fawned and negotiated, “Brother, how about lending me your big octopus for a ride? I also won’t not ride too long. Just five minutes can do it, for greedy me!”

A Single Thought Overturned the City gave it a little consideration, and agreed. However, with such an opportunity, he was only the first person to propose it. After that another person wanted to ride the big octopus out for a lap, now he will have to charge. He was a civilized businessman. As long as you paid, everything was negotiable…

As for what to do with the money received…Going to the evening market to buy some players’ homemade pet snacks was a good choice. For a mature octopus, they feed themselves through their own labor!

Bai Li’s fans didn’t know when they had quietly left, maybe when the thought of the big octopus rental business got into full swing. They went back to their own houses, did a little repair then went offline to rest.

After coming offline, Bai Li opened the door to his room and was confronted with the resentful little eyes of his brother. Zhu MoLing puffed out his cheeks and said, “I also want a boat. I also want to go to sea.” 

During the afternoon and through half of the evening, he watched the whole live broadcast of Bai Li and Wen XingYao sailing together, and was dissatisfied with Wen XingYao always taking advantage of his brother’s “hands and feet.” At the same time, his heart was full of desire to be able to go to sea to explore. What man didn’t have a dream of going to sea in his heart?

However, their village was only a month old, and so far all the villagers were still working on the task of Village Chief’s Residence, and no one had heard of anyone getting a fishing boat drawing by doing tasks. Therefore, it was a very difficult thing to go to sea by their own efforts. Although he felt a little ashamed, Zhu MoLing still chose to ask for help outside the field.

His brother was the game developer of Carefree Farmstead!

Then the developer coldly refused his own brother’s request.

“No way. For the sake of fairness in the game, how can you go through the back door, Brother?” Bai Li shook his head.

Zhu MoLing was reluctant and continued to ask, “So, where did the anchor get his fishing boat design? If I get it from doing a task, I can work towards that, right?”

In short, he must have a boat of his own!

This question successfully put Bai Li down. After he held his head for a while, he remembered the origin of the drawing, and then became a bit embarrassed, “Last month, didn’t we pick the game anchors of each village?”

When he spoke of that, Zhu MoLing also remembered the gift bags. It seems that Fox One and Fox Two also had such gift bags, but unfortunately the gift bags were bound to their IDs. Those two had notoriously black faces and hands, and didn’t open any good things from the gift bags.

Now his brother told him that the fishing boat drawing, which no one knew where it came from, was actually opened from the gift bag. When he thought about it, he felt that he lost a lot of money. Although he was still in the form of a black fox cub, he also accompanied them the whole time, right?

Why did everyone else have one, but not him!

Without Zhu MoLing even having to say this out loud, Bai Li read everything in his resentment-filled gaze. At that time, he didn’t know that the other was his own brother, and only treated him as a cub in need of care, so he wouldn’t have given him a big gift package as well. Now, someone had taken the initiative to come to the door to ask for it. However, when he thought about it, it wasn’t too unfair to give your brother the same gift bag. After all, it was a random gift bag. Who could guarantee what could be opened from it?

With that in mind, Bai Li relaxed without too much entanglement and promised to arrange the late gift package for the next time he was in the game. Zhu MoLing successfully smiled and asked them if they would like to go downstairs for supper.

What he didn’t know was that while making this decision, Bai Li was also planning to put up a new item in the game store, the Sea Surprise Box.

[Sea Surprise Box: 50 star coins. Randomly open a variety of sea supplies. There is a 0.001% chance to open the fishing boat drawings.]

“Okay, I happen to be a little hungry, let’s go get something to eat.” Bai Li finished. He held Wen XingYao with one hand, then held his juvenile brother with the other as they happily headed downstairs.

Wen XingYao made noodles for supper. He had referred to the practice of “instant noodles” from the Ancient Blue Star period, so he wove the previously rolled noodles into a round cake shape, and then fried them in a frying pan. After frying, he controlled the oil to dry them and carefully preserved them. When he wanted to eat them, he boiled them in hot water and they would become elastic noodles again.

The noodles alone weren’t enough, but the simmered pork bone broth and special sauce, with  green and fresh vegetables, and the neatly arranged beef pieces all added up to a complete bowl of noodles for everyone.

Since it was still early, Bai Li also called Fox One and Fox Two over from next door. Five people finished the pot of noodles, and thought that this was a good life.

“By the way,” Bai Li suddenly said. “After a while, I plan to go back to Hope Star for a look.”

