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Chapter 223: Rafting

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The date of going to Hope Star was set for the time being, and if there were no accidents in the interim, it should be the day of April 20th. After they discussed the matter, there was nothing else to talk about. Fox One and Fox Two said goodbye and went back to the next room, while the remaining three were ready to go back to their rooms and rest.

Wen XingYao, with Zhu MoLing’s fierce eyes on him, followed behind Bai Li and entered Bai Li’s room. After entering, he turned his head to ask, “Brother, do you need anything else?”

When he heard that, Zhu MoLing immediately exploded, “Brother? Who are you calling brother, who is your brother! I ask you, why did you enter my brother’s room? Your room is next door!”

As if he couldn’t see what that person was up to. What a big lion’s head of white lotus! It was just that his brother was simple and easy to cheat, so he was reckless. He, as a brother, must resist this behavior…

Zhu MoLing had unconsciously put himself into the identity of an old father, having forgotten the scene that he saw that morning. Until Bai Li poked his head through the door and said in a casual tone, “I let him in, so it’s okay, right? It’s late, brother, go to bed early.”

The words that he was ready to say were stuck, and in a trance, Zhu MoLing remembered the scene early that morning. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of the corner of Wen XingYao’s mouth, seeming to hook up a little, and cursed him in his heart, but he was too embarrassed to show it in front of his brother. So he changed his angry expression and put on the “face” of the big boss of MoLing and said, “Oh, so that’s it! No problem then! Brother, you have a good rest. Every day you’re busy with the game, which is also hard. Shove him away if you aren’t comfortable.”

Wen XingYao, “…” He was an Imperial Admiral. Why did Zhu MoLing make him sound like a massage technician?

However he was not afraid of that and quickly smiled back. “Brother don’t worry. I will work hard.”

As for which direction he would work, that wasn’t known.

“You!” Zhu MoLing wanted to ask when did he say that he could call him “brother” again, but considering Bai Li’s presence, he had to maintain his elegant and stable image as an older brother in front of his younger brother, so he held back.

Bai Li basically couldn’t laugh. He just thought that the two men were really too childish. Originally a few kung fu words and the matter would pass, but now it had become more awkward.

Why, the whole thing made him have no interest in anything.

Out of the corner of his eye, Zhu MoLing found his brother’s face had changed expression, from excited to no such worldly desires.jpg. His heart was happy then so he just exited without any words.

Wen XingYao expressed a little puzzlement at Zhu MoLing’s sudden departure, but his departure was actually good news. With every intention to stay, he walked inside together with Bai Li and closed the door.


In the early hours of the morning, Bai Li went to bed exhausted, leaving all the rest to Wen XingYao. The night was getting late, and the picture in the room was finally fixed on the two people embracing each other, quiet and beautiful.

At the same time, the game forum was very lively. Things had also started because of the afternoon live broadcast. The game was upgraded on April 3rd, and the fishing boats went to sea on April 5th. In just two days, the rest of the players simply couldn’t find their way to the sea and were still working hard with the NPC Fisherman.

Originally they weren’t too eager. After all, no one had gone to sea yet, so there was no good comparison. As a result, once the game’s first live broadcast of the sea came out. They now had it in their minds. They knew that the world of the sea was really as Bai Li described in the announcement, with rich seafood and mysterious islands, although on the road they didn’t encounter pirates, but they can imagine it!

Those pirates would be absolutely fierce, and they had a good collection. As long as they defeated them, all those collectables would be theirs. Even their pirate ship could also be robbed as their special ship to sail the sea…

The idea of going to sea had never been stronger, yet there was no tool to go to sea. Was this difficulty designed to defeat the ideas of a wide variety of players? Surely it was not that hard to overcome. Many village players united, started brainstorming, and soon came up with an idea.

No drawings, no ready-made boats, they would simply do it themselves! There was no need to do anything too complicated. Couldn’t a small raft be done?

It was just a board and a flag!

With that idea in mind, the players acted quickly, and it didn’t take long to make the tools they needed to go sailing. They also carefully recorded their village’s efforts to go to sea.

Floating life is like a dream, [Friends, try to cut the wood carefully. Pick less dense wood, ah, so that it is easy to float in the water but not easy to break! Our village has a simpleton who actually dared to pick up the dead trees on the road as materials. When the raft was only half done, it clicked and then shattered. He is now receiving our whole village’s beatings!]

You have a story, I have wine, [Ah ha. Our village has a superb vine. Not only is it the right thickness, but it also has a little elasticity, so it will not break easily, though ropes are better. I have now become full of small raft tying skills. Give me half an hour, and our village’s first raft will be born. The top can seat four or five people!]

Xia Bei Bei, [Damn, those who have a game slot are making rafts feverishly, and those who don’t have a game slot can only dry up in the forums and the live rooms and help out with ideas. By the way, you guys can tie some weeds on the side which can increase buoyancy!]

Rakyu Linlin, [Reporting on the progress of our 1688th Newbie Village. We have ten rafts started together, and are now almost finished! Someone has already started to study the production materials of life jackets. I don’t know if it will be successful, but I hope it can provide a safety guarantee for the villagers to go to sea again!]

Grip bleating wool, [Report!!! Look what I found in the game store! [picture] LiLi heard our request and shelved the Sea Surprise Box for only 50 star coins each, which is half the price of the Dress Surprise Box! I only bought one, and I opened a super fishing net, 2 super lures, and an underwater breathing potion that works for 30 minutes from it! What a great deal!]

Sasha Heart, [Ahhhhh! I went and tried it too, and I opened a life preserver! Does this mean that even if I don’t have a small raft, I can still go out to sea with a life ring on? QAQ?]

If Bai Li went to the backstage to see the sales of this item, he would have found that the number of units sold was increasing by tens of thousands every second, and even shy players would buy one or two of them. The number of items sold was growing by tens of thousands every second. Shy players would buy one or two for fun, not to mention the players who have a full wallet.

With the specific instructions in the item introduction, that this surprise box had a 0.001% chance to open the fishing boat drawings, all the players went crazy, and hoped to become one of the 0.001%, as with devout attitudes they opened boxes.

Admittedly, some players were lucky enough to get fishing boat drawings in the process, but it took a month to make and collect the materials, and the number of opened drawings wasn’t large enough to meet the most urgent needs at the moment.

A player who was lucky enough to get the fishing boat drawing rubbed the tears from his eyes, stuffed the drawing into his backpack, and continued to make a small raft as he panted.

With the attention of the Interstellar people all over the Starnet, one small wooden raft after another was made, and players towed them to the beach, where a team of three or five people went to the sea on a raft.

After that, the players who went to sea frequently sent “good news.”

[Report! We made our first net and cast out a lot of high grade and super bait. However, we attracted a large school of sailfish, and our raft…was tipped over by their upper jaws and we are now being transported to their respective houses and are wondering about life!]

[Report!!! We found a small island with a wandering NPC who is said to know how to beat iron and forge. We managed to persuade him to come back to the village with us, but he ended up backtracking because he disliked our small raft. Wooooooo!]

[Report!!! We have encountered pirates! Damn! Do not speak of martial virtue, they actually opened fire towards us, and well, the small raft sank, so we were also beaten back to our homes…]



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