“Hmm? Why do you suddenly say you want to go back? Is there someone you are attached to there?” Zhu MoLing frowned and didn’t agree at first. He didn’t have a good impression of that planet. When his brother was sent there, he, Fox One and Fox Two accompanied him. There were many families on the ship who had to go to Hope Star for the same reason, and the whole ship was filled with an air of sadness. The atmosphere was so overwhelming that he felt suffocated for a while.

Plus his brother also disappeared from that planet. Although now he had confirmed through his brother that he had left on his own, he still had some resistance in his heart. Now when he heard his brother say he wanted to go over there again, his first reaction was to stop it.

“Not suddenly. In fact, once I recovered my memory, I had this intention,” Bai Li explained. “All the people on that planet are actually ones I am attached to…”

Afterwards, Bai Li told the group what they didn’t know about the life of the rejuvenated Therians on Hope Star. The Therians who had returned to infancy did not lose their intelligence as human beings, as everyone thought, so their intelligence far exceeded that of ordinary animals, and they might even regain a little human consciousness after a few years.

However that consciousness, for the relatives who had long been accustomed to their human appearance, could easily be considered as a blood connection, the nature of the maker. Even if they acted closer, they would only be treated as if they had seen them more often and that way would recognize them.

At that time, Bai Li heard the furry ones spouting off every day that it was so difficult that they couldn’t even tell their families that they wanted to eat something else for a change. Who told them they couldn’t talk?

Bai Li, on the other hand, was a bit more specific than just that common situation. After a month or two of muddling through, he became aware of what was happening to his body and could tell where he was. He then embarked on a Hope Star quest.

During the process, Bai Li made a number of companions in the form of animal cubs, with whom he had simple communication. Perhaps because of his adorable juvenile appearance, Bai Li cheekily considered himself among the group of furry ones to have the status of the group’s favorite. It seemed that every little friend liked to stay with him.

After a while, he met the oldest person on Hope Star, the old turtle.

The old turtle could be said to be one of the earliest Therians who came to Hope Star. The Therians from the same period as him after another growth, had all died of old age. It was only because he was a beast that was already longer-lived, that he was still alive.

After the old turtle encounter, Bai Li quickly perceived that the old turtle and the other Therian cubs were different. He seemed to be fully awake.

And the old turtle said to him, “The person I’m waiting for has finally appeared.”

Bai Li at the time, “?”

What happened after that, Zhu MoLing and Wen XingYao had pretty much heard Bai Li talk all about it. Under the guidance of the old turtle, Bai Li escaped from Hope Star and used his remaining power to transform himself into an ordinary teenager.

The teenager lived according to his pre-determined pace, while he himself traveled through time and space in his conscious form, then spent hundreds or thousands of years in another world, and returned with a treasure that was invaluable to the entire Interstellar and the entire Empire.

“According to the old turtle, he lived alone on the planet for hundreds of years, and one day suddenly gained the ability to foretell the future. However this ability was very weak, and each precognition took a long time. In the past hundred years, he foresaw one thing, that in a short time, the person who could stop the Genetic Collapse Disorder would come to Hope Star and meet with him one day. The old turtle waited for a long time in the place he foresaw and the first person he met was me.” Bai Li said. Seeing that Wen XingYao and Zhu MoLing were silent, Bai Li continued, “So far, his prophecy has really been mostly fulfilled, but for the most important point, to save people from Genetic Collapse Disorder, while I have some ideas in mind, I can’t do it alone. So, I’m going to go back and see if I can make a change to the status quo on Hope Star.”

As for what to change and how to change it, it was all thought out in Bai Li’s brain.

Since he had already said this, Zhu MoLing would not stop him. He said in a hoarse voice, “We will go with you. When are we going to leave?”

The “we” he referred to was himself, as well as Fox One and Fox Two. As for Wen XingYao, whether he should go or not, he thought that was out of his hands.

Wen XingYao, wouldn’t drop the ball at such a time, and hurriedly stated, “I’ll go with you, and if you need help, just talk to me!”

He had a feeling that the changes Bai Li wanted to make might have something to do with games, farming, or even the furry…people who lived on Hope Star. Bah, the Therians, whom he also intended to treat in a way that referenced his and Zhu MoLing’s experiences.

In that case, how could Bai Li’s boyfriend be absent? If his vision proved to be correct, he would be even more important. Together with the warriors of the military department, Genetic Collapse Disorder, was the common enemy of all citizens throughout the Empire.

Bai Li said, “Brother’s health will probably recover in another ten days, so we will go there when you recover. Let’s set a tentative departure for the 20th of this month.”


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